Nakshathras in Taurus


Nakshathras in Taurus


Every rashi/sign will be having 3 nakshathras.   The nakshathras in Taurus are Krittika, Rohini, and Mrigshira. When your lagna is in Taurus, then your lagna will be owned by one of these nakshathras. That depends on the degrees of your rising sign.



 If the degree of 0:00-10 degrees of Taurus, then obviously you are a young Taurean. If the degree is 10.00 Taurus to 23.20 Taurus then you will be a much more practical Taurean.  From 23.20 Taurus -30:00 degrees you will be a Taurean with a heavy stubbornness.


0:00-10:00 = Krittika

10.00 Taurus to 23.20 = Rohini

23.20 Taurus -30:00= Mrigshira

Yes, it is a little complex, but this is a very valuable information regarding your personality. The more you know who you are; it will be easy for you to move ahead in your life. You will understand where you should spend your energy and where not. This will be information which can save your time and make you a productive guy or girl LOL.

 Your lagna is a very crucial sign to identify your personality. Lagna nakshathra reveals a lot about you and it can guide you on the right path to be a more productive person, despite what is in your destiny. When I look at my personal life, once when I realize what my lagna nakshathra is and which planet rules that, from that moment onwards, my life took me to a different level of self-realization, and it washed away all my sorrows and pains. Then that realization pushed me to a happy mind which produced constructive thoughts and my life became more meaningful. It was not that like before.


At the same time, you should have an open mind towards astrology. Please realize that astrology is not for remedies. Its intention is to let you know who you are and what your Karma is. Why the creator has sent you here on earth. Nothing more than that. That’s why I literally don’t like questions like when I will get money when I will get married. “Will I marry the person whom I love or will I be successful”. These questions come from a materialistic mind and I really don’t entertain such questions. People may feel I am rude and arrogant, but I am ok with that.

  I thought I will write this blog before I come with 1st lord in 1st house in Krittika for Taurus Rising. I will write soon. 


Dedicating this song to my readers. Good Night 



Mann Bharryaa

By B. Praak 

Mera te koi hai ni tere bin
Tenu mil jaana kisse da sahara
Ve tu mainu chhad jaana
Gallan teriyan ton lagda ae yaara

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