Conjuring 2 ! An Astrological Explanation On Demonic Possession and Black Magic. Coming Soon


Finally, I also went to see Conjuring 2. My cousins, and  friends went to see , but I could not.  I saw a lot of movies these days. Jungle Book, Angry Birds, James and Alice, School Bus, Two Countries, King Liar and Amar Akbar Anthony. I want to see Finding Dory (My idol Ellen Degeners is the voice of Dory) and Udtha Punjab too.


At the same time I got approval for my next project and got so busy in work. Release date is August 1st week. I literally don’t have time for any entertainment. Still I took my time out for Conjuring 2. Whomever watched that movie told me that it was such a scary movie! To be frank I also got a shock when that ghost appear for the 1st time near that TV set. After that I understood that this is the way how  the ghost is going to be presented by the director.  I did not feel that it was a scary movie. I heard that one man died somewhere in India after he sees this movie. I felt that it was like any other paranormal movie and I don’t think that movie has some thing which is so scary . 

I have a ghost hunter in my Linked in network. I have spoken to him a few times. He has really hunted ghosts. What he says is that there are Demonic powers and ghosts who doesn’t harm us. It’s true that they exist. Some humans get the opportunity to see them, I love this subject. Most of my theology classmates have claimed that they have seen these wonderful beings. I think I also have confronted one or two.


During my theology studies ghosts were a hot topic. We used to enjoy these stories. That too in the midnight.   I remember, once when we were sharing beautiful and thrilling ghost stories in the midnight, suddenly one tap in the washroom started flowing. No one was there, but it got on by its own.  We got scolded by or teacher for discussing these things. When we are discussing about this beings, they will naturally get attracted to us. And they will come to visit us. She told us. Well, we are protected by Holy Ghost, despite your religion. Our God is, no matter what your religion is, in the form of spirit and that spirit is holy. So don’t worry about the demons and demonic possessions. Holy Ghost rules us. Even the Satan knows there is God. Demons ke Baap Satan also is scared of God. 

Being an astrologer and theologian, I have been asked by so many people. Whether the issues in their life is because of black magic or demon possession. Well, life will bring happiness and sorrow, and we are destined to go through both. It doesn’t have to be black magic   or you are possessed by a demon. Everything happens for a reason.

Before I write this article I just googled for black magic in astrology and I got so much of information.  In Linked in itself there are so many black magicians and Vasheekaran specialists. One such Vasheekaran specialist used to  send me back to back mails asking whether I   have any ex-boyfriend, whom I wish to get back. I replied , “if my ex-boyfriend comes back by any chance then I will find  you out wherever  you are and   kill you”. LOL. 


You took the help of a vasheekaran specialist and got the dream guy or gal you want. (I donno how these Vasheekaran guys does  that). This guy or gal whom you got through Vasheekaran will be the cause of your destruction    one day. I have never seduced any man or woman into my life. If any man or woman got attracted by me, then I have that natural talent to attract him or her. Everything happens for a reason. This universe is not anyone’s ancestral property. This universe belongs to its creator. For that force we are just properties. He will construct and destroy us ………


Still I will describe what astrology has to say about this demons and black magic…….Pls wait for it. So much of work at office. I will try to write in between….

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