How your Love life is going to be?  Find it Through Astrology.


People of any age have a lot of expectations about their love life. Venus is the primary planet for love in astrology. So, for men and women, the condition of Venus is very important. The seventh house in the natal chart rules the relationships. For each rising sign/ascendant, the ruler of the seventh house can change. Venus, especially for man rules the woman and for woman Mars indicates the boyfriend and Jupiter indicates the husband. So, for a man, Venus, seventh house, and the seventh lord indicate the strength of his relationships. For the woman, Venus, the seventh house, the seventh lord, Jupiter, and Mars indicates the nature of her love life and marital life.

 For men and women, any bad impact on the indicators means troubles in their relationship. Venus/Mars/Jupiter, when they are combust, retrograde, debilitated, placed with harsh planets like Saturn, North Node, and South Node indicates a complex relationship. 

Venus and Mars conjunction or aspect indicates Violence in the relationship. Bad Jupiter always means bad husband and the need for adjustments. None of these fully indicates divorce and for that entire chart should be examined.

These are the planets which rule the seventh house of relationship for each Rising Sign/ Ascendant















Well placed planets and the seventh house indicate a happy and satisfying relationship.

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