1st Lord in The 1st House in Krittika Nakshathra For Taurus Ascendant


Krittika: The cutter.

Symbol: Axe, sharp edge, or flame, razor.

Animal: Female sheep.

Ruling planet: Sun

Presiding deity: Agni – the god of fire.

Hello, how are you all? I have written that I was not keeping well for the past few days, but now I am much better, but still have to improve a lot. Hope I will be fine in the coming days.

So, today I thought I will write about Lagna nakshthra.

The 1st lord for Taurus means Venus. The 1st lord in 1st house means, Venus in lagna. The 1st lord in the 1st house in Krittika nakshathra means, a Taurus ascendant with Venus in 0:00-10:00 degrees. Remember, this nakshathra is starting from Aries and a portion of it lies in Taurus as well

During my child hood I used to think that when we day, Ashwini, Bharni, and Krittika all are just one nakshathra. Means I did not know that they only one, but there are groups of small stars make one nakshathra. For example, Krittika is known as Pleiades, They are 7 nakshathras in this constellation. These nakshathras are known as seven sisters.

When your lagna is Taurus and the 1st lord in the 1st house in Krittika nakshathra, then, there are so many features to explain here

1st Feature

The 1st Lord on 1st house

Whoever you are despite your lagna there is one common factor with this combination is that, you are a self-obsessive person. According to the lagna and lagna lord, the vibe will change. Here the lagna is Taurus, which is an earth sign. So, it shows you will be a very fixed person. Taurus is a fixed sign, so the intensity of self-obsessiveness is magnified or increased. Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus is the indicator for money, luxury, love, beauty, comfort. So, you will be very adamant about looking good and even looking forward to make life beautiful and more make more money. There are so many predictions that the person will have good health, but I have seen otherwise as well. But, this is a plus point, that this person is a very confident, or strong person, but that too depend upon other factors. This person may have good health and confident, but this is not always like assured. Nobody likes over confident people.  Since your ruling planet is Venus, you should not think that you are very flexible.

Here one thing is very significant. Venus is ruling the sign of Libra, which indicates liabilities, quarrels, physical challenges, financial liabilities, enemies, competitors, thieves, agony, vices, and challenges of various types.  So, the planet which indicates these much of issues have gone into the 1st house of the person, his self, perspective, ambitions, physical body, and personality. The challenges will become your identity. How? You may spend a lot of time in dealing with the features like liabilities, quarrels, physical challenges, financial liabilities, enemies, competitors, thieves, agony, vices, and challenges of various types. That’s where the feature of lagna lord gets highlighted. Since your lagna lord is in the 1st house, you will have a natural tendency to fight these challenges.

What Scene will Nakshathra Add To This

There are 3 nakshathras in Taurus , they are Krittika, Rohini and  Mrigshira. We are talking about when Venus is in Krittika, means Venus is placed in 0:00-10:00 degrees.



The cutter.

Symbol: Axe, sharp edge, or flame, razor.

Animal: Female sheep.

Ruling planet: Sun

Presiding deity: Agni – the god of fire

Krittika is ruled by Sun and its deity is fire, which is one property of the Sun. You will have a very charismatic personality. Since this nakshathra ruler is Sun. At the same time, you have to control your ego; otherwise you will have issues in the relationships. You of course like luxury, good life style; they like to be crowd pullers.

See, the nakshathra is in Taurus now, not in Aries. Taurus represents money, material assets, family, food and dining,   education, career, marriage (2nd),   speech, vision   facial organs, throat, and neck. Being in this nakshathra, your facial organs like eyes may have issues. Because, it is placed right over the fire energy.  Your lagna lord Venus is the planet for beauty and class. So wherever you are you will try to attain those standards.   The passion for that class will get highlighted wherever you go.

Now let’s look at the placement of the Sun, which is your nakshathra lord. That shows your priorities and 1st lord in 1st house in Krittika nakshthra for Taurus Ascendant person.

1st house of self, perspective, ambitions, physical body, and personality

2nd house of money, self-worth, family, speech and material assets.

3rd house of short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing.

4th house of home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property

5th house of romance, entertainment, fun, children, youth groups, creativity, self-promotion and speculative business

6th work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities and pets

7th house spouse, marriage, agreements, contracts and open enemies.

8th house of sex, crisis, investments, finances, taxes, insurances, partnerships and loans

9th house of foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy

10th house of career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions

11th house of collective projects, group efforts, long-term associations, children and profits

12 hidden fears, emotions, psyche, isolation, seclusion, long distance travels

So, the house which Sun is placed in your chart will have a lot of prominence in your life.

Conjuring 2: Astrological Details on Demon Attacks

 Rahu is considered as demon in astrology and the placement and aspect of this planet shows the possibilities of a person having psychological disorders. This is just one indication. I don’t want to make my readers upset or I don’t want to manipulate your subconscious mind. So I am not going to any details, but I will tell you some other details.

When you Google or read some texts you may see that they are giving you very vast information about demon possessions. The truth is that, I have seen combinations for demonic influences in many charts which I have analyzed. Even my own chart has certain combinations which makes me very furious and agitated sometimes. So, please don’t go with the general assumptions.

I have a client whose Son is 18 years now. He has stopped his studies and sitting at home. That is not the problem. He likes to dress up like ladies, he has long nails, talks like ladies and afraid of the crowd. My client was asking me whether someone has done some black magic on him. I asked him only one question “Are you sure that your hands are not filled with the blood of an innocent?” He said, “Till date I haven’t hurt anyone”. Then I said, if you are true then you don’t have to worry about the black magic.

 It’s really tough to write about this because, I am afraid of what my readers will grasp through my words. Still I am trying to write.

 It’s true that good spirits and evil spirits exist. The people who are weak in mind can get more into fears and prejudices. So, the condition of the Moon shows how mentally strong you are. Obviously, Moon’s conjunction, and aspects with the negative planets indicates the importance of strengthening your mind.

Emotional intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Intra-personal Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence, Existential Intelligence and Logical-Mathematical Intelligence originates from our mind and psyche. Moon is the main indicator of Mind and psyche in astrology. Moon indicates Intelligence, Woman, Sleep, Happiness   Mother,   Mind, emotions, inner peace, security, moods,  and visions. So, if your natal Moon is not in a good condition, then it indicates that you have to give more energy in making it strong.

If you are a person with such fears then you should make your Moon aka mind strong. Maybe you see your Moon in a very very bad state. Conjunct with evil planets and aspected by evil planets, placed in the evil houses. I am telling again, you take 100 charts…80 of them will have such combinations. Rest 20 will have other tough things shown in their chart. Especially some Vedic astrologers are so keen to show the bad things in the chart. I am surrounded by astrologers and I know my Moon is in a very bad condition. I took so many years to master my mind and my thoughts. There are astrologers who told me that my chart is so hopeless. By the grace of God I have so many astrologers who are very positive and helped me to find out the positive things in my chart. Especially I thank Besariyaji.

There are certain combinations in astrology which shows whether the person can meet with a ghost. Lol. ( Celestial confrontation) The 8th house and 12th house are the main houses for such confrontations. Certain planets in these houses 99% indicates that these person will see spirits face to face. I have such a combination and I have seen them. Most of my theology classmates have such experiences. No wonder we all went to study theology. I had a classmate who was antichrist and participated in blackmass. He later repented and now warrior of God.

I have a client, who has a special alignment in the 12th house. During the consultation I asked him, “you are too obsessed with ghosts, but have you ever seen them? ‘’ He was upset listening to this. Actually he has a deep desire to meet a ghost. So, what he did was he went to a pond near his home in the midnight. Two weeks back one guy committed suicide by jumping into that Pond. My client went there are waited till dawn expecting that poor ghost to visit him and share the details about his current residence. My client repeated this for few days, but no ghost appeared. He has interest and he may meet one but not in this dasa.

The 8th house is the house of tantra, mantra, sex, occult and the dirtier side of the mysteries in the universe. There are other houses also, but this house is the prime house. The 12th house is also there, but as far as I know, it is not that dangerous as the 8th house.

  I am literally fed up about the fake tantriks promising to release this demon attacks and misusing people. Guys, you should always ask testimonials from those who claim this. Whether they have tested this in their personal life. Let it be an astrologer, healer or anyone who works as a healer. You should ask for case studies. If someone ask you to wear stones, ask for a case study, if someone claim that this pooja is going to change your life, then ask them for case studies. How many life they have constructed like this and everything is like an All is Well situation forever?

This universe is very mysterious. These scientists are researching whether any aliens exists? Almost all religious texts give authentic evidence for alien life. We humans are not alone in this world. There are micro and macro organisms around us. Ghosts are one among such entities. Don’t fear them. They are just there, let them also share this universe with us.

  I can give fearful information in this article. I know how to explain demonic influences in people’s chart. Actually when you live as a theologian you don’t need astrology to read people, but astrology is a great tool to understand people more deeply. I don’t like that dirty side of astrology. We are here to encourage and bless each other. Not to curse or to wish someone’s downfall. When we are in one with the true Holy Ghost, Conjuring 2, or 3 real or unreal can’t scare us.

  Bhagvat Geeta


bandhuraatmaatmanastasya yenaatmaivaatmanaa jitaH |

anaatmanastu shatrutve vartetaatmaiva shatruvat.h ||

 For a person who has conquered his lower self by the divine self, his own self acts as his best friend. But for that person who has not conquered his lower self, his own self acts as his worst enemy.

 2 Timothy 1:7

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.


 Its 12:30 midnight in India……….Goodnight ya GoodMorning…

Conjuring 2 ! An Astrological Explanation On Demonic Possession and Black Magic. Coming Soon


Finally, I also went to see Conjuring 2. My cousins, and  friends went to see , but I could not.  I saw a lot of movies these days. Jungle Book, Angry Birds, James and Alice, School Bus, Two Countries, King Liar and Amar Akbar Anthony. I want to see Finding Dory (My idol Ellen Degeners is the voice of Dory) and Udtha Punjab too.


At the same time I got approval for my next project and got so busy in work. Release date is August 1st week. I literally don’t have time for any entertainment. Still I took my time out for Conjuring 2. Whomever watched that movie told me that it was such a scary movie! To be frank I also got a shock when that ghost appear for the 1st time near that TV set. After that I understood that this is the way how  the ghost is going to be presented by the director.  I did not feel that it was a scary movie. I heard that one man died somewhere in India after he sees this movie. I felt that it was like any other paranormal movie and I don’t think that movie has some thing which is so scary . 

I have a ghost hunter in my Linked in network. I have spoken to him a few times. He has really hunted ghosts. What he says is that there are Demonic powers and ghosts who doesn’t harm us. It’s true that they exist. Some humans get the opportunity to see them, I love this subject. Most of my theology classmates have claimed that they have seen these wonderful beings. I think I also have confronted one or two.


During my theology studies ghosts were a hot topic. We used to enjoy these stories. That too in the midnight.   I remember, once when we were sharing beautiful and thrilling ghost stories in the midnight, suddenly one tap in the washroom started flowing. No one was there, but it got on by its own.  We got scolded by or teacher for discussing these things. When we are discussing about this beings, they will naturally get attracted to us. And they will come to visit us. She told us. Well, we are protected by Holy Ghost, despite your religion. Our God is, no matter what your religion is, in the form of spirit and that spirit is holy. So don’t worry about the demons and demonic possessions. Holy Ghost rules us. Even the Satan knows there is God. Demons ke Baap Satan also is scared of God. 

Being an astrologer and theologian, I have been asked by so many people. Whether the issues in their life is because of black magic or demon possession. Well, life will bring happiness and sorrow, and we are destined to go through both. It doesn’t have to be black magic   or you are possessed by a demon. Everything happens for a reason.

Before I write this article I just googled for black magic in astrology and I got so much of information.  In Linked in itself there are so many black magicians and Vasheekaran specialists. One such Vasheekaran specialist used to  send me back to back mails asking whether I   have any ex-boyfriend, whom I wish to get back. I replied , “if my ex-boyfriend comes back by any chance then I will find  you out wherever  you are and   kill you”. LOL. 


You took the help of a vasheekaran specialist and got the dream guy or gal you want. (I donno how these Vasheekaran guys does  that). This guy or gal whom you got through Vasheekaran will be the cause of your destruction    one day. I have never seduced any man or woman into my life. If any man or woman got attracted by me, then I have that natural talent to attract him or her. Everything happens for a reason. This universe is not anyone’s ancestral property. This universe belongs to its creator. For that force we are just properties. He will construct and destroy us ………


Still I will describe what astrology has to say about this demons and black magic…….Pls wait for it. So much of work at office. I will try to write in between….

What is KemaDruma Dosha In Astrology> How to Manage it?



What You Should Do, When You have Kema Druma Dosha 

The attraction to be alone, the situations can make you alone, mind full of imagination, the difficulty to adjust with the general public, family members,nd a distance even from your so-called friends. Getting hurt or being extra sensitive, and the urge to run away from the madding crowd. If you find yourself in any of this situation frequently check the placement of your Moon in the chart. Well, these things can take place due to a lot of other factors as well. These are the 3 conditions which form










What is Kem Drum Dosh?

(a) The moon has no neighbors [no planet in the 2nd or 12th sign from it], and
(b) There are no planets it’s Kendra [i.e. at right angles, i.e. in the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th signs from it], and
(c) There are no planets in Kendra from the ascendant.

Even if Rahu/Ketu are with Moon , or in any of the house 1st and 12th from the Moon, if the Sun is also 1st and 12th from the Moon, it is considered as Kema druma dosha

Why Kemdrum Dosh makes you love loneliness
For that, we have to understand the significance of the Moon in astrology. In astrology each house and each planet signifies something. Basically, astrology is a code language and astrologers decode that hidden messages in that. It doesn’t mean that Moon is “making you” to have Kemdrum dosh, but it is just an indication of you facing loneliness in your life. When you see the planetary placement, then you should not think that these planetary placements are just an indication of the possibility to have a certain occasion in your life. It is not a must or surety that a particular event should take place. There are chances for a particular event and you can prepare to go through, enjoy the benefits of such placements, or adjust your life so that it doesn’t affect you much. That’s why I love astrology.



Let’s come back to the lonely moon in your chart.

Moon signifies a lot of things in astrology. Moon means, mind, emotions, female figures, mother, joy, happiness, state of mind etc
In UttaraKalamrita , Maha Kavi Kalidas Says, Moon signifies Intelligence Perfumes, Hidden of ulcerous, troubles in the stomach, Woman, Sleep, Happiness, Liquids, Malarial, fever, Mother, Pearls, Salt,Mind, Muhurta or 48 minutes duration worship of Gauri Fondness of Curd One who does tapas or penance Strong at night Eating Facial Luster Good Fruits Fish and other Aquatic beings clothes.

Basically, the moon is connected with a state of mind and our mind is not in a physical form. It is not constant, It can go to any realm and avastha and if it is alone, then it means the thoughts and imagination will be uncontrollable. Because it doesn’t have anything to depend upon. When you have a lonely moon, you may confront that situation which may remind you that you are alone in the world. Where you may lose trust in others or your experiences in life can make you think more about dependence in the Lord almighty.


Is Kemdruma Dosha Fatal?


You must have heard people promoting Kemdrum dosh in a negative version, but I myself have this lonely moon in my chart, that too in the sign of a Jupiter( Pisces). I don’t feel any shame to say about this, because if it helps people why should I hesitate? I have gone through trials where I lose trust in relations. Let it be in familial relations or when we come across the public as well. It took some time for me to realize the genuinity   in those relations and to take a firm stand on it. I myself is not very keen to make friends or I have realized that I am not at all good in making friends. My friends are not from an ordinary lifestyle because all of them are theologians. I dunno whether they also have a Kemdrum dosh in their chart because they also don’t have many friends from the outside world. I have seen myself that I have only long term friends, which means my close friends ( I have only close friends) are there for more than 15 years with me. Our bond is so strong where we share good things, bad things, and confess with each other. In my workplace also, I have only 2 people whom I continuously talk to, whom I am comfortable with.  If I am not comfortable with someone.  I just avoid all the confrontations with them, so that I can be happy. My happiness is important for me as far as I am not violating anyone’s happiness or I am using them for my pleasure.  I am a person who always takes the strategy to take less luggage in the journey of life so that I can feel less burdened. I feel uncomfortable when I am in public or open to publicity. I have seen myself limited myself a lot and whenever I have broken this limitation stamped by the universe, me falling into unwanted situations.


Some people have told me that, they have always thought that I am a person with a vast friend circle, It’s a big NO NO. I can only take what I can handle right? I really don’t think, I will ever take any more friends into my life as well. The lonely moon can make you be very careful in relationships. That is the main indication. Those who have lonely moon in their chart, please make sure that doesn’t fall into sudden conclusions about any relations, it doesn’t have to be friends, but all relations which you are the main part. Or you have to take a stand that you are looking only at your business. As a person, with Kemdrum dosh, I took a long time to realize the importance of less luggage concept. Basically, our mind is delicate, so don’t take too much of burdens. That is the main idea behind the concept of Kemdrum dosh.


Once when you realize that spiritual path is what we are destined to, then we will see a lot of good things happening to us. Maybe in the past, we have depended on the mortal human beings and they were limited to themself, and due to those limitations, they could not contribute much to our wellbeing. Now we are free from that mortal bondage and connected to that immortal and pure force, then obviously nothing can stop us. The only thing that can stop us is our emotional being and negative thoughts which can tempt us to set our eyes again in the situations created by mortal man and mortal desires. We have tasted that confusions earlier now we want only that journey with happiness till the end so that our soul can depart freely, joyously to get united with that supreme force. When we stand on that decision and take action based on that we see that universal force showering good times into our life.


The limit of Vedic astrologers is that most of them trust in remedial measures, which never work. What only works in human life is realization and repentance and actions based on repentance. Any dosh, manglik, kemdrum, kal sarppi, shrapit dosha, pitra dosha we can see that in all these our mental state is the most important even if some of the ill effects are the direct contributions from past life Karma. I have always looked into my personal life and I have asked my god about his stand on past life Karma. When I have analyzed my family history I have seen certain experiences which I or my family members have gone through has definitely got a reason arising our ancestors’ life pattern and their Karma. Those who have overcome that difficult situation by faith and actions are doing well in their life, but those who did not have the courage to break the chains are still living in that agony.

Kemdrum dosh can give a creative mind, spiritual inclination, and a disciplined lifestyle, and a person with this yoga has to blindly follow that righteous path. That is the only remedy. The ultimate aim of kemdrum dosh is to take the human to trust only in the Lord almighty. This lonely moon helps the natives to realize the real aim of the soul is rest with our creator as we are just mortal human beings and our entire dependency should not be in mortal human beings, but in that immortal force who created this entire universe. Once you started realizing this fact, you will identify that that so-called Kemdrussh has subsided a lot and your personality is getting refined day by day. There are many successful people with this dosh so, you don’t have to fear the dire consequences written in ancient texts. It was written by Sage Parashara He was born towards the end of Tretayuga, lived to see the complete Dwaparayuga. I truly dunno whether we are in Kalyug because some people firmly say that Kalyug is over. So we have traveled along through time from Treta Yug and our physical shape also has been changes. So we don’t have to take that account by words but the psychological implication is very important. We have living examples too.


Kemdrum Yog/ dosh doesn’t make you poor, Bill Gates, has this yoga.   All we Kemdrum guys have to keep our mind alert to Make our Moon happy through the righteous ways………….and that’s it.  Let us submit all our worries in that superpower, then everything will be fine.


It is a call from the universe so that we can travel in a higher dimension. Enjoy it.