Vipreet Raj Yoga Assures You Success Amidst the Chaos. Check the Benefits of This Yoga


This is a very powerful and promising yoga which assures 100% victory in life, but through multiple challenges.  The meaning of this yoga is your ill fortunes are going to give you immense success in your life. This yogas doesn’t show an easy, sail, but it definitely shows will power and sure success. So, let’s see what these yogas are.


There are 3 types of Vipreet Raja Yogas. They are

  •  Harsha
  • Sarla
  • Vimla

Any planet can form this yoga, but the more evil the planets are then the yoga will be stronger.

The houses involved in this yoga are the dursthana houses. They are 6/8/12.

 These are the conditions for these yogas

 Vipreet  Harsha Yoga


This is the yoga based on 6th house. The 6th lord should be in 6th/8th/or the 12th house


Vipreeta Sarla Yoga


This is the yoga based on 8th house. The 6th lord should be in 6th/8th/or the 12th house

 Vipreeta Vimla Yoga


This is the yoga based on 12th house. The 6th lord should be in 6th/8th/or the 12th house

These three yoga simply means, you will definitely go through issues like, debt, enemies, physical health, emotional struggles, defeat, humiliation, depression, and whatever a human can go through, but you should not be hopeless as ultimate victory will be yours.

 The person who has this yoga can surely go through suicidal thoughts, pressure, stress and relationship issues, but this yoga assures that you will be ultimately getting success.

In short Vipreet Raja yoga is a very positive yoga, and it gives you the positive push that, you should not fail in front of any challenges. You should keep on going and you will surely find ways to success. Another indication of this yoga is you should be self-reliant. The moment you  look at others for dependency, then you will go weak and directionless. Your destiny is to be a solo warier.

 The specialty of this yoga is, if the 6/8/12th lord is a natural malefic planet, then the yoga will become very strong and benefic. If the planet is natural benefic , then the yoga will be a kind of weak, but it still exists.

I see few articles putting some conditions like, the lagan lord should not be in any particular houses. Let me tell you, Vipreet Raja yogas are clearly based on the 6/8/12 lord and it doesn’t have any relation with Lagna lord being in any house. However, the aspect and conjunction can bring some variations, but the Yoga will exist.

 The shades of yoga will be there forever in your life, but it will be prominent, in the mahadasa, antar dasa and prathyandar dasa of the 6/8/12 lord, whichever gives you the Vipreet Yoga.

 All you need to do is retrospect, meditation and planning. Don’t fear or get worried about anything which makes you fail, remember, that will be temporary.


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