What is Sanyas Yoga in Astrology

What is Sanyas Yoga

Many of us have heard of these yogas as the name itself shows the nature of this yoga. This yoga is also known as Pravrajya yoga. The meaning of this yoga is if a person has this yoga, he will live like an ascetic. 

I will tell you how yoga is going to work in one’s life. 

Before that let me tell you, you can find this yoga in Chapter 27 of Pahaldipika mainly, but there are various other texts which say about this yoga.

I will write down certain conditions.

  • When the 10th lord is conjuncting 4 planets and placed either in Kendra or Trikona, then such horoscope shows a strong condition for Sanyas yogaIf at the time of birth 4 or more planets are in the one house, that is a sanyas yoga
  • If the moon is in Kendra with Saturn and aspected by Saturn and mars
  • If the Moon sign lord is aspected by Saturn.

 There are other conditions also, but these are the most prominent condition for Sanyas yoga. 

In addition to that, I have if a person has three planets in one house also he will have a shadow of Sanyas yoga in his life. 

In sanyas yoga, the person will have to go through a lack of marital pleasures. An ascetic is born to be spiritual and he is not destined to get a lot of materialistic pleasures like love, money or anything which is perishable. He is destined to focus on imperishable matters like God and soul.

If he is focusing on anything which is against his spiritual life will make his life directionless.

There are various kinds of Sanyas yoga which shows the life should be like a celibate.

Some so many people are married with sanyas yoga. Certain sanyas yoga do not deny marriage, but even in marriage, the person will be isolated from the spouse, it can be more physical distance than emotional connection. Lack of continuity in sexual pleasures is a signature of Sanyas yoga. For example, either of the spouses can live in a different location and meeting each other once in a while. Some people stay abroad and thus stay away from their spouses. That is a condition of Sanyas yoga.

If you are a corporate employee with sanyas yoga, then, you will have a recurrent disagreement with your teammates, as you are destined for spiritual life, but at corporate, you are working for a materialistic goal.

Isolation and detachment are the signatures of this yoga. A person with this yoga will surely feel an emptiness if they are following a life with parties and huge networking for the sake of pleasure.

People with sanyas yoga will get into back-to-back relationship issues as well.

Such people should actively take part in spiritual practices. Spirituality has no connection with going to a temple, or church, or mosque. Being spiritual means placing the spiritual principles in life and giving them the first place. Spending at least 10 minutes daily in prayer and meditation will help you to have a great focus in your life. Reading spiritual and philosophical texts also will give you a lot of guidance on what to do in such a life.

There will be a lot of confusion in life as multiple planets are in one house and they are putting a lot of influence in their ways. Finally, you will go clueless about which direction you need to go. If you are a person with this yoga, then there is no other way than to make spirituality your signature.

The different planet shows a different kind of Sanyas yoga and there are certain yogas among this which shows no marriage and a clear ascetism.

If you further want to learn the essence of this yoga, you just have to understand the life of Gautama Budha. His story will tell you about the mental conflict he went through and how he got rid of it.

Upcoming Jupiter Transit in Aquarius Novemver 2021 Results : A Very Special Transit

  Jupiter transit in 2021 November has a lot of specialty. Jupiter will enter the sign of Aquarius in November and it will stay in November until April. During April it will go to Pisces and for the whole year, Jupiter will be in Pisces. This is a rare event,  Jupiter will be in Aquarius only until six months.



During this time, Jupiter will be impacting the 11th house of team settings, friendships, and long-term projects. In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is the Karaka of the 11th house and this will be a very strong transit. This is a time to join new groups, and this is also a time to get new long-term projects. However, the Karaka being in own house can also make you very confident and that may bring clashes in interest between the team members. The 11th house indicates charity and spiritual matters too, so you will be taking part in charity ventures. You will be surrounded by like-minded people and will work towards a common goal. Jupiter itself is the planet for optimism and you will have a lot of optimism during this transit. There are chances to work with big teams and to get projects from foreign lands too.


This is a significant time for your career, so you will have to be very wise during this time in order to improve your career. This is the time to get the results of what you were doing in the past few days in your official capacity. The 10th house indicates social status, so you will get enough chances to improve your social status. This is a time to communicate more with your managers, teachers, mentors, and your father-like figures. Their life also will be very significant. This is an important time for a job search, so you should use these opportunities. You will be focused on home and family as well due to the aspect of Jupiter. So, there will be plenty of chances to work from home too. You will be looking for some real estate deals, changes in homes, and the health of elderly figures also will be important.


The 9th house is the natural house of Jupiter and that will make you very confident and optimistic. This house rules foreign collaborations, so naturally; there will be some projects from foreign lands. You will not like to be limited and you want more success and happiness in your life. This is a very good time to learn new skills and share whatever you learned with others. This is also an important time for students and teachers, but there will be obstacles during this transit. You will be spending a lot of time learning spiritual subjects and you will be going to spiritual retreats. This is a great time for those who work in media and journalism-related domains. The spiritual domain is very active and spiritual mentors will be very active. You will have a lot of short as well as long trips and meeting with a lot of people from foreign lands.


During this transit, Jupiter will be moving through the 8th house of transformations and finances. Firstly, you will have to be very careful with your emotions as there are chances for instability regarding emotions. You may think about your past hurts and this is the time to get rid of them. So, you will be looking for some therapy and healing practices. Please be careful with your business as well as your personal relationship, as there are some chances for frictions. You should understand that Jupiter is also the planet for money and it is moving through the house of money, so you will have a lot of discussion regarding money. Please don’t get into any unrealistic financial plans as Jupiter is also the planet for unrealistic expectations. Please try to settle the existing debts, then getting into a new financial plan. There will be some events connecting with tax, insurance, and PF.


For Leos, Aquarius rules the 7th house of marriage, spouse, and business relationships. This is the time to think about marriage or taking a crucial decision regarding the existing relationship. This is a great time to take your official relationship to a new level. You will be looking for some opportunities to take part in a social event. Through that, you will be meeting new people and discuss the chances for a business relationship. However, Jupiter is not the right planet to be in the seventh house. The seventh house is a Kama house or the house of lust and Jupiter is the planet for spirituality. So, Jupiter goes in a directionless mode, so you will have to be very careful. Please try to take up a little secretive mode and you should not share any personal matters with anyone. Long trips and projects from foreign lands are also possible.


During this transit, Jupiter will be impacting the 6th house of debts, diseases, and enemies. This is the house of daily routine, perfection, and hard work. There will be a lot of short projects and you will have to be very careful with your work. Most of the projects can be complicated and you will have to work with your teammates. You and your colleagues will be demanding with each other and that can lead to clashes. Please try to cooperate with your teammates; otherwise, there will be a lot of challenges. Jupiter is the planet for expansion, so you will be working on big projects and you may even get big devices at work. This is a big-time to improve your health and vitality as well. You should take up an organic diet and a good lifestyle. Otherwise, there are chances for lifestyle diseases.


The transit of Jupiter will impact the fifth house of children and creativity. During this transit, your creative energies will increase and you will plan for such projects. This is the time to spend on your hobbies and thus making them a good business. This is a very important time for those who work in arts and entertainment. However, the 5th house also indicates speculative ventures, but you should not take part in any extremely risky ventures. The 5th house also indicates love life and you will take a step ahead in love-related matters. There are chances for you to think about a new love affair as well. This is also an important phase for children and you need to spend a lot of time on their nourishment. This is also a sensitive time for those who are trying to get a child as well.


The 4th house is the natural exaltation house of Jupiter and it gets a lot of strength here, even though it is not in the exaltation sign. The 4th house indicates home and family and related matters. So, you will be very much focused on family and home. There will be a lot of expansion in the home as Jupiter is the planet for expansion and magnification. This is the time to expand the physical environment of the home, so you can expect some real estate deals. This is also the time to spend on real estate deals as well. This is a very good time to reconnect with your family members and you will take new decisions regarding your family. Additions in the family are also possible. You should give special care to the elderly figures in the family. Spiritual meetings can also come up during this transit.



During this transit, Jupiter will be impacting the desire for studies and this is a great time to learn a new skill. Students and teachers will get new assignments. The 3rd house also indicates travels, transfers, and instabilities, so there will be a lot of short as well as long travels. If you were looking for a transfer, you may get it as well. There are chances for a lot of communication with your teammates and relatives. The 3rd house indicates siblings and relatives, so you will be communicating with them. This is the time to buy or repair electronic devices as well. Those who work in the media, mass communications, and teaching sector will have new projects. The neck to shoulder area will be very sensitive and there are chances for minor physical issues too. There will be a lot of expenses and you will have to control the expenses.


During this transit, Jupiter will impact the 2nd house of finances and self-esteem. Since Jupiter is the karaka of the 2nd house, you will get good as well as challenging experiences. The 2nd house indicates your self-esteem and you will be consumed by that. This is a time to learn new skills and improve your self-esteem. Finances are also part of this transit and you will have to control your expenses. If your natal Jupiter is in a good condition as well as the 2nd house, then this can be a positive time. There will be a lot of temptation to buy new objects, but you should control that desire. Career-related changes are also possible during this time, so you will have to make careful decisions. There will be a lot of communication among the family members too.



Jupiter is moving through the air sign of Aquarius and it will impact your personal life and relationships. Jupiter is the planet for expansion and magnification, so there will be a lot of optimistic thoughts. You will try to improve your life and health. This is a time to start new events in your life. However, you need to be careful with your decisions as Jupiter can make you very much unrealistic. New people can come into your life, but you should think twice before taking them into your life. Jupiter is a big planet, so you may even put on weight. You will have the desire to be very lazy and overly optimistic, and you should control that. Please try to be practical and realistic; otherwise, you will get into the wrong matters.



The transit Jupiter is moving through the 12th house of emotions and the subconscious mind. Throughput the transit, you will have a lot of dreams and they will send you some signals. This is the time to restructure your life and move into a spiritual path. You will try to get rid of your past wounds, and that will help you to for rejuvenation. The interest in astrology and other therapy will be naturally increasing. You will be naturally interested in spiritual retreats and charity-related projects. During this transit, you will like to stay away from the crowd and that is quite natural and you don’t have to feel bad about it. This is a time to focus on your physical health also as Jupiter will aspect the 6th house. Your diet is very important; otherwise, there will be issues like lifestyle diseases.


How to Find the Chances for Foreign Travels and Settlements in Astrology

Foreign Travels and Settlements in Astrology

Everybody has a desire to at least visit foreign lands, but certain people are destined to live in foreign lands. Some are destined to live in a foreign land for a short time, but some are destined for foreign settlements. Suppose an Indian is born in Delhi, going to Tamil Nadu can be a foreign trip. According to ancient astrology texts leaving motherland is seen as a bad thing. The foreign settlement was highly humiliating and was like a curse in the older days. However, now it has become a status symbol as the standards of wealth are changing. 



So, let’s see the yogas for traveling from your chart.

According to astrology, 3rd house indicates short travels. The house opposite the 3rd house is the 9th house and it indicates long trips. It can be long travels within the country or outside the country. One more house strongly indicates exclusively for foreign lands is the 12th house. The 7th house, which is just opposite to the 1st house of self, is also a minor house for foreign lands. The 8th house also can be seen as the house for foreign lands.

If your Lagna lord is in any of these houses, then you will have a lot of interest in traveling to places.

If your Lagna is making a connection to the 3rd, 9th, and 12th house, it is very clear that you will be traveling a lot during your life. 

If the 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 12th lord are connected, then also you will see yogas for travel.

If there are malefic in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th house that also indicates foreign travels. 

These days most people travel either for official purposes or for holidays. 

Now let’s look for foreign settlements. If the person has to settle in the foreign lands, then there should be a very strong connection to the 12th house and the 9th house.

Suppose your 4th lord is making a connection to the 12th and 9th house it gives a foreign settlement.


This is the chart of a person who is settled in Newzealand. The Lagna lord Saturn itself is in the 9th house of foreign lands and with the 12th lord Jupiter. So, the person has to leave his homeland. The 4th house is ruled by Mars and it is in the 2nd house of family, so the 4th house is afflicted. Mars and Mercury are in the 2nd house and for a Capricorn Lagna, Mercury rules the 6th house of negativity. Mercury is also the ruler of the 9th house of foreign lands. There is much other planetary combination in the chart which indicates foreign settlement too. 

So, if you are a person who wishes to settle in foreign lands then you should cross-check whether the conditions are satisfied.

What is a Cusp in Astrology?

Cusp in Astrology

You will have a lot of confusion when someone just listens to your birth date and say you are a cusp sign. I was also confused once when someone said the word cusp, but that was in the school days. A cusp means a pointed end where two curves meet. This doubt about the cusp comes mostly from sun sign lovers or those who don’t exactly know what and how astrology works


If your birthday is at the beginning or end of a Sun Sign you were born on the cusp, i.e., that means in the end date of one sign and the beginning date of another sign, so actually, you are a mixture of both the signs. It comes in Western astrology as in Vedic astrology, we can clearly say which sign you are as we have nakshatras are guiding lights. Even if your Sun or any other planet is on the cusp, you can look at the nakshatra and see what your sign is

Below are the dates of Sun signs according to Vedic and Western astrology. Western astrology is 25 degrees ahead of Vedic astrology, so you will see planets in different signs in your western chart. 

Western Zodiac Sign Dates (Western Sun Signs)

  Zodiac Signs



  1: Aries

March 21 – April 20


  2: Taurus

April 21 – May 21


  3: Gemini

May 22 – June 21


  4: Cancer

June 22 – July 22


  5: Leo

July 23 -August 23


  6: Virgo

August 22 – September 22


  7: Libra

September 24 – October 23


  8: Scorpio

October 24 – November 22


  9: Sagittarius

November 23 – December 21


  10: Capricorn

December 22 – January 20


  11: Aquarius

January 21 – February 19


  12: Pisces

February 20- March 20



These are the cusp for each sign

Aries-Taurus Cusp – April 19 to April 24

Taurus-Gemini Cusp – May 19 to May 24

Gemini-Cancer Cusp – June 19 to June 23

Cancer-Leo Cusp – July 19 to July 24

Leo-Virgo Cusp – August 19 to August 24

Virgo-Libra Cusp – September 19 to September 24

Libra-Scorpio Cusp – October 19 to October 24

Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp – November 19 to November 24

Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp – December 19 to December 24

Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp – January 15 to January 22

Aquarius-Pisces Cusp – February 18 to February 22

Pisces-Aries Cusp – March 19 to March 26

According to this if your birthday comes on these dates, you will have the characteristics of both the signs, but this is used mainly in Western astrology, not in Vedic astrology.

In Vedic astrology, the cusp is seen as the midpoint of the house, while in western astrology, it is the end and beginning of the house.

In the parasara system of astrology, the Cusp does not have any importance, but systems like KP see they are important. However, I haven’t seen an accurate KP astrologer, Tarot reader, or Nadi astrologer yet. 

If you are a Parasara follower, please ignore such complications. If you are a Western astrology follower or a fan of weekly and monthly horoscope thinking they are true astrology, and then May my sweet Lord Save you.


If you have any query you can chat with me through the FB chat app in the right bottom corner of the website

A Marriage Report and Arguments




This is a marriage report  Marriage Report, click this link, you can view that

The boy is 22 years old and my daughter is also 22 year. This boy came for marriage consultation. I asked him why you want a consultation at this age? He said his parents passed away so he wants to marrya ASAP. Normally I dont give marriage or career horoscope for people under 27. However, this boy asked so many times so, I thought I will give answer. I asked him to pay the fees 1700rs and he paid. After 4 days I gave this reading.


The question was totally about marriage and relationships. Every question regarding marriage is answered here. This happend in april 2021. After 3 months he posted a comment in my channel

This is the screenshot

You guys cross check how I have written that report and what this boy says about that.


This is so humiliating for an astrologer that the consultation with her was useless. I am not saying I am so great, but till date, noone said my time with me was useless, but there are certain predictions which happend before or after the said time. I assure 90% accuracy too.


I called up this guy and asked why you said uselesss? He said he did not get any insights. Guys, Please go through the report and what further insights he wants about his marriage.  I answered his questions one by one and showed him all the queries were answered. Then he said that I took 1700 rs for that report there is nothing in that. I have that recorded conversation,  I said, you got all information about your life, I spend so much of time, so my time is wasted?

Then he said his father is an astrologer and he doesnt take the money, “What the Fuck, if his father doesnt take money, why he expect everyone to follow his father? ” I told him, that is his father, he has his own principles and I have my own. I have clearly stated in the website that all consultations are chargeable.

Then he said he went to another astrologer, who only took 150 rs and said everything about career, guys I paid 7000 rs to KRS, just for my career report.


I told him, I never came to you asking for a consultation and I told this is my charge and you paid for that. Every astrologer has their own rate.

Here the boy got all the answers and he is telling it was useless. It is humiliating and hurting for any astrologer questioning their skills. Guys if I want testimonials I can give plenty, but I think thats wrong.  Here in Kerala there are people who charges 100 rs, 50 rs and taking astrology stooping to such a low level

Please dont post such shitty comments under the effort of a professional who is very clear about her skills. I told him ” never ever come to my channel with such third rated tricks. I will teach you a lesson. It is not good to tarnish someone’s image to satisfy your emotional orgasm.

That doesnt mean I will give free consultations, I will charge for every consultations, This is the details and only people who agree with this have to come.

  • Face to Face Consultation  Full Birth Chart Analysis;10000 ( Centers will be in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkota, Nepal, Kochi, and Thiruvananthapuram)

All Reports are Handwritten Not Computer Generated/ Consultations are for one time, and all follow-up questions are chargeable

Charges in INR

  • Career Consultation: 1800/USD 35( Written Report) Career Consultation Telephonic 1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Married Life and Status of Relationships: 1700/USD 35/Telephonic 1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Astro-Psychology Report: 1700/USD 35/Telephonic 1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Full life Reading ( Handwritten Report): 6000 / USD 110 Telephonic 1hr 13000INR/180USD( Full horoscope is not a crime thriller or romantic novel. It is the realistic expression of your past, present and future. It is not written to entertain you, but to enlighten you. So, please don’t expect something like the novel ” The Count of Monte Cristo ” unless until you are one like him.
  • Jupiter Transit Report ( Personalised): 1500/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Saturn Transit Report( Personalised) : 1500/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Rahu/Ketu ( Personalised): 1500/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Mahadasa Analysis Through Nakshathra:1500/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Child-Birth Analysis:1500/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD( Please dont ask about right time for C-Section and IVF kind of treatment. I see they as anti godly and evil. If you dont have a child, then adjust with it and wait for God’s blessings.  Having a child is not important than you living a righteous life.
  • Birth Time Rectification:3000/USD 45/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • 2021 Varsha Fala: 1500/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Solar Return Report:1500/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Sade Sati Analysis:1500/USD 45/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Foreign Travel and Settlement/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Medical Report: USD 50( If asked, then you should send the Scan Report, Prescription, and all the test reports)  There is no magic medicine for illnesses in astrology, you need to trust your Doctor.
  • Astrology Reading for Non-Hindus, Monotheists, and Atheists is Available According to their Faith and Belief
  • I dont do Horoscope matching as I dont think its valid. No scripture in Vedas validate it.  Lord Ram, Lord Siva, all had marital issues and detachment from their spouses. You cannot match two horoscopes to make a great marriage. Are you sure that you are destined to have a marriage?
Meanwhile, last month I think I spoke less than 6 people for free about their chart, counseling them, that too for hours.

Finally what the hell he expected from a marriage consultation? His wife’s vital stats?

Criticism is ok, but these kind of putting someones skill is not forgivable, I cannot forgive. After every consultation I ask you guys to clarify all the doubts, I give a lot of time to clarify them and I cooperate with you guys. Still you people say I am sitting here to mint money from you, then this is my answer to those people. I dont mind you dont giving me consultations, I am a professional with a fulltime job you fuckers


Find the Timing of Marriage in Astrology




 First of all you need to be sure that you have yoga for marital life. Normally in most of the places in the world, people get married during the youth. There are countries where people gets marry in the early teens too. Delay of marriage until 28 years is just normal as the planet which rules the marriage can be in a complex condition like it being in retrogression, combustion or debilitation. If your marriage is again delaying after that, then only you need to take it seriously.

Firstly, the marriage is seen through 7th house, there are additional house which can indicate marriage. For example for Aries lagna, the 7th house is ruled by Venus.  For every lagna, 7th house rules marriage.


 Taurus- Scorpio

Gemini- Sagittarius

Cancer- Capricorn



Libra -Aries




Aquarius -Leo


Normally marriage takes place in the antardasa of the 7th lord. Your mahadasa can be ruled by any planet, including the 7th lord, but the marriage will happen in the antar dasa of the 7th lord. So, the dasa system is very important.

There are other houses which indicate relationships. They are 5th, 11th, 1st, and even 9th. The 5th house indicates romance; the 11th house is directly opposite to the 5th house, so during the mahadasa and antardasa of the 11th house also you will get the chances for marriage. Same like 1st as it is opposite to the 7th house. The 9th house is the main chart for D9, which is your chart for spouse, ie, navamsa, so you can get married in the  mahadasa and antardasa of the same lords of 1,5,7,9 and 11th house.

Another condition is the planet placed in these houses in lagna chart and the planet aspects these houses in the lagna chart. If any planet conjunct with any of these house lord’s dasa and antardasa can also bring marriage. Suppose your 5th lord is Jupiter and 5th lord is conjunct with Moon, which is the lagna lord, so marriage can happen during the antardasa of Jupiter or Moon. However, the last conditions are mainly applying for those who are destined for late marriage.

The more difficulties in identifying the time of marriage, that means, naturally you can have a delayed marriage or eventually you are destined to be a single and that’s the decision of the universe, so you need to accept that.

If you have any query you can chat with me through the FB chat app in the right botton corner of the website

How Mercury Retrograde Affected Me

The Fcuking Mercury Retrogrades: How it screwed up my life

Every Mercury retrograde brings a lot of complexities and Mercury retrograde is a nightmare for me. It gives me nasty communication issues; my electronic devices go damaged and arguments at home. So, before every retrograde, I make sure my electronic devices are working smoothly, but at times, that also hasn’t helped me.

The month of June was a very bad month concerning Mercury retrogrades. The month started with my laptop getting stuck and I wanted to take it for service. Due to the lockdown, no service centers were functioning, I was making calls after calls to service centers in my area. I live in a small village and the next town is 15 kilometers from where I live. Finally, I got one man, and such a big relief I took my laptop there, he got my laptop corrected and it cost me 5000 rs to put a new memory stick. I took the laptop back home and again it started getting stuck. Each time, when it is stuck, I had to press the power button and thus start it again. Till now I continue that. 

Now after 2 days, my son’s online classes started. He used my old laptop and it was damaged. I did not bother to repair it as he was playing games most of the time, but when the online classes started I thought he can study better if he has a laptop. Then I gave for correction, again 5000 k, I had to spend. This time, I asked the boy to bring a wireless mouse, he gave me one, but when I opened it, it was broken. 

Then I came home started working with a laptop that gets stuck every time, finding myself amid this Mercury retrograde. I was getting back to back work, from the office, my own business. I never thought that I will have my own business, but I don’t see astrology as a business, still, I have to pay tax, so this comes under business according to the law. I had so much work and this was making me crazy. So many people were calling me for consultations and I was peaceless. I did not have time for office work and astrology so; I gave few consultations to my teacher Bisariaji.

Each night I went to bed with a disturbed mind due to the heavy workload from the office. The deadline June third week, I somehow completed that and I told my PM, to please cross-check it as I have done that work with a troubled mind. 

Then, I planned an interview with Dinesh and we have to reshoot it thrice. I told Dinesh that Mercury is retrograding and he prayed to Mercury. I am a monotheist and I don’t pray to planets, so I prayed to god to make this interview possible. 

Then after 2 days, I went to different banks for a loan for house construction and came back home. I was talking to one executive; my phone fell and broke. Its display went off. I have a backup phone, which cannot be fully labeled as a smartphone. For me, my phone is a very important device. My clients call me up, I get my YouTube studio. Only YouTube can understand the value of having a smartphone. If I have to buy a good phone, then I have to go to Kottayam, which is 25 kilometers. I went to Kottayam in the Morning, now, in the evening I again have to go to Kottayam. Then I called up the driver and again went there, bought a new phone.

I was mentally and physically so tired, and I had a severe headache too. I went to sleep, and around 2 30 suddenly the alarm started ringing. I have kept the alarm for prayer but most of the days I don’t follow that time. I still had a headache, and my sleep got interrupted. I took the phone and had no way found to stop the alarm, frustrated, I threw the phone against the wall. It did not stop the alarm, and then somehow I reduced the volume and hide it under the sofa of the sitting room. 

The morning I woke up, I started working, my word was not working. I was so mad at the boy who repaired my laptop, called him and complained. He was so cool and said, Madam, try word 2007 it is there. Yes, he was telling the truth.

At home, my electricity ports and bulbs got damaged and the electrician changed them. 

Guys, I had a tough time, this retrogression caused me anxiety issues, stress, and physical issues too.

Mercury is the planet for communication, media, electronic devices, and traveling. When Mercury goes into a slow-down mode, then all these things will get stuck. There were multiple retrogrades in the past, but there was nothing so horrible and damaging as the present retrograde.

You guys can share if you went through such a troubling phase this time.

What Does Venus Indicate in Astrology


Everyone loves Venus as Venus indicates comfort in astrology. It indicates love, money, luxury, creative self-expression, and many more things which can make people happy. According to Vedas Venus is the Guru of Asuras Shukracharya. Actually, in the Vedas, Venus is a male figure, but in astrology, Venus represents a woman. In western astrology, Venus is known as Aphrodite, the Goddess of love. Despite the school of astrology, Venus always indicates, love, females, semen, beauty, white color, comfort, fragrance, money reproductive organs, and marriage. Like Brihaspati, ie, Jupiter Venus is also known as very good knowledge and even more knowledgeable than Jupiter.

In the Vedas Shukra or Venus is the son of Bhrigu and Kavyamata. His mother Kavya mata is also known as Usa or usanas and this entity is a shapeshifter. 

The life shukracharya was very intense, throughout his life he stood with Asuras even though he was from Deva clan. His knowledge is highlighted than Brihastpati due to the knowledge of Mitsanjivni Vidya. He got this vidya from Lord Shiva. Brigaspati wanted to learn this Vidya and he sends his son “Kacha” to the ashram of Shukra. The story of Kacha has a sad ending, that even though he learned this vidya he could not use it.


Shukra naturally attracts people due to the karakas attached to it. 


In astrology, Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Both the signs are connected to comfort and luxury. In the natural zodiac wheel, Venus rules the second and the seventh house, so whichever Lagna you are ruled by, your second and the seventh house will influence Venus.


Venus indicates these things in astrology. Venus is the owner of Bharani, Purva Phalguni, and Purvashada Nakshatras out of the 27 Nakshatras. It represents material possessions, marriage, arts, cinema fame, beauty, romance, sexuality, fashion-   vehicles, houses, spouse, love, and sexual organs 


Venus is friendly to Mercury and Saturn while the Sun and Moon are considered to be its enemy planets. Venus stays in a sign for 28 days. When Venus is placed in a negative mode, the person will have weird sexual interests; he can go through a lack of confidence due to his appearance


The specialty of Venus is, it is never too away from the Sun. Unless it is retrograde we can find Venus always in the 12th, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd house from the Sun. It goes retrograde every nineteen months.

  Astrological facts about Venus

Gender of Venus: Feminine.

Venus is the karaka or signification of fertility and sexual desires

Venus indicates Spouse.

Planetary cabinet status of Venus: Minister or Royal Advisor.


  Venus rules Jala or Water.

Venus has Rajoguna

Caste of the Venus: Brahmin or Priest.

Nature of Venus: Benefic.

Directional strength of Venus: In the Fourth House.

Directional weakness of Venus: In the Tenth House.


Venus rules the zodiacal Sign: Taurus and Libra.

Venus rules the zodiacal House: Natural astrological Second and Seventh houses.

Sign of exaltation of Venus: Pisces.

Sign of debilitation of Venus: Virgo.


Venus is neutral with Mars and Jupiter.

Venus’s Vimshottari Dasha period: Twenty Years.

  Venus rules Bharani Nakshatra, Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, and Purva Ashadha Nakshatra.

  Venus rules the Pelvis and Reproductive organs.

 Venus rules Friday.

Venus rules southeast direction



Venus in the 1st House

Since Venus is the planet for charm and beauty, the placement of Venus will make you very charming and beautiful. If Venus is not in a good mode, then the person can have a lack of confidence regarding his looks. If placed well Venus will make the person very much like a crowd puller. If Venus is in a fire sign ie, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, then it will make the person very much lascivious. Venus in Lagna also makes the person very appealing unless it is in a bad mode.


Venus in the 2nd House

 When Venus is in the second house, the person is very keen on his self-confidence and appearance. He will have enough money unless Venus is debilitated or in a bad mode. He will even earn money from beauty related industry. He will do beauty enhancement. He will not have any issue in spending money as well as gaining it. If Venus is in the nakshatra of Rohini, then the person can be in singing as well. 

Venus in the 3rd House

The 3rd house indicates writing, communication, and own ventures. This will make the person very much talkative. He will have a good relationship with his relatives if Venus is not badly placed. The person will have a lot of wanderlust. If the planet is in a bad mode, then the person will have a bad relationship with relatives and neighbors. The person will use communication for their living. He will be a linguist.

Venus in the 4th House

 Venus in the fourth house will make the person very comfortable at home. He will have a special bond with the mother. He will be always interested in cleaning and decorating the house. He will look for a harmonious atmosphere at home. There will be functions like parties at home frequently.

Venus in the 5th House

 When Venus is in the fifth house unafflicted, the person will be very romantic. He will have a lot of creative ventures. The person will always attract the opposite sex. He is a very creative person and he will tend to gamble. If Venus is in a bad mode, he will lose money in gambling.

Venus in the 6th House

 This is not the favorite house for Venus. Here Venus has to deal with debts, diseases, and enemies. They are not the favorite topics for Venus. This will make the person a workaholic. He will have affairs in the office. Such Venus will bring a lot of colleagues from the opposite gender.

Venus in the 7th House

If Venus is in a good mode, the person will like to be in the crowd. He will not like to be alone. He is a natural diplomat and people will like his friendship. Venus in the seventh house also indicates mass fame.

Venus in the 8th House

 Venus will become a healer in this house, so, the person will get rid of almost all diseases. This is also the house of financial deals, so you will have a lot of financial deals. People will be always helpful to you. He will even work in banking and insurance too.

Venus in the 9th House

 This is the house for foreign collaborations so there will be a lot of interaction with foreigners. You will know different languages. The ninth house indicates duality, so the chances for multiple love affairs also do exist.

Venus in the 10th House

 The tenth house is a weak house for Venus, so the person can be a little irresponsible at work. Still, the person will get enough support from the managers and colleagues. He will be always very conscious about his image. The chances for working in fashion and other entertainment businesses also do exist.



Venus in the 11th House

 This is a very good placement for Venus and if Venus is not in a good placement, then the person will have issues. If placed well, the person will work with international companies. There will be a lot of opposite gendered people in his friend circles. The person will be very much goal-oriented. 

Venus in the 12th House

Venus will naturally get a lot of strength in this house. Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces and natural zodiac wheel, Pisces rules the twelfth house. He will like to be very sacrificial in the relationships. The person will be very secretive as well.


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Mercury In Astrology

 Mercury in Astrology


Mercury is known as the prince and messenger of the zodiac. This is the one planet that moves in a retrograde phase a maximum number of times in a year. It gets into a retrograde mode every three months. In astrology, Mercury indicates communication, media, siblings, cousins, wisdom, intelligence, humor, writing skills, reasoning ability, and nerves. This planet is always near to the Sun, so we can find Mercury most of the time in a combust mode. Mercury is known as a winged messenger or celestial messenger in western astrology. This is very small yet it represents key things in astrology. 


Vedic Story Behind the Birth of Mercury

The Moon which is known as Chandra or Soma in Vedas went to Brihaspati, ie, Jupiter, to learn the Vedas. There he stayed with Brihaspati according to the Guru Kula tradition. There he saw Brihaspati’s wife Tara and both fell in love with each other. The Chandra took Tara to his abode and they had a son together, it is the planet Mercury or Budh. He is also known as Soumya as the Moon is known as Soma.


Brihaspati, fought for his wife and he brought her back, but when he knew the child is not his, he cursed the child to be neuter. So, in astrology, Mercury is neither a male nor a female planet. 

In the Vedas, there are two stories. Chandra gave Mercury to Rohini and she is the stepmother for Mercury, another version says, Chandra gave Mercury to the nakshatra Jyeshta. So, both the nakshatras have special privilege as the Moon gets exalted in the sign of Taurus where Rohini is placed. Jyeshta is the eldest among all the nakshatras, the meaning of Jyeshta itself indicates “The elder sister” Mercury is also the planet for duality.


Mercury owns two signs in astrology, they are Gemini and Virgo. Both the signs are dual and Mercury gets exalted in Virgo.


Mercury rules Wednesday and its direction is north. In astrology, if Mercury is on the north side, then it is strong. Its color is green and it’s good to wear green clothes to improve your Mercury. It takes around fifteen days to cross one sign.


It rules the nakshatras Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, and Revati

It is friendly to the Sun, Venus, and Rahu

Due to the fatherhood and neuter nature, it is enemy to its father Moon

Mercury shares a neutral relationship with Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter

Its Mool Trikon Sign is Virgo and also the exaltation sign. It is debilitated in its stepfather’s sign Pisces. Mercury is the karaka for the tenth house of karma.  

 Mercury in the 1st House

When Mercury is placed in the first house of horoscope, you will naturally be a communicative person. Mercury is the planet for multitasking, so, naturally, you will be having multiple tasks. This placement also shows you will be interested in PR-related opportunities.

Mercury is known as a prince in the zodiac so, you will be having young looks. You will be cheerful and mischievous as well. This placement also will make you very adjustable and wise. 

Mercury in the 2nd House

The second house rules money, finances, and speech. This placement will make you a very communicative person. You will communicate mostly about money and banking. Your studies also can be related to money-related matters, teaching, or coaching. 

This placement also assures you to take multiple courses and certifications. 


Mercury in the 3rd House

This is the own house of Mercury and that will make you a very confident person about your communication and related activities. You will be very much interested in reading, teaching, speaking, coaching, and IT-related domains. This is also the house of multitasking and you will have to do a lot of multitasking. The third house is also the house of short projects, so there will be a lot of discussions in your life. You will be a very communicative person with your relatives as well as neighbors. You will have a lot of electronic devices in your life.


Mercury in the 4th House

This is the house of the mother, so it is not a great placement for Mercury, still, this is a great placement for being a psychic or an astrologer. This also indicates working from home, so you will have chances to own a business from home. 

This Mercury will make you very much like a traditional person. 

Mercury in the 5th House

When Mercury is in the fifth house, you will be communicating about your creative talents. This house indicates creativity, speculative ventures, and youngsters. So, you will be interested in having your ventures. This is also the house of theater and movies. So, you will be playing a role in communications in theatre and movies. You will have a natural knack for mimicking. This placement also can make you a coach or teacher.

Mercury in the 6th House

 This is the own house of Mercury and this placement will make you very much demanding about the perfection of your work. You will be working in a domain related to communication, media, hands, and HR. wherever you work there will be a communicative environment. This Mercury will also give you a flair for maths. You will have a particular bond with your maternal relatives. 

Mercury in the 7th House

 The seventh house indicates your personal and professional relationships, opponents, masses, spouse, and marriage. This is a neutral placement for Mercury. This will give you a very communicative spouse. The spouse may even work in the communication-related sector. You will be trying to have a lot of your ventures. This placement also will introduce a lot of people to you.

Mercury in the 8th House

 This will make you a researcher. The domain can be anything including occult, technical domain, or healing. You will be interested in having a lot of secret information. You will be having the right to keep secret information about the organization you work for. 

Mercury in the 9th House

 The ninth house is known as the house of expansion and magnification. So, you will have the thirst for knowledge. This is also the house of languages, so you will be a natural linguist. This can make you get a career in other countries. There will be a chance to gain a lot of students. You will also have a lot of teachers in your life. This placement also will give you interaction with people from foreign countries.

Mercury in the 10th House

 Mercury is the karaka for the tenth house, so you will get many opportunities to have a strong career. Mercury is a dual planet, so the chances will come from multiple domains. Certain dominant domains will be banking, accounting, teaching, HR, and analysis. There will be a lot of communicative environment at work. 

Mercury in the 11th House

The eleventh house indicates team settings and collective projects. This placement will give you a lot of knowledge in technical communication. This placement will always make you a team player. You will be always making some plans for your future


Mercury in the 12th House

 The twelfth house is not an ideal place for Mercury. In the natural zodiac wheel, this house belongs to Mercury and it gets debilitated in the sign of Pisces. So, you will have to be careful with your intelligence. When Mercury is not in an ideal placement, it will give complex thoughts. However, a lot of scientists, fiction writers do have this placement.