Sushanth Singh Rajputh , The Reality and Myth



He must have done something very bad in his past birth, that during this birth he had to commit suicide out of severe depression. After that he fell into the hands of mad crowd named SSR fans, who should be  punished  for  taking the name of departed soul and further making him peace less. Hundreds of youtube channels were born after him committed  suicide, not because, they wanted justice, Just because they can make more subscribers and thus money. Many existing youtubers who are now airing videos about Big Boss 14, were repeatedly telecasting every thirty minute about how Sushant was murdered.


I feel disgusting about all these people, who went out to encash the demise of a handsome yet, depressed man. They were loudly saying SSR was murdered. Do they have any evidence? Are they professional investigators?


I started watching SSR from Pavitra Rishta serial onwards. He was excellent in that and he did a great job with Ankita Lokhande. After that I never watched him  for some time and then I watched him in Sudh Desi Romance, and Kedarnath. I did not watch M.S Dhoni, as I don’t like a pseudo sport like Cricket.  Bollywood and Cricket, they are a curse on Indian youth.  To be frank, SSR was a very good actor, but I don’t even think he was an exceptional actor. There are so many actors who are exceptional all over India. Some get fame and some gets success and money too. I have got few strugglers in Bollywood as well as Tollywood as my clients.


As an astrologer, I am so sure, SSR’s death was 100% suicide, not a murder. As the public says, there is nothing called Nepotism in Bollywood.

 Let’s Look at Sushanth’s Chart. From the trusted sources his birth details are this


02:15 hrs



Ascendent(Lagan) :Scorpio 04.54Ascendent Lord :Mar
Moon Sign(Rashi) :TaurusMoon Sign Lord :Ven
Birth Star(Nakshatra) :KrittikaBirth Star Lord :Sun
Sun Sign (As per western system) :Aquarius
Current Vimshottari Dasa :Rah-Mar
You are a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati :No













Scorpio Lagna with Saturn in lagna  and Moon in Taurus. There is mutual aspect between the Moon and Saturn. Mars aspecting the Moon from the 12th House, so Moon is under severe compression.  In astrology Moon indicates mind, psychology, emotions, mother, and comfort. Aspect of two malefics on Moon indicates the high chances for emotional uncertainty which can develop to severe depression in the later years. Moon is peace, he was peacelesss, Moon is mother, and he lost his mother in 2002 during Mars-Venus dasa.


Venus is the lord of his Moon( Mother) as his Moon is in Taurus. The Moon lord Venus is totally combust


VenCapricorn07.08SatU.Asadha4SunKet Com

The Sun and Venus are hardly 1 degree apart, where Venus is severely combust. That shows zero luck with women. Venus should have loose conjunction with Sun, otherwise, your love life is gone. Don’t take risk in the relationships when you have a combust Venus. When Venus antar dasa started in Mars mahadasa, he lost his mother as well. The Sun, Venus, and Jupiter are in the 3rd house, shows bad relation with his siblings as well. Remember, he did not have a great equation with siblings. Mars is also aspecting the indicator of mother and siblings.

 He got All India Rank of 7 in Delhi College of Engineering Entrance Examination in 2003. Normally the exams are conducted before April, so we can assume the results came after April 2003.


So, during that time one dasa was ending and other dasa was starting. He  joined the college in Delhi. When dasa changes, the disha of our life also will change.

We can assume that he went to Delhi during the beginning of Rahu dasa, Rahu is in the 6th house of Debts, diseases and enemies. Rahu dasa is for 18 years and the destiny put him in a situation that he had to fight with his destiny for the next 18 years.

His family actually moved to Delhi by 2000 as he did schooling there. It was during this dasa


Mars and Mercury are in 1/3 angle, so whenever the 3rd angle is active, then there will be transfers, travelling and instability.

 In the 4th year, he dropped out of engineering college, for his career in the entertainment world.

The release of his first serial was in March 2008, the name was “Kis Desh Mein hey Mera Dil”

Then his dasa was Rahu-Jup



Rahu is in the 6th house and Jupiter is in the 3rd house of media.1/10 angle, so whenever the 10th angle is active, you will get changes in career.


Guys, our interest varies, so, I cannot say SSR was a highly excellent actor as media says, but he was a good actor. Sometimes, I feel even Raj Kapoor’s acting as funny as well as Shammy kapoor’s. Same feeling I get when I listen to some songs of Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi, A. R. Rehman, and I don’t like listening to Shreya Ghoshal or Chitra.  It’s the matter of taste. You don’t have to take my opinion seriously as my opinion doesn’t count any weightage as I am nothing among their huge fan following.

Now, I don’t think I have to explain the planetary placement for his artistic talents. The 10th Lord is Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. The Sun is the ultimate planet for creativity, conjuncting Venus in the 3rd house of media. The 5th lord, Jupiter is also in the 3rd house. It is a super combination for artistic talents.


In 2013, his first movie was released. The name was Kai Po Che

1/9 angle got activated, as 9th is the bhagya bhava. Rahu is in 6th and Mercury is in 2nd. The 2nd house also shows career and values. Rahu and Mercury are in 1/9 angle. So, there was career change and Mercury is also the planet for media.

Now let’s talk about his mind, peace and happiness and so called addiction.

Moon is in Kemadruma dosha, very complex Moon. Kemadruma Moon means the feeling of loneliness and helplessness. Moon further aspected by two malefics, Saturn and Mars, have no benefic influence. Debilitated Jupiter also aspecting the Moon making, the thought process very weak. He felt lonely always, especially after the death of his mother.  Guys, I cannot explain how this actor was an insecure man, he had a lot of fears as Moon aspected by Saturn in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign for hallucinations too, so ………..

In Vedic astrology 6th house mainly show suicide, then the 12th house too. He committed suicide on
14 June 2020

Then the dasa was


Guys, we don’t have to go through other charts, just the Lagna chart is enough. Rahu is in 6th house, Moon is in 12th house. 1/12 angle. 12th house is death, 6th house is suicide. 1/12 angle activation= means, depression, losses, hospitalization and even death.

The 3rd house is 8th from 8th, and the 8th house is the house of longevity, and sudden events. The 3rd house has a lot of weakness here as Mars and Saturn aspects it.

Being Taurus Moon, Saturn was transiting through the 3rd house from lagna with Jupiter, while he committed suicide.  Moreover the 7th house is Maraka Bhava. Death Inflicting house, so, it is clear that it was a  suicide.



True Facts from Sushant’s Chart

  • He committed Suicide
  • He had clinical depression
  • The suicide was an act all of a sudden activity
  • At the same time, I am sure, he tried to save himself while he was nearing the death
  • About drug addiction, it can be 99% true as the 2nd lord and 8th lord are same, Jupiter which is debilitated and aspecting the Moon, and Saturn Mars aspecting the Moon. The 2nd and 8th house shows addictions.
  • He had recurrent relationships due to the weak condition of the Moon, which is in the 7th Even though Moon is exalted, there is no hope for relationship. There are people who think exaltation is great, but this is a typical example of how exaltation can work against you.. Venus, the indicator love is also combust, that too with debilitated Jupiter. When Venus and Jupiter are together that means no sweetness in the relationships. You are not destined to have a good love life.


What are the Symptoms of Clinical Depression?

  • Hopelessness
  • Difficulty in socializing
  • Lack of sleep/insomnia
  • Lack of focus
  • Recurring thoughts of death or suicide
  • In some case, depression can transfer from generation to generation
  • Aloofness


Now don’t blame Karan Johar or Rhea Chakraborthy for his suicide. I don’t understand what people say about nepotism that Bollywood runs on Nepotism. It’s a total lie. SSR warriors should know that, you cannot blame another person for someone committing suicide as there are many people who goes through suicidal tendencies. I some time doubt your intentions whether you are PRO BJP activists who just created for Bihar elections.

That lawyer, who is a drunkard, who used to come up with fancy claims, is 100% abnormal and stooge. Someone should check his exam results and certificates. He used to come drunk in the interviews


Classical Examples for no Nepotism in Bollywood

  • Akshaye Khanna: Vinod Khanna
  • Rahu Khanna
  • Mimo Chakraborthy: Mithun Chakraborthy
  • Abhiesh Bacchan: Amitabh Bachchan
  • Herman Bawejja: Harry Baweja
  • Jackie Bhagnani: Vasu Bhagnani
  • Uday Chopra: Yash Chopra
  • Bobby Deol: Dharmendra
  • Isha Deol: Dharmendra
  • Zayed Khan: Sanjay Khan
  • Tushhar Kapoor: Jitendra
  • Kumar Gaurav: Rajender Kumar
  • Rajeev Kapoor: Raj Kapoor
  • Imran Khan: Amir Khan
  • Sanjay Kapoor: Anil Kapoor
  • Sonam Kapoor: Anil Kapoor
  • Sonakshi Sinha: Shathrughnan Sinha


Now you see so many start kids coming up in movies, 90% of them will not be there in the movies in the next two years.


I am so sure with many of other astrologers that, he committed suicide. However, we should not the drug cartel free. The SSR warriors out there should stop their drama as they have totally taken the war into a wrong direction. Karan gave movies to Sushant, Ekta could not save her own brother’s career. Then why SSR warriors making a big hue and cry I don’t understand. If you guys want peace for the departed soul, leave him free. Please shut down those youtube channels created just to encash his death. Please don’t Listen to Kangana Ranaut as she will have some weird claims. Her career is also at stake due to her freedom of opinion and big mouth.

Cricket and Movies are actual threat for our country. They both are not funded by true sources. I dont know how parents, especially parents  , send their daughters to this industry which is purely Now running on exhibitionism.  An actress’s duty is to act, not to show the body. We had a lot of dignified actresses, who were great without showing the skin.  I dont understand the meaning of coming in micro minies, showing saggy cleavages and bed room scenes. Now a days every actress is showing their bare body, and telling that’s their right?  Exhibitionism is a mental disease and there should be some restrictions on the dressings, hot scenes, they have a big role in the child and woman abuse in our country. We have a very private culture unlike western people have. Again I say, Cricket and Bollywood are the two Cancers ruining our society. Cricket is not even a sport item.

There are 3types of Karma.

  • Sanchita karma: Karma stored in the past
  • Prarabda Karma: in the present physical body
  •  Agami Karma: current actions


We may not have a hold on the first two karmas, but the 3rd Karma is called free will.  You can control your present action, which can give birth to goodness as well as bad. So, you yourself can decide how to use your life. Life of SSR is a big lesson for every other person, who wants to live life in the limelight. Being in limelight is not recommended in any spiritual texts. It takes us away from God and put us through all the bad actions and finally we have a lot of losses.

 The upcoming Jupiter transit is also going to bring a lot of concerns for all of us. Many people are waiting to leave the world and join the almighty soon.