First Lord in first House for Taurus Lagna in Rohini Nakshatra



Rohini belongs fully to the sign of Taurus and this nakshatra is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is the queen of the zodiac, so, you will naturally expect a queen like treatment from all.

Rohini 10-00′ to 23-20′ Taurus.


 Translation: The red one.

 Symbol: An ox cart/chariot.

 Animal symbol: A male serpent – spiritual power and wisdom.

 Ruling planet: Moon.

 Nature: Manushya (human).

 Names Starting With O, VA, vee, vU

 Presiding deity: Brahma – creator of the universe.

When your Lagna Nakshatra is Rohini, your Lagna is Taurus, the Lagna lord is Venus, and Lagna nakshatra lord is the Moon. The rulership of Venus and Moon will surely make the native very seductive, feminine, and creative. However, the kind of creativity the native likes will depend upon the placement aspect and conjunction of both the planets. 


Every nakshatra has a story to say about it and we can find that story from the Vedas. 

Rohini is the favorite nakshatra of the Moon, and she is the stepmother of Mercury, which is the Son of the Moon. Due to the affinity towards Rohini, Moon had to go through a curse. 

Being a Taurus Lagna, you are a very stable person as Taurus is an earth sign. The earth element is making you a slow and steady person. Taureans have a strong mind and a patient nature. They have an artistic mind due to the rulership of Venus.

However, their life will be focused according to the placement of the Moon. 

You are born here to nourish others who are creating something. You should understand the features of the house in which the Moon is placed. Your career, family, and everything in your life will have a close connection to the features of that house. For example, if your Moon is in the fifth house, you will be working with children. Children will be the main part of your life. You will be always interested in creative projects and focused on gains from them. However, you will not be very fast in getting into such projects. There will be a lot of activity with team members. You will be interested in education and also in mantra, tantra, and sadhana. This placement will always attract people of the opposite gender to you. You will be very thoughtful and think twice before action too. 

Since the deity of this nakshatra is Brahma, the creator of the universe, your duty is to create something in order to make life easier. 

If the Moon is not in a bad condition, then your education and creative projects will be giving you a lot of gains. 

In order to get success in life, it is very important to identify the placement of Lagna Nakshatra. No matter whichever dasa comes, your life will be evolving around the indications given by the Lagna Nakshatra. Your career, your happiness, your family life, wealth, everything will be connected to the matters shown through the placement of Lagna Nakshatra. 

Being a Taurus Lagna, you can be a little slow in actions, but the placement of the Lagna Nakshatra and the Lagna Nakshatra lord will teach you what steps you need to take maximum results from your life.