Arjuna Vishada Yogam


 Srimad Bhagavt Geeta starts by this verse 

 Chapter: 1 Verse:1

This chapter is labelled as

 Arjuna Vishada Yogam


dharmakshetre kurukshetre samaveda yuyutsava:
mamaka pandavaschaiva kimakurvata sanjaya ——–1


Dharmakshetre = In the field of Dharma, battlefield ; Kurukshetre = in the field of kuru ; Samavetah = gathered together; Yuyutsavaha = wishing to fight ; Mamakaah = mine my own ; Pandavaah= of Pandu, Pandu’s ; Chaiva = as well,  and also ; Kim=  what ; Akurvata= did they  ; Sanjaya = Sanjaya.


Those gathered together on the Holy field of  Kurukshetra, my sons and the sons of  Pandu, what did they do o Sanjaya ?

Dhruthrashtra said: O Sanjaya,

This is the 1st verse in the 1st chapter. In this Verse

Dhrutrashtr is asking Sanjay to explain what is happening in the battle field of Kurukshethr as Dhrtrashtr is blind. Sanjay is his minister and adviser has a divine talent to see beyond normal human vision. When you study Geeta, you should have a fair knowledge about Mahabharat, because Geeta is the part of Mahabharta , it is the 6th Book in Mahabharata.


Counselling Sessions by Lord Krisha not only to Arjun, but to the entire world. 

  There are two versions of Sanjay sharing the incidents happening at the battle front. One is about the divine vision theory, which he got as a blessing from Sage Ved Vyas, who is the Son of Sage Parshar.

The second description is that Sanjay was in the battlefront for some days and he rushed back to Dhrutrashtra after the death of Bhishma.

Bhagavat Geeta is a running commentary by Sanjay to Dhrutrashtra as Dhruthrashtra denied the offer of temporary vision by Ved Vyas to witness the battle front.

Geeta Updesh was given to Arjun by Lord Krishna, but through the Suta Putra Sanjay whole world could get the fortune to learn about this divine wisdom.  

Personally speaking, I am not a fan of Pandu Putras, my mind is in support of Kauravas always. I don’t want to create any scandal in the society by breaking and questioning people’s set faith. Still I love Geeta studies, I really enjoy the worth of divine wisdom. I am not a person who is in favor of utmost forgiveness or sitting in the hope that time will come favor in due course of time. I am strong believer of theory of Karma.

Few months back when I was in a spirituality based course, one guy was sharing about his sister. This guy must be 45 now. He had a sister who was raped and killed during her teen ages. The culprit was never punished. He was absconding and never tracked down by the police. (This is what I understood from his speech). When his sister was killed  by this guy was also a teen ager and he explained how his family suffered for long years.

After this event, this  guy grew up and got married and all, he saw this culprit. That time he was in a “bhakthi marg”. Eventhough his heart burned with revenge, he went out to the culprit and said “You hurt my family, but I forgive you”. Guys, for him he was in the right path, but for me he is nothing but a coward, idiotic and irresponsible guy. “Who is he to forgive a criminal who broke the law of the land? Who gave him the right to set a criminal free? What example he is setting for the society? What hope is he giving for rape victims? “

At least he could have informed the police and put him into prison and that move could have helped another person to get more trust in the police and legal department of this country. His sister’s soul will be crying aloud of getting such a stupid as her brother……..On top of that he is sharing his kahani of emotional atyachar to a lawyer like me huh? That he will be blessed by god for forgiving his enemy? God would have been happy instead if he had supported the law of the land. 

The concept of forgiveness is quiet misunderstood or misquoted by religious people. Sometimes I feel I can’t forgive others, and I have failed in my life to forgive people fully. I donno, how to forgive and forget fully, but I can leave the pain behind and try to grow up in knowledge on how to overcome the painful events in my life.  Can we consider this as the symptoms of forgiveness? Maybe I am so worldly, but when I found someone like this man, who said he had forgiven his sister’s rapist, I think that is the act of cowardice. Forgiveness and acting helpless is nowhere in the life of people who are Aries Ascendants  like me. We are all about action and no lukka chuppi with enemies it is all about conquering them in the battlefield mercilessly.  That’s the Martian quality. Depends upon the Mars dignity, the rules of war can change, if Mars is wrongly placed then wrong ways of dealing with enemies. Even by breaking the laws. 

Srimad Bhagvat Geeta , inspires us to think more about our Karma, as we read through it, we will come to know meaninglessness of the life in earth. If I had the gift of time travelling through the worm hole, I have only one wish to go to the battle field of Kurukshethra, where I can see my 100 brothers and their sister Dushaala. I can see Lord Krishna, and how Devi Gandhari comes to see the dead bodies of her sons………

I truly don’t understand what the ultimate victory Pandavas gained after this battle was. They all went through the torture of the hell. Even the end was not even good for Dvarka. Still, Srimad Bhagvat Geeta gives a lot of inputs on our duty, and how to overcome temptations. I donno how much I enjoy reading these great verses, especially there are so many soul touching verses which sooths us..

 It was always my dream to translate this great epic for my friends and readers. There are so many people despite their religious beliefs who wants to know what’s written in “Srimad Bhagavat Geeta’’.

 Including my husband and my children who are always inspired by my sharing from  “Srimad Bhagavat Geeta’’, they like to know these, but they don’t have the patience to read it in Sanskrit then read the transliteration. I told my both the kids that I am updating Simplified Srimad Bhagavat Geeta’’. They both agreed to this. I don’t leave a chance to share the great stories from Mahabharat, Ramayan and other great books. People needs peace and happiness, and the true happiness.

 When I see the world people including me are too lost in ‘Maya” the illusionary world. It won’t give that eternal happiness. I donno how to describe how I enjoy this Geeta Studies and I feel Sanjay has explained in great way, that I feel I truly visited the Hastinapur

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