When Will Corona End? Astrology Article

I already gave predictions regarding Corona Virus that it will” SUBSIDE” by July. But it will take more than one year to stabilise You can find the links to those articles and videos here. There are links to my Malayalam articles as well. Meanwhile, the prediction said, illness, not Corona. 

So many astrologers came up and gave their inputs and here is mine. Some of them said end of March, mid April, some said when Saturn/Jupiter./Mars conjunct in Capricorn.. some said when Sun gets into Aries, because Ashwini nakshathra belongs to Aries and Ashwini is the nakshathra of Healers, ashwini kumaras, so healing will take place. I always said ‘ subside by July and I never said permanent healing, unless we stay safe and distance our-self socially.

Why I said, it will not end and only” SUBSIDE”. Astrology is not against science. Science and astrology go hand in hand. Whatever astrology finds, we can substantiate it through science. For eg: According to Medical astrology, the primary weak points in your body will be where your 6th lord is present and aspects. The 6th house is the house of health. This is a golden rule in astrology, tested and proven. That shows before an MBBS doctor an astrologer can detect the weaker areas of a human body. But for treatment, we will surely need doctors. No science is complete, likewise astrology and medical science as well. The more and more we consume an unnatural diet, then the body will stop responding to natural medicine. That’s why Ayurveda is losing its power these days. 

When you try those sushis, yummy dishes from international food chains full of unnatural sauces and ingredients, when you eat non-veg which is injected with hormones, you dunno how much of harm you are doing to yourself. Most of the girls have menstrual issues and PCOD’s, and the food habits have a lot to be connected with that. Drinking, smoking, drugs are getting more common with women, and men also getting hormonal issues like erectile dysfunction and low sperm count.

When coming back to COVID 19, you should not blame astrologers that they did not inform you about this epidemic. 

So many astrologers all around the world predicted the issues. Corona is not a disease detected in 2019. It started in the 1930s in animals, in 1960, it spread to humans. It is not a new disease. 

Why did I say it will never disappear totally? Let’s look at the scientific aspects of Corona. Corona is a zoonotic disease.

The types of zoonosis include  

a virus




Examples of zoonotic diseases

animal flu


bird flu

bovine tuberculosis


Campylobacter infection

cat scratch fever



dengue fever


encephalitis from ticks

enzootic abortion


fish tank granuloma



hemorrhagic colitis

hepatitis E

hydatid disease


listeria infection

louping ill

Lyme disease

lymphocytic choriomeningitis




Q fever


rat-bite fever


Rocky Mountain spotted fever

Salmonella and E. coli infections

streptococcal sepsis

swine flu





West Nile virus

zoonotic diphtheria

Zoonoses can be transmitted  

through the air

by eating contaminated meat  

through close contact with an infected animal

by touching an area or surface that an infected animal touched

through insect bites like mosquitos or ticks

Middle East respiratory syndrome which is a respiratory illness originated in Saudi Arabia in 2015, is a disease occurred through Corona Virus.

Novel coronavirus (nCoV), was first seen in 2012 not in 2019. So, you should understand Corona was there since 1930s. May be before that also, we may not know.

How Viruses Originate?

This is not been found out and it is been seen as it always existed ever since creation. In the vedas, micro and macro organisms are named as “ Krimi”. Two types of krimi viz. Drishta (Visible/Macroscopic) & Adrishta (Invisible / Microscopic) are described in the vedas. Different sharirika, manasika & adhyatmic vyadhis are also originated through these Krimis. Sun & Agni (fire) are the primary method of krimichikitsa. Science also say the same. That early morning ultraviolet light rays from sun can be used for various krimijanya-vyadhis. You should read Atharva veda, but it is really complicated.

There are RNA virus and DNA virus.

An RNA virus has RNA (ribonucleic acid) as its genetic material

RNA virus diseases are eg: Ebola virus disease, SARS, COVID-19, rabies, common cold, influenza, hepatitis C, hepatitis E, West Nile fever, polio and measles

A DNA virus has DNA(Deoxyribonucleic Acid)  as its genetic material and replicates using a DNA-dependent DNA polymerase.

DNA virus diseases are eg smallpoxherpes, and the chickenpox

DNA is a double-stranded molecule, while RNA is a single-stranded molecule.

So, Corona is a RNA virus disease. DNA virus disease like small pox and chicken pox is totally eradicated, but chicken pox is still on. 

Coronaviruses (family Coronaviridae, subfamily Coronavirinae) are important pathogens of birds and mammals. Coronaviruses are positive-sense RNA viruses and are currently classified into four genera: Alphacoronavirus, Betacoronavirus, Gammacoronavirus, and Deltacoronavirus

These viruses are there before we were born. In the Bible we can see Egyptians affected with plague. 

So, in astrological perspective, a question to an astrologer,” when will corona end, is a baseless question, as it was already there and it will be there in multiple formats’. Now about Novel Corona Virus, which is the new disease, will subside by July, but there will be no end for that. It will reappear in another format, “ if we are not careful” 

Now astrological description. Please write off all those astrologers who say it is because of Rahu/Ketu Transit. I am fed up listening to this nonsense.Rahu and Ketu has nothing to do with these. Rahu Ketu was in same sign so many years in the past .



Rahu Mithuna * Gemini Dec 23, 1981 July 13, 1983

Rahu Mithuna * Gemini July 30, 2000 Feb 16, 2002

Rahu Mithuna * Gemini Mar 06, 2019 Sep 22, 2020

No pandemic ever occurred on these dates other than AIDS was found in dec 1981; however it cannot be seen as a pandemic as well. 

Asian flu: 1957-1958,

H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic: 2009-2010,

West African Ebola epidemic: 2014-2016,

Zika Virus epidemic all these never occurred when Rahu was in Ardra. 

In India also 1974 smallpox, 

1994 plague,

• 2009 flu pandemic,

• 2015 Indian swine flu 

2014 Odisha jaundice outbreak 2014 Odisha jaundice outbreak   

2014 Odisha jaundice outbreak  

 The 2018 Kerala Nipah virus outbreak in all these occurrences Rahu was not at all in Gemini or Ardra nakshthra. You cannot so connect this current Rahu in Ardra or new moon full moon event with this corona. 

So, Rahu Ketu has nothing to with Covid 19. Please come out of such misconceptions. 

 Now you see, whenever any planet is in own sign, Mool trikon, or exalted, according to my research, it is very bad. Novel corona virus was reported on November 2019 on a 55-year-old man. You can search for this online. This news is there in South China Post dated 13th March 2020.  

Jupiter changed its sign on November 5th, 2019, and it moved into its own sign Sagittarius. In my eyes, it is very bad not only for me but for all. Why because, Jupiter may be the most benefic planet, but it can be the most harmful planet in your chart, if it is too strong. For eg: If it is in the 7th house of marriage, 95%, it shows bad marital life. If it is in own, exalted or mool trikon, it makes you waste your youth in unrealistic hopes. When it is retrograde, debilitated, combust, you will be a rebel. If a woman has Jupiter in any above said mode, MARK MY WORDS, she should not keep any great expectation from the marriage. Remember any planet in own sign is not always good, unless until saving aspects are there.

So, the COVID must have reported by Nov 2019, but it must have started when Jupiter was moving through the last degrees of Scorpio, which was through Jyeshta nakshatra. 

Then came the solar and lunar eclipse. In Brihad jathaka, by Varahamihira it says, if a solar and lunar eclipse, occurs in the same lunar month that too in Dhanu/Sagittarius rasi, then the entire country will be in trouble.  

Its because Dhanu is the sign for political moves, rulers, government, mass movements, rebellion, political and civil unrest. 

The Pausha month of 2019 started on December 22- January 12, had a lunar as well as solar eclipse. So, that is another fact. I trust Varahamihira 

These are the basic triggering points. Saturn in own sign, Jupiter in own sign, elicpse, and Rahu ketu has nothing to do with it. 

Now, Covid19, you must say Covid 19, instead Corona because Corona virus is the part of genetic pool and it always existed in one or other format. COVID 19 will get subsided only when Jupiter leaves its debilitation mode, but you should not expect a sudden decline. Only by July, it will SUBSIDE, but it will on and off come as other disease. Read it clearly. Dont come back to be again asking” by when it will leave the world ”  Because it is not an illness limited to India. If it exists in Africa, it is a threat also to India. Virus, of any kind, cannot be eradicated. Astrology cannot override science or, science cannot override astrology. 

Why are we locked down at home 

What else is indicated by Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of restrictions. Saturn moved into the sign of Capricorn, which is its own sign in January, from then onwards all the restrictions came up. As Saturn advancing through the late degrees of Capricorn, we will be restricted from multiple matters. Saturn in astrology means limitations. So, throughout 2022,2021,2022,2023, we should be prepared for such restrictions. Saturn is the planet for karma, justice, repentance, retrospect, and so many things connected with righteousness, we have to bring a lot of truthfulness, righteousness into our lives. 

Mahadasa of India 

According to India’s foundation chart, we are going through the Mahadasa of Moon-Saturn. Leave all those Jupiter/Saturn transit and eclipse. A chart should be studied first through birth chart, then yogas and then Mahadasa and antar dasa. No yearly transit can override the Mahdasa and antar dasa. According to my Guruji Shree K.N Raoji, when dasa changes, disha or our life also will change. So, Now its Moon-Saturn, then Moon-Mercury, then Moon Ketu. All these planets are in the 3rd house of unrest. Only in 2023, these dasas will end. Moon has no friendship with Saturn/Mercury or Ketu. 

The only positive factor is Saturn is yoga karaka for India. I am a Vedic astrologer, but I truly don’t believe in the concept of Yoga karaka. Still, that’s the only stuff that makes us feel positive about the situation. 

Now guys, COVID 19, will be slowly declining by July. You can expect, more restrictions in the coming days until 2023

How to deal with Moratorium offer of Finance Minister

Now Venus is in the sign of Taurus, which is house of Finances in the natural zodiac wheel, which is also known as Kaalpurusha chakra.  

March 28, 2020, Saturday at 03:55 PM

Venus is transiting in Vrishabha Rashi

So, naturally good news regarding finances should have come up. 

But here is the trap 

Venus will become Retrograde On

May 13, 2020, Wednesday at 12:14 PM

Venus will become direct On

June 25, 2020, Thursday at 12:17 PM

Venus retrograde will be influencing the financial matters and Venus will be combust during these days. Venus indicates finances and it will be in the sign for finances which is Taurus. 

That means more and more financial concerns. This moratorium should not be availed if you can pay. During this retrogression and in July also, you can get more burdens. Remember any planet in your sign is not always good, unless until saving aspects are there.

So, this is what I have to talk to my readers, be safe, be clean and be righteous. These are the only remedies for Covid 19.

So, its not an astrologer’s mistake that he/she did not announce it to you personally. So many astrologers predicted the bad days including my Guruji.Shree.K.N Raoji. It’s not the mistake of an astrologer if you guys are not following us.I was repeatedly writing in my Malayalam column, that tough situation are ahead, but no TOM, DICK and HARRY came and asked me” astrologer, what should I do?” but when all these issues came out, all those guys started abusing in my page that I am a fraud. However, I have spoken this to few of my colleagues and neighbors, so they were prepared.

You can see the links of those articles here


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Those people who asked me “ why you did not predict it” FYI, I already predicted and it’s not my mistake if you don’t follow me. So, don’t ask such stupid questions. For majority of Keralites( my state), astrologers are money sucking uneducated  frauds, who cant think scientifically.  That means I have cheated many and I am not educated and I have never gone to a university or I dont have basic education. wow….  .   Finally lemme ask you, How many of you guys take astrologers seriously before blaming them? Meanwhile, I dont see anyone blaming doctors and scientists for not developing vaccine against Covid?  Does that mean they are money sucking Frauds? Guys, nothing in the world is perfect, neither astrology or Medical science. 

I write astrology articles, monthly forecasts and videos and promote via FB by paying from my savings.  I do so that people can get ideas on how to plan for their life. Still I am not a FB person and I dont like to be in social media, and I comethere once in a while, and I keep it deactivated mode often. I dont like cheekhna, chillana, doosron ko gaali dena, khudko budhirakshas samjna, aur, posting photos.  I dont have much consultations from astrology as I am not a traditional astrologer who suggest poojas , remedies and gemstones. I only believe in practical life.  I find pleasure in helping people. I spend money from my pocket for people and still people call me a fraud . Majority of Keralaites without knowing my perspective, they call me a fraud. for them astrology is the career of frauds. Oh wow.. According to them I have looted their money, while I dont even know atleast 95% of them personally.  So, I am a known fraud in Kerala wowo.  The most hurting and humiliating comments come from literate Malayali community.  I dont know why? Being an astrologer is a thankless job. Or look into Quora, you can see n number of selfish people asking, when my marriage will happen, when I will get a job?  Some guys even challenge ” Agar tujmein himmat hey tu bata meri shaadi kab hogi” Not even single guy has asked me ” JayaShree, you were suffering from multiple physical issues, how are you now? ” I feel so bad sometimes. Leave the blame games, lets stand together with out government, as they are giving the practical and the most effective solutions in these troubling times than any astrologer can give.  


jayashreeforecast@gmail.com( Please dont ask for free consultations, I dont do that for anyone.)



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  1. I have read your article ,I say that you are not an astrologer but a scientist trying to be good fortune teller in a positive way.I,v also be doing it but people find it very annoying to them. Without anyone’s good karmic deed nothing good returns.I mostly follow Linda Goodsman,s book that made me interested in Astrology and also find truth.

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