What is Akhanda Samrajya Yoga in Astrology?


This is yoga which shows everlasting financial stability and happiness. This yoga is mentioned in ancient texts like ” Jatak Parijata and Manasagari”.  Those who born with this yoga will have an ” Undivided Empire” = Akhanda = undivided, Samrajya= empire. So you can easily assume that this person will have riches and followers. That too everlasting, his empire will not perish as long as he lives.



Your chart should have 3 features to have this Yoga


1)  The lagna should be in a Stira Rashi( Taurus, Leo, Scoprio, Aquarius)

2) The 2nd or 5th, or the 11th house should be ruled by Jupiter.  Jupiter should rule any of these houses. It can be one house or two houses

3) The lords of 2nd, or 9th or 11th houses from the Ascendant/Lagna should be in Kendra from the Moon.

So, technically speaking, only those charts with Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius as Lagna can have this beautiful yoga.

However, the strength of the yoga depends on the strength of the planets. When Planets involved in this yoga is debilitated, retrograde or combust, and placed in the enemy signs will surely reduce the power of the yoga.


Sample charts

Donald Trump

His lagna is Leo, which is a sthira rashi

The 5th house is ruled by Jupiter

The ruler of 9th house is Mars and Kendra from the Moon.

Even though he filed for bankruptcy more than once, he became the President of the United States of America. This yoga assures his financial prosperity and long life. He is nothing less than an emperor as he is born in a very influential family, he took over his family business,  he has a business empire, children to support him and moreover, he is the ruler of the most influential economy in this world. This is a beautiful example of Akhanda Samrajya yoga.


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