Which Part of Your Body is Weak According to Astrology/Medical Astrology?



Astrology is an undeniable branch of self-awareness. This branch enlightens us not only about our destiny but also about emotional as well as physical health as well. You will be astonished how accurately some astrologers predicted COVID 19 and how far it will be in the world.


In medical astrology, every house represents a multitude of organs.

 Following are the astrological planets and influencing body parts corresponding to various zodiac signs:

1AriesHead, encephalon, face, upper jaw, the front side of the body


2TaurusLower jaws, throat, thyroid gland, cerebrum, ears


3GeminiShoulders, arms, hands,  sympathetic nervous system, ventilatory system issues


4CancerOesophagus, abdomen, taste, left side of the body, chest


5LeoHeart, precava, spine, vertebral column, back, thymus gland


6VirgoGut aggregated lymphoid nodules, duodenum, stomach


7LibraLumbar spine, uterus, reproductive organs


8ScorpioThe large intestine, organs of procreation, kidneys


9SagittariusThighs, hips, vascular system, nerves


10CapricornThigh muscles, joints, bones


11AquariusCirculatory system, ankle bones, left ear


12PiscesFeet, lymphoid system, left eye, hospitalization


The nine planets and the influencing body parts are listed below:

SunVascular system, vertebral column, heart, left eye in females and right eye in males
MoonCold, breast-related complications, kidneys, abdomen, uterus, maniac disorders, movements
MercuryRespiratory system, communication problems, arms, digestive system, nerves
VenusFace, skin,  throat, venereal diseases, organs of procreation
MarsAccidents, face, muscles, male reproductive organs,  suicidal tendencies
Jupiter Liver, blood vessels, thigh, buttocks,  obesity
SaturnLean appearance, weakness, teeth,  joints, rheumatism, respiratory disorders, derma diseases, tuberculosis
RahuSpleen disorders, injuries, snake-bites, cancer, leprosy
KethuHigh blood pressure, heart diseases, allergies, infections, mental illness, sudden accidents
NeptuneNeurological disorders, psychic disorders, drug addiction, food poisoning, hallucinations, insomnia
PlutoVenereal diseases, accidents, birth defects, acute radiation syndromes


 According to Medical astrology, the 6th house indicates diseases. So, the 6th lord and the Placement, Aspect, and Conjunction of the 6th lord indicate our sensitive body, parts, and diseases.

 Suppose you are an Aries lagan and the 6th house of diseases is ruled by Mercury. If Mercury is placed in the 4th house, then you can go through acidity, stress, heart-related issues, because the 4th house indicates the diaphragm, breasts, esophagus, stomach, taste, and left side of the body.

If Mercury is well supported by other planets, the health of these organs will be better as time advances. If Mercury is weak and not supported by other benefics, then there will be complexities in the said organs.

 If you are a Scorpio Lagna and Aries rules the 6th house. So, Mars is the ruler of the 6th house and it is placed in the Lagna. Mars is a fiery planet and the 1st house indicates head and cranium area. So, the person can have stress-related issues and migraines. He can even get fevers and heat-related problems.

This is the beauty of Medical Astrology