Enjoy The Divine Power of Silence and Empower Yourself

Power of Silence

Proverbs 17:28

Even a fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is considered prudent.

Guys, this scripture is so meaningful. Don’t you think so? I am so sure; all of you will have such a moment in your life where you were saved from the complexities of that moment by shutting down your vocal cords. I have plenty, as I used to talk a lot and occasionally fall into an immense number of problems in my personal and professional life. To be frank guys, anyone, whose 2nd house of speech has bad influence, will have many issues to do their speech. During my Ketu dasa, I suddenly started becoming silent and detached. Even from my family and friends. Guys, many people say that Ketu dasa is bad, but my Ketu dasa was the best dasa in my life. During that dasa only I restarted my life. Being in a silent and detached mode, I gained a lot from, when I was loud.

There is a big power in silence and that has the power to change your life. When you practice silence, you will start controlling your mind.



Bhagvad Gita17:16

मन: प्रसाद: सौम्यत्वं मौनमात्मविनिग्रह: |

 भावसंशुद्धिरित्येतत्तपो मानसमुच्यते || 16||

manaḥ-prasādaḥ saumyatvaṁ maunam ātma-vinigrahaḥ

  manahaprasaadaha saumyatvam maunamaatmavinigraha |

 bhaavasamshuddhirityetattapo maanasamucchyate || 16 ||


 Mental cheerfulness, kindness, silence, self-control, purity of intent, this is called penance of the mind.


 manaha : of mind

 prasaadaha : cheerfulness

 saumyatvam : kindness

 maunam : silence

 aatmavinigraha : self-control

 bhaavasamshuddhihi : purity of intent

 iti : in this manner

 etat : this

 tapaha : penance

 maanasam : of the mind

 ucchyate : is called

when you are silent, you will get more time to observe yourself as well as others. That is the one positive factor, which helps you to be strong. When I was silent, then I got a lot of opportunities to learn from others and learn about myself than when I was loud. Starting from my physical beauty, I could track health, character, values, intellect, and whatnot. Which, I had never done in all those years. 

I want to share an example from this so that you guys can understand it better. I hope you know that I spend so many years studying the Bible and I am married to a theologian only. Both of us wished to be in the full-time ministry, doing the gospel work. See, there are so many accusations that theologians get funding from European countries and live a lavish life. In our case, or the theologian’s in Indian Churches of Christ’s case it’s not at all true. I got so much of Gold during my marriage, but guys, I feel no shame to say that, I had sold it, for my gospel life. Not all, but 60%. There were so many needs like ministry needs, charity programs, and for a major share of my life, I had no stability in my career. I am not praising myself guys, me, and my husband along with my fellow theologians have sacrificed a lot for the Lord. But, by the grace of my lord, none of us are lost. We have gone hungry, we have stitched our torn cloths, we have conducted tapioca parties, walked so many kilometers to save money, we have been verbally abused telling that we were into drug addiction and prostitution, there are so many things which I don’t want to write here because all glories must go to my lord and we should not keep an account for what we have done for the Lord. (Lord please forgive me for projecting myself)

We both could not get into full-time ministry as after a few years, I was feeling the burden that, God, is beyond any religion. It was the beginning of my Ketu dasa. That is the time when anyone gets enlightened. As soon as Ketu hit me, I dunno guys, so many things happened in my life, which made me so detached and silent. I left Trivandrum as I was feeling unhealthy after my second delivery and I could ensure my kid’s full support. Ever since I am staying with my parents and my husband stays in Trivandrum. Remember, during Ketu dasa, you will be detached from your spouse. It can be physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and so on. Then I remained jobless for a few months, but that time, I withdrew into a shell and started praying and meditating aggressively. I did not go for any family function, I detached from my fellow theologians and just being in my room started reading spiritual texts frequently. 

In that silence, I could observe my parents more, I could make my bond with them strong. All these years, I used to be very mean with them, but this time, I started understanding their challenges, sufferings, and their dreams about me. My parents, truly wanted me to be a successful lawyer and get into legal service, but guys, I never liked that profession even from my law college days. I was never interested in human-made laws; my curiosity was always in divine laws. I started observing my mother in law, my other in-laws and starting from Ketu dasa, I could make a very good relationship with them. (I always had a good relationship with them, but the bond became strong). Above all, I started realizing how to mean, cheap and idiotic I was in the past years. I realized the opportunities I wasted out my idiocy. I realized I could have planned better with the help of learned people and I could have been happier. From then onwards guys, I started getting new ideas about my life. 

I got a job in an Australian company in Info park; there was a girl, who was very good at managing finances. For me, my money houses are a little weak, so, savings and expenses were always trouble for me. She is from a very poor family, but she constructed own house, has a lot of gold, all self-made. I was wondering how she made this possible, but I followed certain ideas she applied in her life and started realizing that it works. It helped to manage my finances better. We have a lot to learn from anyone we meet. Good as well as bad lessons, will be there. I desired to travel to many places without depending upon my husband, and that also started working in my life. Still, I am not that financially great, but I am much better than what I was 10 years back. 

I did not spend my energy on talking all these years. When I used to be loud, I used to be very foolish and now and then, my husband used to scold me to shut my mouth. Instead, I put a lot of time in reading spiritual scriptures on personality development, intellectual empowerment and I was never happy before like how am I now. 

I think when we talk too much; we are trying to project our ideas and visions more than learning from others. Now also I talk very less, even at work, and my HR has many times told me to mingle more with people. But I am not going to follow that, first of all, I am not much interested in what commoners talk. When I badly feel to talk, I go to my spiritual teacher’s house or we meet outside and we talk. All these years my general knowledge and spiritual knowledge has improved, my language and oratory skills also have improved, even though I am a woman at 40s, I still feel like a teenager. 

 Bhagavd gita6: 27

 praśhānta-manasaṁ hyenaṁ yoginaṁ sukham uttamam

 upaiti śhānta-rajasaṁ brahma-bhūtam akalmaṣham


prasanta—mind fixed on the lotus feet of Krsna; manasam—of one whose mind is so fixed; hi—certainly; enam—this; yoginam—the yogi; sukham—happiness; uttamam—the highest; upaiti—attains; santa-rajasam—pacified passion; brahma-bhutam—liberated by identification with the Absolute; akalmasam—freed from all past sinful reaction.


The yogi whose mind is fixed on Me verily attains the highest happiness. By virtue of his identity with Brahman, he is liberated; his mind is peaceful, his passions are quieted, and he is freed from sin.

Guys, our generation fix our mind in a lot of things to attain happiness. These days all are on tiktok, to find happiness, playing pub, 

I request you to take some out every day at least 20 minutes to keep silence and observe yourself. In all these years, I hardly listened to anyone as I was so loud. 

James 1:19  

19 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,

Now when I am silent, I am away from the interpersonal issues, issues with relatives, productive more at work. Before that, I was so curious about slandering, office politics and that did some damage to my professional life. Now it’s not like that. I hope in the future also my career will be on the right track. I am getting ready to take a PMP certification, so today I was discussing it with my HR. 

James 3:6

The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one’s life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.

So, better we use our tongue less. We need peace, and solitude to recharge our batteries. When we look into the life of Jesus we can see that every morning he woke up early and went to an isolated place to pray.


35 and rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed.

In silence, we will be able to listen to our soul and what does it want. That will not be heard in the crowd. 

Our great rishis spend years in isolation and tapas, and they could perform miracles. 

So, in short, silence has a healing effect and it will soothe you. In India, there is a custom called Maun Vrat.  

Get Ready for The Massive Solar eclipse and Multiple Planetary Conjunction in the Sign of Sagittarius On December 26 2019

The Mighty Solar Eclipse on December

Six planets together in one sign, yes, that is going to happen during this December 25th precisely speaking on Christmas day. So, which sign is going to get activated? According to Vedic astrology, it is the sign of Sagittarius and according to western astrology, it is the sign of Capricorn. Which are those planets making this wonderful cosmic movement? The Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and yes the queen of astrology, Moon. When the Moon comes here, you will see a mighty solar eclipse. A solar eclipse happens when the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth, blocking out the Sun and thus cast a shadow on parts of Earth.








In Rig-Veda 5th Mandala. 40th sukta sage Atri gives a detailed description of the solar eclipse. He says the shadow of the Moon started covering a large part of the Sun and the red color at the sky became visible.

 HYMN XL. Indra. Sūrya. Atri.


 5 O Sūrya, when the Asura’s descendant Svarbhanu, pierced thee through and through with darkness,

 All creatures looked like one who is bewildered, who knoweth not the place where he is standing.

 6 What time thou smotest down Svarbhanu’s magic that spread itself beneath the sky, O Indra,

 By his fourth sacred prayer Atri discovered Sūrya concealed in the gloom that stayed his function.

 7 Let not the oppressor with this dread, through anger swallow me up, for I am thine, O Atri.

 Mitra art thou, the sender of true blessings: thou and King Varuṇa be both my helpers.

 8 The Brahman Atri, as he set the press-stones, serving the Gods with praise and adoration,

 Established in the heaven the eye of Sūrya, and caused Svarbhanu’s magic arts to vanish.

 9 The Atris found the Sun again, him whom Svarbhanu of the brood

 Of Asuras had pierced with gloom. This none besides had the power to do.


A yAhy adribhiH sutaM somaM somapate piba |

vRSann indra vRSabhir vRtrahantama ||

vRSA grAvA vRSA mado vRSA somo ayaM sutaH |

vRSann indra vRSabhir vRtrahantama ||

vRSA tvA vRSaNaM huve vajriñ citrAbhir UtibhiH |

vRSann indra vRSabhir vRtrahantama ||

RjISI vajrI vRSabhas turASAT chuSmI rAjA vRtrahA somapAvA |

yuktvA haribhyAm upa yAsad arvAN^ mAdhyaMdine savane matsad indraH ||

yat tvA sUrya svarbhAnus tamasAvidhyad AsuraH |

akSetravid yathA mugdho bhuvanAny adIdhayuH ||

svarbhAnor adha yad indra mAyA avo divo vartamAnA avAhan |

gULhaM sUryaM tamasApavratena turIyeNa brahmaNAvindad atriH ||

mA mAm imaM tava santam atra irasyA drugdho bhiyasA ni gArIt |

tvam mitro asi satyarAdhAs tau mehAvataM varuNash ca rAjA ||


Sage Atri gives a detailed description of how the Sun appears during the total eclipse process and he says entire nature is scared due to the transformation of the Sun. Sage Atri identifies the darkness during the solar eclipse has a different nature. Our ancient texts are so authentic and they speak a lot of science, but it creates confusion as it is written symbolically. The solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon as we know it happens when Moon comes between Earth and the Sun.

This upcoming solar eclipse is seen as a very serious event by the astrologers and some people spread a lot of fear among innocent ones. According to western astrology, solar eclipses show beginnings and the lunar eclipses show endings or perfections. According to Vedic astrology, solar eclipses are a negative event. 

During this Christmas day, multiple planets will be in the sign of Sagittarius. Multiple planets in one sign are not seen as great placement according to astrology. It projects negativity and confusion. In a person’s birth chart, if there are multiple planets in one house, then that says the major focus of that person’s life will be on that house. 

If by Mahadasa or Antar dasa any house which is ruled by Sagittarius is activated, then this eclipse can be an important phase for you. 

 Aries – 9th

Foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy.


Sex, crisis, investments, finances, taxes, insurances, partnerships and loans


Spouse, marriage, personal and professional relations, agreements, contracts, and open enemies


Work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities, and pets.


Romance, entertainment, fun, children, youth groups, creativity, self-promotion, and speculative business.


 Home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property


Short travels, short courses, media, communication, technology, siblings, writing, and editing


Money, material possessions, family, speech, and self-worth


Self, personality, attitude, health, vitality, ambition and perspective.


Hidden fears, emotions. Psyche, isolation, seclusion, long-distance travel spirituality and charity. 


Friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains.


Career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions.

So, these are the matters which are going to get influenced, if your maha dasa or Antar dasa is hitting the sign of Sagittarius in your chart.

Every sign will have a lot of awareness regarding the respective houses. When too many planets stay in one house that means different energies acting on one point. This will be a revealing time and that may not be easy for anyone. You will have to stretch yourself, to finalize which energy is going to give you some benefit. Our birth chart shows the promises of what we have to go through in the present life. Transits are those movements that project the timing of those promises. 

Please read carefully regarding which matters will get projected during this solar eclipse. According to western astrology, the impact of eclipses is long-lasting.

From a global perspective, this eclipse will be a triggering point of a lot of intense events. During the last astrology class, Guru, Shree K. N Raoji was sharing how the world is going to go through so much turbulence from 2020 onwards. He asked us to prepare to be financially fit as the entire world can go through a lot of crises. 

There will be a lot of new laws, which are going to restrict our rights and there will be general unrest. As people think the current ruling party is not going to have an easy time. There will be multiple challenges when Saturn moves into Capricorn. Now when Citizenship Amendment Bills are been passed with a magnificent majority, it will give rise to a lot of unrest. I support that and I don’t want to share my land with anyone who is not a patriot. Living in Kerala, I can see how some fundamentalist parties are working against the country’s integrity and progress. I even heard that they have killer sleeper cells to finish whoever speaks against them. Even though being a Communist, I don’t want to cohabit with any such evil-minded people who want to establish a state-based on their religion despite Christian, Hindu or Muslim. 

The upcoming year will be very turbulent, if it is Onion now, after a few days, there will be multiple things going to be very costly. 

So, as an astrologer, I must tell you that, we are not stepping into good times. This is the time to be more spiritual, humanitarian and kind to each other except Jihadis of any religion. Since Jupiter, the planet for ultimate spirituality is going to be in its Mool Trikon sign; there will be a spiritual awareness in everyone. I hope it will be alive and bear the beautiful fruits of peace, love, and kindness, which the world is lacking these days. 

So, the solar eclipse will be sowing the seed of changes and we all will be a part of it, in a prescribed way by the rules set by the universe. We all have a great role to play when the solar eclipse hits us during this December. Please scroll up and see which matter is going to get triggered during this time and you can see it primarily through Moon, Lagna and Sun signs. Moon your mind, Sun is your soul and Lagna is your physical body. These are the trinity in astrology. 

How the Saturn Transit To Capricorn is Going to Impact you


Saturn, the planet of structuring, justice, hard work, delays, and obstacles is going to move into the sign of Capricorn. Let’s see how it is going to impact every sign.



Saturn enters Capricorn sign earth sign Capricorn from January, 24th 2020, 12:10 PM. Saturn enters its other sign Aquarius from 29th April 2022.

 From 12th July 2022 Saturn moving in retrograde mode again enters earth sign Capricorn. Saturn again enters its other sign Aquarius from 17th January 2023.

 Jupiter enters Capricorn on 30 March 2020 around 0400 hours Delhi, India.

Jupiter becomes retrograde in Capricorn on 14 May 2020 around 1950 hours Delhi, India.

30 June 2020 around 0520 hours (Delhi, India) Jupiter enters Sagittarius again in retrograde motion.




For Aries, the 10th house will get highly activated during this transit. You will be focusing more on your career and you will be getting a lot of responsibilities at work. New job opportunities can come and that can be for the long term as well. Initial days of this transit can be very much challenging, so don’t get carried away if the changes are not that great. Everything will need some time to get fructified and you have to wait until then. You should not take any risk with your reputation. You should know that Saturn is the planet of Karma and it is known as Judge too, during this transit, the time will test your karma and that will give results accordingly. This is not a time to rebel against your managers. Saturn will aspect your family front and you will be taking up more responsibilities at home as well. During this transit, you can have some real estate deals like construction, selling or buying. Elderly female figures in the family will have multiple concerns regarding multiple matters including health. Family meetings also can come up and they can be a long meeting as well. Your sleep pattern also can affect as Saturn will aspect the sector for sleep and emotional self. This is not a great phase for your emotional stability, so don’t take any risk with your personal or professional life. Your personal and professional relationships can also gain importance. However, don’t make any crucial decisions regarding your relationship as well. There can be health-related issues too, so follow a good diet and workouts. 




For you, the 9th house of spirituality, long trips, foreign collaborations, and dharma will get activated. This activation will be huge and that will force you to focus on your foreign stay, travel, and collaborations. There can be some issues regarding your foreign settlement. If you are living or working abroad, then please try to clear your papers. Those who try to foreign settlement may have to rethink that. You will have some projects from foreign locations as well. An argument with elders in the family also can come up. During this transit, you can meet with someone from the spiritual domain, but please make sure you are with the right guru and they are not taking you through the wrong life path. You may attend motivational coaching sessions as well. Occasional financial gains can also be a part of this transit. You will take up some assignments from media and publishing too. This transit will be important for students as they will join new long term courses as well. This is also a time to join new long term projects too. Expenses and gains, both will come up. You will try to go for group events and some group meetings. There will be some discussions with your siblings regarding family matters. You will try to start own ventures too. However, there will be some challenges at work, and that can be for the long term. Please try to focus on your work only. Your health also will be very important. You will need a new health program as well.



 During this transit, you will be majorly focusing on your finances and partnerships. You will have concerns regarding both. There will be some arguments regarding your partnerships. It can be from personal as well as professional sector. You will be taking a long time to decide on what you want from these relationships. There will be ups and downs in the relationships and that may not be an easy phase. Your emotional self can go through a great deal of volatility and that will transform you as a new person. You will learn new lessons regarding relationships from the personal as well professional sector. There will be financial instability as well, and unexpected long-term challenges can come up from the financial sector. Please make sure you have enough cash to take care of your needs as well as your family. There can be some clash with your in-laws or younger brothers as well. Some issues regarding your landed property can arise. During this transit, you will be interested in mystical sciences. This is a good time to take up higher studies, but they can be difficult as well. You will be planning for long trips too. However, you can have arguments and constant clash with your elderly people, especially with male figures. Multiple financial dealings like lending and borrowing can also come up. You will have to spend more time with your kids. If you are a parent who stays away from your children, then you should give more effort to be with them. They may need more care from you. Your romantic relationship also can go through a rough patch. Avoid risky ventures during this time. The career sector also will get projected and you will be getting many opportunities to set a solid foundation for your career. This is a time where you get new ideas for your career and try to research well regarding such plans. Your younger generation also will demand more attention. You should be very careful with them as they will have a lot of needs. Creative projects can come up, but there will be some delay in perfection.




 During this transit season, your relationship with your partners can get highlighted as Saturn will be staying in the 7th house for relationships. It rules the 8th house for finances and partnerships. Both the houses are showing your marriage as well as legal partnerships, so you should not be reckless while dealing with them. Saturn is known as the judge in astrology, and that will be judging your behavior in these relationships. You are not supposed to go off track in the relationships. Try to save the relationship and make sure you have tried all the ways to be righteous in the relationships. In business relations, you should not try any short cuts to get success. Saturn is the planet of hard work which requires a lot of time and effort. So, don’t lose your heart when you don’t get the desired result when you want it. You may get it, but a little slow. This will bring some changes in your personal life as well. Physically, you may look older. If you have children with Cancer Moon, they may start behaving like elders and that can be at times embarrassing. They may air their opinion on serious matters which may not always look good. So, you have to train them to keep their innocence as kids. However, we cannot always break the barriers by the mighty universe. At home, you will be looking for some real estate deals. Family functions also will be coming up during this transit. You will be spending more time on family matters. 



 You will be having a lot of concerns regarding your workplace. This is not a time to relax regarding your work. Saturn indicates righteousness and hard work and you are supposed to spend a lot of energy at work. There will be multiple projects, which can be very complex arising from work. You will have competitive projects which need a long time to perform. During this transit, you should not be very casual with your colleagues. This is not the phase to enjoy parties and petty talks. Saturn is the planet for justice and hard work and every unrighteous deal will get highlighted during this transit. Your physical and mental health also will be important. This is not the time to take any risk with both. However, you may have to take up a new health care regime. You may even try to go for alternative health practices as well. Saturn rules your 7th house of relationships as well. So, you have to be careful not only with love and marriage but also with business relationships too. There will be constant arguments with your partners. Saturn will be aspecting in the 3rd house of siblings and communications also. You will be having some important discussions with your siblings. At times they can be arguments too. You will be discussing the possibility of a few real estate-related deals. There will be frequent short travels and some training programs too. Your communications can be very harsh and that can distract people. Try to use polite words, otherwise, you will be making the situation worse. However, you will try to have new ventures, but don’t be in a haste. You may find tiresome to work with groups and small teams. This is also a phase where you buy new electronic devices. Financial matters will be very prominent during this time. You should not take any risk with your existing business relationships. Stay away from complex financial deals too.



 During this transit, you will be focusing more on children and studies. If you are a parent living away from children, you should know that this transit can widen the emotional and physical distances, so, you have to be very careful with them. You must give your level best to be with them and never miss an opportunity to let them know they are very special to you. You have to give more effort to improve their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. However, you will be trying to serve older people and take up some course which needs a lot of effort. During this phase, you may think about taking up a few creative projects, but they will be very complicated. You will have to spend a long time to understand them and bring some progress to them. Saturn rules the 6th house of work and colleagues. You will be having some challenges regarding your work. This is not a great time to careless for your job. You can look for a new job, of you are sure about the new job and never quit, without getting official confirmation. There will be many chances to join a new organization. New long-term projects and new team members also can come up. However, arguments in the teams also will be a part of this transit. Financial matters also will be very prominent during this time. You will have to cut your expenses and save as much as you can. This is a good time to join a new long-term financial plan. However, don’t take any risk with your existing finances. Don’t take any plan to invest in complex financial projects too. Arguments in the team ventures also can come up, but you need to be flexible. Please have righteous motives regarding your collective projects. 




 During this Saturn transit, your 4th house of home, family and family members. Saturn’s presence over this sector is not that great. However, this is an ideal time for building and construction, so, for Librans, this Saturn transit phase, can be a phase to do some sort of real estate-related work. However, there can be some delay in these, so you should plan such things properly. The natural instinct of Saturn is to bring some delays and obstacles, how much ever auspicious it is. There will be arguments with family members. Elderly female figures in the family can have some complicated needs. It can be a major health and emotional concerns. Family meetings and discussions can also come up. They can be long meetings. You will have to stay away from all arguments, otherwise, it can cause anxiety. At work, you will have to take up bigger and hard responsibilities. You will have to stretch yourself a lot to perform at these. The expectation of your managers can be very high. However, your personal life also will be transforming a lot. You may look older too and health also may need more care. Your personal life also will be going through a lot of transformation. This is a time where you have to take up more responsibilities from personal as well as professional domain. You will have the stability to fight against diseases and enemies. Saturn is known as a judge in astrology, so at work, the quality of your work will be judged and you will be getting the rewards accordingly.




You will try to start own ventures during this phase. Saturn is going to bring some changes in the 3rd house of siblings, communication, and analysis. So, there will be a lot of hard work during this transit. You will have to really stretch yourself to be productive at work. You will try to have own ventures and that can be a complicated process. There will be multiple tasks coming up and they can be complex as well. During this transit, you will have some issues regarding your siblings. There will be arguments related to family matters. You will have to be very careful with your communication as it can become very harsh and that can bring arguments. There will be a lot of short trips and short projects too. Saturn will be aspecting your 5th house of children and creativity. Both can have some hard aspects as Saturn is not an ideal planet to influence these matters. During this phase, you will have to focus more on your children. They will have multiple needs and you should make yourself available whenever they needed it. During this phase, you may take up some risky jobs. You will have to really be careful while taking this up. You will be working for long trips and foreign settlements too. There will be an interest in spiritual matters as well. However, during this transit, you may meet spiritual teachers, but make sure they are not taking you to the wrong path in spirituality. You will plan for a foreign settlement as well. However, throughout the transit, you can have emotional issues. Saturn will be aspecting the 12th house of the subconscious mind too. That indicates the importance of a righteous life. Stay away from all the scandals and anything which can make you negative. You will try to follow alternative health care practices.





Your financial matters will get much highlighted as Saturn will be staying in the 2nd house of money and self-worth. The presence of Saturn in this house is not that great for finances. You can have very complex expenses and that can bring some long-term liabilities. Try to reduce your expenses, otherwise, you will have to really go through financial issues. Savings will be important, however, don’t spend money on wrong financial plans. There will be complex financial deals coming up and they should be carefully be dealt with. During this transit phase, your responsibilities at work can increase. At home also you will have to take up more responsibilities. Elderly female figures in the family will have some challenges. You need to be with them, otherwise, they will feel left out. Real estate deals and relocation can also come up. This is not a great transit for taking up new partnership deals, however, you can work on existing deals. You may take up new long-term projects as well. There will be arguments in the team settings too. There will be some family meetings where you discuss serious issues with your relatives. This is a sensitive phase for family matters and you have to be very much responsible. You may feel like running away from the responsibilities, but stretch yourself and take up all the responsibilities. Saturn indicates justice and during this time the universe will watch whether you are righteous with your responsibilities. You may plan for some lending and borrowing, but try to avoid anything which is complex. Issues regarding tax and insurance can also come up.





Saturn will be transiting through your personal life and health, which will be helping you to be a new person. That will be making you serious as well as full of responsibilities. This can be challenging and at times you may get discouraged. You should know that the universe is transforming you as to when you get over this transit, you will definitely be a very strong person. There will be some changes in your relationships as well. You will either make a decision to continue or quit the relationships. There will be short projects coming up and you may try to start a new venture. Relationships with siblings can also become very transformative. If you are not careful, this transit can totally ruin the relationships. At work, you will be having a lot of responsibilities. You may have new beginnings in your personal and professional life. More communications are indicated for the growth of your personal and professional life. New deals can come up, and all these may not be that easy. There can be changes in existing relationships as well. You may get more attention, or you may be in a gathering where your presence is much highlighted. You may have to travel short distances. This is, of course, a busy time for you. You have so many things to share. You may even start to learn a new subject. There can be opportunities for writing and editing media as well. Due to this multi-tasking, you can have mild physical distresses as well. You will plan to buy a new electronic device as well. Those who work in the communication-based domain will be getting important projects during this transit. However, physical health can go through ups and downs. Career matters also will be very much important. During this phase, your responsibilities at work can increase. Don’t take any risk with your image and reputation. 




 Throughout the transit, Saturn will be triggering your subconscious mind. You may closely meet with your emotional struggles and it can even trigger physical distress. You may try to take a step back and try to view everything from a spiritual perspective. This is a great time to submit your worries with the divine force. Let them deal with it. More prayer, more meditation, interest for spiritual pursuits are seen. Some of you may go for spiritual pursuits. You will have some concerns regarding your foreign settlement too. Try to be spiritual during this phase, otherwise, it will be very difficult to get over this transit. This will trigger the 2nd house of Money, material possessions, family, speech, and self-worth. This will be a time where you really notice your financial status. There can be too much expenditure as well. You are looking for more and more financial projects. At the same time, you are worried about your financial status as well. There can be a desire for new financial planning. You should use this opportunity to get new financial projects. You may try to make some changes to the existing work as well. You are somehow trying to lift your savings up, but somewhere nothing is going according to your plan. Don’t be in a hurry, because the universe is mightier than us. Cut off your expenses and try to be happy in whatever you have. This is a very crucial time for your work and health. You will find a new project, or you may think about a new job. You will find what you lack in your relationship with your colleagues. It can even be some concerns. Your health-related issues can also get prominence. This is a good time to start a new diet. You may have extra responsibilities at work. There will be foreign or long travels too, that too with some obstacles. 




During this transit, Saturn will be triggering your 11th house of friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains. Your friendship circle will get highly triggered. This is a very important time for your long-term relationships from personal as well as professional domain. You may get invited to join a new group. Discussions for new long-term associations are also seen. You may think about making some changes in the existing friendships. It can either be a friendship or a group activity. You will try to be more active within the youth groups. This is a time to find like-minded people and start new projects. You may have new beginnings in your personal and professional life. More communications are indicated for the growth of your personal and professional life. You will be taking up more responsibilities during this transit. The new beginnings may become very complicated, however, try to bring perfection to the existing projects. You may assume that you will get an opportunity to work in a creative domain. This can be a hobby. You may start this hobby with a long-term motive. Opportunities for fun and entertainment are seen. You will think about your own ventures. Your creative ideas may require more corrections. Saturn doesn’t effectively indicate creativity, so, you have to spend a lot of energy on these projects. You should be more caring towards your children as they have multiple emotional needs. You should make yourself available for them. If you are a parent who stays away from them, then give all the effort to meet them often. However, your finances can be a little volatile. This is, of course, complex time and you have to be very very patient. You may get tempted to get all the details from your partners. They may have some difficulty in accepting your views. You will think about the possibilities of partnership projects. These projects may get funds from a third person. This is a time to give or get financial aid. You will have to settle issues related to tax and insurances


What to do in your Sade Sati /7.5 Saturn Phase



No one likes to be in the sade sati phase, people fear it. What exactly is Sade Sati? Let’s see the details.

 Moon and Saturn are the players of Sade Sati. Your birth moon is the primary player. Transit Saturn is the second player. Saturn when start transiting the 12th house from your Moon sign is the phase when you start your Sade Sati. Then Saturn will get into the Moon sign. Then Saturn will get into the next house, which is the second house from the Moon.

 Saturn will be on the left from the moon, then on the moon sign, then right from the moon sign. The stay back time is 2.5 years. Every house, Saturn will be staying for 2.5 years. So, altogether it is a long period of 7.5 years. 


What Happens During Sade Sati?

For that, we have to learn what the Moon and Saturn indicate in astrology. 


What is Moon in astrology?

First of all, you should know that astrology has a psychological element. Moon is the key planet in Astro-psychology and it indicates mental strength, emotions, peace, happiness, and mind. It is a delicate and fluctuating planet, just like our mind. Moon is the fastest planet and it doesn’t like to stand alone. It always needs support to be happy, that too from positive planets. It doesn’t like the presence of harsh planets. When Moon is closely conjunct with the negative planet, the person can get mental disorders or huge emotional needs.


So, when Saturn enters the 12th house from the Moon, your Sade Sati will begin. It will enter the second stage when Saturn enters your Moon sign, and the last stage is when Saturn moves into the 2nd house from the Moon. Moon and Saturn are not a good combination. Saturn indicates slowness, dryness, delays, and obstacles. When Saturn is in these houses, you will feel your life is surrounded by a lot of dryness, delays, challenges, and obstacles. This is the truth. There will be emotional hurdles, and obstacles from all the areas of your life.


Is it True That Sade Sati gives Only Challenges and Pressures?


Such fear is common among people, but it is not fully true. There are definite challenges. However, so many people reaped a lot of success during this period. You need to be very hardworking during this phase. Before your sade sati comes, you should start making a good plan. Finish all your important duties, save money, settle your debts. You will have to save money and that is very important. During the sade sati phase, there will be financial emergencies and lack of money can give you emotional issues. 

However, during this period, you will get a lot of opportunities to improve your life. You will be able to put a structure to your life. Most of the marriages, house construction, and childbirth occur during Sade Sati.

 Right now Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn rasis are going through Sade Sati and by 2020, the sade sati of Scorpio will be ending and Aquarius will be entering Sade Sati period.

I will be writing a detailed analysis for these signs, if my health permits. 

One Scripture and Multiple Insights





Writing a blog every second week was my goal, but it is just like a dream. The year of 2019 is a very bad and unhappy year for me; , my life has become very tough ever since Jupiter entered into Scorpio. Issues at the workplace, emotional issues, health issues, financial challenges, and waning prayer life were much projected during 2019. Entire 2019 was a big challenge for my spiritual life and I could not keep my spiritual vows due to the voluptuous Venus dasa. My Venus dasa has started in 2018 and ever since that I am too much focussed on Venusian factors, but… but..but, I am a mystic; I will surely get back to the track. A mystic can never be happy with the materialistic features around her. She will only be blooming in her vows to the universe. She will perfect when she is silent meditation off from the dramas of the material world. 


Every first Antar dasa of any planet will be very distracting. My distraction will be ending by 2020, and then I will be totally on track. It’s just a few more months until then I have to suffer unhappiness, lack of health and workplace issues. The primary concern is my health, due to the illness, I am always irritated. I am an Aries Lagna, and I can’t sit idle, I am an action-oriented woman. It sucks when the universe ties me to the bed and don’t let me move at all. This is the year which I read and studied less. I want to get back into reading and empowering myself. I know just because I was defocussed and too much into the materialistic world, I had to go through all issues. This year guys 2019 may be a good year as a professional, but very bad as a mystic. 



Throughout the week, I was thinking about how much fallen am I and how to lift myself. There is nothing I thought more than this. At every step, I was just thinking how to get back into that pure love towards my lord. 


Last year I was so loud, I was so unspiritual, focusing too much on competing with others, which is not my nature. I am a contented woman with whatever I have, but I wonder, from where that competitive mentality came in. Such an attitude is human and it should not be my identity. Off, I regret those “human moves” done by me. 

So, I started reading Mahabharata again and continuing with Adi Parva. Every year I read the Bible fully, but this year I did not do that. So, I started it again this week. While I was going through the Bible quotes one scripture captured my attention. This is the scripture.



1 Thessalonians 4:11-12




11 and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you, 12 so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.

For those who don’t know the scenario behind these scriptures, I will explain.


Bible is a collection of books written by various authors. It had two portions one, Old Testament and other is New testament. The Old Testament is all about the Jews and their history and prophecies about Jesus Christ. For Jews, the prophecies are about a divine person who is yet to arrive. New Testament is all about the birth of Jesus, his teachings his sufferings, his death and the survival of the church after his death. 


Thessalonians is a book in New testament. It is a message done to the church in Thessalonian by Paul the apostle. He is telling the challenges of being a true devotee. There are so many instructions given in this book for spiritual living. Among those instructions, this scripture attracted me more.


1 Thessalonians 4:11-12




11 and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you, 12 so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.



·  The ambition should be to live a quiet life, not a loud life. 

A quiet life is very hard, especially when we live among humans. When we are quiet, they will feel we are arrogant, or we have personality disorders. Especially, after 17 years of Christian studies, I am sure no one among my fellow theologians likes to mingle with laymen. But these people will be asking us to join their group for all the human likings, which is highly prohibited for a theologian. I am so afraid to be in a group of humans because they don’t speak anything interesting for me. Sometimes I have overheard people talking all the irrelevant and very much humanly matters which can never interest a spiritual person. The crisis comes when we try to save our spiritual self from such meaningless conversations. A human can’t understand the heavenly standards and it’s my weakness that I can never mingle with a common man. It sucks and it gives me a yuck feeling. I don’t go for any family function or office parties because I don’t like to mingle with them. Suppose you go for a family meeting, these people will be more interested in knowing why you are not wearing silk sari, where your gold bangles are, how much salary you get, and which the latest brand car you are using. They never ask you, are you happy with your life, or how your work is going. Later on, these guys will go home and discuss how hot-headed Jayashree is and is she having any marital issues. Or is she and her husband dating some other fellows, especially when we are staying in two different places. 


Since I got a warning letter from my HR for threatening an employee to poke into her divine personal life last year( LOL), I don’t want to bring the challenges in mingling with colleagues. To be frank, I cannot be with anyone who doesn’t contribute to my spiritual life. I forgot this fact and came under the pressure to be with materialistic people, during this Jupiter transit, and that cost me a lot. Now when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius in this November, my priority should be to be more silent, meditating on the power which runs the universe quietly. I feel bad that I was so loud last year. It affected my productivity as well. 


Then the scripture says 

“You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you”  

The scripture says we should mind our business and work with own hands. The year of 2019 was a year where others came into me and asked help, but later said I barged into their life. That was like a fucking shock. But, that was a learning session and training period from all future damages. Yes, humans are very much ungrateful and that’s the one dirty nature which I hate about them. They will display all the nasty behavior and ask us to join their gang to ruin the remaining spirituality in us. 


There is a general assumption of human beings. They have a misconception that everyone wants to be rich. Everyone wants to masturbate and sex daily. Everyone wants to compete with each other. All want to enjoy international tours; all want to have branded clothes, everyone wants to make a space in the world. 

I dunno why the majority of the people compete with each other as everyone is different. None of us are equal and god has a different role for us to play in this world. When we mingle with them, they will come up with the dirty ideas like, “ Let’s go and party,( It is suffocating and dirty all the men and woman come together and laugh for no reason. I feel like vomiting) if they have told, come together and let’s talk about the challenges and happiness, then it would have been a great thing. 


I have seen corporate friendships, they are temporary friendships and very rarely they last long. I can never get into any short term friendship like in a give and take condition. I cannot misuse anyone’s time, love, care or concerns. I am only comfortable with one to two people at my work and I don’t like those office parties. That is my strength. I don’t want to jump into the human conditions and lose the love for my lord. But during this year, I broke that barrier and suffered a lot. I am not interested in climbing the corporate ladders and prove myself as a high end professional. I am happy at my role at work and I am happy with my commitments. So, my focus should be minding own business hmm.. ye.


Then the scripture says 

12 so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.

Dependence makes you weak if it is on human beings. But dependence on God makes you strong. I love to be dependent on God, not any humans, that can give the image of being a damn arrogant lady, but lemme ask you, what’s wrong in being confident in relationship with God? It makes you super confident and going. Doesn’t have to be Christian, Muslim or Hindu, if you are with the lord, then you ate safely.


Jeremiah 17:7

 “But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him.


Psalm 20:7

7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.


So, coming back to the root scripture it says 


1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

11 and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you, 12 so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.


What I learned is I need to be quiet, learning about god, working with my own hands, minding my own business, so that I can gain respect( that is not my focus here) but to be productive and successful. Leading a quiet life should be my ambition, and such a life will make to be independent. This should be my goal from this moment onwards, but it’s not easy as I am not living in the association of my theology friends. I may be a tigress in my blogs, but I certainly get an identity crisis when I am with humans. I am afraid to lose the intensity of my spiritual life which I acquire in all these years. I acquired it with a lot of pain and sufferings. I have been penniless, starving, not even a good dress to wear, no room to live during my theology class, but I love those days where my lord showed his glory to me. I don’t want to lose that divine energy for any human being.


After I write this blog, I feel so pacified, and contended, yes I am physically tired, but still my spirits are high. I feel I am closer like my earlier days with my lord. 


I am planning a trip to Mahabalipuram, just for meditation. I asked my husband to take me to Wayanad also to visit because I love going to these ancient settlements. I hope that trips will make me more energetic. It is hard for a mystic to associate with laymen when I say this person may misunderstand that it is being arrogant. To be frank, no one has captured my attention in all these years other than my Guruji Shri. K.N Raoji, and my theology friends. As a mystic, I will come to know what a human next to me is up to at least by 70%. I can read their mind, body language, but if we say that openly, they will say that we are constipatedly hallucinated. That is another feature of humans, they lie at face. …At home also, sometimes I confront my parents and children for hiding facts, where I know what they did at least by 70%. I have stopped looking at people, whom I am so sure, that the next thing what they going to say is a lie. It is a scary thing that you lose faith totally from human and you run away from the crowd to save your truthfulness and righteousness. Maybe that’s why Paul, the apostle said these. He knew that association with humans can only bring losses. 


1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

11 and to make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you, 12 so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.



 My salvation is important for me, I am a Communist who believes in afterlife and salvation. I just want to be united with my Lord and be with him forever and these scriptures inspire me to follow what they say. 









Jupiter Transit to Sagittarius 2019-2020: Find What You Are Destined For From 2019-2020



We all are waiting for the transit of Jupiter, the most benefic planet in astrology, in its own sign, which is Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of father, mentor , spirituality, higher vision, higher studies, intuition, charity, virtue, duty, luck, fortune,  meditation, foreign travel, , foreign collaborations, education abroad,  grandchildren, ancestors, sudden and unexpected gains, faith and belief system, pilgrimages, philosophy, law, and politics. Jupiter itself indicates the above-said matters.  Jupiter will stay in one sign for 12 months ie, one year and its transit is seen as a very happy event. So, naturally, people will get more expectations because Jupiter is seen as a benefic planet. So, let’s look at the major changes which every Moon sign.is going to get. Transits are seen through Moon sign, but if you like to look at through Ascendant, then that also is possible.







Any Aries, who read this should understand that you are a fiery person. Jupiter is also moving to a fire sign during this transit. So, you are getting into an action-packed year during this Jupiter transit. Jupiter rules the 9th and 12th houses in your chart. The 9th house is known as bhagya house and the house of happiness. At the same time, Jupiter rules the 12th house of moksha, losses, sleep, emotional challenges and expenses as well. So, this is going to be a mixed transit for you and you can expect good changes as Jupiter is going to be in own and mool trikon sign. During this transit, you will get many chances to travel long as well as short distances. There will be more activities with your writing and editing skills. Those who were looking for a publisher are closer to that opportunity as well. You will be getting occasional financial gains which can boost your confidence and happiness as well. However, Jupiter is magnification, so you need to be wise in spending your money.  There will be many projects with foreign collaborations as well. Interaction with foreigners will be more than before. Since the houses for spiritual self is activated, you will have a lot of zeal to know more about spirituality. You will be starting some new courses so that you can be more wise and prudent. This is also a  year where you put on weight as Jupiter aspects your physical body as well. New beginnings will come up into your life. If you try hard, then you can gain more respect this year. There will be some important discussions with your siblings. During this year, there will be group activities and expansion of your own ventures. Creative talents will be progressing and you will even start own ventures. This is a good opportunity to get closer with children and those who were trying to get children should see this as a good opportunity. There will be some improvement in your love life as well.



 Dear Taurus, I would like to inform you as an astrologer that you are not getting into an easy transit and most of the challenges can come from your finances. It is because Jupiter will be stationed in the house for finances, joint ventures, in-laws, partnerships, ups and downs, longevity, mystical sciences, emotional challenges, tax, and loans. So, there will be some financial crunch and that will be the major challenge during this phase. You should keep a record for each and every pie you spend. You may have to take up some loans. In case, if you are lending, then try to avoid lending huge amounts, which can put yourself in trouble. There will be very fewer chances to get it back. Same applies in case of borrowing as well. The chances for repayment are very hard, and you should avoid borrowing as well. There will be some concerns regarding your tax, and insurance as well. Try to have a stable life, so that you can have better health. Kindly avoid sweet dishes as whenever Jupiter moves out of Sagittarius, then health issues can come up.  This is also a time to get to know what spirituality is. There can be foreign trips, but don’t just get into any wrong financial deals during this phase. There will be some important events in the family as well. It can come up as relocation or settling down. New home, new member or a new family event can also come up. You will try to renovate your home. There are chances to buy new household devices as well. You have to be careful with your elderly female figures. Arguments with family members can also come up during this transit. This is a testing time for your happiness and health as well.




During this transit, Jupiter will be moving through the sector for personal and professional relationships. This sector indicates relationships like business relationships, love, marriage, and matters like the court, opponents, socialization, job, foreign trip, and reproductive organs. All these matters will be gaining more focus and love and marriage can be very important. Jupiter doesn’t like to represent anything related to materialistic pleasure, so there can be some challenges regarding these relationships. You will have to be very patient in dealing with these; otherwise, there can be long-lasting issues. Be patient with your spouse or lover. During this phase, new business deals also can come up and you will be the initiator. Be careful while signing the documents. You will be having some unhappy confrontations with your opponents as well. Since Jupiter is the planet for magnification, the number of opponents can be increasing. So, don’t get into any controversial deals, so that it can give you peaceless days as well as sleepless nights. Jupiter will be aspecting the house for collective projects, group efforts, long-term associations, children, and profits. This is a good time for your long-term relationships. You will work hard to get a long-term relationship.  This is also a time to enter a new long-term project as well. You will work with like-minded people. This is a time to work with a large group of people who work in the sector for scientific and technical communication.  You will be getting chances to join new groups or new teams from personal as well as professional domain. This is a year, where you plan for your future. Long trips can also come up. As a person, your responsibilities will be increasing. That can make you look a little more mature or older. Physical health also will gain more prominence. Short as well as long trips can also come up. This transit will give you enough opportunities to work with own ventures. Projects from communication, media, technology and electronics related sectors can come up. Short trips and short studies are also seen during this time. You will communicate a lot more than usual. Interaction with siblings also can be in high mode. Sudden gains can also come up during this phase.




During this phase, your sixth house for work, health, liabilities and colleagues will get transformed. You will have to display a lot of energy at work.  New projects can come up. Team discussions are also seen. At the same time, you may have to take care of your health as well. This is also a time for team discussions. At work, you will be having more work and there are chances to get a new role as well.  Relationship with colleagues will be very important and there are chances for challenges. At home also, you will have challenges to overcome and mainly due to your liabilities.  During this transit, your emotional burdens can increase, so stay away from any complex situation, especially from the workplace. Jupiter will expand your career and this is a big-time for your social image as well. Your managers can have more focus on your work. Your existing projects may witness some change as well. There will be some changes in the workplace as well. Discussion with bosses and people in authority are also seen. At the same time, you may have to keep a balance between home and family. Your family may need your care more than usual. Finances also will need more focus as Jupiter will aspect finances. Don’t get into any quick money-making deals. Instead, make a better financial plan. Expenses can increase and that can cause some tensions. Avoid unexpected expenses.


Jupiter will be representing the fifth house of past birth credits and Jupiter itself is the indicator for this house. This house indicates a lot of things like creative intelligence, emotions,    intellectual and mental talents,    love, romance,  speculative gains from investments,  children, knowledge, wisdom, higher learning/education, training, fall from the position,   spiritual pursuits, disciples and students, politics, ancient sciences, and speculative ventures. All these matters will be gaining importance and that will make you very active. This will trigger opportunities for creative projects. You will try to work with children and youth groups. New speculative events and businesses can come up.  Social gatherings are also seen. During this transit, you will get time to display your skills, especially regarding your creative skills.  Romance and love also will be in the air. Those who were trying to have children should use this opportunity during this transit. Those who work in the arts and entertainment sector also will get new opportunities.  Jupiter will be bringing some foreign collaborations and foreign travels as well. Foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy will be the main matters during this transit. You will be interested in higher studies. Opportunities from media and mass communication also can come up. This is a good opportunity for those who work as writers and publishers. You will be having more interest in spirituality. There will be some opportunities to join a new team. They can be there for a long time as well. You will try to get projects from scientific and technical communication as well. There will be a lot of team discussions as well. Children and youth groups may also need your focus.  This is a busy time for you. Your personal life also will get triggered and that can give you some health issues as well.


 During this Jupiter transit, you will be focusing mainly on home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property during the last week. This will highlight your family and personal life. Real estate deals are possible during this time.  This is a time to improve your lifestyle.  Discussions with family members are also seen. Traveling from home, relocation and discussions regarding the ancestral property are also seen.  Jupiter likes to be in this house and there will be magnification regarding family matters. You may buy new devices for family and home. There will be some opportunities to meet your family members and that can be through family events.  Selling and buying a house also can come up. Repairing and fixing also can come up. However, there can be some difficulties regarding finances as well. Lending and borrowing can come up. You will have to control your expenses. Loans can also come up during this transit. Try to be very careful with your partners as arguments with them are very much seen during this phase.  There will be multiple financial dealing during this transit. At your work, you will have more projects. This is not a great transit for your career as Jupiter is not happy to deal with the career sector. Try to save your existing job. You may get some job offers, but don’t be in a haste to take up any decisions.  There will be some emotional concerns as well. Plans for foreign trips and spiritual practices also can come up.




During this Jupiter transit phase, Jupiter will be influencing short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing from the last week onwards. This move will bring more communications and projects from communication-related sectors. Teaching and studies are also seen. You will go for networking as well. Short trips and short projects also will take your time. You will have a lot of communications as well. Projects from communications, media, networking, and electronics are also seen. There will be some serious talks with siblings and siblings’ life people.  You may try to take part in study programs as well. Working with small groups and communities also can come up. You will be taking up new projects as well. This planet will aspect the house of personal and professional relationships as well. Which is not going to be that great, so you need to be careful? There will be a lot of one to one discussion regarding the progress of the relationships. You are looking for some changes in personal and professional relationships. New partners can come to you. This is also a time to strengthen your existing relationship. New contracts and business deals also can come up. At the same time, there can be some challenges from perfecting the relationship. You have to move carefully. Long trips and foreign collaborations can come up. This is also a great time for those who work in the publishing domain as well. Spiritual self also will get activated, so you will learn more about spirituality. This is a good time for your long-term relationships. You will work hard to get a long-term relationship.  This is also a time to enter a new long-term project as well. You will work with like-minded people. This is a time to work with a large group of people who work in the sector for scientific and technical communication. 



During this Jupiter transit, your primary aim is to increase your money and worth. You will try to get new part-time projects. There can be some expenses, but it will not be wise to spend much. Please save as much as you can, because financial concerns can come up in the coming days. At work, you may have projects from communication-related domains.  Your career sector will magnify and your responsibilities can increase. Gains and expenses can come up and often. Those who have own business will try to expand it. New deals and plans for such expansion can come up. You will even have arguments with your dear and near ones for these purposes. This Jupiter will be aspecting the sector for sex, crisis, investments, finances, taxes, insurances, partnerships and loans. You have a lot of things to deal with. It can be a financial issue or an emotional issue.  You should not get emotionally agitated. Your partners can have some concerns. Joint assets and projects related to shared resources will come up. There will be a lot of discussions regarding your emotional relationships. You will think about financial aid. This is a good time to settle your financial issues. Matters like colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities, and pets will also be very much active.    For you, work and health can be main concerns. There can be some peer pressure and some rework.  Discussions with colleagues are also seen. You may try to improve your health and vitality. Please don’t be in a haste to react. Your colleagues may not be in favor of that. You may even think about a new job. You may get new projects, but you have to be very sure whether it is a genuine one.



This is a major transit for you as Jupiter is moving into your own sign. It will trigger your personal life. Please control your expenses.   Please try to control the urge to buy many things. You may feel that people are questioning your capabilities. There can be arguments related to your personal life.  This is a good time to learn a new skill.    Please don’t be in a haste to react.   You may try to improve your health and vitality. You may take up new health care regimes.  Whenever Jupiter is in the sector for personal life, then you will have a tendency to put on weight. Physical and emotional health will be very important. You will be focusing on the spiritual life as Sagittarius itself is spirituality. Long trips and foreign collaborations can come. During this Jupiter transit, you will be very stubborn and rebellious. Jupiter will be aspecting sector for romance, entertainment, fun, children, youth groups, creativity, self-promotion, and speculative business.  You will have a lot of analysis regarding your romantic life.  This is a time to meet like-minded people.  This house deals with speculative businesses. You may think about own ventures. This is a time for networking and finding like-minded people.  Activities with children and youth groups are also seen. You will get opportunities to go for entertainment programs.  This is a time to spend energy on creative ventures. There will be an aspect of personal and professional relationships too. Please don’t force anybody to keep a relationship with you. You may have to give some space to others. During this time people with the wrong intention can come to you. So, please think twice before accepting anyone in your life. You may be looking for new agreements and contracts. There will be discussions regarding them. You will have to keep patience in the interviews and meetings.  You may have to go an extra mile in keeping your personal and professional relationship in a progressive mode. Long trips and higher studies can also come up.




When your twelfth house for hidden fears, emotions, psyche, isolation, seclusion; long-distance travels spirituality and charity is triggered, then you have to be very careful. During this transit you will have some emotional concerns, so don’t take up too much of burdens. You will try to improve your finances. This is a good time to think about healing and meditation. At the same time, you should not think these are permanent solutions for any issue. We are destined to go through some struggles so that we don’t repeat the mistakes we did in the past. This is a good time for a retrospect. Jupiter will aspect the home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property.  You will think about some real estate deals. It can be a relocation or renovation. Your mother may share her views with you. She may have some concerns regarding life in general. Family meetings may come up. You will discuss the possibilities of studies. You have to be very careful with your family matters. Family meetings and problem-solving are also seen. Please take care of your emotional and physical health.   At work, you may have new projects. Discussions with colleagues are also seen. Please don’t be in a haste to react. Your colleagues may not be in favor of that. You may try to improve your health and vitality. You may take up new health care regimes. There will be a lot of financial dealing as well. Some concerns regarding partnership can also come up.






This Jupiter transit is surely going to expand your long term goals. It is going to impact your friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains. There is a lot of activity going in this house, so you will have a lot of focus on your long-term associations. You will work with groups. There will be visible changes in your long-term relationships. You will try to share some ideas for a new long-term venture. You will join new groups. New team ventures also can come up. However, you need to be very careful with your team members.  You should not demand others to accept your ideas. This whole transit you will be busy in managing your friendships, long term relations, and collective projects. This is a good time for those who were looking to have children or working with children.  Jupiter will be influencing your profits and gains as well. Occasional gains can also come up. Jupiter will influence the sector for short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing.  You will be multitasking a lot. There will be a lot of communications. This house represents jobs related to the communication domain as well. You may have a lot of issues to share with your siblings.  They may have some concerns. You may work with your writing skills.  Short traveling and career-related training are also seen. Your romantic life also will be moving in a different direction.    You will have a lot of analysis regarding your romantic life.  This is a time to meet like-minded people.  This house deals with speculative businesses. You may think about own ventures. This is a time for networking and finding like-minded people.  Activities with children and youth groups are also seen. You will get opportunities to go for entertainment programs.  This is a time to spend energy on creative ventures.


You will be focusing on your career, social status, bosses, authority and ambitions in a slowdown mode. This can be a complex time for your career. It’s because this house is not Jupiter’s property, but it is in its own sign you can expect good results at times. It hates to be here. So, there can be concerns regarding all the matters of the 10thhouse. You will have a lot of projects. This is a time to multitask. Opportunities from the creative and communication-related domain can also come up. Your bosses may give you many inputs. They may have different views about your work. This is not a good time to argue with your bosses. Please try to be humble. There can be new beginnings in your work.  This planet will trigger the finance sector. You may have concerns related to money. You want to be happy with your gains. You may even think about taking a loan. This house also deals with emotional relationships. You will have serious debates with your partners. They may have different views. Please try to understand them. Projects with joint assets and shared resources may come up. You will try to settle your financial disputes. At home,    you will think about some real estate deals. It can be a relocation or renovation. Your mother may share her views with you. She may have some concerns regarding life in general. Family meetings may come up. You will discuss the possibilities of studies. There will be selling, buying or construction of a house. Land related deals will be important. Your work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities, and pets all will be transforming during this week.  At work, you may have new projects. Discussions with colleagues are also seen. Please don’t be in a haste to react. Your colleagues may not be in favor of that. You may try to improve your health and vitality. You may take up new health care regimes.
















Struggles of Mystic

  • You can’t fellowship with ordinary people
  • Each and every lie told by them is clearly visible to you
  • what they going to do with you in the future will trouble you
  • When they say everything is alright, you will understand nothing is right in their life
  • You wonder why people can’t be truthful to themselves
  • when you open up the truth, they call you mad and characterless LOL
  • They take the name of God, but no fear of God
  • You don’t take the name of God, still, you fear God
  • Mystic cannot do whatever common people do
  • It is a headache to be with common people, because at least 23 hrs, they lie to themselves, still, they deny the fact
  • Then mystic will withdraw from the scene for a peaceful life

( More will be added soon) This list came out after talking to someone, who was lying to own soul

Venus Dasa, A step closer towards temptations : A reality check

Life is always surprising…each dasa comes with surprising and life-changing events, but not for astrologers…Those astrology critics should notice this fact carefully and do a deep analysis. Everyone say Ketu is bad for them and for me Ketu was the bestest dasa in my life so far. I got all my blessings in Ketu only. All my success came in Ketu dasa….I am so sure, I was highly spiritual during my ketu dasa. Whenever you get closer with Lord, despite your religion you will be blessed by god. As you guys know I am a Monotheist, I don’t follow any religion or I don’t worship idols. I came more closely with God in my Ketu dasa…I started enjoying my Lord’s love more and more during my Ketu dasa…It was a beautiful time period in my life.


In my Ketu dasa, I got the fortune to be the disciple of Guruji Shree K.N Raoji. I got mentoring from Deepak Bisariaji. I got so many astrologers as my friends…Until then I had only friends from Christian Theology class. During my Ketu dasa I studied about Hinduism and Islamism deeply.. I understood the concept of “Tatvamasi” which I follow in my life.

My Ketu is in the house of communications, media, speech, own ventures, teaching, and writing. It is aspecting the house of higher dharma, preaching, teaching counseling, gurus, faith, belief system, writing, mass communications, media, foreign collaborations, spirituality, and so many things connected with spirituality. I am a person made for spiritual life. I have tried to follow the materialistic part of life, which I always failed terribly.

Now I entered my Venus dasa…being an Aries lagna, Venus is not good. It is a killer planet, because it rules the 2nd and 7th house for them. They are known as the killer houses. These houses carry the worst things, which can be the reason for death. It can be spiritual , physical or emotional death. The 2nd house indicates ego, speech, finances, money in cash, material possessions, vision, eyes, facial organs, family, career, death, marriage, second marriage and so many things related with wealth.

The 7th house indicates sex, love affairs, opponents, courthouses, deals, contracts, marriage, spouse, reproductive organs, sexual diseases, pineal gland, menstrual issues, semen, pregnancy, job, long travels, wars and so many things connected with partnerships.
For the next 20 years, the matters in the 2nd and 7th house will be in , activation for me… The fate of these matters will be depending upon the placement of Venus. In which House Venus is placed, in which rasi, which nakshathra bla blab la…

How wonderfully this mahadasa works I will tell you. Venus rules 7th house of reproductive organs and menstrual issues for the woman. Ever since Venus dasa started I am fighting with Endometriosis. I am always tired and each menstrual cycle is like hell for me. Too much of blood flow, blood clots and I thought I had Cancer. I was heavily bleeding for 25 days and with this bleeding, I went to office… but I realized I am going down in my health, I went to Karitas hospital.. to meet Dr. Harish Chandran. He directly put me into Labor room…Labor rooms do not give us a pleasant experience. In that labor room there were 2 pregnant women, who were waiting to go into labor. There was another room attached to the labor room, one woman was fighting to give birth, she was yelling and I was frightened. I delivered twice and I know how painful and horrible experience it is. I will never let my daughter get into a painful labor. I already told her, there is no point in simply suffering so much of pain in bringing life to the earth and we will opt for painless delivery.

The doctor came and asked me whether I am pregnant. I said I am not. He was again asking how I am sure that I am not pregnant. I told him, I haven’t done sex for a while, so there is no room for doubt. Still, he took a pregnancy test and made sure I am not pregnant. Throughout Ketu dasa, I made sure I am totally pure even without lust. I truly made it possible. If anyone who reads this is going through Ketu dasa, then you should try ultimate celibacy and I guarantee you, you will be much successful. I love my days as a celibate as I came closer with God and I don’t think I will ever break it. It was like taking unofficial Sanyas Diskha. These western doctors say a human can’t live without sex, it is all bullshit. That may be the allopathic standard. But for me, an Indian is from the land of rishis, great rishis, who remained celibate for hundreds of years for the sake of spirituality. Union with the Lord is greater than the union with a mortal man. Even if he is as sexy as  Varun Dhawan. You dedicate yourself to god, God will take care of you…

Then the doctor asked me to go for scanning and thus came to know about Endometriosis, and PCOD, which I have. See, I was not shocked or sad, because I am an astrologer, I know Venus ruled reproductive organs and during Venus dasa, being an Aries lagna, my reproductive organs will get more sensitive. That is the advantage of being an astrologer… there is no surprises in life.

Venus is the planet of love, sex, money, luxuries, and all the sensuous things. All these things will be prominent in my life. Since the 7th house indicates love affair, I am supposed to fall in love with a guy at any time…..that is also not a surprise for me. Because, I am so talented, any guy will fall in love with me (LOL)..but majorly guys don’t look for talents or soul… they focus only on holes. This is a universal truth and only liars will say I am not like this, I am sure, I am genuine. If a guy defends him too much, you can write to him at his face, mark my words, he will be a 100% liar. I don’t trust guys who talk too much of feminism and woman rights.

Matthew 5:37  

37 All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.[a

According to this scripture, any guy who defends him too much other than with a yes or no………should not be taken into your life girls……When you date a guy, check whether he is too defensive, if he is defensive, then leave him for your good. He will be only focusing the sacred place between your legs…..nothing else

This guy connection is strongly felt during these days. Amazingly, I am getting so many requests in silent and loud mode. All these days of Ketu dasa, I was so unnoticed by men…suddenly when Venus started, things get reversed.

I went to Pachalam to meet my doctor today. From my office, I went to Uber and while returning, I went to ATM. One guy was waiting to get into ATM after me. I actually did not notice him, because I generally don’t notice guys offline as well as online. I withdrew money and came out and was waiting for an auto. I thought Uber will take time to reach so auto will be ideal to reach Vyttila Hub, from where I catch the bus to Kottayam daily. I tried to stop one auto, then auto guy said, he can’t go to the hub because of the heavy traffic block. Then the guy who was behind me in ATM suddenly came to me and told me, that “if you don’t mind I will drop you at the hub”. I was so shocked and taken aback. Then I looked at this guy, he was a handsome hunk with nice mustache and beard and was in a Royal Enfield. Then he nodded his head, and then I got scared. I just walked to the crowded area and booked an Uber, it took 9 minutes to come and again this guy was just simply standing and staring and I literally got irritated. Still, I am an astrologer, I know my 7th house of sexual attraction is activated and this is going to be a regular story at least for the next 10 years…This is just one example, there are many incidents, which is in similar lines….

Ever since my Venus dasa is activated, my astrology friends are quite excited to track my life. Yesterday from nowhere one of my friend called me she was asking about my sickness. I did not tell her that I am having Endometriosis, but she checked my chart and she knew I would have uterus issues.

My Venus dasa is not very promising for personal life, I know that. During this Venus dasa, my parents will leave the world. My challenges will start from Venus –Moon dasa precisely. As Rober Frost said Miles and Miles to go before they sleep….Still could not make them proud or happy as a daughter. All my effort will be to make them more comfortable, happier. I am little down because I am physically unfit, but still, I trust the lord, that he will lift my spirits up. Sometimes I go emotional, which is not my regular nature because I am getting older day by day. Earlier I used one packet of hair dye, but now its 2 packets. My children are taking more responsibilities….hope I will be able to spend my old age peacefully and happily.

I am so sure I am made for mysticism and spirituality. Such people will always have an identity crisis when they get into the world and worldly people. I have really got through so much of identity crisis before I realize the spiritual potential in me. Once when I realized, the spiritual nature in me, then my whole crisis was erased. When you realize something is not your cup of tea, then don’t sacrifice anything for it.

I know I am destined for moksha, unlike many of my friends and family. During every counseling, I am reminded to walk towards my spiritual ashram than a materialistic ashram holding onto my celibacy… Sometimes I regret, why I did not take Sanyas diskha officially, which was very apt for me. Venus dasa is a stepping stone towards the spiritual ashram, but it will have a lot of temptation. God is testing my faith and credibility, to see whether I truly can inherit his kingdom.

I always have desired my lord, than anything in the world. I am so sure about it. But, my life was never easy, but I understood, that also is test by him. Somewhere I failed, but I picked up, I gathered myself up and walked in my life with all my bruises. I have followed my lord with all the pains and chains……….This Venus dasa will be another such journey like Jesus had with his cross……fighting with a multitude of temptation, with prayers and submissions. Not easy…just because Venus rules the Killer houses, still Lord is greater than Venus. All my focus will be to get closer with my Lord and to be one with him and fully entitled for salvation. …… That too holding on to this celibate mode.

1st lord in 1st house in Rohini nakshatra for Taurus Ascendant



Taurus is ruled by Venus, but amazingly, it is an earth sign, which generally does not come in the qualities of Venus. Venus is a very sensuous, moving and sociable planet. These Venusian qualities are grounded in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is known for their grounded nature, critical and practical approach. Taurus indicates a lot of things connected with finances. These are the major things indicated by Taurus.

wealth, family, career, nourishment, education, profession, spouse, second marriage, precious stones and metals, cash, financial status, prosperity, movable properties, speech  and self-worth. In medical astrology, it indicates facial organs, throat and food intake.

Taurus is an earth sign, so Taurus is very practical and realistic. They want to make a logical approach to their life and world in general. Venusian nature gets a practical approach here. They will have solid plans and they like to keep on working until they reach success. They like to make more wealth, and more wealth increases their security. They like to display their wealth as well. These people will like the company of those people who can add their wealth. So, they are very picky and choosy their friends.

The 1st house indicates personality, aims, and ambitions. So, what their primary aim in life is to make more wealth, more security and comfort in their life. Since their ascendant lord is placed in the house of personality and ascendant lord Venus is a planet for beauty and relationships, too. If Venus is not retrograde and aspected by negative planets, then they will be very beautiful and beauty conscious. Their intention is to form relationships, which can make them grow and improve their wealth.

If Venus is in a complex mode, they will be too conscious about beauty enhancing methods and finally face the fate of certain celebrity plastic surgery disasters.

You can further filter the results by looking at the nakshatra placement.

Venus is in Rohini, which is the nakshatra ruled by the Moon.

Venus is ruling the sixth house of diseases, enemies, and disputes. Venus is in Lagna too, so the situation will be like their enemies and inimical situations are after him. Even if they stay stable, there are higher chances of difficulties coming to them. They have to strictly stay away from people belonging to the opposite gender

Rohini 10-00′ to 23-20′ Taurus.

General Characteristics: Emphasis on spiritual liberation, truthful, not covetous, clean in habits, sweet of speech, the firm of views and good looking.

Translation: The red one.

Symbol: An ox cart/chariot.

Animal symbol: A male serpent – spiritual power and wisdom.

Ruling planet: Moon.

Nature: Manushya (human).

Names Starting With O, vA, vee, vU

Presiding deity: Brahma – creator of the universe.

If your lagna naksatra(ascendant) is in Rohini nakshathra, then the lagna degrees will be from 10-00′ to 23-20 of Taurus.

Rohini is the favorite naksthra of Moon and all the nakshathras are seen as the wives of Moon. There are 27 nakashtras and they don’t move. Planets move through these nakshathras. When Moon reaches Taurus, then it gets maximum glory and Taurus is the exaltation sign of the Moon. Moon was partial towards Rohini and he was cursed by the father of nakshathras Daksha. The moon stays in Rohini for more time.

Rohini is known for the talent of nourishment. The story goes like this. Moon had an illicit relationship with Tara, who was the wife of Brihaspati. They got a child which is Mercury. It was abandoned by Tara and Moon requested Tara to take care of Mercury. She took care of him and that’s why Rohini is known as the nakshatra for nourishment. The nourishment which Rohini represents comes through, speech, teaching, motherly care, and food intake. This is the fourth nakshatra. The ruler of Rohini nakshatra is Moon. As you know the moon is the indicator for emotions, so those who have their Venus in Rohini nakshatra in Lagna will find emotionally practical. (LOL). They are emotional as well as practical. They will even follow the logic, and realistic nature amidst high emotions, which is a great talent. But such decisions may not bring perfections.

Unlike other Taurus, whose nakshatra is not Rohini, they will easily trust people, since Moon is ruling their nakshatra. They will be emotionally attached to others with a great goodwill. They like to live in the present as Moon always focuses on the present emotions. They want to satisfy their current emotions. If Moon is in debilitation, or under negative aspect, then the emotions and thoughts can go in a destructive way.

They have a motherly affection towards all, but there are higher chances for them to get hurt in their emotions.

The final results totally depend upon the placement of the Moon. According to the house placement, your life will be closely connected to the matters of the house which Moon is placed in. You will find game-changing events from the matters of the house which Moon is placed.  You will be emotionally connected to the matters of the house where you moon is placed.

  • 1st house of self, perspective, ambitions, physical body, and personality


If the Moon is in the first house, then Venus will be conjunct the Moon. This will give them a beautiful appearance as well as small physical issues. Moon here rules the 3rd house of challenges, which is the shadow of the 8th house. They will have to take care of the wealth. If they make unwise moves, then there can be debt related issues for a long time. The chances for stress also will be very high. Since Moon rules mother as well as the third house, there will be challenges form mother. They will always have emotional arguments with dear and near ones because Moon rules the third house of communication. This person will have an interest in electronics, studies, and communication.

The 2nd house of money, self-worth, family, speech and material assets.

The 3rd house of short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing.

4th house of home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property

5th house of romance, entertainment, fun, children, youth groups, creativity, self-promotion and speculative business

6th work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities and pets

7th house spouse, marriage, agreements, contracts and open enemies.

8th house of sex, crisis, investments, finances, taxes, insurances, partnerships and loans

9th house of foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy

10th house of career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions

11th house of collective projects, group efforts, long-term associations, children and profits

12 hidden fears, emotions, psyche, isolation, seclusion, long distance travels

So, the house which the Moon is placed in your chart will have a lot of prominence in your life.



Dream of a Mystic..So Enchanting

A Beautiful and Nourishing Dream

It was a hot day and I was just lying down on my bed in the afternoon. I haven’t regained my health so far, so I am still on rest. Literally, I am very down and I even feel like quitting my job. Still, I am trying my level best to save it. I live amidst a lot of greenery, but the heat wave is so high, so that day actually was immensely hot.

I am trying for a few collaboration and I am discussing some plans with few astrologers. I was thinking about how to work out all these and slowly went to deep sleep. Then the dream started…

In that dream also I am trying for little collaboration and communicating with many psychics and astrologers. In that dream, I found two girls, who are basically psychics and Tantrics, but they live somewhere in the west. These girls are very active tantric who has immense power in yogic practices. So, I got this contact and I did research on their profile and activities. (Everything in the dream).

I truly donno where these girls stay, I mean which country they belong to now, but in my dream, I know their location. It is in the west. I am a mystic and I have the power to do interstellar traveling (in the dream). So, they stay somewhere on the Earth so, it’s not a big deal.


One fine day I set out to meet them….by using my mystical energy. I went into a deep trance and just flipped the location where I was in (It was indeed my bedroom).


Then I entered a deep blue sparkling light like blue bubbles and in between silver color stars. It was such a heavenly scene and I totally got lost in that visual treat. I even felt I am one among those silver stars.



I got out from that sparkling blue to the room of these psychic girls. They were actually very busy in a two-room house and they did not like me entering into their privacy. They did not pay much attention to me, but they asked me about my terms and conditions and explained their ideas. I got upset about their behavior as I felt they underestimated me. Their conditions were not very much enticing and we both had a bad taste for each other.

They were in a hurry planning to go out, I didn’t like their behavior so I got angry and I used my mystical power and flipped the place into my bedroom. These girls came out from the room and identified that they are in a different location and understood I did some flipping to change the locations.

They both went inside the room and started tantric practice to flip the place back into their own country. They tried hard but they could not flip it back. They tried twice, and then they could do it and locked the place. They did like that so that they wanted to trap me and I am unaware of this fact. These girls get out of their room and moved out.

I sat there for some more time, talking to their helper and she offered me so juice. I did not take it. I don’t take food from unknown people, I don’t mingle with whom I Donno. I don’t take new people into my life (In my real life)

Got angry and little discouraged, I went out and found, I am trapped in that sparkling blue light, with shimmering silver stars. I thought, anyway I came to a different country so; let’s take a walk through …

I got out of the blue wave and got into a well-defined city and it was not a traditional or old city. It was a city with a modern type of buildings. Yet, I can’t say a beautiful one, because I don’t like modern architecture. I am not a fan of modern things I am a traditional person stuck in the modern world. (So, you can understand the frustration I go through in everyday life)
I am just walking and amazingly it is totally silent. I could not see anyone… only big buildings and no birds or no animals. Only some trees with orange leaves and silent breeze. This breeze has a mild velocity; still, it will say stories in our ears. I am holding onto my 5-year-old back sling bag and walking through…

I must have walked for 20 minutes… there I saw one policeman on his duty. Oops, he will surely question me because I am from East and my looks and color are totally different. He could not see me, but still, I felt the danger. It would be safe if I go back to my own place. I have no visa or no passport and don’t even the name of the country where am I standing. If he catches me, then I will be there in prison forever. No one will speak for me because I am a Communist.

I slowly withdrew from my forward move and hide behind a tree. There I started flipping the time to go back to my place, my bedroom. The place where I read holy texts, prepare my video script, make my future plans, read curses from viewers, shed my tears, do my meditation, dump by worries and get closer with my Lord.

I tried to flip the place, but…could… these girls have done a double or triple. I really got tensed and if your psychic powers have to work, you should have a calm and poised mind. For me time is less…. I have to come back ASAP.

These girls really had a bad attitude for me and they really trapped me in their world, but me, I am coming from the land of sages and mystics will not get trapped in this web…..

Even if I know psychology, astrology, and theology, I am a person who gets easily tensed. I am highly short-tempered and that my main drawback. My lagna is a fire sign and active sign, so it is natural for me to get fast emotions. I am in a haste to react. I have controlled this emotional vibes over the years, especially after being a professional writer, I have really grown, but sometimes, I am a failure in controlling my anger.

Right now, in my dream, I am hiding behind a tree trying to calm myself down. I am troubled because I think what will happen to me if I am eternally stranded over there….My children, my parents, the husband is fine… because he may get another spouse (not a big deal) I am emotional only about my parents and children because they need me more than anyone in the world because parents need support in their old age and children need support to grow up. Guys, I am very realistic about human relations and I am not superficial like I am not obsessive, selfish or passionate about anything in my life. My children are there in my life, but I am not possessive or obsessive, because I am sure, they are different souls and I should do my level best to support them. I donno whether they will be there in my old days. They have different destiny than mine.
Right now my duty is to get back to my place….I sat under the tree and starts meditating and went into a deep trance. During the second try, I could flip the location to be my bedroom….

I suddenly got up from my sleep….I was sweating and my grey t-shirt was drenched in that………Still, I felt the stress……..I truly felt whatever happened was real… I could still feel the pain of being stranded in a foreign country.

A few years back I was talking to a handsome mystic who left his engineering career for being a sage. He is an Indian who settled abroad….. Young and really handsome guy, in between the conversation, he was trying to flirt, but I enjoyed those flirtatious comments….From his eyes, it was clear that he does time travel…I requested him to take me with him in the next time travel and I told we should go to the time of Kouravas and Pandavas…Until then shab-ba-khair