The Harsh Solar Returns

As a medical astrology student, I generally ignore the diseases regarding consultations as it may agonize people. Even if there is a demand for such consultation, I don’t do it. Still, I always keep a track on my health using the monthly and yearly transit. Tracking health through astrology is little difficult as Moon is the only planet which can be studied to track daily health, but it stays 2.5 days in a sign.

I am not keeping well now and I am very tired. It happens to me during every solar return. Every birth month triggers my health in a negative way. Health-wise, I am not that strong so minor matters can impact me. I was looking at all my solar transits for the last 3 years. Every time when the Sun stepped into my birth sign, I was on medical leave. My boss is so gracious on me, so he never gets angry, but during every appraisal, he strictly warns me of this leave issue. But I am helpless as the universe is asking me to slow down and take rest.

Today morning I woke up at 3 am, I had a severe headache, I took a dart at 3 am and tried to sleep. For the past 2 months I am waking up at 3 am and it is the signal of spirituality. The Brahma Muhurta is the time between 3 am to 6 am when nature is silently inspecting every nook and corner to see where should it act to bring perfection. The universal energies are high at that time and that is the best time to absorb pure and fresh energy from the universe. Jesus prayed at this time.

 I, sometimes wake up at this time, but for the past 2 months, someone is waking me up to this time, but I still lie on the bed and look into the darkness to see whether any plaedian or andromedan is hiding in that darkness. But yesterday I started praying as I was so sad just because of bad health. I kept on praying until 4 30, then I got up and started writing Rahu Ketu transit.

 During every solar return, we will get into the physical issue, which is a cleanup process from the universe. I request the rationals to look into this matter, whether they also go through this.



 Other sensitive time for health during transit is whenever any planet moves through 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, and 12 houses.

 These houses indicate health directly and indirectly. I still remember when Mars was transiting the 2nd house 4 years back I had severe conjunctivitis.

It is easy to track health via transit, but it shows minor issues. Transits are not the primary factor in astrology. The birth chart is the king. If your birth chart is showing some serious issues then that will rise up in the mahadasa of the dispositors.

 If you are planning any trip or big task then it will be good if any transits are coming up soon or on the fixed date over 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, and 12 houses. You can be very sure that there will temporary discomfort and plan accordingly. I use to do that. Now according to the western chart, Mercury will enter Pisces this week and it will be retrograde in Pisces, then I know it will be a testing time for my health. I can only take care of my diet and hygiene. At the same time, I may not plan any big events for the next month as retrograde Mercury will be hesitating to leave Pisces soon….

Sade Sati and You. How to Overcome it?



What is SadeSati? Sade sati is one of the most popular yet feared planetary phenomena mostly among Hindus and in Indian. Vedic astrology has a lot of unique features like nakshathras and mahadasas.  These features bring a lot of accuracy into the predictions.


Sade sati is all about the influence of Saturn in once life. It is seen through the Moon chart.  Sade sati means the time period of 7.5 years. This phase is calculated from your birth moon.


There are 12 divisions in your birth chart. In that one division the moon stays at the time of your birth. Saturn also will be in a particular house. Saturn can also be with   moon in your birth chart according to the time of your birth. In that case, you are born in Sade Sati time period.


When this Saturn reaches the 12th house from Moon, the Sade sati starts. Saturn stays 2.5 years in every sign. So, it will take 2.5 years to cross the 12th house from Moon and then it will enter the house which Moon stayed at the time of birth and there also it will spend 2.5 years. Then after that Saturn will enter 2nd house from the place of birth moon. That also will be for 2.5 years. So, Saturn will take 7.5 years to cross the 12th house from Moon and to reach the 2nd house from birth moon.

What are the impacts of Sade Sati?


First of all, it is not mandatory that you will have a pathetic time. It all depends on your karma what time brings to you. For some people it is very hard to perform the right Karma though. Such people will surely have a tough period during this phase.


Planet Shani in Hindu Theology






















Saturn indicates Karma and during the phase of Sade sati, you will get theresult of what you did in the past years. That may not that sweet if the karmas were bad and during the first phase, you will do a retrospect, then during the second phase you will make sincere efforts to correct your karma with your physical and mental strength and during the last phase, you will start getting the results of your repentance. This is all about Sade Sati.

Saturn and Moon do not go well according to astrology. So, Moon -Saturn influence can work in a mental plain than physical plain. Moon indicates emotions, Saturn indicates dryness AND ROUGH REALITIES.


So, during Sade sati, when Saturn approaches your Moon, you may become a dry person, who learns a lot of practical lessons.

It can make your realistic and practical and that’s the major feature of this phase. Sade Sati can give you success because you will be heavily indulged in right karma. Saturn is also the karaka of Karma. When you follow the right KARMA, then this phase can bring a lot of positive results.

There are people who got married, success in career and life during Sade Sati.

 As traditional astrologers say, let me tell you there are no such remedies for Sade Sati. Prayer is the biggest remedy and that doesn’t mean pooja and havans. Prayer is getting connected with your creator. If you are a ritualistic person, yes, do all that rituals, but make time for 10 minutes talk with your creator as well. You will surely see the difference.

Right now Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn are the rasis which going through Sade Sati

Anuradha, Jyeshta, Moola , poorva Ashada, Uttra Ashada, Shravana,  are the nakshatras going through Sade sati



Don’t waste your time in gemstones and talisman as they are big business.


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