Enjoy The Divine Power of Silence and Empower Yourself

Power of Silence

Proverbs 17:28

Even a fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is considered prudent.

Guys, this scripture is so meaningful. Don’t you think so? I am so sure; all of you will have such a moment in your life where you were saved from the complexities of that moment by shutting down your vocal cords. I have plenty, as I used to talk a lot and occasionally fall into an immense number of problems in my personal and professional life. To be frank guys, anyone, whose 2nd house of speech has bad influence, will have many issues to do their speech. During my Ketu dasa, I suddenly started becoming silent and detached. Even from my family and friends. Guys, many people say that Ketu dasa is bad, but my Ketu dasa was the best dasa in my life. During that dasa only I restarted my life. Being in a silent and detached mode, I gained a lot from, when I was loud.

There is a big power in silence and that has the power to change your life. When you practice silence, you will start controlling your mind.



Bhagvad Gita17:16

मन: प्रसाद: सौम्यत्वं मौनमात्मविनिग्रह: |

 भावसंशुद्धिरित्येतत्तपो मानसमुच्यते || 16||

manaḥ-prasādaḥ saumyatvaṁ maunam ātma-vinigrahaḥ

  manahaprasaadaha saumyatvam maunamaatmavinigraha |

 bhaavasamshuddhirityetattapo maanasamucchyate || 16 ||


 Mental cheerfulness, kindness, silence, self-control, purity of intent, this is called penance of the mind.


 manaha : of mind

 prasaadaha : cheerfulness

 saumyatvam : kindness

 maunam : silence

 aatmavinigraha : self-control

 bhaavasamshuddhihi : purity of intent

 iti : in this manner

 etat : this

 tapaha : penance

 maanasam : of the mind

 ucchyate : is called

when you are silent, you will get more time to observe yourself as well as others. That is the one positive factor, which helps you to be strong. When I was silent, then I got a lot of opportunities to learn from others and learn about myself than when I was loud. Starting from my physical beauty, I could track health, character, values, intellect, and whatnot. Which, I had never done in all those years. 

I want to share an example from this so that you guys can understand it better. I hope you know that I spend so many years studying the Bible and I am married to a theologian only. Both of us wished to be in the full-time ministry, doing the gospel work. See, there are so many accusations that theologians get funding from European countries and live a lavish life. In our case, or the theologian’s in Indian Churches of Christ’s case it’s not at all true. I got so much of Gold during my marriage, but guys, I feel no shame to say that, I had sold it, for my gospel life. Not all, but 60%. There were so many needs like ministry needs, charity programs, and for a major share of my life, I had no stability in my career. I am not praising myself guys, me, and my husband along with my fellow theologians have sacrificed a lot for the Lord. But, by the grace of my lord, none of us are lost. We have gone hungry, we have stitched our torn cloths, we have conducted tapioca parties, walked so many kilometers to save money, we have been verbally abused telling that we were into drug addiction and prostitution, there are so many things which I don’t want to write here because all glories must go to my lord and we should not keep an account for what we have done for the Lord. (Lord please forgive me for projecting myself)

We both could not get into full-time ministry as after a few years, I was feeling the burden that, God, is beyond any religion. It was the beginning of my Ketu dasa. That is the time when anyone gets enlightened. As soon as Ketu hit me, I dunno guys, so many things happened in my life, which made me so detached and silent. I left Trivandrum as I was feeling unhealthy after my second delivery and I could ensure my kid’s full support. Ever since I am staying with my parents and my husband stays in Trivandrum. Remember, during Ketu dasa, you will be detached from your spouse. It can be physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and so on. Then I remained jobless for a few months, but that time, I withdrew into a shell and started praying and meditating aggressively. I did not go for any family function, I detached from my fellow theologians and just being in my room started reading spiritual texts frequently. 

In that silence, I could observe my parents more, I could make my bond with them strong. All these years, I used to be very mean with them, but this time, I started understanding their challenges, sufferings, and their dreams about me. My parents, truly wanted me to be a successful lawyer and get into legal service, but guys, I never liked that profession even from my law college days. I was never interested in human-made laws; my curiosity was always in divine laws. I started observing my mother in law, my other in-laws and starting from Ketu dasa, I could make a very good relationship with them. (I always had a good relationship with them, but the bond became strong). Above all, I started realizing how to mean, cheap and idiotic I was in the past years. I realized the opportunities I wasted out my idiocy. I realized I could have planned better with the help of learned people and I could have been happier. From then onwards guys, I started getting new ideas about my life. 

I got a job in an Australian company in Info park; there was a girl, who was very good at managing finances. For me, my money houses are a little weak, so, savings and expenses were always trouble for me. She is from a very poor family, but she constructed own house, has a lot of gold, all self-made. I was wondering how she made this possible, but I followed certain ideas she applied in her life and started realizing that it works. It helped to manage my finances better. We have a lot to learn from anyone we meet. Good as well as bad lessons, will be there. I desired to travel to many places without depending upon my husband, and that also started working in my life. Still, I am not that financially great, but I am much better than what I was 10 years back. 

I did not spend my energy on talking all these years. When I used to be loud, I used to be very foolish and now and then, my husband used to scold me to shut my mouth. Instead, I put a lot of time in reading spiritual scriptures on personality development, intellectual empowerment and I was never happy before like how am I now. 

I think when we talk too much; we are trying to project our ideas and visions more than learning from others. Now also I talk very less, even at work, and my HR has many times told me to mingle more with people. But I am not going to follow that, first of all, I am not much interested in what commoners talk. When I badly feel to talk, I go to my spiritual teacher’s house or we meet outside and we talk. All these years my general knowledge and spiritual knowledge has improved, my language and oratory skills also have improved, even though I am a woman at 40s, I still feel like a teenager. 

 Bhagavd gita6: 27

 praśhānta-manasaṁ hyenaṁ yoginaṁ sukham uttamam

 upaiti śhānta-rajasaṁ brahma-bhūtam akalmaṣham


prasanta—mind fixed on the lotus feet of Krsna; manasam—of one whose mind is so fixed; hi—certainly; enam—this; yoginam—the yogi; sukham—happiness; uttamam—the highest; upaiti—attains; santa-rajasam—pacified passion; brahma-bhutam—liberated by identification with the Absolute; akalmasam—freed from all past sinful reaction.


The yogi whose mind is fixed on Me verily attains the highest happiness. By virtue of his identity with Brahman, he is liberated; his mind is peaceful, his passions are quieted, and he is freed from sin.

Guys, our generation fix our mind in a lot of things to attain happiness. These days all are on tiktok, to find happiness, playing pub, 

I request you to take some out every day at least 20 minutes to keep silence and observe yourself. In all these years, I hardly listened to anyone as I was so loud. 

James 1:19  

19 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,

Now when I am silent, I am away from the interpersonal issues, issues with relatives, productive more at work. Before that, I was so curious about slandering, office politics and that did some damage to my professional life. Now it’s not like that. I hope in the future also my career will be on the right track. I am getting ready to take a PMP certification, so today I was discussing it with my HR. 

James 3:6

The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one’s life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.

So, better we use our tongue less. We need peace, and solitude to recharge our batteries. When we look into the life of Jesus we can see that every morning he woke up early and went to an isolated place to pray.


35 and rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed.

In silence, we will be able to listen to our soul and what does it want. That will not be heard in the crowd. 

Our great rishis spend years in isolation and tapas, and they could perform miracles. 

So, in short, silence has a healing effect and it will soothe you. In India, there is a custom called Maun Vrat.