How the Saturn Transit To Capricorn is Going to Impact you


Saturn, the planet of structuring, justice, hard work, delays, and obstacles is going to move into the sign of Capricorn. Let’s see how it is going to impact every sign.



Saturn enters Capricorn sign earth sign Capricorn from January, 24th 2020, 12:10 PM. Saturn enters its other sign Aquarius from 29th April 2022.

 From 12th July 2022 Saturn moving in retrograde mode again enters earth sign Capricorn. Saturn again enters its other sign Aquarius from 17th January 2023.

 Jupiter enters Capricorn on 30 March 2020 around 0400 hours Delhi, India.

Jupiter becomes retrograde in Capricorn on 14 May 2020 around 1950 hours Delhi, India.

30 June 2020 around 0520 hours (Delhi, India) Jupiter enters Sagittarius again in retrograde motion.




For Aries, the 10th house will get highly activated during this transit. You will be focusing more on your career and you will be getting a lot of responsibilities at work. New job opportunities can come and that can be for the long term as well. Initial days of this transit can be very much challenging, so don’t get carried away if the changes are not that great. Everything will need some time to get fructified and you have to wait until then. You should not take any risk with your reputation. You should know that Saturn is the planet of Karma and it is known as Judge too, during this transit, the time will test your karma and that will give results accordingly. This is not a time to rebel against your managers. Saturn will aspect your family front and you will be taking up more responsibilities at home as well. During this transit, you can have some real estate deals like construction, selling or buying. Elderly female figures in the family will have multiple concerns regarding multiple matters including health. Family meetings also can come up and they can be a long meeting as well. Your sleep pattern also can affect as Saturn will aspect the sector for sleep and emotional self. This is not a great phase for your emotional stability, so don’t take any risk with your personal or professional life. Your personal and professional relationships can also gain importance. However, don’t make any crucial decisions regarding your relationship as well. There can be health-related issues too, so follow a good diet and workouts. 




For you, the 9th house of spirituality, long trips, foreign collaborations, and dharma will get activated. This activation will be huge and that will force you to focus on your foreign stay, travel, and collaborations. There can be some issues regarding your foreign settlement. If you are living or working abroad, then please try to clear your papers. Those who try to foreign settlement may have to rethink that. You will have some projects from foreign locations as well. An argument with elders in the family also can come up. During this transit, you can meet with someone from the spiritual domain, but please make sure you are with the right guru and they are not taking you through the wrong life path. You may attend motivational coaching sessions as well. Occasional financial gains can also be a part of this transit. You will take up some assignments from media and publishing too. This transit will be important for students as they will join new long term courses as well. This is also a time to join new long term projects too. Expenses and gains, both will come up. You will try to go for group events and some group meetings. There will be some discussions with your siblings regarding family matters. You will try to start own ventures too. However, there will be some challenges at work, and that can be for the long term. Please try to focus on your work only. Your health also will be very important. You will need a new health program as well.



 During this transit, you will be majorly focusing on your finances and partnerships. You will have concerns regarding both. There will be some arguments regarding your partnerships. It can be from personal as well as professional sector. You will be taking a long time to decide on what you want from these relationships. There will be ups and downs in the relationships and that may not be an easy phase. Your emotional self can go through a great deal of volatility and that will transform you as a new person. You will learn new lessons regarding relationships from the personal as well professional sector. There will be financial instability as well, and unexpected long-term challenges can come up from the financial sector. Please make sure you have enough cash to take care of your needs as well as your family. There can be some clash with your in-laws or younger brothers as well. Some issues regarding your landed property can arise. During this transit, you will be interested in mystical sciences. This is a good time to take up higher studies, but they can be difficult as well. You will be planning for long trips too. However, you can have arguments and constant clash with your elderly people, especially with male figures. Multiple financial dealings like lending and borrowing can also come up. You will have to spend more time with your kids. If you are a parent who stays away from your children, then you should give more effort to be with them. They may need more care from you. Your romantic relationship also can go through a rough patch. Avoid risky ventures during this time. The career sector also will get projected and you will be getting many opportunities to set a solid foundation for your career. This is a time where you get new ideas for your career and try to research well regarding such plans. Your younger generation also will demand more attention. You should be very careful with them as they will have a lot of needs. Creative projects can come up, but there will be some delay in perfection.




 During this transit season, your relationship with your partners can get highlighted as Saturn will be staying in the 7th house for relationships. It rules the 8th house for finances and partnerships. Both the houses are showing your marriage as well as legal partnerships, so you should not be reckless while dealing with them. Saturn is known as the judge in astrology, and that will be judging your behavior in these relationships. You are not supposed to go off track in the relationships. Try to save the relationship and make sure you have tried all the ways to be righteous in the relationships. In business relations, you should not try any short cuts to get success. Saturn is the planet of hard work which requires a lot of time and effort. So, don’t lose your heart when you don’t get the desired result when you want it. You may get it, but a little slow. This will bring some changes in your personal life as well. Physically, you may look older. If you have children with Cancer Moon, they may start behaving like elders and that can be at times embarrassing. They may air their opinion on serious matters which may not always look good. So, you have to train them to keep their innocence as kids. However, we cannot always break the barriers by the mighty universe. At home, you will be looking for some real estate deals. Family functions also will be coming up during this transit. You will be spending more time on family matters. 



 You will be having a lot of concerns regarding your workplace. This is not a time to relax regarding your work. Saturn indicates righteousness and hard work and you are supposed to spend a lot of energy at work. There will be multiple projects, which can be very complex arising from work. You will have competitive projects which need a long time to perform. During this transit, you should not be very casual with your colleagues. This is not the phase to enjoy parties and petty talks. Saturn is the planet for justice and hard work and every unrighteous deal will get highlighted during this transit. Your physical and mental health also will be important. This is not the time to take any risk with both. However, you may have to take up a new health care regime. You may even try to go for alternative health practices as well. Saturn rules your 7th house of relationships as well. So, you have to be careful not only with love and marriage but also with business relationships too. There will be constant arguments with your partners. Saturn will be aspecting in the 3rd house of siblings and communications also. You will be having some important discussions with your siblings. At times they can be arguments too. You will be discussing the possibility of a few real estate-related deals. There will be frequent short travels and some training programs too. Your communications can be very harsh and that can distract people. Try to use polite words, otherwise, you will be making the situation worse. However, you will try to have new ventures, but don’t be in a haste. You may find tiresome to work with groups and small teams. This is also a phase where you buy new electronic devices. Financial matters will be very prominent during this time. You should not take any risk with your existing business relationships. Stay away from complex financial deals too.



 During this transit, you will be focusing more on children and studies. If you are a parent living away from children, you should know that this transit can widen the emotional and physical distances, so, you have to be very careful with them. You must give your level best to be with them and never miss an opportunity to let them know they are very special to you. You have to give more effort to improve their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. However, you will be trying to serve older people and take up some course which needs a lot of effort. During this phase, you may think about taking up a few creative projects, but they will be very complicated. You will have to spend a long time to understand them and bring some progress to them. Saturn rules the 6th house of work and colleagues. You will be having some challenges regarding your work. This is not a great time to careless for your job. You can look for a new job, of you are sure about the new job and never quit, without getting official confirmation. There will be many chances to join a new organization. New long-term projects and new team members also can come up. However, arguments in the teams also will be a part of this transit. Financial matters also will be very prominent during this time. You will have to cut your expenses and save as much as you can. This is a good time to join a new long-term financial plan. However, don’t take any risk with your existing finances. Don’t take any plan to invest in complex financial projects too. Arguments in the team ventures also can come up, but you need to be flexible. Please have righteous motives regarding your collective projects. 




 During this Saturn transit, your 4th house of home, family and family members. Saturn’s presence over this sector is not that great. However, this is an ideal time for building and construction, so, for Librans, this Saturn transit phase, can be a phase to do some sort of real estate-related work. However, there can be some delay in these, so you should plan such things properly. The natural instinct of Saturn is to bring some delays and obstacles, how much ever auspicious it is. There will be arguments with family members. Elderly female figures in the family can have some complicated needs. It can be a major health and emotional concerns. Family meetings and discussions can also come up. They can be long meetings. You will have to stay away from all arguments, otherwise, it can cause anxiety. At work, you will have to take up bigger and hard responsibilities. You will have to stretch yourself a lot to perform at these. The expectation of your managers can be very high. However, your personal life also will be transforming a lot. You may look older too and health also may need more care. Your personal life also will be going through a lot of transformation. This is a time where you have to take up more responsibilities from personal as well as professional domain. You will have the stability to fight against diseases and enemies. Saturn is known as a judge in astrology, so at work, the quality of your work will be judged and you will be getting the rewards accordingly.




You will try to start own ventures during this phase. Saturn is going to bring some changes in the 3rd house of siblings, communication, and analysis. So, there will be a lot of hard work during this transit. You will have to really stretch yourself to be productive at work. You will try to have own ventures and that can be a complicated process. There will be multiple tasks coming up and they can be complex as well. During this transit, you will have some issues regarding your siblings. There will be arguments related to family matters. You will have to be very careful with your communication as it can become very harsh and that can bring arguments. There will be a lot of short trips and short projects too. Saturn will be aspecting your 5th house of children and creativity. Both can have some hard aspects as Saturn is not an ideal planet to influence these matters. During this phase, you will have to focus more on your children. They will have multiple needs and you should make yourself available whenever they needed it. During this phase, you may take up some risky jobs. You will have to really be careful while taking this up. You will be working for long trips and foreign settlements too. There will be an interest in spiritual matters as well. However, during this transit, you may meet spiritual teachers, but make sure they are not taking you to the wrong path in spirituality. You will plan for a foreign settlement as well. However, throughout the transit, you can have emotional issues. Saturn will be aspecting the 12th house of the subconscious mind too. That indicates the importance of a righteous life. Stay away from all the scandals and anything which can make you negative. You will try to follow alternative health care practices.





Your financial matters will get much highlighted as Saturn will be staying in the 2nd house of money and self-worth. The presence of Saturn in this house is not that great for finances. You can have very complex expenses and that can bring some long-term liabilities. Try to reduce your expenses, otherwise, you will have to really go through financial issues. Savings will be important, however, don’t spend money on wrong financial plans. There will be complex financial deals coming up and they should be carefully be dealt with. During this transit phase, your responsibilities at work can increase. At home also you will have to take up more responsibilities. Elderly female figures in the family will have some challenges. You need to be with them, otherwise, they will feel left out. Real estate deals and relocation can also come up. This is not a great transit for taking up new partnership deals, however, you can work on existing deals. You may take up new long-term projects as well. There will be arguments in the team settings too. There will be some family meetings where you discuss serious issues with your relatives. This is a sensitive phase for family matters and you have to be very much responsible. You may feel like running away from the responsibilities, but stretch yourself and take up all the responsibilities. Saturn indicates justice and during this time the universe will watch whether you are righteous with your responsibilities. You may plan for some lending and borrowing, but try to avoid anything which is complex. Issues regarding tax and insurance can also come up.





Saturn will be transiting through your personal life and health, which will be helping you to be a new person. That will be making you serious as well as full of responsibilities. This can be challenging and at times you may get discouraged. You should know that the universe is transforming you as to when you get over this transit, you will definitely be a very strong person. There will be some changes in your relationships as well. You will either make a decision to continue or quit the relationships. There will be short projects coming up and you may try to start a new venture. Relationships with siblings can also become very transformative. If you are not careful, this transit can totally ruin the relationships. At work, you will be having a lot of responsibilities. You may have new beginnings in your personal and professional life. More communications are indicated for the growth of your personal and professional life. New deals can come up, and all these may not be that easy. There can be changes in existing relationships as well. You may get more attention, or you may be in a gathering where your presence is much highlighted. You may have to travel short distances. This is, of course, a busy time for you. You have so many things to share. You may even start to learn a new subject. There can be opportunities for writing and editing media as well. Due to this multi-tasking, you can have mild physical distresses as well. You will plan to buy a new electronic device as well. Those who work in the communication-based domain will be getting important projects during this transit. However, physical health can go through ups and downs. Career matters also will be very much important. During this phase, your responsibilities at work can increase. Don’t take any risk with your image and reputation. 




 Throughout the transit, Saturn will be triggering your subconscious mind. You may closely meet with your emotional struggles and it can even trigger physical distress. You may try to take a step back and try to view everything from a spiritual perspective. This is a great time to submit your worries with the divine force. Let them deal with it. More prayer, more meditation, interest for spiritual pursuits are seen. Some of you may go for spiritual pursuits. You will have some concerns regarding your foreign settlement too. Try to be spiritual during this phase, otherwise, it will be very difficult to get over this transit. This will trigger the 2nd house of Money, material possessions, family, speech, and self-worth. This will be a time where you really notice your financial status. There can be too much expenditure as well. You are looking for more and more financial projects. At the same time, you are worried about your financial status as well. There can be a desire for new financial planning. You should use this opportunity to get new financial projects. You may try to make some changes to the existing work as well. You are somehow trying to lift your savings up, but somewhere nothing is going according to your plan. Don’t be in a hurry, because the universe is mightier than us. Cut off your expenses and try to be happy in whatever you have. This is a very crucial time for your work and health. You will find a new project, or you may think about a new job. You will find what you lack in your relationship with your colleagues. It can even be some concerns. Your health-related issues can also get prominence. This is a good time to start a new diet. You may have extra responsibilities at work. There will be foreign or long travels too, that too with some obstacles. 




During this transit, Saturn will be triggering your 11th house of friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains. Your friendship circle will get highly triggered. This is a very important time for your long-term relationships from personal as well as professional domain. You may get invited to join a new group. Discussions for new long-term associations are also seen. You may think about making some changes in the existing friendships. It can either be a friendship or a group activity. You will try to be more active within the youth groups. This is a time to find like-minded people and start new projects. You may have new beginnings in your personal and professional life. More communications are indicated for the growth of your personal and professional life. You will be taking up more responsibilities during this transit. The new beginnings may become very complicated, however, try to bring perfection to the existing projects. You may assume that you will get an opportunity to work in a creative domain. This can be a hobby. You may start this hobby with a long-term motive. Opportunities for fun and entertainment are seen. You will think about your own ventures. Your creative ideas may require more corrections. Saturn doesn’t effectively indicate creativity, so, you have to spend a lot of energy on these projects. You should be more caring towards your children as they have multiple emotional needs. You should make yourself available for them. If you are a parent who stays away from them, then give all the effort to meet them often. However, your finances can be a little volatile. This is, of course, complex time and you have to be very very patient. You may get tempted to get all the details from your partners. They may have some difficulty in accepting your views. You will think about the possibilities of partnership projects. These projects may get funds from a third person. This is a time to give or get financial aid. You will have to settle issues related to tax and insurances


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