Solar Eclipse June 21/ 2020 Effects on Each Signs

Even though the eclipse is a daylong phenomenon, the impact will last for six months to one year. In this article, we are going to look at the impact of each sign. The solar eclipse in June occurs in Gemini.


This mighty solar eclipse is going to trigger the third house of communications, media, and siblings. This eclipse is going to activate your3/9 axis and both houses are about communication, intellect, and studies. For the next year, you will work hard with your communication skills and you will get benefitted. Opportunities for learning and training are also seen. For the next few months, you will be having a busy schedule as so much of work is going to come up. Students and teachers are going to follow a new schedule. You will be communicating with communities and groups. This is a phase to work with certain projects from media as well. The 3/9 houses are for learning and developing our intellect. So, you will be spending more time in spreading wisdom and awareness. 



The solar eclipse will be falling in the second house for finances and self-esteem. This is telling you that for the next year, you will work hard to make more money. The eclipse in the money houses indicates gains as well as losses. So, your effort should be to save money. Jobless people will be able to find some jobs in these comings days. However right now Mercury the planet of communication and analysis is in a retrogression mode and it indicates instability regarding finances and career, so you should be very careful when you make decisions. The solar eclipse will trigger your self-esteem and ego and that can be a problem so you need to control your ego. Your career status will surely be changing very soon and you should not be careless in financial transactions.


The solar eclipse will be falling in 1/7 angle so for the next one year you will be focusing on yourself and your relationships. You will start a new personal or professional relationship. But there is a challenge because right now Mercury is retrograding so there can be reversals in the relationships also. During every Mercury retrogression the next one year you will have to make some corrections in the relationships. The sun is the planet for reality so you have to be very realistic in these relationships. These relationships will transform you into a new person. During this one year, there will be many opportunities to start off new professional relationships also. However, the seventh axis also indicates open ends. Timely oppositions are also coming up. You should not share your secrets with anybody.


This solar eclipse will be triggering the 12/6 axis so your emotional needs will be very high for the next one year. This cannot be seen as a very positive eclipse for you. And your physical and mental health will be very important. There will be some opportunities for those who work as healers, doctors, counselors, and mentors. Those who work in asylums also will have opportunities. The twelfth house is the house of fears and enemies. So you need to keep yourself away from all kinds of complex situations. The solar eclipse will impact your workplace and colleagues. They also will bring some issues. You should take a due care to perform well at work. Frequent arguments with colleagues can also be happening as a part of this transit. 


Your ruler, the Sun is getting eclipsed today, by the ruler of your twelfth house. So this will be impacting your long term relationships and your projects. This solar eclipse will trigger your 11/5 axis. So for the next year, you will be focusing on your team and your long term projects. New team members can come in this for the next year. There will be a lot of planning with your team members. Frequent arguments with the team members can also be seen as a part of this transit. If you were to execute your plans perfectly, don’t share it with your teammates. This eclipse will bring new technological knowledge to you. Since the moon is hiding your ruler, the Sun, the challenges from the opposite sex within your team can create a problem, so you need to keep a safe distance with them. 


This is a very crucial time for your career as well as your family. The solar eclipse will trigger your 10/4 axis. You will be having some challenges regarding your career. So don’t be in a hurry to accept new offers. It will be slightly difficult for you to satisfy your managers. You will be attending more interviews and there will be frequenting team discussions. A lot of short projects will be coming up. This solar eclipse will impact your family also. You will need to have an eye on family matters as well. Your family members may feel that you are too busy for them. You may travel with your family. There will be real estate deals, discussing the ancestral property, etc. Constructions and renovations can also happen. During retrogression of any planet, you will try to renovate your house. 


 The solar eclipse will trigger your 9/3 axis. These houses show studies, intellect, learning, communications, and self-development. So for the next year, you will be focusing on learning and teaching. Foreign collaborations can also come up. However, there will be frequent obstacles as well. Right now Mercury is in a retrogression mode, so there will be obstacles during every Mercury retrogression phase. Students and teachers also need to be very careful with their work. In the next few months, teachers and students will have to follow a strict discipline. Their routine will surely change. You will be more interested in learning spiritual sciences, but that will not be a signal for being spiritual. You will even critically approach the spiritual sciences. There will be a lot of projects from media, communication and media-related domains as well. 


For the next six to one year, you will be transforming as a new person. There will be a lot of emotional challenges for some time, so it’s better to keep a low profile. Most of the emotional issues can come up from financial issues. This is not a favorable phase for financial transactions and shared resources. There will be a discussion regarding your ancestral property. Relationships with your inlaws will be slightly challenging. There will be a lot of transformations throughout this phase. Your love relationships will have to go through some volatility. The Sun is the ruler of your career, so there will be a transformation regarding your career as well. You will be dealing with finances, loans, and insurance as well. For the next few months, you will discuss the possibilities of finances as well.


For the next few months, your one on one relationships will be very important. The eclipses always indicate new beginnings and you can expect some new relationships coming in for some time. However, these relationships cannot be having a smooth sail. There will be step by step challenges, so you need to be very careful. You will be thinking more about love and marriage. Most of the interactions will end in a personal or a business relationship too. Throughout this phase, you will be trying to feel complete through the partners, but that will fail at times. So, don’t always keep all the dependency on your partner. You will have to make a lot of adjustments for a harmonious relationship too. There will be a lot of social networking events as well.


This eclipse is going to impact your workplace and health. 

This is the time of cleansing. If you take care of your health, then it will be improving. There are clear chances for improved health as the eclipses indicate cleansing. There will be a lot of importance to your mental health as well. In these days, you will be focusing a lot of motivational lectured. At work, you will have a new role or a new project. There will be on and off arguments with teammates. There will be some changes in the work sector. It can be like a new job or a new project. New colleagues can also come up during this phase. The 12/6 angle shows your liabilities. So, for the next few months, there will be a lot of analysis regarding your liabilities. 


The eclipse is triggering your 5/11 angle in your chart and that deals with your creative energies. For the next few months, you will be looking more into your talents. You will study some skills in order to improve your skills. Your sole intention will be to make more money through your creative energies. This can also be an important time for your children and youngsters. They will be very needy and you will have to spend more money and energy on them. Please don’t try to change anyone from your teams as they can have a different opinion. Your romantic life also will be turbulent. Throughout this phase, you will be very keen on your team relationships. New people can come up with the personal and professional sectors. 


This solar eclipse will trigger your 4/10 angle and you will be having an equal focus on family and home. You will have a lot of activities at home. This is also a phase to take more work at home. You will be taking up responsibilities. For the next few months, there will be some work at home. It can be real estate deals and repairing at home. You will look for family functions and there will some serious discussions regarding family matters. However, this can be a challenging time for elderly figures in the family. This solar eclipse will trigger the career sector. There will be a lot of projects from work also. You will have to take up challenging projects as well. The life of your managers also will be very significant.