Moon in Vedic Astrology. What does The Moon Indicates in Vedic Astrology

The Moon is a natural benefic in Vedic Astrology. It rules the watery Sign of Cancer. In the Vedas the Moon is also known as Himamsu, vidhu,  Sudhanshu, Shubharnshu, Oushadisha, Nishapathi, Soma, Chandra, Abja, Glau, Mriganga, kalanidhi, Dhwijaraja, Sasadhara,  and Kshapakara. The parents of the Moon are Atri and Anasooya, The children of the Moon are Budha and Chandravanshi. Moon rules three nakshathras, they are Rohini, Hasta and Shravana. Moon is ruling Cancer, exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio.



Moon indicates these things in Astrology

  • Mind
  • mother
  • heart
  • queen
  • emotions
  • imagination
  • woman
  • acidity
  • lungs
  • middle aged people
  • beuaty
  • happiness
  • liquid
  • silver
  • wells
  • tanks
  • salt
  • white objects
  • diamonds
  • cloths
  • watery diseases
  • curd
  • milk
  • milk products
  • washerman
  • Chemistry



Sun In Vedic Astrology: What the Sun in Astrology Indicates? Details of the Sun in Astrology

The Sun is a natural Malefic planet in astrology. It rules one sign, Leo. It is exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra. It rules 3 nakshatra Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttara Ashada. It is a male planet and it spends approximately 30 days in a sign.  The Sun is also known as Ravi,  Arka, Bhanu,   Kha, Hiranyagarbha,  Pusha, Marichin, Aditya, Savitr, Arka  Bhaskara, Mitra. In Vedic texts, Shraddhadeva Manu, Yama, Yami, Ashwins, Shani, Tapati, Bhadra, Sugriva, Karna Suvarchala, and Bhadravathi are Sun’s children. The Sun’s parents are Sage Kashyapa and Aditi




The Sun Represents These Things

  • Soul
  • Strength
  • courage
  • old age
  • bones
  • stomach
  • eyes
  • blood
  • knowledge
  • father
  • gold
  • copper
  • fire
  • kind
  • forest
  • fever
  • inflammatory ailments
  • strict discipline
  • spirituality
  • status
  • spinal cord
  • ego
  • blood pressure
  • jaundice
  • fever
  • diabetes
  • Vermillion Red
  • red flowers
  • heart
  • injuries

What is Sakata Yoga in Astrology?


This is a very controversial yoga as it has many variants in different classical texts. According to Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, Shakat yoga occurs when all the planets are in the Ascendant/Lagna/1st house and in the 7th house. This will be a very very rare occasion when all the planets come in these 2 houses.

What is the meaning of Sakata

In Sanskrit, Sakata means cart or carriage. In ancient times, people used to travel by these and the roads were not finely tarred like present times. So, the cart ride was never comfortable the road has a lot of potholes and had to go through pebbles and rocks. Aching all the joints in the body. It was the same for the king as well. Likewise, the people with this yoga will have a rough journey, in their life enduring all the uphills and downhills. Remember here, the King also had the same kind of journey even though he was traveling in his chariot. 




In Phaldipika Page no:69, Ranjan Publications, It says” The Moon in the 12th, 8th or 6th house from Jupiter causes Shakat Yoga” The Shakat yoga is canceled when the Moon is in the Kendra from Lagna/Ascendant/1st house. Jataka Parijata also has the same view about Sakata yoga.

I haven’t seen a chart with all the planets are in 1st and 7th axis. If any of my readers have this chart, then please mail me. 

There are so many famous personalities with Sakata yoga.

This chart belongs to Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru . We all know that he was not a poor man. Here there is a saving factor, Jupiter is in own sign. Moon too, so the intensity of this yoga is cancelled. 

One thing I have noticed in my astrology research, ie, any dosha connected with Moon actually indicates psychological disorders or mental stress not amounting to a psychiatric disorder, not amounting to a medical issue. However, in ancient texts, dosha is basically shown as poverty and wickedness. Any dosha where Moon is involved is actually showing weak or a mind that cannot think rationally and thus cause issues.

The Moon indicates the mind, emotions, sleep, comfort, happiness, peace, nourishment, intelligence, and so many things connected towards mental stability. When Moon has a dosha, then whatever connected to the Moon gets a negative influence. Another factor connected to Moon is prestige and humiliation. 

Amalkriti yoga, or Amala yoga, which indicates long-lasting reputation takes place when10th house from the ascendant or from the Moon is occupied by a benefic planet. So, Moon has a lot of connection to reputation, self-confidence, and image.

We all know that Pt. Nehru had a lot of ill images and there are controversial opinions that he had water-borne diseases. Moon also indicates water. 

So, more than financial issues, I can see the lack of peace through this yoga. 

There is another yoga called Chandra adhiyoga which assures fame and name. The condition for this yoga is Adhi Yoga is caused when Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus are placed in the 6th, 7th, and 8th houses from the Lagna or the Ascendant (the first house) or the Moon.

  In this yoga, the 12th house is not included. 

People think Jupiter’s connection to Moon is always good as it forms Gajkesri yoga when Jupiter and Moon are in conjunction or kendras to each other. However, the condition of both the planets can reverse the quality of Gajakaseri yoga. It can be a bad yoga when the planets are either retrograde/debilitated or combust. Yoga can be bad also when they are in negative signs or negative houses. As far as I have seen, the Moon’s connection with Jupiter makes the people be very unrealistic and impractical.

So in Sakata yoga , Jupiter, which indicates blessings, dharma, money, wisdom, position, will get a negative impact and that will make the person take wrong decisions as Moon is also not influenced in a good way. It will not directly reflect on your finances, and you won’t die like a beggar. However, this Shakat yoga can force you to take wrong decisions in money management, relationships and you can have difficulty in having a righteous life. That can bring damage to your reputation. 

So, if you have Shakat yoga, then it’s good to have a personal finance manager, then you should be humble to your elders and you should have a daily prayer to keep your mind focussed. Otherwise, the connection to Jupiter, the planet for unrealistic thoughts will force you to take up the wrong decisions. These things will help you overcome the challenges of Sakata Yoga. 

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What is Lord in Astrology?


This is a very common term in astrology, but many people are not aware of it. The Lord is also known as Ruler and Swami in Vedic astrology. The term is used in connection with houses. There are 12 divisions in astrology, they are known as houses. When you take your birth chart, you can see a few columns or boxes, and they are known as houses. Each house is ruled by each sign/Rasi. Each Rasi is ruled by a planet, and that planet is known as the lord of that house. Each House gives us information about the various features of our life. Like Marriage, wealth, health, career, and much more.



There are 12 rasis and here are the lords of that Rasi.

Aries: Mars

Taurus: Venus 

Gemini: Mercury 

Cancer: Moon

Leo: Sun 

Virgo: Mercury 

Libra: Venus

Scorpio: Mars

Sagittarius: Jupiter 

Capricorn: Saturn

Aquarius: Saturn 

Pisces: Jupiter

 According to each lagan/Ascendant or rising sign the rulers will change. 

if you are Aries lagna/ascendant your first house will be ruled by Mars, 2 – Venus, 3. Mercury
If you are a Taurus lagna/ascendant your first house is ruled by Venus, 2-Mercury, 4-Moon
It can be complex in the beginning to identify the lords, but as you learn more about astrology, you will come to know them easily.

Solar Eclipse June 21/ 2020 Effects on Each Signs

Even though the eclipse is a daylong phenomenon, the impact will last for six months to one year. In this article, we are going to look at the impact of each sign. The solar eclipse in June occurs in Gemini.


This mighty solar eclipse is going to trigger the third house of communications, media, and siblings. This eclipse is going to activate your3/9 axis and both houses are about communication, intellect, and studies. For the next year, you will work hard with your communication skills and you will get benefitted. Opportunities for learning and training are also seen. For the next few months, you will be having a busy schedule as so much of work is going to come up. Students and teachers are going to follow a new schedule. You will be communicating with communities and groups. This is a phase to work with certain projects from media as well. The 3/9 houses are for learning and developing our intellect. So, you will be spending more time in spreading wisdom and awareness. 



The solar eclipse will be falling in the second house for finances and self-esteem. This is telling you that for the next year, you will work hard to make more money. The eclipse in the money houses indicates gains as well as losses. So, your effort should be to save money. Jobless people will be able to find some jobs in these comings days. However right now Mercury the planet of communication and analysis is in a retrogression mode and it indicates instability regarding finances and career, so you should be very careful when you make decisions. The solar eclipse will trigger your self-esteem and ego and that can be a problem so you need to control your ego. Your career status will surely be changing very soon and you should not be careless in financial transactions.


The solar eclipse will be falling in 1/7 angle so for the next one year you will be focusing on yourself and your relationships. You will start a new personal or professional relationship. But there is a challenge because right now Mercury is retrograding so there can be reversals in the relationships also. During every Mercury retrogression the next one year you will have to make some corrections in the relationships. The sun is the planet for reality so you have to be very realistic in these relationships. These relationships will transform you into a new person. During this one year, there will be many opportunities to start off new professional relationships also. However, the seventh axis also indicates open ends. Timely oppositions are also coming up. You should not share your secrets with anybody.


This solar eclipse will be triggering the 12/6 axis so your emotional needs will be very high for the next one year. This cannot be seen as a very positive eclipse for you. And your physical and mental health will be very important. There will be some opportunities for those who work as healers, doctors, counselors, and mentors. Those who work in asylums also will have opportunities. The twelfth house is the house of fears and enemies. So you need to keep yourself away from all kinds of complex situations. The solar eclipse will impact your workplace and colleagues. They also will bring some issues. You should take a due care to perform well at work. Frequent arguments with colleagues can also be happening as a part of this transit. 


Your ruler, the Sun is getting eclipsed today, by the ruler of your twelfth house. So this will be impacting your long term relationships and your projects. This solar eclipse will trigger your 11/5 axis. So for the next year, you will be focusing on your team and your long term projects. New team members can come in this for the next year. There will be a lot of planning with your team members. Frequent arguments with the team members can also be seen as a part of this transit. If you were to execute your plans perfectly, don’t share it with your teammates. This eclipse will bring new technological knowledge to you. Since the moon is hiding your ruler, the Sun, the challenges from the opposite sex within your team can create a problem, so you need to keep a safe distance with them. 


This is a very crucial time for your career as well as your family. The solar eclipse will trigger your 10/4 axis. You will be having some challenges regarding your career. So don’t be in a hurry to accept new offers. It will be slightly difficult for you to satisfy your managers. You will be attending more interviews and there will be frequenting team discussions. A lot of short projects will be coming up. This solar eclipse will impact your family also. You will need to have an eye on family matters as well. Your family members may feel that you are too busy for them. You may travel with your family. There will be real estate deals, discussing the ancestral property, etc. Constructions and renovations can also happen. During retrogression of any planet, you will try to renovate your house. 


 The solar eclipse will trigger your 9/3 axis. These houses show studies, intellect, learning, communications, and self-development. So for the next year, you will be focusing on learning and teaching. Foreign collaborations can also come up. However, there will be frequent obstacles as well. Right now Mercury is in a retrogression mode, so there will be obstacles during every Mercury retrogression phase. Students and teachers also need to be very careful with their work. In the next few months, teachers and students will have to follow a strict discipline. Their routine will surely change. You will be more interested in learning spiritual sciences, but that will not be a signal for being spiritual. You will even critically approach the spiritual sciences. There will be a lot of projects from media, communication and media-related domains as well. 


For the next six to one year, you will be transforming as a new person. There will be a lot of emotional challenges for some time, so it’s better to keep a low profile. Most of the emotional issues can come up from financial issues. This is not a favorable phase for financial transactions and shared resources. There will be a discussion regarding your ancestral property. Relationships with your inlaws will be slightly challenging. There will be a lot of transformations throughout this phase. Your love relationships will have to go through some volatility. The Sun is the ruler of your career, so there will be a transformation regarding your career as well. You will be dealing with finances, loans, and insurance as well. For the next few months, you will discuss the possibilities of finances as well.


For the next few months, your one on one relationships will be very important. The eclipses always indicate new beginnings and you can expect some new relationships coming in for some time. However, these relationships cannot be having a smooth sail. There will be step by step challenges, so you need to be very careful. You will be thinking more about love and marriage. Most of the interactions will end in a personal or a business relationship too. Throughout this phase, you will be trying to feel complete through the partners, but that will fail at times. So, don’t always keep all the dependency on your partner. You will have to make a lot of adjustments for a harmonious relationship too. There will be a lot of social networking events as well.


This eclipse is going to impact your workplace and health. 

This is the time of cleansing. If you take care of your health, then it will be improving. There are clear chances for improved health as the eclipses indicate cleansing. There will be a lot of importance to your mental health as well. In these days, you will be focusing a lot of motivational lectured. At work, you will have a new role or a new project. There will be on and off arguments with teammates. There will be some changes in the work sector. It can be like a new job or a new project. New colleagues can also come up during this phase. The 12/6 angle shows your liabilities. So, for the next few months, there will be a lot of analysis regarding your liabilities. 


The eclipse is triggering your 5/11 angle in your chart and that deals with your creative energies. For the next few months, you will be looking more into your talents. You will study some skills in order to improve your skills. Your sole intention will be to make more money through your creative energies. This can also be an important time for your children and youngsters. They will be very needy and you will have to spend more money and energy on them. Please don’t try to change anyone from your teams as they can have a different opinion. Your romantic life also will be turbulent. Throughout this phase, you will be very keen on your team relationships. New people can come up with the personal and professional sectors. 


This solar eclipse will trigger your 4/10 angle and you will be having an equal focus on family and home. You will have a lot of activities at home. This is also a phase to take more work at home. You will be taking up responsibilities. For the next few months, there will be some work at home. It can be real estate deals and repairing at home. You will look for family functions and there will some serious discussions regarding family matters. However, this can be a challenging time for elderly figures in the family. This solar eclipse will trigger the career sector. There will be a lot of projects from work also. You will have to take up challenging projects as well. The life of your managers also will be very significant. 

How The Solar Eclipse on June 21 st Going to Impact India and China?


This is a special message to Indians, especially for those Indians who are patriots. This is an astrological message regarding the impact of the lunar eclipse and solar eclipse in the month of June. The month of June comes in the lunar month of Jyeshta. The lunar month of Jyaishta started by May 22/2020 and will end by 21 June 2020. After that, on June 22 the lunar month of Ashada will start and it will end by July 23. 




Eclipses were always been looked with fear despite lunar or solar. After the solar eclipse in 2018 August 11, which happened in the lunar month of Shravana, Kerala was totally under the flood. 

Varahamihira , who is known as the ace astrologer in Mundane astrology, has a book in his name, it is known as Brihat Samhita. In this book, he says a lot about the eclipse. He has specified “ In any lunar month a lunar and solar eclipse takes place, then it indicates troubles” 

During December, there was a lunar and solar eclipse in the month of Pausha, and according to Brihat Samhita, then, that eclipse will bring troubles on the land.

He has clearly said” 

If in Greshma Surya be of blood color mankind will be afflicted with various fears “ Greeshma season comes in June July months. 

This solar eclipse of June 2020 will start at 9:15 am on June 21 as per Indian Standard Timing (IST). The full eclipse will start from 10:17 am with the maximum eclipse occurring at 12:10 pm.

In this eclipse, Mercury is also getting eclipsed. So Varahamihra says

26) If Budh should be so eclipsed the men of Magada, of Muttra and those on the banks of Veena river will suffer miseries while the rest of the land will enjoy the happiness of Krithayuga. Veena river is the branch of Krishna river and it is in Mahabaleshwar. Maghada kingdom was spread along India, Bangaldesh and Nepal, Muttra is obviously Mathura. We can assume that the troubles are connected to the Nepal area, and Maharashtra are and U.P area. That is true at the outset of border issues in Nepal and COVID spread in Maharashtra as well as UP.

He again says If Sun or Moon that means solar or lunar eclipse. 


‘’If they should be eclipsed when in Dhanur, ministers, fine horses, Videhas, Mullas, Panchalas, physicians, merchants and persons skilled in the use of destructive weapons will perish. If when in Makara, fishes, families of ministers, Chandalas, skilled magicians, and physicians and old soldiers will perish. “ the first lunar eclipse in the month of June was in the sign of Sagittarius( Dhanu) 


Sagittarius itself is the rasi for politicians, mass movements, civil uprisings. So, we know ministers, army, Mullas, whoever mentioned by Varahamihira is in trouble. Here it shows more trouble for ministers and their families. We lost many doctors due to the Covid issue.



(37) If they should be eclipsed when in Mithuna, chaste women, princes, powerful petty chiefs, learned men, people living on the banks of Jumna and rulers of Balhika and Matsia with their subjects will suffer miseries. 

Balhika kingdom includes   North/West/Central/ Eastern India, North East, Pakistan, Bangladesh,. Matsya Kingdom means Rajastan area

The last lunar eclipse was in the sign of Mithuna/Gemini. None of these areas are safe due to multiple reasons. Especially Nepal area. 



Again Varahamihira says 



76) If eclipses should fall in lunar month of Jyeshta89, Brahmins, queens of the reigning sovereign, crops, rain, large gatherings of men, beautiful persons, Salpas and Nishadas will suffer 


So, the Jyeshta month will end by June 21st and then the Ashada month starts. There will be a lunar eclipse on July 6th in the sign of Sagittarius, and Jupiter also will be eclipsed. 



(77) If eclipses should fail in lunar month of Ashadha90, wells, wet fields and rivers will become dry; dealers in roots and fruits, people of Gandhara, of Cashmere, of Pulinda and of China will perish; and there will be an abundance of rain 


We know Gandhara is the region of Afganistan, Pulinda area is Vindhya range, Cashmere is obviously Kashmir, then comes China. So, we know the future of China is not bright. 


Firstly, there is a lot of disintegration within the Chinese Republic. It is a closed economy and we know only what comes out through government sources. There is a lot of unrest, and that is been suppressed by power and money. 


China’s Horoscope







They are running through Mercury-Mercury Mahadasa

  Mer-Mer  24/09/2019  20/02/2022


 Mercury is rightly in the house for civil uprisings, mass movements, law, and politics. Mercury is retrogression and exalted. Mercury is hemmed between the Sun and Ketu as well. Such a Mercury will always make a person very crooked.  I assure you there will be a lot of internal issues once when they enter the mid of mErcury/Mercury dasa. The status and the look of the country will change in the upcoming antar dasas of Mercury, which are not in a positive note. Throughout the Mercury dasa, they will on and off attack their neighboring countries and will have enmity with other countries as well, as the third house of neighbors have Rahu and they somehow want to conquer the world. Guys, this Corona virus was purposefully leaked out from their lab as Rahu is also known as Virus. Once when their Mercury dasa started they started using bioweapons. The impact of an eclipse will last from 6 months to 1 year, so for the next 1 to 2 years is very crucial for Indo-Chinese relationships. For India also the mahadasa of the planet which rules the 3rd house is taking place, which is also not good news for us.  In India’s horoscope, the 9th house and third house is also active, same like China. This is a hard time for the internal peace of country as well. 


I have explained it better in my Malayalam articles for

This solar eclipse is not in favor of India as it is in the sign of Gemini, which is coming in the 2nd house of self-esteem, and power. Mars is in that house. So, Mars also will get eclipsed. 

Varahamihira says this 

(60)  If Mangal should see eclipsed disc there will be war in the land and fear from fire and robbers. 

It’s not me who said. It is told by Varahamihira 

The impact of an eclipse will last from 6 months to one year

Mangal Means MARS

So, rest I leave it to GOD.

Upcoming  Rahu Ketu Transit 2020-2022 : Results For Each Sign



 On September 19th, 2020 Rahu will be entering the sign of Taurus and this is a very important planetary move at the outset of COVID19. Astrology enthusiasts are expecting some positive changes from September onwards as Ketu, the moksha karaka will enter the sign of mysterious matters Scorpio. Let’s see how these transits are going to impact each sign and primarily transits are seen through the Moon sign because Mahadasa and antardasa are calculated by the Moon sign only. They are the most important transits in your life. Yearly transits like Saturn and Jupiter have to be seen only after looking at the Mahadasa results. If you like to see these results through Ascendant, then you can do that as well. Rahu is going to be in the sign of Taurus until March 2022. So, let’s see what all will be coming to your life during these 18 months, as Rahu will stay in a sign for 18 months. 



This is going to be a very huge transit for you as your career as Rahu is going to influence your 2,6 and 10th house in a very massive way. For these 18 months, you will be looking at your career and that will make you a workaholic. Some of you may have already started feeling the heat. Your career-related changes take place when the 2/6/10 houses are activated. There are huge chances for more money and more responsibilities at work. Some of you may get a salary hike, as well as more authority. Rahu will influence your finances, but that can be slightly challenging as Ketu is transiting the 8th house of finances. There are chances for major financial transactions, but you should not be in a haste, especially when Jupiter is retrograding. Remember, none of the transits can function alone, so you should know that the indicator for finances, Jupiter will be in a debilitated mode for from November 2021 to November 22. This can be a financially challenging period for the entire world. You will be able to manage your workplace issues and enemies too. The aspect in the 10th house indicates you will be fearlessly trying to establish at work. There will be more focus on your health and you will take up new medication. However, family life can be slightly dull due to the aspect of Ketu. You will have to take care of your elderly family members as they will have a lot of concerns. There will be some construction or demolition work at home as well. Throughout this transit, you will have emotional stress and it is quite natural. Take up some remedies like meditation, serving elders, frequent clutter clearing, and charity.  






This is a very crucial transit for you as Rahu will be rightly on your first house of personal life, health, wealth, and determination. This transit will bring a lot of changes in your entire life. Your life is all about your dreams, desires, hopes, health, wealth, image, and relationships. There will be intense changes in your personal life too. You will become self-obsessed and there is nothing wrong with being like that at times. Life is not always about giving others freely. At times, you can show others what your standards and expectations are. However, Rahu will aspect the 5th house of children and past birth credits and that can be a challenging time. You will have to be very careful with your power and position. Whenever the 5th house is activated, there will be some kind of downfall coming up. Children and youngsters in the family will have more needs. Rahu will aspect the relationships and that can bring some indifference in it. It can be personal or professional relationships. There will be frequent arguments and restructuring in the existing agreements. You will be getting more contacts, but you should trust anyone blindly, especially when you met them for the first time. There will be foreign collaborations as well as long trips. Projects from media and mass communications can also come up. You will make new strategies for your ventures. However, there will be some issues in the team settings as well. 



For the next 18 months, Rahu will be triggering your emotional issues. This is not a very favourable transit as Rahu can make you negative and aggressive. You will feel like being in a dream world than reality. That can waste a lot of time, so you have to be much focused. You will have to take advice from your elders as there can be a lack of analytical power. If you have any legal issues, then it can surface during this phase. Please don’t get into any wrong friend circle. During this transit, you will have an interest in spiritual matters, but please cross the spiritual groups which you are in. Your health and happiness will have to go through complexities throughout this transit, but you will have the stability to get over all the challenges. Your family life also will be very eventful, there can be events like real estate deals, family meetings, and functions too. This transit also can make the life of your elderly figures very happening. At work, you will have complex projects and that can cause arguments. Whenever Rahu transits this house, you will have arguments and bad attitude with your colleagues. You will have changes at work as Ketu is inspecting the 2nd house of career, and finances. There will be some risks attached to my career. Other than that there will be some financial transactions, which may not be always in your favour. So, you have to be careful with every penny you spend.


Rahu will be magnifying your team relations for the next 18 months. This transit is going to bring gains from your long term goals. Rahu will make you work in a technology-related domain as well. There will be frequent communication with people from foreign lands. Projects from the charity and healing domain also will come up. For the next 18 months, you will make a lot of plans regarding your long term personal and professional plans and execute them. You will be joining a new team and teamwork will be very prominent during these days. Long and short trips will be coming up. Career-related studies, and projects from mass communications are also possible. During this phase, you can have issues with your siblings, relatives, or neighbors. There will be detachment from them for various issues. Creative projects can come up during this phase. The life of your children and young members of the family will be very eventful. However, you should be very careful with all the new ventures. You should make a profit-loss analysis and that will be helping you to plan well. Otherwise, you will have to leave some of those projects in between. This transit can give you a lot of friends and teammates, but this transit can also obstruct your romantic relationships. There will be some concerns regarding your love life and you may feel attracted to many people. There will be a lot of multitasking during this phase and you will even start your own ventures. 




This Rahu transit in 2020 will bring immense focus on your career and social image. Your career is ruled by the earth sign of Taurus and that will make Rahu very stubborn about career progress. According to modern astrology research, Rahu gets exalted in the sign of Taurus and it will become very aggressive at the 10th house. You will have multiple opportunities to get career progress. However, you need to be very careful about that. At times, you can be aggressive and that may not go well with your superiors. There will be additional responsibilities at work. Your family matters also will get highlighted during this phase. Real estate deals, relocation, addition in the family, family functions and so many things can happen. However, relationships with elders and female figures in the family can suffer. Your finances also will go through a major transformation. This is a phase where you get money and spend money. Sudden expenses will come up and you can get stressed out. Loans and lending can come up, but you need to be very careful. Your health also will be very important. You will need a good diet and medication. The lower abdominal area will be highly triggered. Whenever this area is triggered, there will be some issues like diabetes, constipation, and other lifestyle diseases. So, you need to be very careful. You will have emotional concerns due to the aspect of Ketu, so you will have to take up a lot of energy from the superior force. This will make your life more into a spiritual note. There will be some new financial plans but stay away from any kind of instant money-making plan. 



Rahu will be transiting through the 9th house of higher studies, vision, and philosophy. The transit of Rahu through this house cannot be seen as favourable, but still, you can expect some good results as Rahu is exalted here. The next 18 months are very crucial for you regarding foreign travel and collaborations. You will be having some problems with your publishers or authors. There will be some issues with your authorities too. So, don’t get into any legal hassles. In these 18 months, you will get multiple opportunities to travel to a foreign land or long-distance travel too. You will be like a rebel throughout this transit too. There will be a lot of effort and hard work from you. That will give you enough results as well. You will have more interactions with your siblings and neighbors too. There will be some creative programs and activities. You will get some opportunities to join a new team and thus get some profits as well. There will be a lot of research and studies regarding your long term projects. This is a good time to work with charity ventures as well. Raghu’s aspect will be in personal life, so, this is the time for expansion. You will naturally become very aggressive and that can bring issues with your friends and family. New people can come up to you in person as well as professional life. However, don’t spend too much time and money in speculative ventures. 




This transit will bring a lot of focus on your emotional self and finances. You will be forced to do a lot of discussions regarding financial matters and that will not be very easy. So, you need to be very careful. Try to be cut short of your expense as sudden expenses can come up at any time. That doesn’t mean you will be struggling throughout this transit. There will be timely gains, but stress regarding the finances will be the major point. You will research the loans, taxes, and insurance. There will be issues related to repayment as well. This is also not a great time to join new financial plans or partnership ventures. Your inlaws will have significant changes in their life too. Due to these issues, you may have emotional problems too. So, stay away from all kinds of scandals and money chain businesses. That will put you into trouble. At work, you will have issues regarding your power and authority. Those who work with their own ventures should not take any hasty decisions too. Family matters also will be very important. There will be discussions regarding family assets. Relocation, real estate deals, and family meetings are also possible You have to give more support to your elderly family members.





The transit of Rahu through the sign of Taurus will be triggering your personal and professional relationship. This is a very sensitive phase for your relationships because Rahu will make you so keen about your relationships. It can be personal or professional relationships. You want more and more people in your life and at times, it can be dangerous too. Please make sure it is not affecting your existing partners. Please control your social media activities as the 7th house also indicates open enemies. There will be long trips and frequent meetings. You will get new offers and business offers too. However, at the end of the day, you will have weird feelings like being alone. There are chances for issues in marital life due to your busy schedule. You will try to start new ventures and that can hamper your private life. There will be a lot of meetings and idea exchange. That can give you health-related concerns as well. This is a phase for traveling and meeting people from foreign lands. There will be a lot of work-related to communications. This is also a phase to join new groups. You will be working for some charity events too. This is a very good phase to draw some plans for your long term projects. Your creative energies will be getting good opportunities and you should use them wisely. Youngsters in your family will be more demanding and you will have to spend more time with them. Pregnant women have to be careful about their health. 



During this transit, Rahu will be influencing your workplace and health. The placement of Rahu will make you very obsessive regarding your job. You will somehow try to establish yourself, but remember, don’t use any short cuts. Rahu will force you to try short cuts, but if you do so, then there will be a lot of long term hardships. You will have a lot of short projects and they can be very complex as well. Competitive events will come up and at work; there will be a lot of competition. You will at times have arguments with your colleagues. There will be a lot of rebellious moves, but remember, this is not the time to take any risk regarding your job. You will be very obsessive about your ego and reputation. However, you will have some financial issues as both Rahu and Ketu will be influencing your finances. There will be lending and borrowing, but don’t do it extensively. Your mental and physical health will be very prominent. You need a lot of good sleep and a good diet. Please control the sugar cravings as when the 6th house is activated, then you will be prone to lifestyle diseases. There will be a lot of temptation to have more food, but you need to control it. You should not get into any instant money-making deals as well. Throughout the transit, you have to control your ego, otherwise, it can harm your public image. 


This is a very significant transit for you as Rahu will be transiting through the 5th house of creativity, children, and speculative ventures. Remember, the 5th house is also the house of downfalls. So, there is a risk always attached when your 5th house is activated. So, you have to be very careful, especially with your ventures. Your creativity will come out and you will get many opportunities to show off your skills. All those events will not be giving you good inputs. Use them wisely and stay away from risky businesses. You will have to be careful with your love life as well. There are sure chances for arguments and you or your spouse can be very aggressive. Women have to be very careful regarding their upper abdominal area. If you already have any uterus issues, then there will be some complications regarding these matters. There will be some higher studies or skill development programs. Foreign travels and collaborations are also possible. This also a great phase to write and publish your articles. You will have some long term projects and team meetings. This is also a good phase to join new teams and some gains from long term projects. You will be interested in charity programs too. There will be a lot of work using your technical skills. However, throughout these days, you will be a very reformed person. That doesn’t mean you will be silent or modest. You will be very aggressive too. 



This transit will be influencing your family matters and career. Rahu is exalted in the sign of Taurus, so, you can expect good results too. There will be a lot of foreign trips as well. At home, you will try to do some real estate deals. They can be complex, so don’t just jump into any kind of business deals with your landed property. Even if you have to do some of such deals, then you should cross-check all the possibilities. You will plan to change your home’s physical environment too. There will be something like clutter clearing and repairing. During this phase, there are going to be some family functions and you will be meeting with your family members. Still, these events may bring out some complexities. Stay away from unhappy talks as it can ruin your peace and happiness. Elderly female figures may need more care and they will have some concern for you. So, this transit is not in a safe mode, especially regarding the finances. So, you need to cut off your expenses. Otherwise, the whole month is going to give you a hard time. Multiple expenses will be coming up and that may affect your plans. This is not the month to spend, instead, you need to save so, and that you can be peaceful. For the major part of the transit, financial matters can be a challenge. You will try to put some new steps to revive your career. 



During this Rahu transit, you will be focused to improve your ventures. This will be giving you many opportunities to work in groups. Multiple projects from communication-related domains also can come up. You will be a busy body as you have short trips as well. Family events and being with siblings and small communities can also come up. There will be some complex projects and you need to be very careful at work. Most of them can be very short, but you will have to make some corrections. Stay away from complex discussions at work. Your communications also can cause arguments in the teams. So, you should listen more and talk less. The sector for communication and media will get highly activated, so, you can naturally expect a lot of focus at your communication. Most of the projects can be related to communication. Teachers, counsellors, media men, writers, and sales and marketing people will be having a lot of work. However, there will be some complexities arising and it can lead to confusion. So, you need to cross-check everything before the final submission. There can be some frictions in the relationships. So, don’t force your partner to follow your footsteps. Give them enough space to make a decision. However, you should cross-check all your new business deals. This is a good time to work on existing deals than looking for a new one.














Timing of Marriage in Astrology and Spouse


We all have a dream and desire to have a compatible spouse who can empower us physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, and emotionally. Our spouse is a significant figure in our life who can construct or damage our life. Astrology is such a medium, which we can identify the nature of spouse, the timing of marriage, and the quality of love life we are going to have. In this article, we are going to know these things 

  1. The Nature of The Spouse
  2. The Timing of the Marriage




However, there are so many charts without any yoga for marriage or yogas for a troubled marriage. I am not going to mention that. Any negative affection to the 7th house and the 7th lord indicates delayed marriage, complex marriage or a challenge in the marital life.

Everything starts from Lagna, because Lagna is your birth. To find your lagna, you should have an accurate time of birth. If the birth time varies upto one hour it is not difficult for an efficient astrologer to identify it. If the birth time is not available, then the Moon chart is enough, but the result will not be as accurate as Lagna chart. 

There are 12 signs so, there are 12 lagnas. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The 7th from each lagna rules the spouse. 

 These are the signs and the signs which rule their 7th house. 













Now you should know that each sign has a ruler. Here is the list



SignsLagna/MoonRulerSigns in 7th houseRuler of the 7th house


Understand Your Spouse Through The 7th House

  • Aries

Your spouse will be ruled by Venus. The majority of the spouse of Aries Lagna/Moon has a spouse that can have Libra as their lagna/Sun or Moon sign. Aries is ruled by Mars and they are very fiery people and impatient. Meanwhile, their spouse will be very gentle as calm as Venus is their ruler. Venus is a very mild and feminine planet. Unless until Venus is in a bad placement like retrogression, debilitation, combust or having any bad aspect, the spouse will be very much like a fashionista and they will have a great sense of beauty. They will have creative skills as Venus is the ultimate planet for creative self-expression. The Aries person will be very harsh while dealing with others, but the Libran spouse will bring some balance in the relationships. After getting married to the Libran spouse, the life of Aries person will improve especially the quality of life will improve unless Venus is in a bad form. There will be more stability in the life of the Aries person. The Libran ruled spouse will always admire their Aries spouse. The Libran spouse will know how to handle the impatient nature of the Aries spouse. 

Timing of Marriage

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Prathyandar dasa of Mars/Sun/Venus/Saturn 

TheMahadasa/Antardasa/Prathyandar dasa of Planets conjuncting Mara/Sun/Venus/Saturn 


  • Taurus 

The 7th house of the spouse is ruled by Mars as the sign is Scorpio. Taurus is ruled by Venus and Taurus is an Earth sign and that makes them very stable. Venus will add charm to their stable nature. While Scorpio is a water sign and they are very emotional. Their emotions are so deep and most of the time, they will be in a mysterious mode. Normally Mars is not a planet that supports dependency, but for Taurus ascendant, they can feel their spouse almost emotionally unstable. However, the spouse will be knowing how to handle the emotions of their spouse. Scorpio is the sign of ups and downs and the spouse will have a lot of emotional issues, which are the carryforwards from their childhood or youth. Taurus will have a mature nature and that will help their spouse to be confident. The spouse of a Taurus/Sun/Lagna/Moon will be very dependent on the Taurus person. Taurus is ruled by Venus and that should make them very romantic, but due to the earth element of Taurus, the Taurus person may not be very romantic or they will be feeling somehow suffocated by the dependency of their spouse. 

Timing of Marriage

The Mahadsa/Antar dasa/Prathyandar dasa of Venus/Mercury/Mars/Jupiter. TheMahadasa/Antardasa/Prathyandar dasa of Planets conjuncting Venus/Mercury/Mars/Jupiter.



The 7th house of Gemini is ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet for optimism and magnification. Traditional astrology praises Jupiter as the biggest benefic, but it is a misunderstood planet. It can be the worst planet in your chart according to the placement. When Jupiter rules your spouse, it will beave more like a guide or teacher. So, romantic content in life will be actually very less. Since the sign of Sagittarius is a dual sign, Gemini lagna people can have more than one relation. However, the spouse will be very learned as Jupiter indicates higher earning and philosophy. Mercury, which is the ruler of Gemini is a cheerful planet and that makes Gemini a very cheerful and multitaskers of the zodiac. At the same time, their spouse can be very complacent. This can make the Gemini person uncomfortable with the marriage. Gemini rules the Kama house in the natural zodiac and Jupiter is the planet for Dharma. Marriage is a mix of spiritual, emotional, and sexual relationships. Here, due to the presence of Jupiter, the marriage becomes more kind of spiritual matter and the Gemini is a Kama (Lust) sign will not find the sync with the Sagittarius spouse. So, this marriage will have a lot of challenges especially, if Jupiter is not with any kama planets. 

Timing of Marriage

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of Mercury/Venus/Jupiter/Mars 

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of planets conjuncting Mercury/Venus/Jupiter/Mars 



For a Cancer Lagna/Moon their spouse is ruled by Saturn. The 7th house of Cancer is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the planet for restrictions, discipline, and structure. This Cancer person will be very emotional, but the spouse will not be very much emotional. However, there will be a lot of emotional turbulence in the life of the spouse. The spouse will not like any public display of affection too. The good thing about the marriage is, the Cancer native will find secure with the Capricorn spouse. The Cancer native will have a very fluctuating nature and that will reduce by entering the marriage. The happiness from the spouse will be a little delayed. The Cancer native is ruled by the Moon and it is not a planet for restriction. They are very outgoing, but the spouse will be very restricted. The Cancer native will always like people with mature people or older people. They will add a lot of stability to the life of a Cancer native.

Timing of Marriage

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of Moon/ Mars /Saturn/Venus 

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of planets conjuncting Moon/ Mars /Saturn/Venus



The 7th house of spouse for a Leo lagna is ruled by Saturn, but Aquarius is the sign for network circles, hopes, and vision. The spouse of Leo natives will be far more cheerful and hopeful. They will be very much business-minded and have an eye for profit. However, according to Vedic astrology, the ruler of Leo, the Sun, and Saturn have an everlasting karmic bonding. This is not a very sweet relationship, but it is a transformational relationship. There will be a lot of love, but the spouse can be detaching also. The Leo native is all about creativity, fun, and romance, but the spouse will be totally against it. This can be a mental block for the Leo native. He may at times feel the spouse quite practical and logical. That can make the marriage a little dry. If Saturn is in a good placement with friendly planets, then we can assume the spouse will be quiet soft as well as practical 0therwise not. 

Timing of Marriage

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of Sun/Jupiter/Saturn/Mercury

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of planets conjuncting Sun/Jupiter/Saturn/Mercury



 For a Virgo native, the 7th house of a spouse is ruled by the planet for spirituality and philosophy, Jupiter. The sign which rules the 7th house is Pisces, which is a very mysterious sign and also the sign for Moksha. Any connection of Moksha element in the 7th house can give a philosophical spouse, who cannot focus much on materialistic pleasures like sex and money. The spouse of a Virgo native will have strange nature as they are always influenced by the deep mysterious sign of Pisces. The spouse can be spiritual, but the ideas can be quiet eccentric. While Virgo is a perfectionist, the spouse can be a distracted person and that can reflect in the marriage as well. They will take some time to be stable in the marriage. Both the signs are dual and will have difficulty in establishing a policy on understanding and handling the spouse. However, the spouses will love communicating with each other and that will be very healthy as well unless, until Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, and Jupiter, ruler of Pisces are placed well. If Mercury is debilitated, the native also will be the same as the spouse with strange interests.

Timing of Marriage

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of Mercury/Saturn/Jupiter/Moon

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of planets conjuncting Mercury/Saturn/Jupiter/Moon



The 7th house of Libra is ruled by Aries and the ruler of Aries is Mars. This will make the spouse of a Libra native, very action-oriented. The spouse will be very dominating as well. However, Venus is ruling Libra and it is the planet for diplomacy. This will make the relationship smooth, just because Libra will take the initiative to solve the issues. However, even after the marriage, the spouse of the Libran native will not change in their aggression. Instead, they will ask the Librans to be a little more selfish. Librans will not have any objections with any aggression instead they will admire their nature of the spouse. Normally after the Marriage, Librans will change to be a little more aggressive. Their spouse may not be always stylists as Librans are, but they will try to bring some changes according to the desire of the Librans. 

Timing of Marriage

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of Venus /Saturn/Mars/Sun

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of planets conjuncting Venus /Saturn/Mars/Sun



The 7th house of Scorpio is ruled by Taurus and the ruler of Taurus of Mars. Venus is the planet for beauty and charm, so the spouse of Scorpio native will be very charming and diplomatic. They don’t have to be always beautiful, but they will naturally have the charm to attract others. 

If the Scorpio native is aggressive, their spouse will be very soft and balancing and that will be a relief for the Scorpio native. Scorpio is a water sign which is not very stable, and they have a lot of emotional hurdles to overcome. Meanwhile, the spouse will be very stable and with a knack to handle the relationships. The spouse will add a lot of value to the life of the Scorpio native. The Scorpio native will be very emotional about their spouse. The trustworthy and supportive nature of the spouse will be a great relief to the Scorpio native. There will be a lot of balance in the life of this couple unless both Mars and Venus are not in a bad placement. 

 Timing of Marriage

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of Mars/Jupiter /Venus/Mercury

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of planets conjuncting Mars/Jupiter /Venus/Mercury



Sagittarius is a dual sign and their spouse is ruled by Gemini, which is an air sign and dual sign too. Gemini indicates Kama house in astrology, which means sexual desires. So, they can be very lascivious too. The spouse will be very much sporty, socializing, intelligent, and talkative. They will be attracting the Sagittarius native. There will be a lot of healthy communication with the spouse. However Sagittarius is higher intellect and they want to talk about higher principles, Gemini is more about gossiping and interested in neighborhood matters. So, there will be frequent disagreements at home. However, the family will have a scholarly environment. The spouse will be always active and multitasking, which the Sagittarius native can be a bit complacent due to the influence of Jupiter. Jupiter will give the Sagittarius native a lot of unrealistic expectations and the spouse will feel very unhappy about it. It all depends on the placement, aspect, and conjunction of the planets. 

 Timing of Marriage

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of Jupiter /Mars/Mercury/Venus 

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of planets conjuncting Jupiter /Mars/Mercury/Venus 



The 7th house of Capricorn is ruled by the watery sign of Cancer and the Moon rules the 7th house. This will make the spouse very emotional and fluctuating. Meanwhile, the Capricorn natives will be very stable, structured, and disciplined. This will make their spouse very stable and they will change after their marriage. The nature of the change; whether positive or negative depends upon the placement of the Moon in the chart. The spouse of the Capricorn native will have a lot of emotional needs and that will make the Capricorn native at times annoyed. This marriage is always an emotional connection. They may a good pair as they both will support each other. The Capricorn native will like the chirpy nature of the spouse. Since Saturn rules Capricorn, they are very restricted people and they are not very good at socializing or taking initiative. Due to the rulership of the Moon, the spouse will cover that gap. 

 Timing of Marriage

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of Saturn/Venus/Moon/Mars 

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of planets conjuncting Saturn/Venus/Moon/Mars 



The 7th house of Aquarius is ruled by the royal sign of Leo. The ruler of Leo is the Sun. Even though the Sun is a harsh planet in astrology, it rules the arts and entertainment. Leo is the sign for networking, team ventures, romance, and sex too. So, the Leo native will be very creative and romantic. Even though Saturn is a rough planet, but this planet as the ruler of Aquarius becomes very logical and flexible too. The spouse will help them to come out from the background and shine. The Sun is the center of the zodiac and after their marriage, the Aquarius native will be getting a lot of exposure in their life and they will start getting prominence like the Sun. The spouse of Aquarius native will add a lot of value to their life. The spouse of Aquarius native will be creative, interested in social activities, and very egoistic too. The couple will be interested in science and technology and the family environment will be very advanced. Aquarius itself is the sign of advanced technology, so the couple may even plan their own ventures in the base of advanced technology. 

 Timing of Marriage

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of Saturn/Mercury/Sun/Jupiter

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of planets conjuncting Saturn/Mercury/Sun/Jupiter



The 7th house of Pisces is ruled by the sign of Virgo, and that is ruled by Mercury. This is a slightly complex relationship as both the signs cover the hardships of life like health, diseases, emotional instability. They both will be like visionaries and that will reflect in the marriage as well. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, makes them very analytical communicative, and calculative too. The family environment will be very spiritual too. They both cannot be seen as a very romantic people, but they will surely be interested in the wellbeing of society. The spouse of Pisces will be very much frugal and that will help them to have financial stability. The Pisces native can be distracted as they are a fluctuating water sign, but after the marriage, they will get a vision and mission in their life. The Pisces native will be very emotional and that can cause a lot of challenges in their life. After the marriage, they will learn a lot of practical approaches from their spouse and that will make the marriage very prosperous. 

  Timing of Marriage

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of Jupiter/Moon/Mercury/Saturn

The Mahadasa/Antardasa/Pratyandar dasa of planets conjuncting Jupiter/Moon/Mercury/Saturn

When You Will Enter In a Marriage/Relationship? Which Year, Which Month, Find it Through Astrology



When is that time, when you meet that person whom you are going to spend your whole life with? This is a very popular question in astrology. However, not all are destined for a happy relationship or a single relationship. According to the various factors, the status of your relationship can change. You can read about those conditions in this article.


The timing of the relationships can be correctly predicted through the detailed analysis of your natal chart. Horary astrology has limitations and it doesn’t always give guaranteed results. I never found an accurate Tarot reader yet. I have taken Tarot readings from a few; I never got any correct answer for that.

In Vedic astrology, there is a technique called Mahadasa and Antar dasa. Among this, the antar dasa is the most accurate indicator of your relationships. Mahadasa means, a particular planet is going to be highly active for long years. Within those years another planet will be active short term. During the time period of Venus, and the seventh lord the opportunities for the relationship will come up. The time of the planet which rules the first/fifth and eleventh houses also can bring a relationship. It can be a love or a marriage.

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 How your Love life is going to be?  Find it Through Astrology.


People of any age have a lot of expectations about their love life. Venus is the primary planet for love in astrology. So, for men and women, the condition of Venus is very important. The seventh house in the natal chart rules the relationships. For each rising sign/ascendant, the ruler of the seventh house can change. Venus, especially for man rules the woman and for woman Mars indicates the boyfriend and Jupiter indicates the husband. So, for a man, Venus, seventh house, and the seventh lord indicate the strength of his relationships. For the woman, Venus, the seventh house, the seventh lord, Jupiter, and Mars indicates the nature of her love life and marital life.

 For men and women, any bad impact on the indicators means troubles in their relationship. Venus/Mars/Jupiter, when they are combust, retrograde, debilitated, placed with harsh planets like Saturn, North Node, and South Node indicates a complex relationship. 

Venus and Mars conjunction or aspect indicates Violence in the relationship. Bad Jupiter always means bad husband and the need for adjustments. None of these fully indicates divorce and for that entire chart should be examined.

These are the planets which rule the seventh house of relationship for each Rising Sign/ Ascendant















Well placed planets and the seventh house indicate a happy and satisfying relationship.

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