Find the Timing of Marriage in Astrology




 First of all you need to be sure that you have yoga for marital life. Normally in most of the places in the world, people get married during the youth. There are countries where people gets marry in the early teens too. Delay of marriage until 28 years is just normal as the planet which rules the marriage can be in a complex condition like it being in retrogression, combustion or debilitation. If your marriage is again delaying after that, then only you need to take it seriously.

Firstly, the marriage is seen through 7th house, there are additional house which can indicate marriage. For example for Aries lagna, the 7th house is ruled by Venus.  For every lagna, 7th house rules marriage.



 Taurus- Scorpio

Gemini- Sagittarius

Cancer- Capricorn



Libra -Aries




Aquarius -Leo


Normally marriage takes place in the antardasa of the 7th lord. Your mahadasa can be ruled by any planet, including the 7th lord, but the marriage will happen in the antar dasa of the 7th lord. So, the dasa system is very important.

There are other houses which indicate relationships. They are 5th, 11th, 1st, and even 9th. The 5th house indicates romance; the 11th house is directly opposite to the 5th house, so during the mahadasa and antardasa of the 11th house also you will get the chances for marriage. Same like 1st as it is opposite to the 7th house. The 9th house is the main chart for D9, which is your chart for spouse, ie, navamsa, so you can get married in the  mahadasa and antardasa of the same lords of 1,5,7,9 and 11th house.

Another condition is the planet placed in these houses in lagna chart and the planet aspects these houses in the lagna chart. If any planet conjunct with any of these house lord’s dasa and antardasa can also bring marriage. Suppose your 5th lord is Jupiter and 5th lord is conjunct with Moon, which is the lagna lord, so marriage can happen during the antardasa of Jupiter or Moon. However, the last conditions are mainly applying for those who are destined for late marriage.

The more difficulties in identifying the time of marriage, that means, naturally you can have a delayed marriage or eventually you are destined to be a single and that’s the decision of the universe, so you need to accept that.

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