Rigveda Anuvaka 1 :Sukta1 : Verses :4,5,6




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Rigveda 1( Anuvaka) 001( sukta ) 04 ( Verse)

agne yam yajnamadhvaram visvatah paribhurasi

sa iddevesu gachati


 Agne : In Agni, yam yagnyam: that worship, adhvaram : non-injuring,  

Visvatah : Viswa – universe, everything, from all sides, Paribhurasi: paribhuh asi : is pervaded or enclosed.Sa : that

Id : certainly Deveshu : among the luminaries, Gacchati : goes.

Here Rishi Madhuchanda is worshipful of Agni, Fir. He says where Agni is present in a sacrifice, or yagya, that worship will not face any obstacles, The prayers will break the dimensions of the world and directly goes to the god aka gods.

Well, Such praises for Agni can only be expected from people who knows to praise and respect the nature. It cant be expected from New gen bullies who ruin the nature and its precious forces for their own vested interests. I literally hate talking to such narrow bandwidth minded people, who doesn’t have respect for anything in the universe. Such people only have respect for themselves are no less than frogs in the well.


RigVeda _01( Anuvaka)  .001 (Sukta) .05( Verse) .   agnirhota kavikratuh satyascitrasravastamah   devo devebhira gamat


Kavikratuh=intelligent people, satyascitra=truthful,  devo devebhira gamat= please come here with gods ( this is what I understood)


Here Rishi is calling upon the Fire to come down with the Gods. Rishi is praising Fire that he is in association with truthful souls. So he is asking Fire to be the priest and bring gods down from the heavens.


RigVeda_01( Anuvaka) .001( Sukta) .06 Verse .1{02}  yadanga dasuse tvamagne bhadram karisyasi   tavet tat satyamangirah

Agne = = He! Agne =  O Energy!  

Tvam= You

 Bhadram Karishyasi = will do good

yat  etat  Angirah – if this son

Satyam = Truly, Aasushe – strives

Tava Angat = This division, mandala of yours

Oh Agni! You will protect, that (person) who strives for this anga (division or part of the Vedas). That person is truly your son (Angira).

Here I would like to share the story of Sage Angiras who is the brain behind   Atharva vEda . He is the Manas Putra of Lord Brhama, and  Agni is considered as a descendeda of Angiras.