The Sense of Helplessness( Lessons From Bhagvat Geeta)

Sanqya Yoga Chapter2:4
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arjuna uvaca
katham bhismam aham sankhye
dronam ca madhusudana
isubhih pratiyotsyami
pujarhav ari-sudana
Those who doesn’t know Sanskrit, you must understand that UVACHA means told or said.

arjunaḥ uvāca—Arjuna said; katham—how; bhīṣmam—unto Bhīṣma; aham—I; saṅkhye—in the fight; droṇam—unto Droṇa; ca—also, madhusūdana—O killer of Madhu; iṣubhiḥ—with arrows; pratiyotsyāmi—shall counterattack; pūjā-arhau—those who are worshipable; arisūdana—O killer of the enemies.

In the 3rd verse, we saw Lord Krishna challenging Arjun to come back to his zealous attitude to attack the enemies and complete is dharma. Arjun, after looking at Kauravas got sorrow, that he says he can’t kill his own people.


In the verse 4 Arjun is still lamenting that how can he kill great gurus like Bhishma and Drona.

When we read these ancient texts, not only Hindu texts, all ancient texts stresses on killing the enemies. When we look at old testament, we can see how Jews mercilessly killing the enemies. We dunno what exactly was the social condition then. How people took the life, and what were the struggles to have a decent life. Murder and crimes are not at all appreciable whatever the reason it is done for. All the countries take murder as a crime no matter why the murder was done. We are an evolved society and we have the strict set of rules and regulations. We are not living in a society where we must murder someone to keep our security. Our law and government are responsible for our security and protection of our fundamental rights.

Yes, there are countries which people took the law into their disposal, but we should look at those countries political systems. When we read Vedas we can see these rishis asking for the complete destruction of Dasyus.

Well, I am no one to talk against Lord Krishna, may be in that time, murder may be a valid action. It was Raj Neeti. Praise Lord, the I am living in a time where I don’t have to take weapons in my hand. We have people assigned to such duties. For eg: I am so proud of our soldiers. They have the duty to protect our country and when they kill the enemies, it doesn’t come as a crime. They can’t refrain from their duty no matter who the enemy is.

You can take this scripture like this as well, it is all about acting against the sin. ( My theologian is coming out) . Its all about thinking what step your will take when you face adverse situations in our life. Will you sit and sympathize with yourself? Or you gather all the courage and stand up and act?
Here Arjun had Lord Krishna to motivate him and uplift him. If you don’t have anyone near you and you are in crisis what will you do?

Do we have the courage to stand alone in the walk of life? How far can we depend upon someone to uplift us? The truth is that we can never be totally self-sufficient, but are we allowing ourselves to grow enough to handle ourselves up to some extend? Life is becoming challenging for all day by day. Everyone is either busy in their own life and fewer people are available to spend time with. So many suicides, murders, stories of helplessness are coming out every day.

People are less depending on the Lord. Other day, I went to a restaurant, all are busy in their phones. I dunno what the hell is this.

Now a days we cant expect a person who is dedicated to Lord Krishna to come into our life and encourage us. If we have, then we should respect them for their efforts. In this busy world, someone is ready to spend their time with you to listen and to guide you. I am lucky that I have good people around me to support me. Where we can go and share anything with confidence, that they will never underestimate us, instead they will encourage us to face the life with confidence.

Sometimes we are like Arjun, weak and feeling depressed when we look at our duties. Wondering how we will perform them satisfactorily. The question is that are we waiting for someone to come and build us up or we are taking the initiative and being responsible.