Venus Retrogression In 2021  From December 2021 19-January 2022


Venus is natural benefic in astrology and it indicates, love, marriage, money, happiness, creativity, and lower hip region. This is generally seen as a very happy planet and it can indicate good things even in the negative houses. This planet retrogrades for forty-one days and Venus retrogression doesn’t happen every year. The year 2021 ends with Venus retrogression and the year 2022 starts with Venus retrogression. Venus will start its retrogression on January 19th and it will end its retrogression by January 29th. 

Whenever any planet moves in a slow down mode, there will be some issues occurring related to the Karakas of that planet. When Venus moves into retrograde in transit, the person will have concerns regarding beauty and vitality. However, beauty treatment during Venus retrogression is not going to produce results. It will surely make you dissatisfied with the quality and productivity of the treatment which you got. 

Since Venus is the indicator of love and romance, there will be some issues in the existing love affair or marriage. During the retrogression time, it’s natural for you to get calls from your ex or you may listen about them. This phase will tickle your memories of your past relationships.

Venus retrogression in the birth horoscope will make you rethink your relationships. You will have to work and rework your relationship to make it strong. In that pursuit, they may have to go through ups and downs in the relationship. The meaning of retrogression of any planet in the birth horoscope shows the huge past birth karma connected to the retrograde planet and its placement, aspect and conjunction. Unless, until you pay back that karma, you will surely have troubles due to the karakas of that planet. 

During consultations, many people ask about the possibility of their ex coming back to them. Those natives who have Venus retrogression in the birth horoscope has a chance to get back to their ex, but how strong it would be is based on the placement aspect and conjunction. 

Since Venus indicates money, these people will have a habit to spend it on illogical plans.

The retrogression in December 2021 is taking place in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is a good sign for Venus as it is ruled by Saturn, which is the friend of Venus. Moreover, it is conjuncting Saturn so Venus is getting some strength. 

 If you are planning to start a new project during this phase, don’t be in a hurry, but wait until Venus start its direct motion.


This retrogression will impact your career and home for the next forty plus days.  That indicates a kind of slow down at workplace. You may have creative projects and they can be a little complex. You may have to put maximum effort to perform well. This is also the time where your bosses analyze your job. There will be some shuffling at work, but that will not last for a long time. The slowdown phase is not great to start a new project, instead please work on the existing ventures. This Venus will trigger the sector for family and home too. This is a time to restart some real estate deals than starting fresh ones.


  There can be some plans for foreign trips, but there will be some blockages due to the retrogression, so you must have plan B. You may have to make practical plans for such trips. This is a time to spend in prayer and meditation that worldly debates Writers and authors also will try to get new opportunities, but slow down time is not great to accept any new offers. At the same time, you may have to go an extra mile in such projects. You may discuss the possibilities of legal issues as well.  There can be a general delay in all these.


There will be a huge focus on your finances during this week as Venus goes retrograde. Please don’t spend money for whatever you want. This is actually a tough time for your finances. That may primarily affect your finances as well. There are various issues which are taking away your peace and happiness. You must take care of your feelings. There are certain issues which require immediate attention. You have to be really careful with how you deal with it.  Partnership related issues will be coming up and you need to solve it.



This is a complex time for your relationships, so try to do justice to your relationships. Venus will start its slow down mode for the next one month and that will bring some concern regarding your relationships. This is not a time to start a new . There will be some discussions regarding your relationships. Please take care of existing partnerships as well. This is a time to meet with your ex or they will send some messages to you. Business relationships also may go through challenges.


Venus will be impacting your workplace and colleagues in a slow downmode.  You may have to do some rework in the projects. This is a good time to research for a new health program, but please wait until Venus to turn direct in order to apply them in your life. . Discussions with colleagues can also come up. You may get new job opportunities, but please don’t be in a hurry to accept them. You may meet with your ex colleagues too


 Venus, will be in a slow down mode for some time. It will reflect in the sector for romance, children, and creative projects. You may have to be very careful with your creative projects. There will be rework in those projevts. When Venus moves in a slowdown then you will have some delay in your business ventures. This is also a time to meet with your ex lovers and friends.


This retrogression will impact your home and career. You may have some problem-solving sessions at home. Real estate deals are also possible, but you have to be careful with that. There are so many things to be dealt at home, but you may not feel that zeal. This planet will trigger the sector for career and bosses. That too in a reverse mode, it is moving. So, you have to give extra effort in managing your career as well. New projects can come up, but you should cross check whether such projects are genuine or not.


Venus  will impact the sector for short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. This is the sector for multitasking, so you may have extra work from these domains. There will be some rework in the existing projects. Please take care of your communications. It may intimidate others, so you have to use the right words.   Relationship with siblings and relatives will be very transformative. Since you are multitasking a lot, you may have physical issues as well. So, you have to take care of your health.


This can be a little complex situation for you. There are chances for sudden financial needs. Unexpected expenses will be the part of the transit, so you will have to be careful with your money. This move will trigger your expenses as well. Please control your expenses; otherwise, you may have to face a financial crisis. Serious communications at work can also come up.  You should not be in a hurry to accept any new job offers until Venus go direct.


This slow down is going to impact your personal life and health. You will be meeting people from the past of listening from them.  You may feel like being a little slow and there can be some challenges in performing your duties.   Minor physical issues may also come up. This planet will trigger the sector for relationships as well.   They may have a different view. You may try to create new deals, but retrogression phase is not great to start new personal or professional relationships. There is nothing wrong in that, but, you have to be careful with the terms and conditions.


The planet for money, luxury and comfort , Venus, is moving through the sector for emotional self and challenges. This planet is in a retrogression for the next forty plus days. It indicates emotional issues and you should stay away from all kind of scandals and controversies. This is a time to stay away from the crowd and be meditating. You may even go for healing and therapy. There are chances to meet people from the past. You may have expenses as well. There will be an influence on the sector for work and colleagues as well.  However, there are chances for arguments with your colleagues too.


Whenever any planet moves in a slowdown mode, then it may bring a kind of complexity. In your case, the complexity will appear in the above-said matters. There can be some changes in long-term relations. You may witness some changes in the existing long-term relationships. Projects from scientific and technical communication can also come up. You may plan for new long-term ventures, but they need a little longer time to flourish.  You may meet people from the past, they can be your team members or ex lovers.