Real or Unreal, What is Your Choice : Thought From Bhagvat Gita

In the unreal, there is no duration and in the real, there is no cessation
Those who are seers of the truth have concluded that

nasato vidyate bhavo
nabhavo vidyate satah
ubhayor api drstontas
tv anayos tattva-darsibhih

na—never; asatah—of the nonexistent; vidyate—there is; bhavah—endurance; na—never; abhavah—changing quality; vidyate—there is; satah—of the eternal; ubhayoh—of the two; api—verily; drstah—observed; antah—conclusion; tu—but; anayoh—of them; tattva—truth; darsibhih—by the seers.































Guys, I have plenty of work, but still, I am in a mood to write

something about these holy scriptures. I got my new project and every day I leave office with a terrible headache. These days I was watching a lot of Pinkvilla “What’s in my Bag” series, so I rearranged by sling bag. Now I have a separate see through purse for medicines and I have stuffed it with a lot of medicines for a headache. I have Dart, Crocin, Anacin and Migranil in it. My office does have a medical kit, but the medicine for a headache never worked for me. I know it’s very unhealthy to have pills without medication, but now every other day I take these medicines.





This week during my Geeta studies, I went through this scripture and so moved by the intense meaning in these scriptures. These verses were preached by Lord Krishna, to Arjun to fight against their enemies. Guys, to be frank, I don’t like these Pandava guys to the core of my heart. I don’t see any justice in their side. According to my understanding, these guys were not even the children of King Pandu. Then how can they legally claim a portion of the country? These 5 guys married one arrogant female, who is the real reason behind this terrible war. These 5 guys could not COLLECTIVELY control a single woman, then how can they become kings?


I stand always with 100 brothers. The only problem was, their mother made a wrong move.  Devi Gandhaari, ( I always make a mistake by bringing Devi Kunthi as Devi Gandhaari) shouldn’t have been blindfolded.  That was the ultimate form of sacrifice. If I was her place, I would have reigned the kingdom of  Hastinapur, keeping Drutrashtra as the  King himself.   



If I talk about Drauapathi, let me ask you guys, she has every right to make fun of Duryodan, but he can’t take revenge for that? Has only she an ego? In India, I hear a lot of stories about husbands pawning their wife in gambling and we call that husband’s boneless and all the bad names, but here 5 stalwarts pawn their wife in gambling, and we call them Veer yodha? How?





Anyway, here we can see Lord Krishna asking Arjun to follow his Karma. He says



“In the unreal, there is no duration and in the real, there is no cessation”




These scriptures can be interpreted in many ways and many interpretations are available over the net.
I am going to explain what I understood from these scriptures no matter what other pundit says.




In the unreal, there is no duration. = the unreal things will not last
In the real there is no cessation= there is no end for the reality.
What will we choose? Reality or unreal features?
I always, always like to live, because that’s the only things endure forever. If I started living unreal things, my happiness will be temporal.






The reality always stays with us, where the unreal stuff will vanish faster. Life is all about embracing the reality. How much ever we live in an unreal world, one fine day the reality will come to us. There were times in my life where I used to embrace the unreal things in life and used to be out of focus.





These realities may not be that sweet or easy to go through, you must agree that once you embrace the reality with all that bitterness, then success is yours. The decision is yours, whether to live or live the life of temporary joy and suffer later.




Let it be in personal life or professional life, accepting realities should make you stronger and more productive. Whereas the dependence in the unreal things will ruin you to the core and leave you as a trash.




We all tend to get attracted to the flashy splashy side of life. I also enjoy that sometimes, but now I don’t. We start our life as infants, then become kids, then the youth, then grown-ups and then old age arrives. It is a great blessing to die older. Think about those who die young leaving their near and dear ones in tears. We get at least 50-60 years on this planet and we go through many events. Every human wants to live in comfort, but we all sacrifice many things to make our life enjoyable. One more double shift, one more extra job, mothers sacrifice health and rest for children, husband sacrifices his health for the well-being of the entire household, children sacrifice their life to make their parents happy. Sacrifices are done by all at different levels. These sacrifices bring happiness and prosperity. These sacrifices are the reality. Just imagine we are not ready for any such sacrifices.





We sacrifice certain things

because we know that they are the real facts. We can ignore those facts, like mother ignoring the children and living her life, husband ignoring the well-being of the house hold and getting immersed in the MohMaya. The happiness they gain through such life will never last long.

Knowing the truth and its value, will not only add value to our life, it will show light to others as well. At the same time, to know the truth, we need to have an open heart. It is very easy to make yourself be close minded. It’s hard for people to appreciate the truth, accept the truth and execute truthfulness in life. I have seen that life is all about reality vs Unreal matters.





The happiness from unreal comforts may last for few seconds and push us into traumas forever. The happiness after obtaining through the bitter and real experiences will add value to our lives and people around us will get benefit out of that.




To know this, and to act according to this, then you should be a truth seeker. A truth seeker is always ready to search for the truth. He is not attracted by the temporary happiness which the unreal provides, he is happy in what is there forever and real.




After reading what Lord Krishna told Arjun, even though I don’t like Arjun, it melted my heart. I shared what made me enlightened with few of my friends and my family. I hope they must have surely benefitted out of this valuable info, which must have surely brought happiness and enlightenment into their life.