Moon in Vedic Astrology. What does The Moon Indicates in Vedic Astrology

The Moon is a natural benefic in Vedic Astrology. It rules the watery Sign of Cancer. In the Vedas the Moon is also known as Himamsu, vidhu,  Sudhanshu, Shubharnshu, Oushadisha, Nishapathi, Soma, Chandra, Abja, Glau, Mriganga, kalanidhi, Dhwijaraja, Sasadhara,  and Kshapakara. The parents of the Moon are Atri and Anasooya, The children of the Moon are Budha and Chandravanshi. Moon rules three nakshathras, they are Rohini, Hasta and Shravana. Moon is ruling Cancer, exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio.



Moon indicates these things in Astrology

  • Mind
  • mother
  • heart
  • queen
  • emotions
  • imagination
  • woman
  • acidity
  • lungs
  • middle aged people
  • beuaty
  • happiness
  • liquid
  • silver
  • wells
  • tanks
  • salt
  • white objects
  • diamonds
  • cloths
  • watery diseases
  • curd
  • milk
  • milk products
  • washerman
  • Chemistry



Sun In Vedic Astrology: What the Sun in Astrology Indicates? Details of the Sun in Astrology

The Sun is a natural Malefic planet in astrology. It rules one sign, Leo. It is exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra. It rules 3 nakshatra Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttara Ashada. It is a male planet and it spends approximately 30 days in a sign.  The Sun is also known as Ravi,  Arka, Bhanu,   Kha, Hiranyagarbha,  Pusha, Marichin, Aditya, Savitr, Arka  Bhaskara, Mitra. In Vedic texts, Shraddhadeva Manu, Yama, Yami, Ashwins, Shani, Tapati, Bhadra, Sugriva, Karna Suvarchala, and Bhadravathi are Sun’s children. The Sun’s parents are Sage Kashyapa and Aditi




The Sun Represents These Things

  • Soul
  • Strength
  • courage
  • old age
  • bones
  • stomach
  • eyes
  • blood
  • knowledge
  • father
  • gold
  • copper
  • fire
  • kind
  • forest
  • fever
  • inflammatory ailments
  • strict discipline
  • spirituality
  • status
  • spinal cord
  • ego
  • blood pressure
  • jaundice
  • fever
  • diabetes
  • Vermillion Red
  • red flowers
  • heart
  • injuries

What is Lord in Astrology?


This is a very common term in astrology, but many people are not aware of it. The Lord is also known as Ruler and Swami in Vedic astrology. The term is used in connection with houses. There are 12 divisions in astrology, they are known as houses. When you take your birth chart, you can see a few columns or boxes, and they are known as houses. Each house is ruled by each sign/Rasi. Each Rasi is ruled by a planet, and that planet is known as the lord of that house. Each House gives us information about the various features of our life. Like Marriage, wealth, health, career, and much more.



There are 12 rasis and here are the lords of that Rasi.

Aries: Mars

Taurus: Venus 

Gemini: Mercury 

Cancer: Moon

Leo: Sun 

Virgo: Mercury 

Libra: Venus

Scorpio: Mars

Sagittarius: Jupiter 

Capricorn: Saturn

Aquarius: Saturn 

Pisces: Jupiter

 According to each lagan/Ascendant or rising sign the rulers will change. 

if you are Aries lagna/ascendant your first house will be ruled by Mars, 2 – Venus, 3. Mercury
If you are a Taurus lagna/ascendant your first house is ruled by Venus, 2-Mercury, 4-Moon
It can be complex in the beginning to identify the lords, but as you learn more about astrology, you will come to know them easily.

When You Will Enter In a Marriage/Relationship? Which Year, Which Month, Find it Through Astrology



When is that time, when you meet that person whom you are going to spend your whole life with? This is a very popular question in astrology. However, not all are destined for a happy relationship or a single relationship. According to the various factors, the status of your relationship can change. You can read about those conditions in this article.


The timing of the relationships can be correctly predicted through the detailed analysis of your natal chart. Horary astrology has limitations and it doesn’t always give guaranteed results. I never found an accurate Tarot reader yet. I have taken Tarot readings from a few; I never got any correct answer for that.

In Vedic astrology, there is a technique called Mahadasa and Antar dasa. Among this, the antar dasa is the most accurate indicator of your relationships. Mahadasa means, a particular planet is going to be highly active for long years. Within those years another planet will be active short term. During the time period of Venus, and the seventh lord the opportunities for the relationship will come up. The time of the planet which rules the first/fifth and eleventh houses also can bring a relationship. It can be a love or a marriage.

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What Happens When The Sun is In Aries

Aries is the first sign in the natural zodiac and it is known as the head portion of Kalpurusha. The Sun is the indicator of your soul. In Vedic astrology, Sun is known as Atmakaraka in Parasara School of astrology. The Sun indicates your vitality, ego, strength, stamina, father, politics, rulers, status, name and fame, will power, confidence, honor, and government.    

Aries is the first sign and control by Mars. When the Sun is in the sign of Aries, you will have a lot of power in your life. Let it be physical strength or authority. So, when the Sun is in Aries, it gets the strength of Mars also. The Sun gets exalted in Aries. The Sun and Mars are fiery planets and the person with Sun in Aries will be very aggressive and dominating. The person will be very much confident. Anyone with Sun in Aries is very ambitious and they like to be part of a social cause. They will be known as a very powerful and authoritative person. They will have energy, will power and vitality. This is an ideal place to get a government job or any job that is very authoritative.

Dedication is another quality of the person of the Sun in Aries. However, they can be highly egoistic and that can cause arguments in private and public life. Father will be influencing this person in his life. However, that depends on multiple other factors. Since the Sun represents the soul, from the position of the Sun, you will come to know what you have to do in this life to achieve moksha, happiness, and prosperity. The Sun is known as the King in astrology and it likes to be the center of attraction. This will make the Sun in Aries person a natural attention seeker and they want royal privileges.  If they don’t get it from family or public, they will get upset

The house of the Sun is present is also important. There are certain houses where this placement of the Sun can be problematic for materialistic life, yet that will be good for spiritual life. Few houses are 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 12th. The Sun will be placed in particular nakshatra also. In Aries, there are 3 nakshatras, they are Ashwini ruled by Ketu, Bharani ruled by Venus, Krittiks ruled by the Sun. So, the results of the Sun in Aries also depend on the nakshatra placement. The placement of Mars, the ruler of Aries is also very important to know how strong your Sun is.

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Vipreet Raj Yoga in Astrology


Vipareeta Raja yoga is a very powerful and promising yoga which assures 100% victory in life but through multiple challenges.   This is a Raja yoga and the meaning of this yoga is your ill fortunes are going to give you immense success in your life. These yogas don’t show an easy, sail, but it definitely shows will power and sure success. So, let’s see what these yogas are.


There are 3 types of Vipreet Raja Yogas. They are


  •  Harsha
  • Sarla
  • Vimla

Any planet can form this Vipareeta Raja yoga, but the more evil the planets are then the yoga will be stronger.

The houses involved in this  raja yoga are the dursthana houses. They are 6/8/12.

How is this Rajyoga formed in a horoscope?

 These are the conditions for these yogas

 Vipreet  Harsha Yoga


This is the yoga based on 6th house. The 6th lord should be in 6th/8th/or the 12th house


Vipreeta Sarla Yoga


This is the yoga based on 8th house. The 6th lord should be in 6th/8th/or the 12th house

 Vipreeta Vimla Yoga


This is the yoga based on 12th house. The 6th lord should be in 6th/8th/or the 12th house

These three yoga simply means, you will definitely go through issues like, debt, enemies, physical health, emotional struggles, defeat, humiliation, depression, and whatever a human can go through, but you should not be hopeless as ultimate victory will be yours.

 The person who has this yoga can surely go through suicidal thoughts, pressure, stress, and relationship issues, but this yoga assures that you will be ultimately getting success.

In short Vipreet Raja yoga is a very positive yoga, and it gives you the positive push that, you should not fail in front of any challenges. You should keep on going and you will surely find ways to succeed. Another indication of this yoga is you should be self-reliant. The moment you look at others for dependency, then you will go weak and directionless. Your destiny is to be a solo warier.

 The specialty of this yoga is, if the 6/8/12th lord is a natural malefic planet, then the Vipareeta raja yoga will become very strong and benefic. If the planet is natural benefic , then the yoga will be a kind of weak, but it still exists.

I see few articles putting some conditions like, the lagan lord should not be in any particular houses. Let me tell you, Vipreet Raja yogas are clearly based on the 6/8/12 lord and it doesn’t have any relation with Lagna lord being in any house. However, the aspect and conjunction can bring some variations, but the Yoga will exist.

 The shades of yoga will be there forever in your life, but it will be prominent, in the maha Dasha, antar dasa and prathyandar dasa of the 6/8/12 lord, whichever gives you the Vipreet Yoga.

What is a strong vipreet rajyoga?

A strong Vipreeta Raja yoga is the yoga formed by a malefic planet. The positive results from this yoga will be long-lasting if it is forming by a malefic planet.


What are the benefits of Vipareeta Raja yoga

When you have this yoga, then one thing is sure, no matter how much ever struggles you have in your life, You will rise from the ashes like a phoenix bird and touch the skies of success, but you have to wait for some time.



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Why My Sun Sign is Different in Horoscopes? Which One is Correct?


I get this query often and I am going to answer this. This question mainly comes from people who don’t know astrology in detail. There are two popular astrology systems in the world. One is Western astrology and the other is Vedic astrology. About 90% of the weekly and monthly horoscopes we see in magazines and online are based on western astrology. In both branches of astrology, the horoscope is written on the base of planetary movements and signs. 

The calendar marks the days the planet moves into a particular sign and its sail through that sign. The Western calendar and Vedic (Hindu) Calendar is different. The world, in general, follows the western calendar for the day to day life, but in India, and the majority of Hindu countries follow the Hindu Lunar calendar. The Western Calendar is based on the solar transit, but the Hindu calendar is based on lunar transit. 

In the natural zodiac wheel, the first sign is Aries, despite western or Vedic astrology. In western astrology, during March 21st the Sun enters Aries. Meanwhile, according to Vedic astrology, the Sun enters Aries on April 14

Below are the dates for Western as well as Vedic Sun signs 

Western Zodiac Sign Dates (Western Sun Signs)


  1: Aries

  March 21 – April 20

    2: Taurus

  April 21 – May 21

    3: Gemini

  May 22 – June 21

    4: Cancer

  June 22 – July 22

    5: Leo

  July 23 -August 23

    6: Virgo

  August 22 – September 22

    7: Libra

  September 24 – October 23

    8: Scorpio

  October 24 – November 22

    9: Sagittarius

  November 23 – December 21

    10: Capricorn

  December 22 – January 20

    11: Aquarius

  January 21 – February 19

    12: Pisces

  February 20- March 20



Vedic Zodiac Sign Dates (Vedic Sun Signs)

  1: Aries

  April 14 – May 15

  2: Taurus

  May 15 – June 15

  3: Gemini

  June 15 – July 16

    4: Cancer

  July 16 – August 17

    5: Leo

  August 17 – September 17

    6: Virgo

  September 17 – October 17

    7: Libra

  October 17 – November 16

    8: Scorpio

  November 16 – December 16

    9: Sagittarius

  December 16 – January 14

    10: Capricorn

  January 14 – February 13

    11: Aquarius

  February 13 – March 14

    12: Pisces

  March 14 – April 14


This is the simple clarification of change in your Sun signs. In western astrology of a planet is in 30 degrees, then, that planet will be in 5 degrees of the same sign in Vedic astrology. Western astrology is calculated 25 degrees ahead of Vedic astrology. 

Child Birth In Astrology. Will You get a Child or Not?

Child Birth in Astrology

It is believed that having a child is a blessing, yes, it is truly a blessing. Does that mean all the childless couples are cursed? No, it is the perspective of the people. I, at this time, like to encourage all those couples, who are childless for many years, that you are chosen by God, to treat all the children you see as your own. God has a great plan for you and he wants you to be selfless and do something for the world in general. So, don’t shut yourself in the shell of guilt and shame. Come out and start supporting those unprivileged children and then you see how your life will be filled with happiness. I am not asking you to adopt, basically, I don’t encourage the idea of adoption, but you can definitely be a support to many children.



In this article, we will see the astrological configurations to have the child. As you know the astrological chart has 12 divisions and the 5th house is the primary house to find the blessing to have a child. Then secondary houses to find the possibility of childbirth are 2nd and 11th. The 2nd house is the house of family and the 11th house is the house which is directly opposite to the 5th house, which is the house of kids. The 11th house also shows kids.

In astrology, there is a significator for anything and everything. The planet which indicates children is Jupiter. It is amazing to know that Jupiter is also the planet of happiness and finances. Children add happiness and they are also our asset. In ancient days, the man with more children was considered as highly blessed. That’s why certain religions prohibit contraception.

How to calculate the possibility to have a child

When I get a chart, I firstly look at Jupiter. If this planet is safely placed, then most of the headache is over. Then I will check the 5th house and the planet which rules the 5th house and Placement, Aspect and Conjunctions regarding the 5th house and the ruler of the 5th house.

It is very easy to know whether the couple has to wait for a few years to get the child or not. Negative planets in 2nd, 5th, and 11th will not always indicate the lack of kids. I have a few charts, which give a terrible outlook, and almost deny the children, but they ultimately had children. Among that one couple has two kids, one is through IVF and for the second kid they used a frozen embryo, and the child was born through IVF. To be frank guys, both the couple had very much damaged 5th house and one of my fellow astrologers told me that the man will never ever have a kid. But I still have the confidence, that, if one amongst the couple’s chart signifies the child, then even though the spouse’s chart denies it, they will surely have the kid. In this couple’s case, the count was terribly less and the husband was very discouraged. He never wanted to go for IVF; instead, he wanted everything to happen normally. It took the entire 2 hours of counseling to convince him for IVF. Now the couple has two sweet boys. 

The timing of children

In Vedic astrology, every event happens according to the dasa of the planets connected to the respective houses. According to my studies, childbirth can happen during the Mahadasa, and Antar dasa of the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and the 11th lord. Why 2nd and 4th? They indicate family and during the dasa of these house lords, there can be an addition in the family. It can be through marriage or childbirth as well. By looking at the dasa of these houses, we can even predict marriage as well, because it indicates additions in the family.

There is a misconception that Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Saturn, malefic, debilitated, and retrograde planets in these houses or PLACEMENT, ASPECT and CONJUNCTION, of negative planets cause lack of children. No, No, No. Negative planets in these houses also indicate C-Section, medication, pregnancy troubles and even long term vomiting. Basically hard pregnancy time like long term morning sickness too.

Lack of children, I have seen, through other aspects, which I won’t share here as it will affect you negatively. Guys, the above-said couple’s chart, was so complex, and they were really prayerful. 

Personally, I truly don’t suggest any medical treatment for children. But it’s up to you, what my mindset is if God is not giving you something, then don’t grab it through odd ways. But it’s your decision; you can do it according to your free will. 

So, don’t be sad by seeing any negative connection to the 2, 5, and 11 houses.  It needs detailed research to know whether you are not going to have a child.