What To Do During The Lunar Eclipse Taurus on November 8th 2022

 The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus On November 8th

After a powerful partial solar eclipse, we will witness a Lunar eclipse at 16 degrees 0 minutes of Taurus. This article is based on western astrology. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, which is very important due to that reason itself. The eclipse will occur on the axis of Scorpio and Taurus, and both signs indicate finances. The whole world is slowly getting affected by the recession, and this eclipse has a lot of importance regarding the world’s finances. The weekly, monthly, and yearly transits majorly affect the world. Still, if the same planetary event is there in the birth chart of the individual, then the native also will go through a life-changing event. The lunar eclipse or the full Moon indicates completion or ending. The full Moon will bring you into the eyes of others. This is a planetary phenomenon showing the attention-seeking nature of the person. The Moon indicates emotions, so the emotional nature will come out fully depending on which house it is in. If you have a full moon in your horoscope, in Taurus, and it isis conjuncting or aspecting any planet, this transit will bring a life-changing event. More than any physical event, the full Moon indicates an intense thought process. This Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will be conjuncting Uranus and the North node of the Moon, bringing many revelations regarding money. Besides the impact of Uranus and the North node, The Moon and Uranus will square Saturn. It will be forming an opposition against Mercury, Sun, and Venus in Scorpio. The world, collectively and individually, goes naturally through a shift based on finances.




This lunar eclipse will surely impact your finances as it occurs in the second house of money. Since the global economy is going through a crisis, you also will be a part of it. It will be good if you practice some austerities, and you will discover that you need to change your financial strategies. Being an Aries by birth, your second house of money is ruled by Venus, the planet for the extravaganza, and you have less idea about saving money. If you want to be financially secure, find alternative methods of income. If you are salaried, you should take up freelancing projects without infringing your company’s policy. Taurus rules your health also, so please avoid unnecessary food habits, and it will be good if you are addicted to food at home. The changes will be coming, like the government asking you for a tax receipt or an issue with an insurance policy.


Please do not confuse yourself with other people’s evaluations. Otherwise, it can end in a nervous breakdown, as the Moon will be in your sign. You are a stable person as Taurus is an earth sign and a fixed sign, so you are not affected much by reviews, but this full Moon can slightly shake up your confidence too. Remember that the full Moon’s impact or the lunar eclipse will last for the next six months, so you must gather yourself. Your personal life will undergo a lot of transformation, which may not be easy just because you are a fixed sign. However, the opposition to Venus and conjunction with Uranus and the North node, will push you to think out of the box. The next six months will give you a sense of transformation, and you should not block it. Everything happens for the best. Your personal life, career, and health will improve if you embrace these divine energies with an open mind.


Selfcare should be your focus when this total lunar eclipse hits your twelfth house of isolation and detachment. You might have neglected yourself in the past, and during this occasion, the universe is asking you to gather yourself for the best. The lunar eclipse will conjunct the planet for revolutions Uranus and North Node, so you will take some” unorthodox” steps which can label you like that. Being a Gemini, you are chatty and intellectual; this eclipse will make you shrink for the time being, and that’s not you. You are a social butterfly, but this is not a great time for socializing. Take a break, go for a solo trip and do some meditation. That’s what the universe is asking from you. The impact of this eclipse will last for the next six months, and you should take a break and recharge your batteries.


When the eclipse energy closely associates with Uranus and the North node, you will have a lot of shake-ups regarding your friendships and collective projects. The long-term relations will go through shake-ups for the next six months. Please prepare yourself for these changes, as nothing is in the hand of humans. Dealing with others’ tantrums can be very energy-draining. When the eclipse forms an opposition to Venus, you will realize some of the relationships have reached the expiry date, and you will have no more interest in them. Do you have some plans for the future? If not, please prepare a different strategy to execute in the coming days. New long-term business and personal relationships are waiting at your doorstep. So why get lost in thinking? Come out of your self-pity and rise.


You are a born leader, and you don’t want to make any compromise on that. This lunar eclipse

will question your talents as it is conjuncting Uranus and North node, and you will be forced to change your strategies at work. This year was not so great for career-related plans, but the universe will bring some signals for growth post this heavy eclipse. The question is whether you are ready for the adjustments in your career. This is a time to rise up, search for a new job, and make some strategies for your existing projects. The lunar eclipse will form an opposition to Venus in Scorpio; please make sure your ideas are not hurting your family members too. When the Uranus and North nodes conjunct the Moon, you may sometimes lose your cool, but please try to gather yourself. Please neglect those who question your interest, but there is nothing wrong in listening to others too.


Your connection with your spiritual self will be highlighted during this transit. Being an earth sign, you are stable and don’t like anyone questioning your decisions. The lunar eclipse is occurring in the ninth house, conjuncting two revolutionaries, Uranus and North node. Virgos are in a mood to absorb all the higher wisdom, and the universe will freely give those spiritual energies to you to awaken you spiritually. This eclipse will make you work on your literary skills, which will push you to study, write and publish too. You will finalize foreign travel as the lunar eclipse indicates endings. This is a time to study and expand your horizons. This eclipse will form an opposition to Venus in Scorpio, so you will naturally meet people during the long trips.


You are going to transform on a deeper level during this eclipse time. The lunar eclipse will be conjuncting Uranus and the North node, the planets for revolution, so you have no other way than to accept those divine signals from the universe. This is the time to fix the issues in your life and welcome the transformation. You will be looking for some physical transformation, and there will be a discussion regarding the ancestral property. The transformation could also be physical, like renovating a part of your house or restoring something to its former glory. Since the lunar eclipse will form an opposition to Venus, you will have to take care of your finances also. There will be sudden needs, and you should not forget that the eclipse’s impact will last for the next six months. So, you will have to make a long-term plan for your finances, and it will include loans and taxes as well.


Dear Scorpios, your love life is transforming, and the lunar eclipse is showing a long-term transformation. The impact of the lunar eclipse will last for the next six months, and this will be a crucial phase for your personal or professional relationship. The lunar eclipse indicates an ending, but it conjuncting Uranus and North Node, so sudden events will occur in the relationships. The Moon, Uranus, and North nodes form an opposition to Venus, Sun, and Mercury, so the relationships may take a serious note, and if you are careless, some relationships may even end. At the same time, you may go into the root level of the relationships and study them. In business relationships, you will also follow the same strategy and be forced to make final decisions. If you are single, this is the time to meet someone, but you need to take some time to decide. It will be good if you learn to negotiate and adjust with others.


The lunar eclipse has to do a lot with your daily routine and thus improve your health. The Lunar eclipse is conjunct between Uranus and the North node, the zodiac revolutionaries. The eclipse will form an opposition to Venus, so this intense energy has to say a lot about a disciplined life. Your food intake will be important, and you are not supposed to decide your diet. This is the time to meet with a medico and let them decide your diet. Please avoid unnecessary confrontations at work. Remember, the impact of the lunar eclipse will last for the next six months. So, that means a lot regarding your workplace too. Please keep a strict disciplined way to improve your health and work.


Being a fixed sign with a stable attitude, this lunar eclipse is coming to your life with a request to be flexible. The lunar eclipse will be conjunct between Uranus and the North node, and these will trigger your creative skills, and you will look at those forgotten skills to revive you. This eclipse will form an opposition to Venus, so your love life will be transforming, and you will make final decisions during this eclipse season. Please shell your ego out and have some fun, even though it is hard. Your children also will be seeking some help. If you are confused about your long-term plans, you should not make solo decisions. There will be some meetings with like-minded people, resulting in long-term decisions. Minor arguments in friendships also will be part of this lunar eclipse.


When the Lunar eclipse rises in the earth sign of Taurus, it will shine on your fourth house of home and family. This eclipse will be opposing Venus, and it will be conjunct with Uranus and North Node. This will bring revolutionary changes to work. Since the lunar eclipse indicates endings, you will make final decisions regarding selling or buying your home. This transit is asking you to focus on your domestic life. There will be some confrontations with your family members, and please make sure you are not going against their wishes. You may need isolation and detachment from the problems, but the universe needs attention. It is asking you to settle the issues than being an escapist.


This eclipse will impact your third house of communication, so you can expect some kind of communication. Since the lunar eclipse is occurring in the sign of Taurus, you will talk emotionally. This is also a transit to send and receive messages. Since the Moon is conjunct with Uranus and North Node, please ensure your communication does not negatively impact your neighbors or relatives. Transfer and traveling can also be the main theme of this transit. At times, you can also feel exhausted due to work stress, and that can give you physical issues as well. Get ready for unexpected meetings and projects. You will always be involved in writing and teaching.