Struggles of Mystic

  • You can’t fellowship with ordinary people
  • Each and every lie told by them is clearly visible to you
  • what they going to do with you in the future will trouble you
  • When they say everything is alright, you will understand nothing is right in their life
  • You wonder why people can’t be truthful to themselves
  • when you open up the truth, they call you mad and characterless LOL
  • They take the name of God, but no fear of God
  • You don’t take the name of God, still, you fear God
  • Mystic cannot do whatever common people do
  • It is a headache to be with common people, because at least 23 hrs, they lie to themselves, still, they deny the fact
  • Then mystic will withdraw from the scene for a peaceful life

( More will be added soon) This list came out after talking to someone, who was lying to own soul

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