The Importance of Feedspot

I was so surprised when Mr. Anuj Agarwal of Feed Spot mailed me showing how my website was listed on their site Feed spot. I never used to promote myself and I don’t even have a social media page. I did not take seriously that information for some time, but I saw eventually the number of visitors to my website started increasing. I being a Lawyer have my official commitment and astrology is my passion, so, I always gave second place to astrology as my career. Still, I understood the importance of getting listed on a popular website as being very good for me. 


I am so grateful to the Feed spot team for doing such extensive research and presenting it in a crisp and friendly manner. It is a professional way and it will surely attract people who don’t have enough time to spend in Google search. Feed spot gives us the true information for subject-oriented search. They have various methods like Content Reader, Email Digest, Brand monitoring, Data curation, and much more. I am sure; this site will make your life easier. 

Once again thank you, Mr. Anuj Agarwal, and the Feed spot team to make me understood how much work I am doing and the necessity of promoting it.