Three Important Notes

1) Please don’t ask for FREE consultations.  I will not give FREE CONSULTATIONS

2)Please DON’T send money without informing me

3) If you are asking for career report, then please expect career only, not past birth, full horoscope, marriage, or anything else

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 Gpay: +91 8157032669 IN   

 Bank Details 

South Indian Bank
A/C : 0639053000002800
Bank : South Indian Bank, Kothanalloore, Kottayam, Kerala
IFSC Code : SIBL0000639( 5th Character after L is Zero)
Branch Code 006

Gpay: +91 8157032669 IN 

All Readings are Based on Nakshathras and Divisional Charts

 Please Dont  Mail  for Free Consultations

All  Consultations are done Based on Nakshatras

  • Full Horoscope, it will be a Handwritten Horoscope in PDF with Free Doubt Clearing session within 14 days of submission : 7000 INR /110USD( Analysis of 12 houses through Planets, nakshathras and Divisional charts, Most working yogas, career analysis, marriage analysis,  vimshopaka bala analysis, Jaimini karaka analysis, Foreign travel and settlement, birth of children and your relationship with them, Mahadasa analysis for 20 years)
  • Your Mission on Earth: 3000INR/ 42USD 
  •  Child Birth and Progeny Related issues: 3000 INR per chart for Couples 50USD per chart( I dont do timing for C section you better go with the sugession of  your Doctor)
  • Career Consultation: 1800INR/30 USD
  • Relationship and Marriage: 1800 INR per horoscope?30 USD( I dont give horoscope matching as it is not a valid theory. No astrologer can match 2 horoscope to get a good marriage)
  • Mahadasa Reading for 30 Years: INR 5000 /100 USD
  • Foreign travel and Settlement: INR 2000/ 30USD
  • Birth Time Rectification:INR3000/USD 45
  • Solar Return Report: INR1500/USD 35
  • Medical Report: INR1500/USD 50( If asked, then you should send the Scan Report, Prescription, and all the test reports)  There is no magic medicine for illnesses in astrology, you need to trust your Doctor
  • Sade Sati Analysis: iINR2000 /USD 40
  • Jupiter Transit Report ( Personalised): 1500/USD 35
  • Saturn Transit Report( Personalised) : 1500/USD 35
  • Rahu/Ketu ( Personalised): 1500/USD 35
  • Current Mahadasa Analysis Through Nakshathra:1500/USD 35
  • Full Family Package for Husband wife and 2 kids: 25000

Please don’t ask for any Gemstones, poojas mantras or remedies. You can’t bribe God. No Free Consultations as well

No Free Consultations