Conjuring 2: Astrological Details on Demon Attacks

 Rahu is considered as demon in astrology and the placement and aspect of this planet shows the possibilities of a person having psychological disorders. This is just one indication. I don’t want to make my readers upset or I don’t want to manipulate your subconscious mind. So I am not going to any details, but I will tell you some other details.

When you Google or read some texts you may see that they are giving you very vast information about demon possessions. The truth is that, I have seen combinations for demonic influences in many charts which I have analyzed. Even my own chart has certain combinations which makes me very furious and agitated sometimes. So, please don’t go with the general assumptions.

I have a client whose Son is 18 years now. He has stopped his studies and sitting at home. That is not the problem. He likes to dress up like ladies, he has long nails, talks like ladies and afraid of the crowd. My client was asking me whether someone has done some black magic on him. I asked him only one question “Are you sure that your hands are not filled with the blood of an innocent?” He said, “Till date I haven’t hurt anyone”. Then I said, if you are true then you don’t have to worry about the black magic.

 It’s really tough to write about this because, I am afraid of what my readers will grasp through my words. Still I am trying to write.

 It’s true that good spirits and evil spirits exist. The people who are weak in mind can get more into fears and prejudices. So, the condition of the Moon shows how mentally strong you are. Obviously, Moon’s conjunction, and aspects with the negative planets indicates the importance of strengthening your mind.

Emotional intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, Intra-personal Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence, Existential Intelligence and Logical-Mathematical Intelligence originates from our mind and psyche. Moon is the main indicator of Mind and psyche in astrology. Moon indicates Intelligence, Woman, Sleep, Happiness   Mother,   Mind, emotions, inner peace, security, moods,  and visions. So, if your natal Moon is not in a good condition, then it indicates that you have to give more energy in making it strong.

If you are a person with such fears then you should make your Moon aka mind strong. Maybe you see your Moon in a very very bad state. Conjunct with evil planets and aspected by evil planets, placed in the evil houses. I am telling again, you take 100 charts…80 of them will have such combinations. Rest 20 will have other tough things shown in their chart. Especially some Vedic astrologers are so keen to show the bad things in the chart. I am surrounded by astrologers and I know my Moon is in a very bad condition. I took so many years to master my mind and my thoughts. There are astrologers who told me that my chart is so hopeless. By the grace of God I have so many astrologers who are very positive and helped me to find out the positive things in my chart. Especially I thank Besariyaji.

There are certain combinations in astrology which shows whether the person can meet with a ghost. Lol. ( Celestial confrontation) The 8th house and 12th house are the main houses for such confrontations. Certain planets in these houses 99% indicates that these person will see spirits face to face. I have such a combination and I have seen them. Most of my theology classmates have such experiences. No wonder we all went to study theology. I had a classmate who was antichrist and participated in blackmass. He later repented and now warrior of God.

I have a client, who has a special alignment in the 12th house. During the consultation I asked him, “you are too obsessed with ghosts, but have you ever seen them? ‘’ He was upset listening to this. Actually he has a deep desire to meet a ghost. So, what he did was he went to a pond near his home in the midnight. Two weeks back one guy committed suicide by jumping into that Pond. My client went there are waited till dawn expecting that poor ghost to visit him and share the details about his current residence. My client repeated this for few days, but no ghost appeared. He has interest and he may meet one but not in this dasa.

The 8th house is the house of tantra, mantra, sex, occult and the dirtier side of the mysteries in the universe. There are other houses also, but this house is the prime house. The 12th house is also there, but as far as I know, it is not that dangerous as the 8th house.

  I am literally fed up about the fake tantriks promising to release this demon attacks and misusing people. Guys, you should always ask testimonials from those who claim this. Whether they have tested this in their personal life. Let it be an astrologer, healer or anyone who works as a healer. You should ask for case studies. If someone ask you to wear stones, ask for a case study, if someone claim that this pooja is going to change your life, then ask them for case studies. How many life they have constructed like this and everything is like an All is Well situation forever?

This universe is very mysterious. These scientists are researching whether any aliens exists? Almost all religious texts give authentic evidence for alien life. We humans are not alone in this world. There are micro and macro organisms around us. Ghosts are one among such entities. Don’t fear them. They are just there, let them also share this universe with us.

  I can give fearful information in this article. I know how to explain demonic influences in people’s chart. Actually when you live as a theologian you don’t need astrology to read people, but astrology is a great tool to understand people more deeply. I don’t like that dirty side of astrology. We are here to encourage and bless each other. Not to curse or to wish someone’s downfall. When we are in one with the true Holy Ghost, Conjuring 2, or 3 real or unreal can’t scare us.

  Bhagvat Geeta


bandhuraatmaatmanastasya yenaatmaivaatmanaa jitaH |

anaatmanastu shatrutve vartetaatmaiva shatruvat.h ||

 For a person who has conquered his lower self by the divine self, his own self acts as his best friend. But for that person who has not conquered his lower self, his own self acts as his worst enemy.

 2 Timothy 1:7

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.


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