Sanqya Yoga Continues: Bhagvat Geeta

Sanqya Yoga

klaibyam ma sma gamah partha
naitat tvayy upapadyate
ksudram hrdaya-daurbalyam
tyaktvottistha parantapa

klaibyam= being neutral, not taking a stand, ma=not, no, sma=generating, gamah= going in , partha= oh Arjuna , na= never ever, etat=like this way, tva=you , yi=like, upapdyate=suting , ksudram=worthless, hrdaya=heart, daurbalyam=weakness, tyakt =leaving, givin up, uttishta=stand up, parantapa=giving pain to the enemies

Lord Krishna is trying to encourage Arjun who is not in a mental state to act. He is enlightening Arjun to rise up according to the situation. He even went to the extent were he calls up Arjun’s weakness as the signal of the unmanliness or cowardice in him. We all know Arjun who was considered as the manliest in the group of Pandavas, he himself wanted to withdraw from his duty.
Here we can see the sincere attempts of a person to help his best buddy at a critical stage if his life. Lord Krishna and Arjun always had a great deal of love and respect for each other.
We all have heard about their deep love , but many of us may not be that aware that Arjun and Lord Krishna are cousins too. Vasudev , who was Lord Krishna’s earthly father was the brother of Devi Kunti. Even though Vasudev and Devaki was the physical parents, Lord Krishna was sent to Vrindavan to be with his foster parents Nanda Gopa( Gopa means one who takes care of cows) and Yashodha.

Maybe Lord Krishna lived in Vrindavan and Arjun lived in Hastinapur , both places are away by less than 220 km. We cant see any info being Lord Krishna and Arjun meeting with each other in childhood. I have traveled through Yamuna express highway….I and my friends took a car for rent and were going to Agra. The other three of my friends were Europeans, and we started at 3 A M, From Delhi. The car driver was a young boy at his mid-20s, I was sitting in the front just to make him awake. See, its express highway……….fewer vehicles, cold climate, he may sleep at any time, so I thought it’s good for me to be in the front seat.
This boy is hardcore bhakt of Lord Krishna , I am super influenced by Lord Krishna’s Karma theory. On the way, we were just sharing Lord Krishna’s story and obviously, he knew very less than me when I started sharing whatever I knew about Lord Krishna he told me” didi aap batate jayiye batate jayiye , aapki kahaniyan sunke kishenji ki prati mera samrppan bad gaya hey. “
I was also happy because I see very fewer people who are interested to know these stories from epic. I can talk from these ancient texts nonstop. I share these stories with my children, but they are not very much interested in a non-stop story listening process. My husband is also interested to know these stories, but as a limited edition.

As we reached Vrindavan zone suddenly it started raining. The moment we left that zone the rain stopped. The same thing happened during the return trip from Agra …

“ Hum donon ke aane se Kishenji khush hogaya” driver said. “Didi aap aur kisse sunao”

So, coming back to the friendship of Lord Krishna and Arjun their first official meet was recorded during the Swayamvar of Draupati. From then onwards we can see Arjun’s life is becoming more enriched by Lord Krishna’s presence.

Here in this above verses , we can the quality Lord Krishna expects from Arjun. This should be a quality of friendship which we have. A true friend will stand with us through our tough times and happy like us in our good times. It is an enriching relationship. I always had less friends in my life, but whomever I have as friends they are just with the attitude of Lord Krishna. I donno, my Lord never allowed wrong people in my life for a long duration. There were of course wrong people in the disguise of holy beings, but how amazingly god revealed all of them and blocked them from my life.

I am so lucky to have sincere friends who shine like the gem, scattering their light into my life as well. I have friends who are there for the lifetime and after life. They have the right to catch hold of me and ask me to change my life style. They have the full right to ask accountability of my life. They are there to guide me. For a long time since my school days, I never had close friends until I reach my theology class. I was never happy to anyone I found, I dunno why my interest never matched with them. Especially in my college days, I was feeling funny about my fellow beings struggle to get into a job and save money and to settle down. I was least bothered.  They were feeling funny abt my not bothered kind of attitude too………Whomever I meet , spoke about the future, making money, constructing a house, going to honeymoon in Singapore, reaching a high level in society, producing children, influencing others, buying BMW ……blab la bla…………these were never my concerns…. Only I started studying subjects related to divinity, then only I realized………I am not for mainstream vanity show. I am here to serve the divine.
My fellow beings in my theology class are the ones who showed me who am I? What am I? Where should I stand? From then onwards I started withdrawing from the mainstream people, because what they can offer is worldly desires like having the big car, live in the duplex, making money, whose house is big, who earns 1 lakh /month. . I am truly rich because I have people to guide me, love me sincerely. Not for one or two days and use me and extract all the good things from me and throw me away into the dust bin. My friends help me to revive myself daily. They help me to fix my eyes on my Lord and to move until I reach back to my lord.

After these astrologers came into my life, I am becoming more accountable. These guys don’t hesitate to ask me, yesterday Saturn was in trine with so and so planet and that was in your so and so house so what you did yesterday.

But there are people, who use others, for their selfish motives. When they misuse someone, the entire Universe will be plotting against them to fail them in their most important events. In the world, many of the friendships which we see are formed on the basis of mutual benefit. You help me, then I will help you.  People are looking at each other on the basis of profit loss analysis. Men looking at woman with evil intention and women also doing the same…….I am not telling all.Since I am in the corporate world, I am aware. Even parents are teaching children to follow this profit loss meter.


In theology class there was a general challenge to go an extra mile for the ailing people. Helping them, praying for them, serving them, taking care of their emotions……… The challenge was not to do the best…….it was to go an EXTRA MILE  to protect the relationships……….by sacrificing ourselves. 


Here we can also see Lord Krishna going an extra mile and controlling the chariot, he went to make a deal with Kouravas , HE IS DOING THE BEST FOR HIS BUDDY

In the plight of making Arjun win the war, Lord Krishna also get a severe curse from Devi Gandhari . His entire kingdom got destructed. He knew it, but still, he was standing as a rock for Arjun.

After reading this holy scripture
klaibyam ma sma gamah partha
naitat tvayy upapadyate
ksudram hrdaya-daurbalyam
tyaktvottistha parantapa
I feel, great about Lord Krishna, standing for his friend. He was not only Arjun’s friend, he helped even Draupadi.
I feel proud about my friends and grateful to my Lord for bringing such awesome people into my life.

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