Hrid Majhare Aka Live in My Heart : A Review

Hrid Ma Jaarey


Kemon Achen?Ki khobor? Well, I am  in a Bengali mood, because Bengali Malayali bhai bhai. Maybe we are a rice eating community. Likewise Bengali movies were so popular in Kerala once, Just like Malayali directors influenced Kerala, Keralites were influenced by Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Ritwik Ghattak, and Tapan Sinha.  I still rememeber me watching all those Satyajit Ray movies eventhough I didn’t inderstand the language during my childhood days. Thanks to Doordarshan, they used to air movies from different languages and Bengali movies had a special attraction. My favorite was Ritwik Ghattak, I was totally was in love with him after watching Madhumati. I liked Subarna Rekha as well. Satyajit Ray movies were too high for my intellect.














I watched Hrid Ma Jaarey, (Live in my Heart) was released in 2014. Main actors are handsome hunk Abir Chattrejee  and talented Reema Sen. See, this is where beauty fails in front of talent. Reema Sen has no more beauty than her sister Riya Sen, but Riya Sen doesn’t have a career at all. My malayali readers may not know who Abir Chatterjee is, lemme introduce him to you. He was in the list of Top Desirable Man in Calcutta Times (2014).  He is one of the Superstars in Tollywood. He is one of my favorite actor in Tollywood, he is not only handsome, but also very very talented. He is the one acting as Vidya Balan’s husband in Kahani.  I have seen his movies including Prem By Chance, BojhenaSheyBojhena, The Royal Bengal Tiger and so many other movies.

Hrid Ma Jaarey is a special movie and it is counted as a mix of various Shakespearian stories. It has a trajic end, and this movie is seen as one in top 10 Indian cinemas made on the backdrop of Shakespearian drams. Yes, it is a tragic movie and at the end we really feel bad for the lead characters. I was attracted to the psychological element in that.


The plot is like this. Abhijit ( Abir Chatterjee) is a successful mathematics professor and his students love him and respect him.












He is a single and he feels happy and go lucky with his singlehood. He has a sister, and both bhai behan lives a happy life. One day he meets with a Psychic LOL. Then the problem starts. This  psychic says that more than scientific , philosophical and technical knowledge , there is something called hidden knowledge in the universe and its mediums. The she warns Abhijit to be careful about his heart, and gives an indication that even though he is peaceful now he may fall into deep pain after sometime.

Uffffffffff, ye psychics bhi na……….Use kya zaroorat thi ke ye sab baatein karne ki………..bina pooche har jagah ye log aa jaate hey……

Abhijt, who is basically a rationalist hates all these occult stuff, denies the psychic inputs and going ahead in life.  Still, his heart was like a peaceful and serene pond, now a stone is thrown by this idiot psychic who doesn’t know how to handle the situation. She simply hijacked his subconscious mind. Why the hell, she has to do that. First of he did not ask her any question. Secondly, she got irritated when a rationalist questioned the psychic.

I don’t debate with a rational. I don’t watch talk shows against or for astrology or the occult. I am ready to go for a debate which we praise Lord and his creations. I am ready to speak tirelessly on how god has blessed my life. I can run extra miles to prove on how god is protecting us and how he yearns for us.

I can’t fight a war for astrology, or any occult. See, if your 9th house is afflicted you will of course be a rebel. If your 9th house is beneficially aspected then there will be reverence for divine things. That too on your own way. We all are programmed in a different way. My 9th house is totally in a collective placement, so I will be always after divine side of the life. My husband’s 9th house is placed in a rebellious mode so even though he is a theologian he hates astrology. What is the point in simply wasting our time in discussing the authenticity of astrology when my 5th lord is in the  9th house? At the same time, we all can praise the lord and be grateful despite being an astrologer, theologian, politician, or a criminal.

Well, coming back to Abhijit, he is disturbed from then onwards. After sometime he meets Debjani, our female protagonist Debjaani, ( Reima Sen) .














He loses his heart and both fall in a sexy and heated romantic relationship. Until then Abhijeet is a very successful man. He is doing a research. He has prepared some notes in the system and due to Debjaani’s lack of technical knowledge his system gets crashes and he loses all those precious work, but he forgives out of love.



Another important person in this movie is Abhijit’s student Shinjini  (Sonali Sanyal ) is very much infatuated with him. She got upset that the man whom she loves is in an affair with another gal who is more suitable for him. Moreover when Shinjini proposed to Abhijit , he refused and kicked her out of the house. Now there is no remedy for women who is jealous for her love. I know. It’s really deep and she will play any nasty games either to get that guy back or, to defame the guy and other lady involved. The truth is that, the guy will not go even if he goes that will be for a very short term. So, it’s good not to keep any expectation from anyone or don’t give any expectations to anybody.

Now this vamp Shinjini also played a nasty game, like a sex scandal that Abhijit approached her with an indecent proposal and Abhijit is suspended from the college and he loses his job. Not only job, but also the reputation, peace, intelligence and more. So, Debjaani comes to the rescue and  both  going to Port Blaire. Debjaani is a doctor and she got an offer there, Abhijit also get a job , but he is unable to perform as a good teacher.

He is a mathematics professor where logic has to be used highly to interpret the formulas, now he is looking for the divine reasons on why all these things happened in his life. He is losing his technical knowledge and slowly drifting towards the side of philosophical and theological thoughts.

Why this  happened in my life? Why am I here? What will happen to me? Why god put me in this situation?

If you are asking these questions often, kindly check your 9th house first. You may 80% see Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Neptune, Pluto or Uranus in that house. Then you check the 3rd house you may any of these planets there because from the 3rd house these planets will be aspecting the 9th house.  You don’t see any planets in these houses; there will, of course, an aspect on this house from some other houses. Every planets aspect the 7th house. , Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu have additional aspects. Everyone ask such questions, but people like me like to jump into the deep ocean of theology or philosophy will have such weird combinations. There are other combinations which make you think this way, but I think the aggressive nature of such thoughts is indicated by the above-said placements.

Now, Debjaani and Abhijit are in Port Blaire, hoping to start everything afresh, but there also hurdles come up. New obstacle’s name is Subhro Sarkar (Indrasish Roy) . Debjaani’s friend who is there in Port Blaire. Abhijit becomes upset and worries about Debjaani getting closer with Subhro. Some arguments take place between both, and Debjaani is angry about Abhijit’s doubtful nature. Subhro is just a friend for her. One fine day Shubro meet with an accident and dies in front of them.

 Abhijit can’t teach properly because he lost that technical knowhow or he can’t define the complex calculations satisfactorily to the students. The college is doing a background check and they find the Shinjini issue and Abhijit again loses the job. So the wound was deep, now it gets deeper. He is going after the deep philosophical meanings to teach the Mathematics and students are unhappy. Once he was a successful teacher who used to crack those complex calculations instantly. Now he is searching for the divine and philosophical reasons. He lost his dreams completely.


He does a retrospect. He started feeling that until Debjaani enters his life, his life was smooth. Debjaani herself is an orphan and this also adds the intensity to the Abhijit’s madness. His thoughts are like this


  • The psychic told there is some unknown reason for every incident in our life.
  • He is looking for that reason
  • He finds the reason in Debjaani’s entry in his life.
  • From the moment she entered in his life, troubles started coming to him.



Now he wants to leave Debjaani, because in his eyes she is the sole reason for his downfall. Now he wants to fly away from her so that start again…… he lost his reputation because of Shinjini , but the real reason was Debjani, He lost his research work because of Debjani, Shubro lost his life because of Debjaani, last , but not the least, Debjaani’s parents died in her childhood. What explains more about the ill omen which Debjaani carries? (Maybe she is born in Gandaanta Naskhathra LOL)


 He comes home and tells Debjaani that he needs moksha from her . So of course she can’t take that. Well, if any lovers who feels their love life is sinking and have a fear that their spouse wants to say bye bye, kindly don’t block him or her in your life. Set them free…….You can’t block anything forcefully, the universe will chart it’s on course. Suppose I am in an affair and that guy is telling me “I need moksha from you, oh then you are the most welcome uncle, a door is open kindly get lost or F off.” But make sure you are not coming back because universe can’t stop for you or wait for you or me. I don’t like staying back in the time licking my wounds. I let them heal. So that new skin can cover up with more shine. So, don’t get emotionally attached to anyone, so that they will leave the deep wound in you.


Debjaani is trying to stop this guy and she says he has to kill her if he wants moksha aka mukthi. Abhijit is explaining to her why he cant continue , but she is provoking him. Please don’t provoke anyone in the relationship. If you see no chemistry then believes that his/her Karma has finished in your life and it’s time for him/her to leave you. Here Debjaani is provoking and finally, Abhijit kills her………..




Poor guy…….his life is totally gone.


Looking at her dead body he could not stop himself, he runs away……….While running away he gets a recorded message from Debjaani in his mobile.  In the message, she was describing how she loves him and cared for him and she had a gift which can change their lives forever and it is at home. The poor guy runs back and finds a CD and when he plays it was the scanning a report of Debjaani and she is carrying his baby.

Ha……………… the destruction is complete.

He should not have met that Psychic or she shouldn’t have told him what was in store for him……but


She told him

“Ek daage sa fark hota hey

Zindgi aur moth ke beech

Us fark ko mitne mat dena

Is dil se bachke rehna

Ajeeb aur gareeb khel khelta rehta hey Kameena

Chain jitna laata hey, dard use bhi zyada deta hey


The Rog( bimaari) called the heart claims many lives

Heer Ranjha, Laila Majnu,

Alone the lovers had nothing to lose

But when they got together,

They were destroyed

Try to stay away from love….try to stay away from it

If you don’t


Destiny will chart its own course………………………………



There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio. Which is bigger than your philosophy? .Tell me do you want to know it or to run away from it…….So why do you want to know it? Let the universe take its own troll guys……….

After the movie I was thinking 

നമ്മുടെ ലാലേട്ടനും ശോഭന മാഡവുമായിരുന്നെങ്കില്‍ ഇതൊരു ഇന്റര്‍നാഷനല്‍ ഹിറ്റ് ആയേനെ ഈസ്റ്റ്‌ ഓര്‍ വെസ്റ്റ് ലാലേട്ടന്‍ ഈസ്‌ ദ ബെസ്റ്റ് . ആ മനുഷ്യനെ ഇത് ഹൃദയത്തില്‍ തട്ടുന്ന രീതിയില്‍ ചെയ്യാന്‍ പറ്റൂ


any doubts? 

Maheshinte Prathikaram aka Revenge of Mahesh : Great Lesson From a Movie

Last Friday I took an off from my work. I  was so busy these days and I had so much of work pressure. Some days I even reached my office at 7 a m just to finish the work before the time. You know, I travel to Kochi from Kottayam on a daily basis and that’s not a joke. There are so many other ladies like me, who travels 90kms daily for their work.

I stay in a small village and in Kottayam there are no big corporate or industries other than Malayala Manorama and Mathrubhoomi (as far as I know). I send my resume to CCS Technologies Kottayam which is a Malayala Manorama group venture, but they never called me for an interview. Daily travelling is very tiring , but I get good time for prayer, meditation and self realization. I read books during the trip, I finished Brihad Parashara Hora Sasthra second time like this. Now I am reading Bolivian Diary.

So, I took a break and my project manager was so kind. I was not planning for a movie,  but the climate was very bad. It was around 32 degrees and I was sweating like anything. It is exam time for my kids and my daughter Valentina and my nephew Nakul was also there. They also were very bored and unhappy. So, I told them to get ready to go for a movie. If I have to watch a movie I have to go to Thalayolapparambu, which is around 18 kms from my place. The theatre is very good and it is managed by Karnival group.

We reached the theatre by 11 30 a m and there were 3 movies. I chose “Maheshinte Prathikaram”. Actually,  I wanted to watch “ Action Hero Biju” but it was at 3 p m.

I have seen Mr Fahad Fasil in Bangalore Days and I think that’s his  only movie  which I have seen. Well, he is a handsome hunk. The movie started with his bathing scene, I found it very steamy and lovely and sexy. It was better than Ms Seenath Aman’s bathing scene in Satyam Sivam Sundaram or  Ms Mandakini’s bathing scene in Ram, Teri Ganga Maily. Fahad Maybe I am a woman, so I may not  enjoy such performances by  females. Obviously  that scene was a visual treat when a man comes in a bathing mode flaunting  his valuable assets. I was thinking then,  that earlier skin show was the forte of ladies. Now males have taken up  the burden of adding value to a movie through skin show. For eg John Abraham in Dostana.   Now a days more men are making themselves nude in the public. Not only his bathing scene, but it got  well connected to the beauty of the nature.   We all know Idukki is beautiful, I spend my childhood there and now also we go for one day trips to Idukki.  In this bathing scene I think more than the hero , his sandals are promoted. Hero is cleaning the sandals very dearly and I was wondering why? He uses a normal sandal flats made out of rubber. This sandal is manufactured by Lunar rubbers,a famous rubber company in Kerala.

The movie is all about a revenge. The plot is like this. Mahesh is a photographer without any Bhavna  (imagination aka creativity)  and he owns a studio named Bhavna Studios. He lives in a small township and lives with his dad. He is in love with a sexy siren ( ??????????) Soumya,  who is from his same village, but now works somewhere  in the Middle East as a nurspupe (I think the middle east). This guy is very homely, hard working and innocent. He has a cute puppy too.

His lady comes to India for a family function. She is not from a rich family, but not from a poor family either. She has a sister, and everyone in the family is aware of her love kahani (story) with bechara Mahesh. Her dad, is forcing her for a marriage with an NRI who is settled in Canada. She is in a dilemma. She indeed loves Mahesh, but she has family responsibilities, but there won’t be any scope for financial growth or any value addition. See, nursing job is Kerala is not that profitable job and every nurse in Kerala has a dream to go to the West. My dad’s sister studied nursing from Banaras University in the late 60s and she went to Iran. Then she went to Iraq, she was one among those nurses who came back to India in the last batch when Saddam, Hussain attacked Kuwait and Iraq war started. It was a big news in the media that time. She got a chance to go to the US, but I think her husband didn’t allow her. Moreover, her first son was older than me and second one born when the first guy was 15 years old. Let’s come back to Mahesh and Soumya. Even though, Soumya loves Mahesh, she has family responsibilities also. She is ambitious. If she marries Mahesh, for a settled married life, she has to come back to India, where the pay will be very less. If she has to take Mahesh to her place, Mahesh can’t because he has to take care of his dad. Soumya has a family, a sister and not so wealthy dad. She decides to chose NRI guy, but I may tell you. If I was in her place. I would have given options for Mahesh. Like upgrading himself, studying some other technologies, or taking him to the middle east in a visit visa, then taking his dad also there or to any country. Here she never discussed anything with him, so she was very much money minded and selfish.

Mahesh doesn’t know that she is thinking about parting ways. He is working and his days like any other days. Life can never be stagnant. It has to progress. No one’s life is stuck anywhere. We have to travel with the time. Then only progress will come to us.  If anyone of us are stuck somewhere, don’t worry, the universe will put us into some situations where , we will peddle like we fell into a river and our peddling itself will make  us   move forward.

Our man Mahesh is going to the office one day. I mean Bhavna studio. While he reaches there he sees a street fight. The place where his studio is located is called Prakash Kavala, Kavala means Junction. Prakash Junction. As a local native, he rushes towards that fighting venue and playing the role of a peacemaker. Prakash Kavala is his own place, he is a native of that place and he is a well known guy there. Mahesh is trying to stop the fight but he also got involved in that fight. The main goon in that group thrashed him and making him naked in front of his own people. He is wearing innerwear  though. Mahesh is humiliated, physically and mentally hurt in front of the public. Obviously, no one wants to get MHShumiliated in front of others. For every one their ego is a valuable property. Draupadi’s got hurt when she was undressed by the Kauravas. What was the result? Her husbands killed all her enemies. A Bleeding soul, wounded ego makes all the living beings fight for their survival.

At the end of the fight, he is standing half nude, without that sandals, hurt and broken. Out of rage he takes an oath infront of the public, that he won’t wear a sandal  unless until he thrashes  the goon at that goon’s place in front of goon’s own  people. Goon’s name is Jims.


Our hero Mahesh is totally broken and he reaches home and resumes his life with the expectation that he will meet that goon Jims one day and he will thrash him. He is walking barefoot. During that day itself, Soumya’s dad visits Mahesh at his home. He is telling Mahesh that Soumya has got a marriage proposal and she wants to talk to him and handles the phone to him. Over the phone Soumya cries, wipes her nose and tells her sugar coated things, but the notion is that Mahesh should allow her to marry that NRI. Mahesh is already broken, understood the meaningless in begging for Soumya’s love. He asks her, “ how easily you avoided me?“  After that Mahesh is not thinking about Soumya.

Mahesh is truly broken and sad, but he keeps the faith and hope that he will be alright one day. Now also he is walking barefoot, but his friends are forcing him to break his oath, but Mahesh is a man of determination. He joins the Kung Fu class and practices to upgrade himself.

He is searching for the goon Jims, but he heard that  goon Jims has gone to the middle east for a job. Goon Jims is a welder by profession. Mahesh, is very upset listening to this. He is totally down, but he is still keeping the hope that goon Jims will come back some day. He gets a news that there is high recession in the middle east and Indians are coming back due to the job cuts. He keeps a home that goon Jims will also come back and secretly reaches goon Jims home. There he meets Jim’s mom, and she serves Mahesh and says Jims is ok in the middle east.  He obviously gets discouraged,  but keeps the faith and hope.

Life resumes and Mahesh meets a girl named Jimsi who is a dancer, model and wannabe actress. I have seen so many small town girls having a great dream to be another Marylin Monroe or another Alia Bhatt. In reality such things work  very rarely. This girl comes to Bhavna studio to take a photo for a cover girl contest and Mahesh takes a photo. This photo is so bad that the girl insults him. Then he falls into an identity crisis. He started doubting his own ability as a skilled photographer. He has got one more wound now. Still,  he is not ready to fall. People around him are considering that he is a mad guy, a failure and sometimes making fun at him. He is silently tolerating everything with faith and hope.

His dad also was a photographer. He happens to see a few photographs taken by his dad and he understands how beautiful they are. He learns the secret of being creative, imaginative and adding those skills into his profession. He takes this girl Jimsi’s photograph without her knowledge and sends them to a magazine and she comes as a cover girl.  Now we can easily assume that some sparks flying between Jimsi and Mahesh. Mahesh is already gone through one break up. When I see his decision to start a new love affair so soon after a break up as a foolishness. He would have taken one or two years to date himself.  Well, in this movie Mahesh started another love affair. This girl is an intense girl, very daring and she is a close friend of Mahesh’s colleague’s daughter Soniya.

Soniya says Jimsi about the pledge taken by Mahesh and she realizes, the goon is none other than her brother Jims. She is a truthful and daring woman, she tells Mahesh that the goon who hit Mahesh is her brother and wants to know whether  he is still interested in her.

Our Mahesh is a man of integrity, he doesn’t want to play with the heart and soul of a girl. He accepts Jimsi even though she is his enemy’s sister, but he says he will not withdraw from his pledge to thrash her brother. Jimsi is also a woman of integrity, she never pleads for her bhai ( brother). She is not playing any emotional atyachar wala episode, she is ready to face life as it comes to her. She loves Mahesh and her brother and also and she is not trying to manipulate Mahesh’s feelingAPRs.

Finally, that day comes when Jimson has to come back to India, because he lost his job due to misbehavior. Mahesh doesn’t want anyone to know that he is going to thrash Jimson in his town in the midst of his own people as Jimson thrashed Mahesh in Mahesh’s town amidst Mahesh’s own people.  Mahesh is going to Jimson’s place with his colleague.

When Mahesh reaches the venue, Jimson is spending time with his friends. He doesn’t remember Mahesh because fights are a common thing for Jimson. For Mahesh, fighting is not an ordinary thing. Mahesh step ahead and tells his intention to Jimson. He says he is the one whom Jimson thrashed in Prakash Kavala amidst his own people. Now he has come to thrash Jimson in his own place amidst his own people. Yes, it should be like. If I want to attack someone I will fight face to face. Only courageous people do  that. Backbiting, gossiping and spreading scandals and hidden wars are for cowards. I will never ever do that. If I have enmity with someone I will tell them to be cautious because I they have created enmity with me. I never make enemies because I have Vipreet Raj Yog. My god will fight with my enemies and will make my way clear. My god will lead the war he alone will fight and he alone will win. That’s why faith and hope.  Yes, I have my share of sins and I am not a saint.

Here , Mahesh makes the war cry and Jimson accepts it. This war is taking place in Jimson’s place. He has the ground support where Mahesh is supported by his colleague alone. That scene is an intense scene, Jimson is an experienced fighter. Mahesh is a fresher.  The fight continues, sometimes Mahesh wins, sometimes Jimson. At time we get a feel that Mahesh will again fail, but Mahesh manages himself and his will power and faith is supporting him. He is using self defense techniques. I forgot the name of that technique, I have seen that moves in  Shaolin  practice, but I can’t remember the name. One trick I saw was some think like”Monk Push the Door “ technique. Parrying style was there, then blocking, slipping. One Malayalam movie, which I saw with a good fight  scene was “Chotta Mumbai”. They were quiet technical, I think. Finally , Mahesh manages to win.  Then he goes to the shoe shop and ask for Lunar 8 inches and the shop owner who always made fun face at  his pledge , is shocked and shivering in disbelief. He can’t imagine that our Mahesh defeated an experienced goon like Jimson.

In the last scene goon Jimson is admitted in the hospital and Mahesh serving  and telling he wants to marry Jimson’s sister Jimsi. With that Mahesh is making his life easy because no goon will take revenge on his own sister. No goon will like to see his sister as a widow. At the end of the movie Mahesh comes out as a true warrior, he has polished his professional skills, he got a sincere love he proved his manhood and so much more.

Maheshinte Prathikaram aka Revenge of Mahesh, is a great movie,  which teaches us about keeping faith and hope. We may not have all that we need in our life or we may only have failures. I think that will be just temporary if we keep our faith alive. Here Mahesh had so many struggles,  but he had that will power and   he reached his goal. He never sat idly or sympathized with himself, instead he decided to fight. This may be a movie, but in real life also we can see so many people who have   achieved great things due to their will power and determination.  God has not created anyone as useless. It’s all about finding ourselves and realizing our skills.

I was so encouraged after seeing this movie and my mind was full of hope and faith and I strongly suggest this movie to all.  Not only that this movie’s director Mr Dileesh Pothan is my neighbor too.