First Lord in first House for Taurus Lagna in Rohini Nakshatra



Rohini belongs fully to the sign of Taurus and this nakshatra is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is the queen of the zodiac, so, you will naturally expect a queen like treatment from all.

Rohini 10-00′ to 23-20′ Taurus.


 Translation: The red one.

 Symbol: An ox cart/chariot.

 Animal symbol: A male serpent – spiritual power and wisdom.

 Ruling planet: Moon.

 Nature: Manushya (human).

 Names Starting With O, VA, vee, vU

 Presiding deity: Brahma – creator of the universe.

When your Lagna Nakshatra is Rohini, your Lagna is Taurus, the Lagna lord is Venus, and Lagna nakshatra lord is the Moon. The rulership of Venus and Moon will surely make the native very seductive, feminine, and creative. However, the kind of creativity the native likes will depend upon the placement aspect and conjunction of both the planets. 


Every nakshatra has a story to say about it and we can find that story from the Vedas. 

Rohini is the favorite nakshatra of the Moon, and she is the stepmother of Mercury, which is the Son of the Moon. Due to the affinity towards Rohini, Moon had to go through a curse. 

Being a Taurus Lagna, you are a very stable person as Taurus is an earth sign. The earth element is making you a slow and steady person. Taureans have a strong mind and a patient nature. They have an artistic mind due to the rulership of Venus.

However, their life will be focused according to the placement of the Moon. 

You are born here to nourish others who are creating something. You should understand the features of the house in which the Moon is placed. Your career, family, and everything in your life will have a close connection to the features of that house. For example, if your Moon is in the fifth house, you will be working with children. Children will be the main part of your life. You will be always interested in creative projects and focused on gains from them. However, you will not be very fast in getting into such projects. There will be a lot of activity with team members. You will be interested in education and also in mantra, tantra, and sadhana. This placement will always attract people of the opposite gender to you. You will be very thoughtful and think twice before action too. 

Since the deity of this nakshatra is Brahma, the creator of the universe, your duty is to create something in order to make life easier. 

If the Moon is not in a bad condition, then your education and creative projects will be giving you a lot of gains. 

In order to get success in life, it is very important to identify the placement of Lagna Nakshatra. No matter whichever dasa comes, your life will be evolving around the indications given by the Lagna Nakshatra. Your career, your happiness, your family life, wealth, everything will be connected to the matters shown through the placement of Lagna Nakshatra. 

Being a Taurus Lagna, you can be a little slow in actions, but the placement of the Lagna Nakshatra and the Lagna Nakshatra lord will teach you what steps you need to take maximum results from your life. 


When Will You Get a Child? Child Birth in Astrology


Some horoscopes don’t show child birth. Yes, there are people without the destiny to have a child. It is not their mistake, as a theologian, I see that as the opportunity to work for the well-being of society

 In the horoscope, 5th house, and Jupiter indicates childbirth. However, if both the 5th house and Jupiter are bad, then it will not block the chances to have a child. If they both are not strong, then you need the help of a medical doctor. In childbirth consultation, the importance of the Saptamsa chart is very high. This chart shows the number of children and their relationship with them. 


In every chart, you need to see the placement, aspect, and conjunction of the planets. If the 5th lord and Jupiter are receiving supporting aspects of the friendly planets then the chances for childbirth are high. If the 5th house, 5th lord, and Jupiter are forming good yogas, then you don’t have to worry about childbirth. Childbirth normally happens when Jupiter and Saturn both impact the 5th house, 5th lord, and the planets which are connected to the 5th house, 5th lord, and Jupiter in transit.

 Saturn is Time and Jupiter is Life, Kala, and Jeeva, so the influence of Saturn and Jupiter. It can be a direct or indirect influence. It can be like childbirth can come during Saturn transit over the 5th lord, the planet in the 5th house, or Jupiter. The same will happen during the transit of Jupiter transit over the 5th lord, the planet in the 5th house, or Saturn. So, there is no point in expecting the child whenever you want. You have to wait for the blessings of the universe.

 I am not an astrologer, who favors IVF or any other technological treatment as I see a lot of bad things happening in the life of those people who create children artificially. I am against conducting a c-section to have a better horoscope for children, to be frank; you are putting that child’s life into multiple dangers. 

However, it’s your choice, but some people are not destined to have a child. I have seen that as well. 

When you go to an astrologer, please don’t ask will have a child or not. Kindly ask how strong the chances to have a child are. If you asking me then I will never say, whether you will not have a child. I will give little timing, which you get the closer opportunities to have a child. No credible astrologer will say “You will not have a child” 

Maybe god is denying the chance because he knows you cannot be a good parent, or something is going to happen in your life where you feel difficulty in giving the child a good life. What’s the point in making the children and giving them a bad life?



Job or Business ? What is in Your Horoscope?

 What should I do? Business or Job? Should I resign my job and start a business?

These are the  common questions asked during consultation. In this article, I am going to share certain planetary combinations which can make you a service personal and a businessman 

There are no shortcuts like” if you are a Pisces, then you will do business, or your Sun is strong you will do business. 


The chart should be seen in totality. It is not like if you are a Capricorn, then you will do business if you are a Gemini you will do a job. 

There are 12 houses in astrology depicting various matters from birth to death. Among these, if the 1st house is analyzed for everything because it indicates the strength of the person. 6th and 10th are seen for the job.

These are the conditions for someone who does a job

  • The 1st lord in the 10th house and the 10th lord in the 6th house
  • The 6th lord in the 10th house

These are the primary conditions to see whether the person will be doing a job.

Below are the conditions for Business

The houses for business

The 1st house of Lagna is seen for business too.

The 10th house should not be connected to the 6th house if the person can only have a business. 

The 10th house should have a connection to the 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 11th houses.

The 2nd house indicates money in cash, earning capacity, and financial status. So, this house should be strong. 

The 5th house indicates speculative ventures. It also indicates own ventures, so the 10th house should be connected to the 5th house. 

The 7th house indicates negotiation skills and networking. So, if someone has a negative planet here, then there are chances for issues in the partnership business.

Then the 10th house will naturally indicate what you do in an official capacity.

The 11th house indicates profits and long-term relations. This is a very strong house to know the number of profits one will make in their life. 

So, all these houses should be strong and connected, if a person has to do business. 

What if a person has multiple careers?

If the 10th house has dual signs like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, then the person will have a lot of chances to have a job as well as other freelancing, but it should be seen through the full chart

If the person whose business houses are involved with the 6th house, then the person can have a job as well as business. 

 The importance of the 3rd house

This house is known as the house of courage and self-efforts. This is a very tricky house, certain planets in this house indicate that you will have long-term debts. However Saturn’s connection to this house indicates, you can start your ventures. 

So, it’s not easy to find whether you can do business. You should not pick up one planet or sign to decide the scope of doing a business. You should check the horoscope in totality.

What is Guru Chandala Dosha ?


The conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu is known as Guru Chandala dosha

Jupiter indicates Guru in astrology, and Rahu is known as chandala. Who is a Guru, Guru teaches divinity, spirituality and he is a person with a lot of wisdom. In astrology, Guru or Jupiter is the teacher of Devas.



Who is a Chandal? He lives in cemeteries, burying corpses, and he is not a dignified person.  In sanskrit Candala or Chandala means a person from lowest or despised caste

When this dosha is in the horoscope, then it means, the person will not be submissive to his teachers. His rebelliousness will put his life into a lot of struggles. His studies can get obstructed and his career life will bloom in the latter part of his life. Due to his unruly behavior, people will keep a distance from him. During the first half of his life, he will be having no good friends or fewer friends.

If Jupiter is in bad dignity, the person even will be known as a lawbreaker too.  

This is the essence of Guru Chandala dosha. 

However, this dosha is present in many renowned person’s horoscopes. In the changing world, we need to see this yoga from a different perspective.

Jupiter is a traditional planet while Rahu is a revolutionary planet. When we study astrology we will come to know, without Rahu Ketu, astrology is so incomplete. In the ancient days, Rahu is the representative of Asura and the Vedic texts are written under the perspective that Devas are great and Asuras are bad and sinful. When we look at Rahu, it indicates passion, science, and technology, new inventions, and ambitions.

In the horoscope of Steve Jobs, we can see that he has Guru Chandal dosha as his Jupiter is conjunct with Ketu and aspected by Rahu. We know how he revolutionized the world. Rahu and Ketu are not always bad. If astrology was written in this century, I am so sure, this combination would have never been seen as a bad one.

The life Of Steve Jobs is the best example of this yoga.

His studies got affected and he was a dropout, of course, this is a disheartening scenario for his parents, but ultimately, he became knowledgeable with his own experience. He was an enlightened person as we know that he had a Buddhist spiritual guru.

A person without this dosha will use his knowledge in a limited and traditional way. If you have Guru chandal, you will use innovative methods to change the life of society. You will be so generous to give it freely to the people.

Let me tell you many new-gen astrologers have this dosha in their horoscope, and they will be sharing the knowledge of astrology in an innovative manner that is combined with psychology and ontology. Others will follow the traditional path which is not cannot be understood by layman

The dosha will give benefic results too, but it will depend upon different charts, placement aspects and conjunction.

However, if the female have a Guru chandal yoga, then she has to keep a distance from males as Jupiter indicates husband in astrology. The male friends can tarnish her image, so its better for her to keep herself away from partying, Tindering or using dating services

How Strong is Your Neecha Bhanga Rajayoga?

Neecha Bhanga Rajayoga


This is a very famous and misunderstood yoga, if you have this yoga, then I request you to understand it properly

Neecha bhanga rajayoga arises when you have a Neecha planet and its Neecha Avastha is cancelled. Neecha means debilitation in astrology. In order to analyze Neecha bhanga rajayoga, we need to know the debilitation sign for the planets. I am not taking Rahu and Ketu in consideration because there are various opinion regarding its exaltation and debilitation.

If you have to have a Neecha bhanga rajayoga, you need to have a debilitated planet.


Planets           Exaltation   Debilitation

Sun                Aries            Libra


Moon             Taurus         Scorpio

Mars              Capricorn     Cancer

Mercury         Virgo             Pisces       

Venus             Pisces           Virgo

Jupiter         Cancer              Capricorn

Saturn           Libra               Aries


There are many conditions in the ancient texts about this yoga, but being a practicing astrologer, I can only see three conditions which can give an auspicious Neecha bhanga rajayoga

 These are the 2 conditions


  • The ruler of the debilitated planet should be in a Kendra from Lagna or Moon


Sample Horoscope

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modiji, has a perfect Neecha bhanga rajayoga with the first condition.

In his chart, Moon is debilitated and the ruler of Moon is Mars. Moon is in the sign of Scorpio and the ruler of Scorpio Mars is in the Kendra from lagna as well as Moon.


The ruler of debilitated planet should be in Kendra, it can be 1, 4, 7 or 10 from lagna or moon.


  • The second condition

I f the exalted Planet of the sign in which it is debilitated is in Kendra from the ascendant or the moon.

Suppose Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn, Mars is the planet which gets exalted in Capricorn, so Mars should be in Kendra from lagna or Moon

These 2 are the only such conditions where you can expect a powerful Neecha bhanga rajayoga


Raja yoga means power, authority and honor. So, through this yoga, you will be getting a good professional life, but that too in the second half of the life. There is no surety that this condition can make you rich or not as Neecha bhanga Rajayoga in an exclusive yoga for power.


If you have strong dhanayoga, then you can be rich also.

The neecha bhanga rajayoga forming planets should not make connection to 6, 8 and 12th.  Such Neecha bhanga rajayoga may give you lifelong struggles.


If the planets forming Neecha bhanga rajayoga is retrograde of combust that also will make this yoga in effective in your life.


There are so many conditions in different texts, but any condition other than the 2 will not be strong and positive.


The First Lord in First House in Kritika Nakshathra For Aries and Taurus Lagna

 1st Lord in 1st House in Krittika Nakshathra


The scope of lagna nakshathra is being discussed widely and people are finding it very relatable. The lagna nakshathra shows the life path while the Moon nakshathra shows what we think. Moon nakshathra is the indicator of our dasa too.

When your lagna nakshatra is Krittika, your lagna can be either in Aries or Taurus.


Krittika 26-40′ Aries to 10-00′ Taurus

 So the lagna degrees are very important. If your lagna degrees are between 26’40” -30 then your lagna is Aries and if it is 00:00-10-00 then your lagna is Taurus

In both the case, the nakshathra features will be similar


Zodiac Range 26o 40’ Aries – 10o 00’ Taurus

Ruling Planet Sun

Deity Agni, God of Fire

Symbol Razor, Scissors

Gana Rakshasa (Demon)

Quality Misra (Mixed or Sharp and Soft)

Caste Brahmin (Priest)

Animal Female Goat

Bird Peacock

Tree Cluster Fig

Sounds Aa, Ee, Uu, Aye

Yoga Tara 6o Taurus

Padas 1-Sagittarius, 2-Capricorn, 3-Aquarius, 4-Pisces


Krittika’s in Aries will be very fiery people as their lagna lord is Mars and Kritikas in Taurus will be mild and practical as their Lagna lord is Venus.

The symbol of Krittika is Scissor that means, the person will be very direct to the point and he doesn’t like dramas. Since the nakshathra animal is a goat we can see goats always munching something, so you also will like eating, so you will be foodies. You can even be good chef too. This nakshathra has a power called “Dahana shakthi” so, that also makes them foodies and cooks. Goats are very defensive, so you will be very much like a fault-finding person, but you may not like someone finding fault with you. The Sun, ruler of this nakshatra is the ultimate planet for romance, so, you will be very romantic too. This nature will be prominent in those whose nakshatra is in Taurus.


Since the nakshatra ruler is the sun, you will be very much egoistic too as the Sun is the planet for ego.


Kritika nakshathra’s are believed to be the representation of Lord Kartikeya, who is a lord of war according to Hindu theology, he had many stepmothers who took care of him. So, naturally, a krittika native will be getting motherly care from multiple females. You will be very hot-tempered, especially in Aries as the deity of this nakshatra is Agni


Ultimate results depend upon where the sign lord and the nakshatra lord are placed.

For this purpose, you need to have a clear understanding of the houses.


Here we are talking about 1st lord in 1st house, and if you are an Aries lagna, your Mars will be in the 1st house and that means, you are a very action oriented person. Where you are investing your energy is seen through the placement of Sun, the nakshatra lord. When Mars comes in the first house there will be some fluctuations in the activities as Aries lagna people are little unstable until their mid age. Meanwhile Taurus are stable and diplomatic because the lagna is an earth sign and ruler Venus is the planet for diplomacy





If the nakshatra lord Sun is placed in the 4th house of home, and mother, you will be very much a private person and you don’t like anyone encroaching into your privacy. You can be a government servant, or a real estate agent too.

If the nakshatra lord Sun is in the 9th house, then you can be known as a mentor or a teacher. The 9th house indicates media, so, you can even be a person who works in media. You can even live in foreign lands too.


So, it is very important to find the placement of the Sun and the sign lord Mars and Venus.

 Kritika people will be naturally beautiful as they are ruled by the Sun. The Sun is the most visible planet in the sky, so their beauty will be visible, even if they stand in the crowd, people will notice them.

Wherever your nakshatra lord is, your physical body has to go through those things in achieving the matters of that house. Wherever your Moon nakshatra is, you will be thinking about those matters.


When your lagna nakshathra lord is in the first house, then you will be a self made person as well self obsessed. You will have own ventures and destined to rely on yourself. This will make you arguing with others for your sustainability and others can feel that you are very selfish. Your every effort will be to prove yourself as a very capable person.

 If the lagna nakshathra lord is in the 6th house, then naturally your physical body will have a lot of resistance. However, that doesn’t mean that you will not have any physical issues. You may get issues often, but you will get over that. The 6th house indicate debts, diseases and enemies, so, your identity will be of a person who fights with issues in a daily basis