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 Things to Know Before Consultations

I have been into astrology since my childhood, and I learned it by myself during childhood. In 2015 I took a certification from the Institute of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi, under Guruji. Shri. K.N.Raoji. I have a full-time job with a company and am a practising Lawyer too.  

When you come for a consultation, please ensure the birth details are accurate. Especially the time of birth should be accurate. I will come to know if the time of birth is not correct. Any learned astrologer will come to know if the birth time is inaccurate. If you don’t know the correct birth time, then birth time rectification is a different consultation, and the charges will be 3000 rs. Birth time rectification is a very detailed and complex process that will take 4 days. I am getting so many queries without proper time and losing a lot of time by confirming the birth time.

The consultation will be over within the 4 days of payment and you can ask doubts for one week. So, total 11 days are for one consultation, and then the consultation will end. After those 11 days, if you have any further questions on any topic, it will be chargeable. I will be grateful if you don’t mail to check random things. 

After the consultation is over, please wait until the time mentioned in the prediction. You don’t have to update anything to me between that. Suppose, in career prediction, I gave a particular date for an event like a Job change; then you must wait until that date. You don’t have to update me about the interviews you went to or any course you attended before that prediction date. 

During the consultation, there will be a questionnaire session about past events. It would help if you cooperated with me, so that I can give you the best prediction. If I ask you 100 questions, then you must answer those 100. 

.If someone is destined for a good career, they will get it; if someone is destined for a divorce, they will have to go through that. If someone is not destined for marriage, he will not get a partner. I cannot reverse anyone’s destiny. So far, I have given 90% accuracy in my predictions. Remember, the prediction accuracy is based on the accuracy of the time of birth too. 

Being a monotheist, I don’t follow any religion, so I don’t have remedies like gemstones, poojas and mantras. All I have is practical remedies. I have no promises like, “ I will find a solution for you”, or “I will make it happen”. All I can say through consultation is about the promise in your horoscope and what is there in the future. 

Some astrologers are coming for a consultation to test my knowledge; I have only one thing to tell them: I know astrology and have given correct predictions, but every astrologer, including you and me, will make some mistakes as to Err is human. 

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