Saturn Jupiter Double Transit by Guruji. Shree K.N Raoji

Saturn Jupiter Double Transit

Learning astrology from Guruji. Shree K.N. Raoji is a divine experience. Guruji will teach us a lot of logic that will give us a lot of insights about ourselves and help us grow strong in our personal lives. In this article, I will write about such logic, which will help you plan your life in a very productive way. At the outset of the upcoming Jupiter and Saturn transit, this article will help everyone see what strategy you should apply to have better days.

Every month some or another planet will be changing the signs. Smaller planets like Moon and Mercury changes the sign fast. Meanwhile, outer planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto stays in one sign for many years. Among these planets, Jupiter and Saturn’s transit is much celebrated as Jupiter is the planet for ‘ Jeeva” and Saturn is the planet for “ Kala.”

Jeeva means life, and Kala means time. Therefore, if you want something important to happen in your life, the house related to those events should be aspected by Saturn and Jupiter, provide you should have a promise in your horoscope.

For example, last year, Jupiter and Saturn were in the tenth house for career and they both aspected the fourth house of home. So many Aries Lagna and Moon had a lot of events at home. Starting from family functions to real estate deals, many Aries Lagna and Moon went through important events related to home. It could be good as well as bad events like death also. Firstly we need to check the impact of the mahadasa and antardasa. No monthly or yearly transit can do something other than the promise of the horoscope and what the dasa offers.

Saturn will be in Aquarius during this upcoming transit, but it will move back to Capricorn from July to January. Then from April 22 to April 23, Jupiter will be in Pisces, and Jupiter will be in Aries from April 23 to April 24.
Until 2023 April, the sign of Scorpio will be triggered by Saturn and Jupiter, and in 2024, the sign of Leo will be impacted by both the planets. So, you need to check which house is ruled by these signs, and there will be a lot of big events connected to those houses.
You can think about the possibilities and make a better plan for your life. That’s the secret of Saturn Jupiter’s double transit.