No Free Consultations/No Telephonic Consultations.  

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South Indian Bank
A/C : 0639053000002800
Bank : South Indian Bank, Kothanalloore, Kottayam, Kerala
IFSC Code : SIBL0000639( 5th Character after L is Zero)
Branch Code 006


All Readings are Based on Nakshathras and Divisional Charts


  • Face to Face Consultation  Full Birth Chart Analysis;10000 ( Centers will be in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkota, Nepal, Kochi, and Thiruvananthapuram)

All Reports are Handwritten Not Computer Generated/ Consultations are for one time, and all follow-up questions are chargeable

Charges in INR

  • Career Consultation: 1800/USD 35
  • Married Life and Status of Relationships: 1700/USD 35
  • Astro-Psychology Report: 1700/USD 35
  • Full life Reading ( Handwritten Report): 6000 / USD 110 ( Full horoscope is not a crime thriller or romantic novel. It is the realistic expression of your past, present and future. It is not written to entertain you, but to enlighten you. So, please don’t expect something like the novel ” The Count of Monte Cristo ” unless until you are one like him.
  • Jupiter Transit Report ( Personalised): 1500/USD 35
  • Saturn Transit Report( Personalised) : 1500/USD 35
  • Rahu/Ketu ( Personalised): 1500/USD 35
  • Mahadasa Analysis Through Nakshathra:1500/USD 35
  • Child-Birth Analysis:1500/USD 35( Please dont ask about right time for C-Section and IVF kind of treatment. I see they as anti godly and evil. If you dont have a child, then adjust with it and wait for God’s blessings.  Having a child is not important than you living a righteous life.
  • Birth Time Rectification:3000/USD 45
  • 2021 Varsha Fala: 1500/USD 35
  • Solar Return Report:1500/USD 35
  • Sade Sati Analysis:1500/USD 45
  • Foreign Travel and Settlement/USD 35
  • Medical Report: USD 50( If asked, then you should send the Scan Report, Prescription, and all the test reports)  There is no magic medicine for illnesses in astrology, you need to trust your Doctor.
  • Astrology Reading for Non-Hindus, Monotheists, and Atheists is Available According to their Faith and Belief
  • I dont do Horoscope matching as I dont think its valid. No scripture in Vedas validate it.  Lord Ram, Lord Siva, all had marital issues and detachment from their spouses. You cannot match two horoscopes to make a great marriage. Are you sure that you are destined to have a marriage?

Please don’t ask for any Gemstones, poojas mantras or remedies. You can’t bribe God. No Free Consultations as well

Please do not ask for free consultations.  I will not.