Remedies for a Stable Life: An Astrological Perspective


Who doesn’t want stability in their life? Blessed are those people who get it early on in their lives. For some people, they are unstable in every area of life.  That makes them depressed, they lack confidence, self-esteem and it can even lead to suicidal tendency. For some, the instability can be in career, marriage, relationships, finances or health. In this article, we will see the astrological combinations to get maximum stability in our life. Then we will see the practical remedies to grow the rate of stability in our life. 

Firstly, we should know, there is an energy running in this universe, which is keeping the stability and equilibrium of the Earth and the beings in it. I don’t follow any religion, but I certainly believe in that energy, which makes me breathe, makes me live every day. So, the first condition to attain stability is to gain strength from that divine energy. It doesn’t matter you belong to any particular religion; you can be a Hindu, Christian, Islam, Jew or a Pagan. Ultimately, the prayers are listened to by the same energy. It will decide what has to happen in yours as well as my life. 



How to Connect to That Divine Energy?

You might be following some rituals and that’s ok. Still, you can practice talking to that energy. I am a Christian theologian too, so, my prayers are like talking to that energy. I keep my room closed, then talk to that energy about my life, my challenges, my happiness, the good things, the bad things, my pains, my hopes, my wishes and I thank that energy for the happy and bitter experience which I had gone through. When I look back into my life, and where I stand now, I realize, I have nothing to complain about. I don’t have any demands for myself from the Lord. Still, it’s my need to go to God and communicate so that I can have the energy to live every day. It strengthens me, it fills my life with positivity and it shows me the opportunities as well. So, deep prayer is the first step, if you want stability. 

Second thing is, you need to feed your mind with positive thoughts. Religious texts have a lot of scriptures to feed your mind and positively divert your mind. No matter Hindu, Christian Islam or Jew. You can learn from each other’s text. It will be good when you read the text fully, instead of picking up different pages or chapters. For example, while reading Gita, it’s good you start from the first chapter and end it. Then only you will understand the sequence and the logic behind it. Similarly, you can read the biopics of true personalities, unlike books like Alchemist. Try to learn from people who lived a real life. We need to be realistic in our life. So, then critics may ask about the authenticity of religious texts. Even though I am a monotheist, I believe, they tell the real stories of mankind and divine intervention. These texts have the power to make us realistic, confident and strong. 

Now let’s go to the astrological combinations for instability in our life. 

  • If degrees of Lagna is less than 5 degree and more than 25 degrees, then there are higher chances for you to be unstable.
  • If your Moon is in Kemdruma yoga, ie, if the Moon doesn’t have planets on the right and left houses to it, then the chances to be unstable for a major portion of your life do exist. 
  • If you have shakat yoga. The Moon and Jupiter have to be in 6, 8th or 12th houses from each other. Then this shakat yoga occurs
  •  If your lagna lord is in the 8th house of ups and downs then there are clear chances for instability. In this case, you should not break your virginity before marriage. 
  •   If the 10th house of career is in dual signs, Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces, the chances for instability in whole life do exist

 If the 2nd, 8th, axis have a connection with Moon, then the chances for instability is shown

  •  Retrograde Saturn indicates the stability only after the 40s. 

 These are the few conditions that show an unstable life. 

Practical remedies for Instability in Life

Other than prayer these are the remedies. You may feel funny though

  • Have a garden at home, more with creepers
  • Feeding animals and birds
  • Setting caged animals and birds free
  • Going to the mountains and doing meditation
  • Learning a creative skill
  • Updating your skills

 Trying to follow the signals of Amatyakaraka, the planet with the second highest degree. This is the biggest and unbeatable remedy. For this, you will surely need the help of an expert astrologer. Why because this planet shows what should be your true Karma. The moment you start your Karma right, trust me, half of your problems will get naturally solved. It will bring confidence to you. Moreover, the universe will bring you opportunities out from NOWHERE.

I have shared these secrets to stabilize your life and you should follow them without questioning.  

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