Akhand Samrajya Yog. Do You Have That?

Progeny or Akhand Samrajya Yog?………………………………….. I got confused while choosing a subject this time.   I am at office and I finished all my work for today. I am waiting for my reporting manager; he is the CEO of the company, to give me my next assignment. I sent the sample of my work yesterday and I am waiting for the approval. I hope everything will go fine.




Ok lets start with this Akhand Samrajya Yoga

Last week I got a query through my network to read a chart of a gentleman. While doing the calculation, I got the feel that this person can’t be an ordinary person like me or many of my readers. Yes, his chart was very solid, progressive and showing so much of money. This is not like some business families who made money by joining some Ccompany or Fcompany network as their local agents and over nite they  became  rich and their  children driving latest Jaguar or riding   Ducati 1299 Panigale or did some flesh trade or weed business to make money.  This gentlemen is from no:1 business family in India. Not Ambani or The Birlas somone else. They are there before the East India Company entered India  . They have international presence. 

I was so afraid and embarrassed to read this chart. Maybe my lack of confidence as an astrologer or reading for a business tycoon,  whom   the entire world knows. I can’t run away, I have to do this. If he is pleased then meri life tu ban jayegi.


I have seen charts of so many business men, and rich people, but I have never seen such strong chart for wealth.    So many Raj yogas, Vipreet yogas, Gaj Kesri yog, and a strong Yog Akhand Samrajya Yog. My friend who gave me these details never told me who the person is. He doesn’t have to tell me, because the chart itself said…….this belong to a royal person. This Akhand Samrajya Yog said all that. Then so many Raj Sambandh Yogs.Ye ye, he is reaping the benefits of his good past life Karma. The 5th lord placed so well. The 5th house has great aspects.


During an astrological conference one of my friends told me “hey Jay, do you know where we save the benefits for our next birth?’’


I asked “why should I know? I am not coming here again. Isi janam mein hi sara kaam khatham  kar dalongi. Phir phi tum batao .ke kahan hum save karenge?’



Then he started describing. The 9th house will show how much have we saved for the next birth. The sign of the 9th house, the aspects in the 9th house, the nakshthra placements of the planets in the 9th house kul milake pata chalega kit tum aane waali zindgi mein rich rahogi ya gareeb. Ab jaake dekh lo tera D60 chart”  


For me, I always like to present myself as a theologian than an astrologer. I always feel any book of any religion can be connected with astrology. Bible goes very   well with astrological findings. During my consultation I always look into the bible scriptures to describe their situation to my clients. They also accept that even though they still have some grudge against astrology. Some of my friends, I mean most of my astrologer friends they donno what I have learned in theology class. In between consultation they call me up and asks me” Jay is client ko ye problem hey, tumhari theology mein iska solution kya hey?”Then I will take atleast 30 minutes to explain the issue in a theological perspective by sprinkling little psychology into that. Then they ask me “kya ye vidhi chalegi?” Then I will say “Chalegi Kya Doudegi. Test chaloo kar”



I remembered this and went to the D60 chart of this business tycoon. He has so much of good Sanchit Karma . He has an exalted planet in the 5th house showed the n number of the good karmas he did in past life. He is reaping the benefits of his past deeds. He deserves it.



The past birth Karma matters a lot. I donno whether whatever evil we suffer is due to the past birth Karma, but I know, the moment when we start correcting our Karma that will attract the good things around us. Some of you know that my best friend is a Gay. I met him few years back  in Bangalore and since then he has been my trusted lieutenant.  He is in a relationship with a man (obviously). He had a relationship few years back and he withdrew from that. He said the guy was too possessive and he could not tolerate that. I can understand him. I also hate possessiveness and I can’t tolerate anyone being possessive about me or I am not possessive about anything or any person.  Then his boyfriend committed suicide after 2 years of that break up. He also doesn’t know the reason. This guy just messaged my friend via FB and committed suicide. This was so burdening for my friend. He could not suffer that pain. I was so anxious about his mental condition. He showed me the messages from that guy. It was an unknown feeling for me. Man loving man and being passionate and emotional.


I asked him so many times why can’t you be a straight? Do you really think that you can’t be happy with a woman? He says he can’t. Some years back when I was listening to a past life regression therapist,   sharing about a third gender client. I donno what a past life regression therapist does. I have only seen “ Raaz Pichle Janam Ki” in Colors Channel.




This therapist was telling how this transgender wanted to rebel against the existing social norms in the past life and he went upto God and asked a birth not being a man or woman. There are so many activist groups for third gender people. I am so scared to face them. When I was studying in Bangalore they forcefully took my money. Then onwards I never rebel with any of them. Before they ask money, I give.


So, this therapist was explaining how this third gender person demanded a life which can be against the social norms and traditions because it hurt him at some point of time. He felt the society is fake.,  and  that how they are born.  Just to disrespect the society and thus show their rebellion in their past life. They didnt have the courage to question the society in the past life. They suffered but now they are free.     This created a shiver in me. When we are emotional we utter words that can happen sometimes. In astrology we say we should not speak without second thought because there can be Gulika.


In the Bible it says “Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.”


Luke 6:45

The [intrinsically] good man produces what is good and honorable and moral out of the good treasure [stored] in his heart; and the [intrinsically] evil man produces what is wicked and depraved out of the evil [in his heart]; for his mouth speaks from the overflow of his heart

  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 

16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances;for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


Giving thanks in alllllllllll circumstances. Hmmm. A difficult task indeed.

God is very naughty sometimes, he gives or donates something into our life, just to show that we are wrong.

In the Book of Job it says

Job 3:25

What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.

I donno whether this third gender feared or demanded in the past life, but he feared the existing social norms and he got a different world and different life.


I told my friend this story. I asked, do you really like this style of life? Don’t you feel to spend some time with a sexy lady and going around with her?

He was so angry with me. He proclaimed, “I am happy that I am a Gay. In all my next births I want to come up as a Gay. “


I really didn’t like this statement. I told shared few scriptures with him on how god hates homo sexuality. He was not ready to listen. He wants to come back as a gay in all his birth. Well…………..what can I say? 



Our business Tycoon has definitely done some good Karma in the past life and as I told his 5thhouse is so beneficially placed. I was wondering how God repays each and every good karma we do and we did.  This gentleman has that Akhand Samrajya Yog which is a very unique yog


Now for those who donno what ASY( Akhand Samrajya Yog ) is here is the definition


When Jupiter rules either the 5th or the 11th house in a natal chart which can occur only when one have Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus as ascendant and rulers of the 2nd, 9th and 11th houses from the Moon are strong or are placed in kendra or quardent houses. This yoga is also formed when Jupiter is placed in 2nd, 5th or 11th house (but not weak or debilitated) and lords of 2nd, 9th and 11th houses are in kendra from Moon. 


He will live like an emperor. He will have a classy life and everyone will be so jealous of him. He will never have lack of money in his life. His generations will enjoy the benefits of his good Karma in the past.



Wow………..I was encouraged and I was so convicted by God’s faithfulness. See guys, for god we all are souls. Our physical body just carry the souls. Soul is a form of energy and we die when our soul leaves this corporal frame. Soul never dies   .

[Bhagavad Gita – 2.16]

“Nasatho Vidyathe Bhavo Na bhavo vidyathe satha:
Ubhayorapi drashtonthasthvanayosthatwa darshibhi:


In the unreal there is no duration and in the
real there is no cessation; indeed the
conclusion between both the two has been
analyzed by knowers of the truth .



Bhagavad Gita – 2.22

vâsâmsi jîrnâni yathâ navâni deh vihâyanavâni grhnâti naro ‘parâni
tathâ sarîrâni vihâya jîrnânyanyâni samyâti


“Like a man who puts on new garments after discarding his worn out clothes, the embodied Self, also, casts off tattered bodies and transmigrates into other bodies that are new.’’


God identifies each and every soul he created. Whoever we are we all his particles.  


Isaiah 49:16

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.  

Psalm 105:8

He remembers his covenant forever, the promise he made, for a thousand generations,
For 1000 generations or for 1000 births god will never forget us. He keeps a registry of what we have done, and he repays for our deeds.

 The 5th house of astrological chart is the indicator of what is our   Sanchit Karma.This shows whether it was bad or good. If you see your 5th house under stress, please don’t worry. Even if you see that your entire chart is a damaged chart or some astrologer told you that your life is going to be hopeless for the next 50 years don’t panic.  Start from correcting your Karma. You will start getting results. We may not be enjoying the result immediately perhaps but we will definitely enjoy the fruits one day. That what this business tycoon doing now.

After I prepared a detailed reading and I send.  I happily went home even though it was raining. I hate rain.  In the sleep I was just dreaming of this tycoon and the friend who gave me his case.  Morning, after reaching the office I contacted my friend. I told him “You know man, I was dreaming about you whole night. You were in my dreams.”


He asked “Wow…….what you dreamt about me?


 I said…….” I dreamt that gentleman reading my report and sending me expensive gifts through you” LOL

I am so happy for that man.    Yes , he has his own struggles too, there are areas of concerns…but still He will Rock.. I also got an opportunity to encourage him , even though I am not rich. Maybe I had some past life debt with him. I repaid that like this.


Feel so happy when my people do well in life. Three of my clients were carrying and one got delivered. Waiting for the next two. They had issue in getting conceived. God listened to their prayers and blessed them eventhough their charts were little weak. I told them, “I   feel like I am also carrying  after I listen to your good news”. They asked me “when is your due date? “


I replied ……….” At any time”

And that Gentleman………he will play with billions.