When You Will Enter In a Marriage/Relationship? Which Year, Which Month, Find it Through Astrology



When is that time, when you meet that person whom you are going to spend your whole life with? This is a very popular question in astrology. However, not all are destined for a happy relationship or a single relationship. According to the various factors, the status of your relationship can change. You can read about those conditions in this article.




The timing of the relationships can be correctly predicted through the detailed analysis of your natal chart. Horary astrology has limitations and it doesn’t always give guaranteed results. I never found an accurate Tarot reader yet. I have taken Tarot readings from a few; I never got any correct answer for that.

In Vedic astrology, there is a technique called Mahadasa and Antar dasa. Among this, the antar dasa is the most accurate indicator of your relationships. Mahadasa means, a particular planet is going to be highly active for long years. Within those years another planet will be active short term. During the time period of Venus, and the seventh lord the opportunities for the relationship will come up. The time of the planet which rules the first/fifth and eleventh houses also can bring a relationship. It can be a love or a marriage.

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