What is Sanyas Yoga in Astrology

What is Sanyas Yoga

Many of us have heard of these yogas as the name itself shows the nature of this yoga. This yoga is also known as Pravrajya yoga. The meaning of this yoga is if a person has this yoga, he will live like an ascetic. 

I will tell you how yoga is going to work in one’s life. 

Before that let me tell you, you can find this yoga in Chapter 27 of Pahaldipika mainly, but there are various other texts which say about this yoga.

I will write down certain conditions.

  • When the 10th lord is conjuncting 4 planets and placed either in Kendra or Trikona, then such horoscope shows a strong condition for Sanyas yogaIf at the time of birth 4 or more planets are in the one house, that is a sanyas yoga
  • If the moon is in Kendra with Saturn and aspected by Saturn and mars
  • If the Moon sign lord is aspected by Saturn.

 There are other conditions also, but these are the most prominent condition for Sanyas yoga. 

In addition to that, I have if a person has three planets in one house also he will have a shadow of Sanyas yoga in his life. 

In sanyas yoga, the person will have to go through a lack of marital pleasures. An ascetic is born to be spiritual and he is not destined to get a lot of materialistic pleasures like love, money or anything which is perishable. He is destined to focus on imperishable matters like God and soul.

If he is focusing on anything which is against his spiritual life will make his life directionless.

There are various kinds of Sanyas yoga which shows the life should be like a celibate.

Some so many people are married with sanyas yoga. Certain sanyas yoga do not deny marriage, but even in marriage, the person will be isolated from the spouse, it can be more physical distance than emotional connection. Lack of continuity in sexual pleasures is a signature of Sanyas yoga. For example, either of the spouses can live in a different location and meeting each other once in a while. Some people stay abroad and thus stay away from their spouses. That is a condition of Sanyas yoga.

If you are a corporate employee with sanyas yoga, then, you will have a recurrent disagreement with your teammates, as you are destined for spiritual life, but at corporate, you are working for a materialistic goal.

Isolation and detachment are the signatures of this yoga. A person with this yoga will surely feel an emptiness if they are following a life with parties and huge networking for the sake of pleasure.

People with sanyas yoga will get into back-to-back relationship issues as well.

Such people should actively take part in spiritual practices. Spirituality has no connection with going to a temple, or church, or mosque. Being spiritual means placing the spiritual principles in life and giving them the first place. Spending at least 10 minutes daily in prayer and meditation will help you to have a great focus in your life. Reading spiritual and philosophical texts also will give you a lot of guidance on what to do in such a life.

There will be a lot of confusion in life as multiple planets are in one house and they are putting a lot of influence in their ways. Finally, you will go clueless about which direction you need to go. If you are a person with this yoga, then there is no other way than to make spirituality your signature.

The different planet shows a different kind of Sanyas yoga and there are certain yogas among this which shows no marriage and a clear ascetism.

If you further want to learn the essence of this yoga, you just have to understand the life of Gautama Budha. His story will tell you about the mental conflict he went through and how he got rid of it.

Kala Sarpa Dosha: The Truth and Myths

What is meant by kala sarpa dosha?

When all the planets are on the one side of Rahu and Ketu, then that chart is said to have Kala Sarpa dosha.  Rahu and Ketu are known as the demons in astrology and they are also known as rebels.  When this Kal Sarpa yoga occurs, then the other planets are unable to perform their duty and that will make the person’s life a big failure.



There is certain folklore related to the Kalsarpa dosha. They say, if someone have kala sarpa dosha, they will never have enough money in their life,  because, Jupiter, the indicator of finances is under the control of Rahu and Ketu. The person is a sex maniac because Venus is also under the control of Rahu and Ketu, he will not have good children as Jupiter, the indicator of children is under the control of Rahu and Ketu. Since Rahu and Ketu are not from the Deva dynasty, the person is always selfish and he treats others with a business mind. Rahu and Ketu travel to the opposite side, so there will never agree with anyone.


Amazingly, this dosha is nowhere mentioned in ancient texts and this yoga is not technically proven as well. My Guruji Shree K.N Raoji disagrees with this dosha and he strictly asks his students not to follow this dosha.

The best example against Kala Sarpa dosha is Sachin Tendulkar’s chart



April 24/1973 12:59, Mumbai

Looking at Sachin’s chart, we can assume that, if Kala sarpa dosha existed, then there would not have been any success in his life. There are so many other great people with this combination and they are very much successful.

So we can just ignore this dosha, as Guruji. Shree.K.N Raoji says.

Sakata Yoga? What are the Effects?


Sakata yoga is a very controversial yoga as it has many variants in different classical texts. According to Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, Shakat yoga occurs when all the planets are in the Ascendant/Lagna/1st house and in the 7th house. This will be a very very rare occasion when all the planets come in these 2 houses.

What is the meaning of Sakata

In Sanskrit, Sakata means cart or carriage. In ancient times, people used to travel by these and the roads were not finely tarred like present times. So, the cart ride was never comfortable the road has a lot of potholes and had to go through pebbles and rocks. Aching all the joints in the body. It was the same for the king as well. Likewise, the people with this yoga will have a rough journey, in their life enduring all the uphills and downhills. Remember here, the King also had the same kind of journey even though he was traveling in his chariot. 




In Phaldipika Page no:69, Ranjan Publications, It says” The Moon in the 12th, 8th or 6th house from Jupiter causes Shakat Yoga” The Shakat yoga is canceled when the Moon is in the Kendra from Lagna/Ascendant/1st house. Jataka Parijata also has the same view about Sakata yoga.

I haven’t seen a chart with all the planets are in 1st and 7th axis. If any of my readers have this chart, then please mail me. 

There are so many famous personalities with Sakata yoga.

This chart belongs to Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru . We all know that he was not a poor man. Here there is a saving factor, Jupiter is in its own sign. Moon too, so the intensity of this yoga is canceled. 

One thing I have noticed in my astrology research, ie, any dosha connected with Moon actually indicates psychological disorders or mental stress not amounting to a psychiatric disorder, not amounting to a medical issue. However, in ancient texts, dosha is basically shown as poverty and wickedness. Any dosha where Moon is involved is actually showing weak or a mind that cannot think rationally and thus cause issues.

The Moon indicates the mind, emotions, sleep, comfort, happiness, peace, nourishment, intelligence, and so many things connected towards mental stability. When Moon has a dosha, then whatever connected to the Moon gets a negative influence. Another factor connected to Moon is prestige and humiliation. 

Amalkriti yoga, or Amala yoga, which indicates long-lasting reputation takes place when10th house from the ascendant or from the Moon is occupied by a benefic planet. So, Moon has a lot of connection to reputation, self-confidence, and image.

We all know that Pt. Nehru had a lot of ill images and there are controversial opinions that he had water-borne diseases. Moon also indicates water. 

So, more than financial issues, I can see the lack of peace through this yoga. 

There is another yoga called Chandra adhiyoga which assures fame and name. The condition for this yoga is Adhi Yoga is caused when Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus are placed in the 6th, 7th, and 8th houses from the Lagna or the Ascendant (the first house) or the Moon.

  In this yoga, the 12th house is not included. 

People think Jupiter’s connection to Moon is always good as it forms Gajkesri yoga when Jupiter and Moon are in conjunction or kendras to each other. However, the condition of both planets can reverse the quality of Gajakaseri yoga. It can be a bad yoga when the planets are either retrograde/debilitated or combust. Yoga can be bad also when they are in negative signs or negative houses. As far as I have seen, the Moon’s connection with Jupiter makes the people be very unrealistic and impractical.

So in Sakata yoga , Jupiter, which indicates blessings, dharma, money, wisdom, position, will get a negative impact and that will make the person take wrong decisions as Moon is also not influenced in a good way. It will not directly reflect on your finances, and you won’t die like a beggar. However, this Shakat yoga can force you to take wrong decisions in money management, relationships and you can have difficulty in having a righteous life. That can bring damage to your reputation. 

So, if you have Sakata yoga, then it’s good to have a personal finance manager, then you should be humble to your elders and you should have a daily prayer to keep your mind focussed. Otherwise, the connection to Jupiter, the planet for unrealistic thoughts will force you to take up the wrong decisions. These things will help you overcome the challenges of Sakata Yoga. 

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Vipreet Raj Yoga in Astrology


Vipareeta Raja yoga is a very powerful and promising yoga which assures 100% victory in life but through multiple challenges.   This is a Raja yoga and the meaning of this yoga is your ill fortunes are going to give you immense success in your life. These yogas don’t show an easy, sail, but it definitely shows will power and sure success. So, let’s see what these yogas are.


There are 3 types of Vipreet Raja Yogas. They are


  •  Harsha
  • Sarla
  • Vimla

Any planet can form this Vipareeta Raja yoga, but the more evil the planets are then the yoga will be stronger.

The houses involved in this  raja yoga are the dursthana houses. They are 6/8/12.

How is this Rajyoga formed in a horoscope?

 These are the conditions for these yogas

 Vipreet  Harsha Yoga


This is the yoga based on 6th house. The 6th lord should be in 6th/8th/or the 12th house


Vipreeta Sarla Yoga


This is the yoga based on 8th house. The 6th lord should be in 6th/8th/or the 12th house

 Vipreeta Vimla Yoga


This is the yoga based on 12th house. The 6th lord should be in 6th/8th/or the 12th house

These three yoga simply means, you will definitely go through issues like, debt, enemies, physical health, emotional struggles, defeat, humiliation, depression, and whatever a human can go through, but you should not be hopeless as ultimate victory will be yours.

 The person who has this yoga can surely go through suicidal thoughts, pressure, stress, and relationship issues, but this yoga assures that you will be ultimately getting success.

In short Vipreet Raja yoga is a very positive yoga, and it gives you the positive push that, you should not fail in front of any challenges. You should keep on going and you will surely find ways to succeed. Another indication of this yoga is you should be self-reliant. The moment you look at others for dependency, then you will go weak and directionless. Your destiny is to be a solo warier.

 The specialty of this yoga is, if the 6/8/12th lord is a natural malefic planet, then the Vipareeta raja yoga will become very strong and benefic. If the planet is natural benefic , then the yoga will be a kind of weak, but it still exists.

I see few articles putting some conditions like, the lagan lord should not be in any particular houses. Let me tell you, Vipreet Raja yogas are clearly based on the 6/8/12 lord and it doesn’t have any relation with Lagna lord being in any house. However, the aspect and conjunction can bring some variations, but the Yoga will exist.

 The shades of yoga will be there forever in your life, but it will be prominent, in the maha Dasha, antar dasa and prathyandar dasa of the 6/8/12 lord, whichever gives you the Vipreet Yoga.

What is a strong vipreet rajyoga?

A strong Vipreeta Raja yoga is the yoga formed by a malefic planet. The positive results from this yoga will be long-lasting if it is forming by a malefic planet.


What are the benefits of Vipareeta Raja yoga

When you have this yoga, then one thing is sure, no matter how much ever struggles you have in your life, You will rise from the ashes like a phoenix bird and touch the skies of success, but you have to wait for some time.



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What is Akhanda Samrajya Yoga in Astrology?


This is yoga which shows everlasting financial stability and happiness. This yoga is mentioned in ancient texts like ” Jatak Parijata and Manasagari”.  Those who born with this yoga will have an ” Undivided Empire” = Akhanda = undivided, Samrajya= empire. So you can easily assume that this person will have riches and followers. That too everlasting, his empire will not perish as long as he lives.



Your chart should have 3 features to have this Yoga


1)  The lagna should be in a Stira Rashi( Taurus, Leo, Scoprio, Aquarius)

2) The 2nd or 5th, or the 11th house should be ruled by Jupiter.  Jupiter should rule any of these houses. It can be one house or two houses

3) The lords of 2nd, or 9th or 11th houses from the Ascendant/Lagna should be in Kendra from the Moon.

So, technically speaking, only those charts with Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius as Lagna can have this beautiful yoga.

However, the strength of the yoga depends on the strength of the planets. When Planets involved in this yoga is debilitated, retrograde or combust, and placed in the enemy signs will surely reduce the power of the yoga.


Sample charts

Donald Trump

His lagna is Leo, which is a sthira rashi

The 5th house is ruled by Jupiter

The ruler of 9th house is Mars and Kendra from the Moon.

Even though he filed for bankruptcy more than once, he became the President of the United States of America. This yoga assures his financial prosperity and long life. He is nothing less than an emperor as he is born in a very influential family, he took over his family business,  he has a business empire, children to support him and moreover, he is the ruler of the most influential economy in this world. This is a beautiful example of Akhanda Samrajya yoga.


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