What to do in your Sade Sati /7.5 Saturn Phase



No one likes to be in the sade sati phase, people fear it. What exactly is Sade Sati? Let’s see the details.

 Moon and Saturn are the players of Sade Sati. Your birth moon is the primary player. Transit Saturn is the second player. Saturn when start transiting the 12th house from your Moon sign is the phase when you start your Sade Sati. Then Saturn will get into the Moon sign. Then Saturn will get into the next house, which is the second house from the Moon.

 Saturn will be on the left from the moon, then on the moon sign, then right from the moon sign. The stay back time is 2.5 years. Every house, Saturn will be staying for 2.5 years. So, altogether it is a long period of 7.5 years. 


What Happens During Sade Sati?

For that, we have to learn what the Moon and Saturn indicate in astrology. 


What is Moon in astrology?

First of all, you should know that astrology has a psychological element. Moon is the key planet in Astro-psychology and it indicates mental strength, emotions, peace, happiness, and mind. It is a delicate and fluctuating planet, just like our mind. Moon is the fastest planet and it doesn’t like to stand alone. It always needs support to be happy, that too from positive planets. It doesn’t like the presence of harsh planets. When Moon is closely conjunct with the negative planet, the person can get mental disorders or huge emotional needs.


So, when Saturn enters the 12th house from the Moon, your Sade Sati will begin. It will enter the second stage when Saturn enters your Moon sign, and the last stage is when Saturn moves into the 2nd house from the Moon. Moon and Saturn are not a good combination. Saturn indicates slowness, dryness, delays, and obstacles. When Saturn is in these houses, you will feel your life is surrounded by a lot of dryness, delays, challenges, and obstacles. This is the truth. There will be emotional hurdles, and obstacles from all the areas of your life.


Is it True That Sade Sati gives Only Challenges and Pressures?


Such fear is common among people, but it is not fully true. There are definite challenges. However, so many people reaped a lot of success during this period. You need to be very hardworking during this phase. Before your sade sati comes, you should start making a good plan. Finish all your important duties, save money, settle your debts. You will have to save money and that is very important. During the sade sati phase, there will be financial emergencies and lack of money can give you emotional issues. 

However, during this period, you will get a lot of opportunities to improve your life. You will be able to put a structure to your life. Most of the marriages, house construction, and childbirth occur during Sade Sati.

 Right now Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn rasis are going through Sade Sati and by 2020, the sade sati of Scorpio will be ending and Aquarius will be entering Sade Sati period.

I will be writing a detailed analysis for these signs, if my health permits.