What is Badhak In Astrology? Badhaka Planet in Astrology

 This is a very beautiful concept to know, what are the main hurdle in your life from attaining prosperity and happiness.  This is a particular planet, which keeps us under check from reaching what we desire. It will be blocking our way and keep us in a handcuffed condition and we will take a long time to break those chains



For every Lagna/ascendant, there is a planet that mainly gives obstacles. Its main duty is to give some obstacle and that planet is known as Badhak/Bdhakesh. In whichever house this planet is placed, you will find difficulty in achieving the properties of that house. However, you need to check whether the planet is placed in such a way in which it minimizes the negative results. 

How to Find Your Badhakesh

It is based on the Lagna/Ascendant/ rising sign

There are 12 signs and each sign has a different nature.

 Movable signs : Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

Fixed signs : Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius

Dual signs : Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces

All movable Lagna/ascendants the Badhakesh house will be the 11th house= and it’s lord, Aries=Aquarius( Saturn) Cancer= Taurus (Venus), Libra = Leo (Sun), Capricorn = Scorpio (Mars)

For Fixed lagna, the Badhakesh will be the 9th house lord: Taurus = Capricorn (Saturn), Scorpio = Cancer (Moon), Aquarius = (Libra) Venus, Leo= Gemini ( Mercury)

For Dual lagna, Badhakesh will be the 7th house lord: Gemini = Sagittarius (Jupiter), Virgo= Pisces (Jupiter) and Pisces = Virgo (Mercury), Sagittarius – Gemini (Mercury).

Aries=Aquarius( Saturn)

Taurus = Capricorn (Saturn), 

 Gemini = Sagittarius (Jupiter) 

Cancer= Taurus (Venus) 

Leo= Gemini ( Mercury)

Virgo= Pisces (Jupiter)

Libra = Leo (Sun)  

Scorpio = Cancer (Moon)  

Sagittairus – Gemini (Mercury).

Capricorn = Scorpio (Mars) 

Aquarius = (Libra) Venus 

Pisces = Virgo (Mercury) 

Eg: Suppose, For an Aries Ascendant, 11th house belongs to Saturn and it is in the 2nd house.

The 2nd house indicates wealth, material possessions, speech, education, and family. The 11th house indicates a friend’s circles, team settings, profits, and gains. Badakesh being in the 2nd house shows, this person will lose money through friends. The friends may give him wrong inputs and he will be like the prodigal son in the Bible. He can even leave family due to the influence of friends for a multitude of reasons. However, the situation will develop after the second half of life. That too depends upon how Saturn is placed. There will be much difference as Saturn is in its friend Venus’ house. This person will not have much confidence in himself in the initial years of life. He may get bullied by his teammates. This person will have bad dental health, where he will make regular appointments with the dentist in the future. Less nourishment from family, lack of self-confidence, poor lifestyle and weak physique too. 

This is how Badhakesh works. Analysis of the whole chart is very much required for any astrology prediction


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