What is the Future of China? An Astrological Analysis

China: What Is There in Their Destiny


Being born in a politically active family from Kerala, I was interested in politics from my childhood onwards. I come from a communist family, and I was active with Students Federation of India (SFI) during my college days.  USSR was my inspiration, my father used to subscribe MISHA, which is a beautiful magazine from the USSR, and I grew up reading that. I and my brother used to wait for that magazine and it is a very painful memory as they stopped that magazine when the country got disintegrated. I used to be crazy about Russian politicians and used to by heart their political life. Despite being Indian, Russia and communism was in my blood. I was and am proud to say that I am a communist and a patriot. Being a child I could not understand “Glastnost and Perestroika” but I just understood in those days, that it means restructuring.  I could never assume that my favourite country will disintegrate and it will take up a new form. I loved Russia and even my daughter has a Russian Name “Valentina”, it’s not because I loved Russia that much, but she was born on Valentine’s Day. Still it’s a Russian name, may be God realised my love for Russia and my daughter born so. Michael Gorbachev was the one of the most hated man in my life ever since my favourite country got disintegrated. However, I don’t have in-depth idea on why he brought such reforms where a country lost its identity, but I have a shallow idea. During my childhood, I ardently read The “Communist Manifesto” and I am not a communist for the sake of being a communist. I read Communist Manifesto, thus I am a Communist and until my last breath, I will be a Communist only. While I grew up, God send me so many Russian friends, just to reconnect to Russia. They are from Uzbeck, Kasak, Russia, Latvia, and Tajikistan.


Amazingly, China was never a matter of interest in my life; it was never a subject in the political meetings in our family. Since it not an English friendly country and due to the ill “Kunnamkulam” reputation, I never had any interest in China. Moreover I used to read on how they cheated Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and captured our lands. So, from childhood onwards, I had a dislike for China.


In this article, I am looking into the future of China as they are trying to capture the Indian lands and creating a lot of issues.

Date of Birth:October 01,1949 15:15:00


Ascendent(Lagan) :Capricorn 12.47Ascendent Lord :Sat
Moon Sign(Rashi) :CapricornMoon Sign Lord :Sat
Birth Star(Nakshatra) :SravanaBirth Star Lord :Mon
Lucky Gem :EmeraldLucky No. : 6
Lucky Day :SaturdayLucky Color :Green
Sun Sign (As per western system) :Libra
Current Vimshottari Dasa :Mer-Mer
You are a Manglik person
Currently Under SadeSati :Yes



Mer(R)Virgo20.00MerHasta4MonKetExl Com


China’s foundation horoscope says its Lagna is Capricorn, and Moon in Lagna at 10:01 degrees. The lagna lord is in 8th house and in the sign of Leo. Hmmm, Saturn in the sign of Leo, that too in the 8th house means a lot of secrets and especially about governance. The 8th house also indicates conspiracy theories, otherworldly influences, guys, you may feel that I am just a mad woman, but they do have connection with extra-terrestrial energies. They have clear idea about space, events happening in other planets and they are silent about it. They have pyramids, but they are have hidden it as they are just mountains. They also have places like Area 51.


I don’t have to give any explanation on the growth of China as a great and progressive economy, but I want to stress on this point that, it has  a one party system. That itself is a plus point and they have the power to do what they want. The growth was so fast compared to any other economy and remembers, prior to 1979, China was a very underdeveloped country.   They implemented free market reforms and certain foreign trade and investment in 1979, and that resulted in the growth of Chinese Economy. Deng Xiaoping, the architect of Modern China started the free economic reforms from 1978, and then the dasa was



 Rahu is in the 3rd house, and Venus is in the 10th house in Libra, which is the Mool trikon sign and Rahu/Venus is in 1/8 placement, shows the change in country’s social status, change in the environment and of course, changes in the finances. He invited foreign investors to invest in special economic zones. The next dasas all are favouring increased foreign interactions and foreign collaboration

When we check the history, every Venus and the Sun antardasas are crucial  for China,


In 1958, Communist Party of China, made some reforms to uplift, the agriculture and industrial sector, but that eventually became a disaster.

When they were about to enter Rahu dasa that too in 1966, another reformation was introduced by Mao Ze Dung,


It was a cultural revolution. In every astrology class, Guruji, Shree.K.N Raoji says, when dasa change Disha( Direction)  of our life also will change. During Rahu dasa, the China started moving in a different direction. That also damaged China internally because Mao had political interests that country’s wellbeing. Rahu, is in the 3rd house of Parakrama, courage, so, the country had to go through civil uprisings and the 3rd house indicates team activity and Rahu aspects the 9th house of politics, large gatherings. The 9th house has Sun, Mercury and Ketu. Mercury is combust and exalted. Even though Mao, is the brain behind China, the good days for China started after his death only. He died on  September 9, 1976

During that time the dasa was


Remember Mercury is exalted and combust. This is a good case study for combustion as the Sun is in

Mer(R)Virgo20.00MerHasta4MonKetExl Com

When Mercury is exalted, the people will fight with their voice, than logic. They will use their voice to hit their enemy to the ground.    Mao, indirectly killed millions due to his cultural revolution, which did a lot of harm to Chinese economy.  

Amazingly Deng Xiaoping never held any political office , but he was a visionary. No other Chinese leader can be named as the architect being the new china. He brought a lot of capitalist ideas in to the socialistic environment of China, without losing the core values of Chinese culture and socialism. However, the Communist party will be the sole authority of anything and everything in China and this was questioned by the youths in 1989


During June 4th a massive killing occurred in Tianenmen Squate, which is  commonly known as the June Fourth Incident. Which is also known as the Democracy movement? That happened in


Jupiter is in 12th house and Saturn is in the 5th house of Leo, Jupiter and Saturn is in 1/9 angle and both the planets are in the dursthana houses. Saturn is in the 8th house in the sign of Leo, and Leo is the sign of politics and government too. The 12th and 8th houses show death and 1/9 angle shows the connection to politics and mass uprisings as well. At this juncture, I would like to say guys, I have two three Chinese friends. Young guys, but they don’t even know what exactly happens in their own country.  There are youths in China, who wants to come out of these chains, but they are silent FOR THE TIME BEING.  No country can ignore the young energy, and they have the guts to come out. They will come out very soon and that will be a blow to the Communist Party of China. These protests were a black mark to China, and they were isolated for the time being.


In 2001, they entered World trade Organisation that was during the Saturn-Saturn Dasa


Please remember, what my guruji, Shree K.N Raoji said, Dasa change= Disha change. From Saturn dasa, the country started picking up slowly.


During this dasa, Beijing Olympics took place, again see where Venus is. So strong in Mool trikon and 1/3 angle showing smooth relation with neighbours, but not long lasting. Venus is in the house of social status and ambitions.


On 2012


Much handsome hunk Xi GinPing became general secretary, again Moon in lagna Capricorn, the change in country’s identity, he became the President on

14 March 2013 – and the running dasa was


Again showing the change in Country and Capricorn also indicates  Government Power and authority.

On this dasa, he took away the time frame of Presidential term and he can be there for a long term. That was in 2018


Saturn and Jupiter in 1/9 angle, remember when Tianenmen Square murders happened the dasa was Jupiter –Saturn, and both were in 1/9 angle.

Now let’s see what will happen to China in the coming days.

Now they entered Mercury dasa


Mercury is the 6th lord and 9th lord in the 9th house hemmed between malefic the Sun and Ketu. Mercury is exalted combust and retrograde.

Mer(R)Virgo20.00MerHasta4MonKetExl Com

Mercury is intellect, logical capacity and communication which is very close to Ketu, which is damaged position than the combustion. Firstly, there is not clear explanation for retrogression, combustion, exaltation, or debilitation in ancient text. So, we need to examine those according to the results in the past dasa also.


One clue is here. Mercury is in the 6th house  inspecting the 3rd house of changes and transfers, Mercury is in the 9th house.

What 6th House Indicates

Public amity, relations with neighbors, general health of the public, political stability, financial solvency of the nation,   litigations, judicial functioning, communal harmony in the country and labor relations. disputes, diseases and injuries, debts, enemies, opponents, competitors, thieves, fears, doubts, worries, vices, weaknesses, sound financial position,    theft, fire and cheating, misunderstandings, confrontation, litigation, laws, wars.


What 9th house Indicates

 Judicial system, morality, religion, diplomats, foreign missions, progress and developments, mass uprisings.


Due to the planetary placements China will get setbacks.

These are the Issues which China going to Face

  • Massive civil uprisings
  • Economic setbacks
  • Uprisings more than Tiananmen Square
  • Headaches for government
  • Fall of XI Jin ping
  • Issues with Neighboring countries
  • Bio weapon attacks on other countries
  • Cyber warfare on other countries 
  • Economic downfall
  • Famine
  • Long term economic slow down

As humans we should not wish a country to fall, but China, with their Rahu and Ketu influence on Mercury, this Mercury dasa will be the testing time for a flourishing economy.