A Marriage Report and Arguments




This is a marriage report  Marriage Report, click this link, you can view that

The boy is 22 years old and my daughter is also 22 year. This boy came for marriage consultation. I asked him why you want a consultation at this age? He said his parents passed away so he wants to marrya ASAP. Normally I dont give marriage or career horoscope for people under 27. However, this boy asked so many times so, I thought I will give answer. I asked him to pay the fees 1700rs and he paid. After 4 days I gave this reading.


The question was totally about marriage and relationships. Every question regarding marriage is answered here. This happend in april 2021. After 3 months he posted a comment in my channel

This is the screenshot

You guys cross check how I have written that report and what this boy says about that.


This is so humiliating for an astrologer that the consultation with her was useless. I am not saying I am so great, but till date, noone said my time with me was useless, but there are certain predictions which happend before or after the said time. I assure 90% accuracy too.


I called up this guy and asked why you said uselesss? He said he did not get any insights. Guys, Please go through the report and what further insights he wants about his marriage.  I answered his questions one by one and showed him all the queries were answered. Then he said that I took 1700 rs for that report there is nothing in that. I have that recorded conversation,  I said, you got all information about your life, I spend so much of time, so my time is wasted?

Then he said his father is an astrologer and he doesnt take the money, “What the Fuck, if his father doesnt take money, why he expect everyone to follow his father? ” I told him, that is his father, he has his own principles and I have my own. I have clearly stated in the website that all consultations are chargeable.

Then he said he went to another astrologer, who only took 150 rs and said everything about career, guys I paid 7000 rs to KRS, just for my career report.


I told him, I never came to you asking for a consultation and I told this is my charge and you paid for that. Every astrologer has their own rate.

Here the boy got all the answers and he is telling it was useless. It is humiliating and hurting for any astrologer questioning their skills. Guys if I want testimonials I can give plenty, but I think thats wrong.  Here in Kerala there are people who charges 100 rs, 50 rs and taking astrology stooping to such a low level

Please dont post such shitty comments under the effort of a professional who is very clear about her skills. I told him ” never ever come to my channel with such third rated tricks. I will teach you a lesson. It is not good to tarnish someone’s image to satisfy your emotional orgasm.

That doesnt mean I will give free consultations, I will charge for every consultations, This is the details and only people who agree with this have to come.

  • Face to Face Consultation  Full Birth Chart Analysis;10000 ( Centers will be in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkota, Nepal, Kochi, and Thiruvananthapuram)

All Reports are Handwritten Not Computer Generated/ Consultations are for one time, and all follow-up questions are chargeable

Charges in INR

  • Career Consultation: 1800/USD 35( Written Report) Career Consultation Telephonic 1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Married Life and Status of Relationships: 1700/USD 35/Telephonic 1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Astro-Psychology Report: 1700/USD 35/Telephonic 1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Full life Reading ( Handwritten Report): 6000 / USD 110 Telephonic 1hr 13000INR/180USD( Full horoscope is not a crime thriller or romantic novel. It is the realistic expression of your past, present and future. It is not written to entertain you, but to enlighten you. So, please don’t expect something like the novel ” The Count of Monte Cristo ” unless until you are one like him.
  • Jupiter Transit Report ( Personalised): 1500/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Saturn Transit Report( Personalised) : 1500/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Rahu/Ketu ( Personalised): 1500/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Mahadasa Analysis Through Nakshathra:1500/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Child-Birth Analysis:1500/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD( Please dont ask about right time for C-Section and IVF kind of treatment. I see they as anti godly and evil. If you dont have a child, then adjust with it and wait for God’s blessings.  Having a child is not important than you living a righteous life.
  • Birth Time Rectification:3000/USD 45/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • 2021 Varsha Fala: 1500/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Solar Return Report:1500/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Sade Sati Analysis:1500/USD 45/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Foreign Travel and Settlement/USD 35/ Telephonic1hr 3000INR/45USD
  • Medical Report: USD 50( If asked, then you should send the Scan Report, Prescription, and all the test reports)  There is no magic medicine for illnesses in astrology, you need to trust your Doctor.
  • Astrology Reading for Non-Hindus, Monotheists, and Atheists is Available According to their Faith and Belief
  • I dont do Horoscope matching as I dont think its valid. No scripture in Vedas validate it.  Lord Ram, Lord Siva, all had marital issues and detachment from their spouses. You cannot match two horoscopes to make a great marriage. Are you sure that you are destined to have a marriage?
Meanwhile, last month I think I spoke less than 6 people for free about their chart, counseling them, that too for hours.

Finally what the hell he expected from a marriage consultation? His wife’s vital stats?

Criticism is ok, but these kind of putting someones skill is not forgivable, I cannot forgive. After every consultation I ask you guys to clarify all the doubts, I give a lot of time to clarify them and I cooperate with you guys. Still you people say I am sitting here to mint money from you, then this is my answer to those people. I dont mind you dont giving me consultations, I am a professional with a fulltime job you fuckers