Is it a sin to look at the planets for guidance? Am I doing the right thing? These were my prime concerns before taking astrology as a profession. As I have strong Mercury, I can never run away from this super science. I know that at some point in my life I have to transform as a full-fledged astrologer.















My quest

My theological life was one of the most enlightening days in my life. I started theological studies at a very young age and there I just did not study theology but rambled into psychology, mysticism, spirituality, and philanthropy. Every day I learned new things about God and God’s realm. I understood that the five planets sitting in my dharma house would never let me have a desire for worldly pleasures. The planets warn me against superficial relations or worldly desires. The moment I set my eyes on worldly wisdom and pleasures, I am sure my life will go haywire. I have experienced that in my journey of life. I studied ‘The Bible’ from renowned Church leaders of The International Churches of Christ for more than 10 years. I was a Child Counselor and later I handled Teen’s Group and it was a pleasure to be with both. My quest for knowledge has pursued me to read religious books and believe in the power of the Supreme.


I have taken a Law degree from Government Law College, Thiruvananthapuram, India. I practised for a while in the Family Court Thiruvananthapuram, but later I turned to be a half techie. I am a certified Technical Writer and an SEO Analyst too. I got married in 1997 and a blessed with 2 kids.

Currently, I am handling an astrology column for Kerala’s largest online news portal,,,   Speaking Tree, and

Earlier I used to write for    Boldsky,com,, Webdunia, com and  Mehendi Wedding Magazine.

I have an active youtube channel





I trust my Lord, I am a monotheist and feel great about that.I am at my Lord’s service. No turning back from this mission.

I do not hold any certificate in astrology and there are many things, which I am still ignorant. However, I am able to deliver 90% accuracy in all my predictions. I have attended training sessions by Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidyabhavan , Delhi and learned a lot through Shree K N Rao, Shree K.K Joshi, Col. A K Gour, Shree Naval Singh, Shree Deepak Besariya, Shree Anil Kumar, Shree Vinay Gupta, Shree C.V Prasad, Smt Akhila Kumar, Smt Abha Sharma, Smt Raj Arora,  Smt Pammi Bartwal and Smt Anju Sachdeva.












My Conclusion on Astrology 

Astrology does not mean that we should worship planets.Planets are not the one which controls our lives, but they just indicate us about our life, because beyond doubts we all come from the stars. And we all are star kids sharing the earth and relying on the universe and our duty is to spread the light of wisdom and love. There are a lot of factors influencing our life on earth and planetary influences are just one among them. Worship only God. Pray to God for wisdom and move through the plans of God. However, look at planets for guidance and I am here to guide you. My explanation of astrology may not be like a traditional astrologer. Let me tell you, it is very easy to decode the mysteries of life through astrology. It is fun and at the same time enriching and encouraging ,  if told by a genuine astrologer.



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