Venus Dasa, A step closer towards temptations : A reality check

Life is always surprising…each dasa comes with surprising and life-changing events, but not for astrologers…Those astrology critics should notice this fact carefully and do a deep analysis. Everyone say Ketu is bad for them and for me Ketu was the bestest dasa in my life so far. I got all my blessings in Ketu only. All my success came in Ketu dasa….I am so sure, I was highly spiritual during my ketu dasa. Whenever you get closer with Lord, despite your religion you will be blessed by god. As you guys know I am a Monotheist, I don’t follow any religion or I don’t worship idols. I came more closely with God in my Ketu dasa…I started enjoying my Lord’s love more and more during my Ketu dasa…It was a beautiful time period in my life.


In my Ketu dasa, I got the fortune to be the disciple of Guruji Shree K.N Raoji. I got mentoring from Deepak Bisariaji. I got so many astrologers as my friends…Until then I had only friends from Christian Theology class. During my Ketu dasa I studied about Hinduism and Islamism deeply.. I understood the concept of “Tatvamasi” which I follow in my life.

My Ketu is in the house of communications, media, speech, own ventures, teaching, and writing. It is aspecting the house of higher dharma, preaching, teaching counseling, gurus, faith, belief system, writing, mass communications, media, foreign collaborations, spirituality, and so many things connected with spirituality. I am a person made for spiritual life. I have tried to follow the materialistic part of life, which I always failed terribly.

Now I entered my Venus dasa…being an Aries lagna, Venus is not good. It is a killer planet, because it rules the 2nd and 7th house for them. They are known as the killer houses. These houses carry the worst things, which can be the reason for death. It can be spiritual , physical or emotional death. The 2nd house indicates ego, speech, finances, money in cash, material possessions, vision, eyes, facial organs, family, career, death, marriage, second marriage and so many things related with wealth.

The 7th house indicates sex, love affairs, opponents, courthouses, deals, contracts, marriage, spouse, reproductive organs, sexual diseases, pineal gland, menstrual issues, semen, pregnancy, job, long travels, wars and so many things connected with partnerships.
For the next 20 years, the matters in the 2nd and 7th house will be in , activation for me… The fate of these matters will be depending upon the placement of Venus. In which House Venus is placed, in which rasi, which nakshathra bla blab la…

How wonderfully this mahadasa works I will tell you. Venus rules 7th house of reproductive organs and menstrual issues for the woman. Ever since Venus dasa started I am fighting with Endometriosis. I am always tired and each menstrual cycle is like hell for me. Too much of blood flow, blood clots and I thought I had Cancer. I was heavily bleeding for 25 days and with this bleeding, I went to office… but I realized I am going down in my health, I went to Karitas hospital.. to meet Dr. Harish Chandran. He directly put me into Labor room…Labor rooms do not give us a pleasant experience. In that labor room there were 2 pregnant women, who were waiting to go into labor. There was another room attached to the labor room, one woman was fighting to give birth, she was yelling and I was frightened. I delivered twice and I know how painful and horrible experience it is. I will never let my daughter get into a painful labor. I already told her, there is no point in simply suffering so much of pain in bringing life to the earth and we will opt for painless delivery.

The doctor came and asked me whether I am pregnant. I said I am not. He was again asking how I am sure that I am not pregnant. I told him, I haven’t done sex for a while, so there is no room for doubt. Still, he took a pregnancy test and made sure I am not pregnant. Throughout Ketu dasa, I made sure I am totally pure even without lust. I truly made it possible. If anyone who reads this is going through Ketu dasa, then you should try ultimate celibacy and I guarantee you, you will be much successful. I love my days as a celibate as I came closer with God and I don’t think I will ever break it. It was like taking unofficial Sanyas Diskha. These western doctors say a human can’t live without sex, it is all bullshit. That may be the allopathic standard. But for me, an Indian is from the land of rishis, great rishis, who remained celibate for hundreds of years for the sake of spirituality. Union with the Lord is greater than the union with a mortal man. Even if he is as sexy as  Varun Dhawan. You dedicate yourself to god, God will take care of you…

Then the doctor asked me to go for scanning and thus came to know about Endometriosis, and PCOD, which I have. See, I was not shocked or sad, because I am an astrologer, I know Venus ruled reproductive organs and during Venus dasa, being an Aries lagna, my reproductive organs will get more sensitive. That is the advantage of being an astrologer… there is no surprises in life.

Venus is the planet of love, sex, money, luxuries, and all the sensuous things. All these things will be prominent in my life. Since the 7th house indicates love affair, I am supposed to fall in love with a guy at any time…..that is also not a surprise for me. Because, I am so talented, any guy will fall in love with me (LOL)..but majorly guys don’t look for talents or soul… they focus only on holes. This is a universal truth and only liars will say I am not like this, I am sure, I am genuine. If a guy defends him too much, you can write to him at his face, mark my words, he will be a 100% liar. I don’t trust guys who talk too much of feminism and woman rights.

Matthew 5:37  

37 All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.[a

According to this scripture, any guy who defends him too much other than with a yes or no………should not be taken into your life girls……When you date a guy, check whether he is too defensive, if he is defensive, then leave him for your good. He will be only focusing the sacred place between your legs…..nothing else

This guy connection is strongly felt during these days. Amazingly, I am getting so many requests in silent and loud mode. All these days of Ketu dasa, I was so unnoticed by men…suddenly when Venus started, things get reversed.

I went to Pachalam to meet my doctor today. From my office, I went to Uber and while returning, I went to ATM. One guy was waiting to get into ATM after me. I actually did not notice him, because I generally don’t notice guys offline as well as online. I withdrew money and came out and was waiting for an auto. I thought Uber will take time to reach so auto will be ideal to reach Vyttila Hub, from where I catch the bus to Kottayam daily. I tried to stop one auto, then auto guy said, he can’t go to the hub because of the heavy traffic block. Then the guy who was behind me in ATM suddenly came to me and told me, that “if you don’t mind I will drop you at the hub”. I was so shocked and taken aback. Then I looked at this guy, he was a handsome hunk with nice mustache and beard and was in a Royal Enfield. Then he nodded his head, and then I got scared. I just walked to the crowded area and booked an Uber, it took 9 minutes to come and again this guy was just simply standing and staring and I literally got irritated. Still, I am an astrologer, I know my 7th house of sexual attraction is activated and this is going to be a regular story at least for the next 10 years…This is just one example, there are many incidents, which is in similar lines….

Ever since my Venus dasa is activated, my astrology friends are quite excited to track my life. Yesterday from nowhere one of my friend called me she was asking about my sickness. I did not tell her that I am having Endometriosis, but she checked my chart and she knew I would have uterus issues.

My Venus dasa is not very promising for personal life, I know that. During this Venus dasa, my parents will leave the world. My challenges will start from Venus –Moon dasa precisely. As Rober Frost said Miles and Miles to go before they sleep….Still could not make them proud or happy as a daughter. All my effort will be to make them more comfortable, happier. I am little down because I am physically unfit, but still, I trust the lord, that he will lift my spirits up. Sometimes I go emotional, which is not my regular nature because I am getting older day by day. Earlier I used one packet of hair dye, but now its 2 packets. My children are taking more responsibilities….hope I will be able to spend my old age peacefully and happily.

I am so sure I am made for mysticism and spirituality. Such people will always have an identity crisis when they get into the world and worldly people. I have really got through so much of identity crisis before I realize the spiritual potential in me. Once when I realized, the spiritual nature in me, then my whole crisis was erased. When you realize something is not your cup of tea, then don’t sacrifice anything for it.

I know I am destined for moksha, unlike many of my friends and family. During every counseling, I am reminded to walk towards my spiritual ashram than a materialistic ashram holding onto my celibacy… Sometimes I regret, why I did not take Sanyas diskha officially, which was very apt for me. Venus dasa is a stepping stone towards the spiritual ashram, but it will have a lot of temptation. God is testing my faith and credibility, to see whether I truly can inherit his kingdom.

I always have desired my lord, than anything in the world. I am so sure about it. But, my life was never easy, but I understood, that also is test by him. Somewhere I failed, but I picked up, I gathered myself up and walked in my life with all my bruises. I have followed my lord with all the pains and chains……….This Venus dasa will be another such journey like Jesus had with his cross……fighting with a multitude of temptation, with prayers and submissions. Not easy…just because Venus rules the Killer houses, still Lord is greater than Venus. All my focus will be to get closer with my Lord and to be one with him and fully entitled for salvation. …… That too holding on to this celibate mode.

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