Happy Onam

Happy Onam

I love Onam

I love wearing Set Mundu. I curse the idiot who invented set saree and mural paintings and other embroidery work on Set saree, whoever has done that, let me tell you, you have ruined that beautiful costume, you have a messed up head and you suck……………Set mundu is good without any designs and art work.


I love men and women wearing this Kerala dress, they all look good than in their official costume. I know many racists who don’t wear this just because they are just fundamentalists. Please isolate them.  They are a threat to the well being of the society. God looks at the heart, not the attire.



I know one such fundamentalist who complained,  why his religion’s festival is not celebrated like onam by all others and why Kerala government not making his religious festival as Kerala’s national festival.  I understood the terrorist in him that he will be ready to blast at any time.  There is only one weapon to fight against such fundamentalism, that is ” Just Isolate Them and Teach your Kids also to do the same thing”. No mercy should be shown to separatists. ( despite the religion) .




Every year I make floral decoration/pookkalam  at home. Onam adds joy in my life. I automatically become an enthusiast





My Pookkalam @ home, simple and innocent





I love buying new clothes during Onam


Onam is Onam , not Vaman Jayanthi, whoever claims Vaman has done good things, he/she is actually a racist.  When we read Vedas we can see that these Rishis asking demigods to kill Dasyoos for no reasons. They can’t tolerate other race. Onam means tolerance. An asura king Mahabali showed a great way of truthfulness and righteousness while Vaman was a cheat.   We can see in Vedas many a time devas getting irritated with each other. Actually, they had a lot of internal issues and power struggles while Asuras were united There are so many things to learn from Asuras too.

FYI, All the hindu festivals are for Aryan Gods when Onam is the only festival for Dravidian culture. ( Acc to my info, please correct me if I am wrong) . These racists want to  destroy that and want to impose Aryan culture.  I can tell you endless stories of devas fighting with each other for their ego.  Vedas themselves depict these hate wars between devas fighting with each other. Then who is Vaman to ruin the Ego of a King who ruled the country based on equality.

I think whole Kerala is celebrating Onam to welcome King Mahabali, not the victory of Vaman got through by cheating. I think he should have tried to settle the internal issues of the Dev lok first not to look down and see a dasyoo king ruling and his subjects are happy.



after Vaman imposed rule of Devas, the only day Keralites are happy and enjoying and celebrating is Onam. If you have any doubt go through Vedas and read how the subjects were under the rule of so called Devas. The vedas speak themselves.



I love Onam….I am happy and proud being a Dark Mallu.





Pookkalam at Office
















My Son Andrew Cyrus Oommen as King Mahabali






















My daughter Valentina Amy Oommen in Onam attire for her College Onam Celebrations