Sanqya Yoga : Bhagvat Geeta 2nd Chapter



Now we are starting to analyze the 2nd chapter of Geeta, which is known as Sanqya Yoga

You guys should go back to the palace of King DhritRashtra. Sanjay  Gavalgana, the minister of King is giving a live telecast with his divine power of seeing things which is 80 miles away.


In the 1st chapter, Arjun is sharing his worries and burdens to Lord Krishna.


In the 2nd Chapter Lord Krishna is dealing with Arjun’s worries. Basically it is a counseling session. It’s like one coming to a counselor, and counselor patiently listening to the troubles and giving the best inputs with the focus on what is the best option to take and how to execute those things mentioned in the options.


Chapter 2:1

 sanjaya uvaca

tam tatha krpayavistam


visidantam idam vakyam

uvaca madhusudanah

sañjayaḥ uvāca—Sañjaya said; tam—unto Arjuna; tathā—thus; kṛpayā—by compassion; āviṣṭam—overwhelmed; aśru-pūrṇa—full of tears; ākula—depressed; īkṣaṇam—eyes; viṣīdantam—lamenting; idam—this; vākyam—words; uvāca—said; madhusūdanaḥ—the killer of Madhu.


Here Sanjay is explaining how Arjun is helpless and shaken on the realization that he has to kill his own people. He is standing infront of Lord Krishna helplessly. He needs solution for his troubles.


Chapter 2:2


sri-bhagavan uvaca

kutas tva kasmalam idam

visame samupasthitam

anarya-justam asvargyam

akirti-karam arjuna


 bhagavn uvca—the supreme lord said; kutah —wherefrom; tva —unto you; kasmalam—hesitation ; idam—this pleas; visame—this time of crisis; samupasthitam—came up; anarya—persons   justam— not good for aryans; asvargyam—not heavenly ; akirti—ill fame ; karam—activity ; arjuna—O Arjuna.

 (I am not giving the in depth meaning word by word. I am just giving the content and the message. What’s the point in giving word by word meaning and it is not helping the laymen? For me spirituality should be plain and simple. )

 In the above scripture Lord Krishna is trying to boost Arjun’s morale. He is trying to make Arjun aware of whom he really is? He is asking “from where you get this fear and terror? This is the hour of crisis and what you need is action. Instead you are sitting and crying. Is this suitable to heavenly laws?

I think heavenly laws are about doing Karma, that’s what Lord Krishna is mentioning here. Lord Krishna is telling, a person who knows the value of life should follow the heavenly laws.

This is a kind of spur model counseling.  During my theology life I used to get spur counseling sessions. Frankly speaking I was a headache for my discipler.  She will give me a particular challenge like “prepare a lesson for this week bible talk, find a new indoor game, go and help that lady who is in the hospital’  

Then I used to give 1000 of excuses for not doing that. Then I was called for a spur counseling time with 3, 4 other teachers then they to whack me up with intense scriptures. Who can stand against the powerful word of lord?  Then I used to gnash my teeth and rub my fists suppressing my anger. Finally accepting my galti. Finally they used to ask me, “Do you have any hurt feelings? I nodded my head as a No. But my heart was really burning.

 Teachings are always painful. It is very painful to accept the realities. Truth is always hurting. No one can run away from the reality. Reality and Truth we all try to embrace with pain where as unreal things are easily getting the acceptance.

 Here Lord Krishna is trying to spur the consciousness of Arjun to do his duty. It’s Hard for Arjun , but…….

  Will Lord Krishna be able to control Arjun’s emotions? If yes how he did that?

 The 2nd chapter is full of counseling session, I donno how much I enjoy reading this and I get a great pleasure in translating this for likeminded people….

 I am doing this mainly for my children Valentina and Cyrus as the part of their Veda classes.  


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