1st Lord in 1st House, in Ashwini Nakshatra For Aries Lagna/Rising/Ascendant

1st Lord in 1st House For Aries: Ashwini Nakshatra


What is 1st Lord?


If you are astrology lover, then you must know that our astrology chart is divided into 12 divisions.  These 12 divisions are showing various aspects of our life from birth to death.  Among these 12 divisions, the 1st divisions represent you, health, vitality,     personality, appearance, status, and your ambitions.


This 1st division represents certain body parts too. They are face

  complexion, head, brain, hair, and pituitary glands.

So, when you say 1st house, all these things should come in your mind.


At the time of your birth, one particular sign will be rising in the east.  Each sign will be rising in the span of 2and a half hours. So, the rashi which rises in the east will be your first house. There are 12 rashis and each rashi is ruled by a planet. If Aries is rising, then Mars will be your lord of the 1st house.  Lord means ruler of that rashi.


Hope, you guys understood  the concept


For Aries ascendant Mars is the lord. When Mars is in the 1st house/Lagna then we say the 1st lord is in 1st house. 


For Aries Lagna, if Mars is in 1st house, then it will be either in the nakshatra of Ashwini, Bharani or Krittika.


What Happens When 1st Lord in 1st


1st house and 1st lord represent you , health, vitality, personality, appearance, status, and your ambitions. It is showing too much focus on your own ideas. Your ruler is in your own house. This can be taken in different ways. Either you are strong willed or you are very arrogant. Your attitude will be me myself. You must focus on your abilities to run your life. You have the self-confidence to run ahead. You value yourself a lot and you will not allow anyone interfering in your personal matters. You are strong willed and determined. This attitude will cause arguments with others and you may have a lot of confrontations in life. You yourself will run the show.


1st lord in 1st house in Ashwini Nakshatra



To know this placement, you should learn what’s Ashwini nakshatra




Each nakshatra has a ruling planet, deity, and symbol. You should combine the ruler, deity, and symbol to learn the qualities and results in your chart which any nakshatra is bringing.


Ashwini nakshatra is the first nakshatra among the 28 nakshatras. Its ruler is Ketu. Its Deity is Ashwini Kumaras and Symbol is Horse Head


Ashwini Kumaras are the sons of Sun God.  Their mother is Sanjana , the goddess of the clouds. The Sun god and Goddess Saranya were shape shifters and they mated when the took the form of horses. Then these twin kumaras are born. One kumaras name is Nasatya and the others name is Dasra. These twins are celibates. They are known as the doctors for the Gods.


Ketu is the ruler of this nakshatra. Ketu is the utmost form of spirituality. So when you see your 1st lord in 1st house, then you should look for Ketu’s placement in your chart. Which house Ketu is in, that’s what matters.  It will show what exactly you are doing in this life.

Self, personality, attitude, health, vitality, ambition and perspective.




Money, material possessions, family, speech, and self-worth


Short travels, short courses, media, communication, technology, siblings, writing, and editing


 Home, family, ancestors, parents and ancestral property


Romance, entertainment, fun, children, youth groups, creativity, self-promotion and speculative business.


Work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities and pets.


Spouse, marriage, personal and professional relations, agreements, contracts and open enemies


Sex, crisis, investments, finances, taxes, insurances, partnerships and loans


Foreign travels, foreign relations, higher studies, teaching, publishing, spirituality, and philosophy.


Career, social status, bosses, authority, and ambitions.


 Friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains.



Hidden fears, emotions. Psyche, isolation, seclusion, long distance travels spirituality and charity. 






Ashwini kumaras are the one who runs the day. They bring the dawn as well as dusk.  They never hesitate or feel tired about bringing the day and night ever since the creation. They ride their chariot of horses. They are self-starters, they are daring, they are divine doctors.

Since they are known as Kumaras, the hidden meaning is that Ashwini Kumaras are always young. So you also will have a youthful appearance. Why are they connected with youthful appearance? In Mahabharata, there is Rishi named Chyavana who had a beautiful and young wife, he was the son of Sage Bhrigu. His wife’s name is mentioned as Sukanya in some texts and Arushi in other texts. His wife had some blood relation with Shraddhadeva Manu. Who is the father of this generation? 


Sage Chyavana was very old and Ashvins gave him back the youth. That’s why Ashvins are known to be the symbol of youthfulness.




In Greek mythology also this kumara are named as Dioscuri.




So if your lagna lord is in 1st house and in this nakshatra You will express the qualities of Ashwini Kumaras. Daring, self-starters, in a hurry burry, they are celibates too. They want action with honesty. Now a day’s world likes to be more dishonest. So there the life if an Ashwini nakshatra person becomes full of action. They love action and the life will bring events where they can’t stop their action. 


These are the specialties for a person whose 1st lord in 1st house for Aries Ascendant

  • Aries is ruled by Mars
  • Mars is known as the planet of war
  • Mars represents not only war but initiation, self –efforts. Courage, valor, and vigor
  • So, for Aries ascendant, they will have to be in action always
  • Without proper areas for action, they will get irritated
  • They are very determined, but others may take this determination in a negative way( very often)
  • Since they are self-starters, and Mars is in the first house of self, they may not wait for others
  • Their self-starting nature can often term as selfishness
  • They are strong mentally.
  • So many articles which say, this placement of 1st lord in 1st house will give good health, but I am not so sure about it. Yes, it gives resistance power
  • Aries is a fire sign and fire means purity. It burns all impurities, so Aries Lagna people are generally straight forward and if Mars in 1st house, they are highly straight forward.
  • The world doesn’t like straight forward people these days so, people will not hesitate to corner an Aries person
  • Mars is the symbol of war, so these people with 1st lord in 1st house can also work with weapons, like surgeons, soldiers etc

These are the specialties for a person whose 1st lord in 1st house, Ashwini nakshatra for Aries Ascendant

  • Ashvins are known as doctors for the Gods.
  • You can be a healer
  • You can work in philanthropy domain
  • You are seekers of the truth
  • The truth-seeking attitude may occasionally collide with tom dick and harry.


This explanation is only for those Aries ascendant’s whose 1st lord is in 1st house, and in the nakshatra of Asvini. I haven’t explained via aspects or conjunctions.

A tip for all

Whichever house Mars is placed, you must take decisions slowly and after taking an expert opinion. No matter Mars is exalted, debilitated, friendly sign or Retro



It was a tough day for me………..Yesterday night I couldn’t sleep properly………….These twin brothers took away my sleep………….I was lost somehwere in the skies waiting for their chariot ………………


Let’s relax . lets watch 2 rocking songs 


Dhat Tere ki, from Bad shah By Jeet ( Jeetendra Madnani and Nusrat Faria 

Singers Divya Kumar, and Shaberi. The Male Singer Rocks 

What A Rocking Performance!!!!!!!!!!


























From Kelor Kirti 

Mimi Chakraborty, Jisshu Sengupta, Ankush Hazra, Koushani Mukherjee and Nusrat Jahan 

Could not stop looking at Mimi Chakraborty……….she s so beautiful and radiant 








This is for those whose 1st house/rising sign/Lagna is Aries and Mars is in the 1st house. In Aries, there are 2 nakshatras and few parts of the 3rd nakshatra. 

In a sign, there will be full parts of 2 nakshatras and a small portion of 3rd nakshatra.  Aries is the abode for Ashwini, Bharani ( both are fully in Aries) and small portion of Krittika .

For the readers Please note few points. I am not a traditional hindu astrologer. I am basically a theologian and I will never ever interpret astrology as a traditional guy does. So please don’t expect any traditional type of astrology from me. I will explain it in simple English, and I don’t believe verbal diarrhea , where you shell out your knowledge in English, and people trying to crack their brain to understand what you really meant. 


Life is simple, keep it simple. 

If you are an Aries Lagna, and your Mars is in early degrees, see, one rashi is spread from 0 ;00 to 30 degrees. Ashwini nakshatra lies from  00.00 to 13.20 of Aries., If your Mars is within  00.00 to 13.20, then it will be in Ashwini nakshatra.  So, check for that. 




To Be Continued…………….Goodnight From India




Popular Belief About People Working in Spiritual Domain



After I come full time as an astrologer and a theologian, I was astonished to see people’s reaction to our job. I am quoting some of them down


  • They give free consultations, for that they get divine blessings
  • They are supposed to give Free consultations
  • They know everything from birth to death
  • They always smile
  • They are so patient
  • They don’t have temptations
  • They can predict without seeing the chart
  • Astrologers are dumb idiots
  • Astrologers dunno advanced science and technology
  • Astrologers dunno molecular biology, nanotechnology, or horsehead nebula
  • Sage Parashara, Sage Bhrigu, Sage Gargi are fools , but our ABCD local guys know plenty of space science and atomic  configuration
  • Astrologers are uneducated
  • Astrologers are money mongers
  • Astrologers do witchcraft
  • Astrologers are evil
  • Astrologers are satanist
  • Astrologers must give accurate prediction
  • Astrology means predicting the future
  • Spiritual people don’t express their feelings
  • Spiritual people can’t slap anyone
  • Spiritual people are 24*7 like sadhu sanths
  • Spiritual people are the SALT of the world, use them according to your taste



I will fill the list in the coming days

Me and That Warrior Boy

Me and That Warrior Boy

Ha ………………
I think guys, 2017 is really making me crazy. I am so busy in my life and I literally don’t get time for anything. So many books are pending to read. Books about theology, astrology, mysticism, politics on and on and on. This is the 4th time, my mom asking me to get out from the house…that too this week. LOL

I wake up between 4:30 and  5 A M. I am so lucky that week days I don’t do any work in the kitchen. 5am to 5 :30 am is my jogging time. I run for 15 minutes and then do Bikram yoga and Surya namaskar . In the evenings, when I get time I do one or 2 videos of Tiffany Rothe as well. During Saturdays and Sundays or few Friday nights, I  cook something for my family. This week I made carrot cake, then curry and some regular stuff like chappathy, dosa and idli.

My morning bus to office is at 6 :40. I reach my office at 8:15. Monday to Friday I travel like this from Kottayam to Kochi. I reach back between 7:30 and 8 P M. Then I watch some Malayalam serials with my parents . I praise my lord for giving a full-time helper at my home. She is a very lovely lady and we have a good coordination with her.

Yesterday evening, after finishing all my work, at around 7:50 P M I went to the yard, then I looked at the sky. It was so full of stars. Then I took a chair out to the yard and sat there just looking at the sky……….The Orion constellation was so brightly visible. This constellation is highly visible in January and February. It attracts people like me who is in an everlasting love affair with the sky and stars.

























For those who love these stars, moon, and planets, I request you to study about Orion. In this picture, you can see three stars in a row. The name of these 3 beautiful stars are Alnilam, Mintaka and Alnitak. These stars are always called as Orion belt. There are different stories in different mythologies about these constellations. I don’t like to call any religion based stories as mythology because after lakhs and lakhs years of existence any such stories will be known as mythology only. If something is alive and kicking today, after lakhs of years the same thing will be branded as myth.

This constellation is mentioned in Rigveda, the oldest text in the world. The story is like this. The God, who created the Dawn, fell in love with his own daughter. Father started lusting for daughter. Father is Prajapati and daughter is Ushas. Then other gods wanted to stop him. So these gods approached Lord Shiva to stop Prajapathi.  Shiva who is also known as Rudra went ahead with bow and arrow to stop Prajapathi. So, Lord Shiva is conceptualized as Orion and the three stars on the row are known as his belt. When we closely watch Orion then we can assume after some simple efforts that this entire constellation is like this





This is one version.













In Greek mythology, Orion is the son of a poor man. The Poor man was a shepherd and his name was Hyrieus. The three greek gods, Zeus, Poseidon and Hermis visited Hyrieus.  Hyrieus didn’t have a child and by the blessings of these gods, he got a son. He named his son Orion.
Orion was a great hunter and wanted to kill all the wild animals on earth. Gaia the mother of Earth chased him to stop his activity and a beast in the form of Scorpion chased Orion and killed him. So, This Scorpion got a place in the skies and it is seen after the constellation of Orion. Zeus was upset about Orion’s death and he placed a separation between Scorpion and Orion, so, when Orion sets, then only Scorpion rises.




Let’s come back to Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka respectively. Their visual magnitude is 2 ie, visual magnitude is the scale to measure the brightens of stars. The fewer points, then it means greater shining.
You should notice that these three stars have Arabic names. I have huge respect for Arabic civilization, actually, they had all the celestial information.



Islamites in the medieval times had a great interest in astrology and astronomy. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments by explaining this subject. Astrology or Astronomy, these are precious knowledge and these Arabs were very knowledgeable. They had a great zeal for knowledge.



Now, lets look seriously at this constellation  …………..pls go back to my introduction. I am sitting on a chair in my yard and looking at the sky.

















Here, these 3 beautiful stars like a belt  are Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. You can see this star in that particular point. This star’s s name is Betelgeuse. It is slight red in color. Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka form’s the belt of Orion and Betelgeuse( Ardra nakshathra) is the right shoulder. Its visual magnitude is somehwre between 0.0 and 0.3 means it is brighter than Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka.
Then, you can see Rigel which is Blue star. Its visual magnitude is 2. This star is brighter and stronger than Sun. Actually, there are 2 stars side by sid, but the smaller one is not visible because of the brightness of the bigger one. You can see the smaller one here and its place.
Bellatrix is a big star and also in blue rays.
Then you can see Saiph
Then you can  see the M42 area for faint color, for my eyes it looked violet……. That area is known as M42, the incubator of the stars. There, the baby stars are born. It looked like a small group of stars hopefully 4 or 5 stars.



Pls click on the image to enlarge















Guys, My drawing, and painting skills are very bad. I am so sorry for this horrible creation, but I think you will learn how to identify Orion.
I love this stars so much. Whenever I watch the night sky, I look for these stars, because they are easy to locate.
Orion constellation has amused the stargazers over the centuries and hopes you are aware of Orion Correlational theory. It is a simple theory but elaborately explained on the basis of the three pyramids of Giza. It says these pyramids are aligned with these stars.




As an astrologer, when we study about stars and what they indicate, it’s a great great passion to identify whomever we meet with the celestial objects. Is it a wrong thought?





So many ancient civilization claims that they come from the Orion belt or their gods came from the Orion belt. Now scientists are trying hard to find our to know whether any living beings in the universe other than human beings. Its such a simple question. When we read the religious texts, we can see humans getting help from the heavens. So many people coming from the heavens for the rescue of human beings.



Earth, itself is a disk floating in the space through the gravitational force.Obviously, there will be many such living spaces across space.




RV_01.033.08.1{02} cakranasah parinaham prthivya hiranyena manina sumbhamanah
RV_01.033.08.2{02} na hinvanasastitirusta indram pari spaso adadhat suryena
Suryane= by the Sun,
cakranasah =moving, in a circular orbit, parinaham prthivya hiranyena manina sumbhamanah= acting as a great diamond of great glory,
na hinvanas =generating all comfort, astitirusta indram= not defying the laws of Indra pruthviya parinaham pari spaso adadhat = kept earth in right place ,



Here it says there is a circular orbit and earth is in the space always safe in the right place, by some force, and that force comes within the power of god, as Vedic people sees Indra as a God. They gave god different names.
So, I just love the concept of black holes, Star incubators, aliens grey aliens or pleadians. I don’t have a problem in them visiting me and sharing some views about this magnificent universe. I would love to have a trip in a space disk or getting experimented by this aliens. Most welcome if Any aliens out there. 



This universe holds so much of mysteries. Other day , one guy called me and asked to debate about mysticism. I denied to take part in that conversation because no one will ever have at least 10% of knowledge about creation or universe. You people are simply fighting in the name of religion , heavens, final judgement and eternal life.

















That’s why I don’t give much importance to astrology also. You can be the number 1 astrologer in the world. You may be knowing BHPS, BCP, BSP, KP, Nadi, Bhrigu Nadi or how to transform your Karma to a great talent, but still, your knowledge is nothing in front of God’s foolishness. You can recite all the scriptures of your religion without the help of any text, still, your wisdom is nothing in front of Lord. He doesn’t need any remedies to protect you.




Other day I heard an hour long speech of an astrologer about How to Prevent us from by getting affected with another person’s Karma. That was one hilarious most idiotic speech I heard in 2017




There are zillions of astrologers in India including me……Noone could predict about the demonetization eventhough some astrologers claim to have India;s horoscope. I donno how a country can have horoscope.  Since astrology is deep rooted in past birth, kindly tell me what India was in her past birth. 




Only deep faith in him is enough to get grace from him.
And, this universe is the great example of his glory and uniqueness. Each and every creation, you and I display lord through our actions. Our actions show the replica of the Lord we follow. We can glorify him or tarnish his expectations ……..but he will keep on giving us opportunities to change us. His grace is also limited because you take any religion we can see the Lord acting against the evil.





I was just lost in the beauty of this constellation…I sat on that chair for so long …….My lord is so powerful. Life is not a burden when his blessings upon me…….when we realize that the greater force of all forces is with us, we may not worry about the future……Our fullest desire will somehow reach back to the arms of the lord and rest there forever….
















Then it started getting colder and darker…………it was time to sleep……….I jus got up and fell at the feet of my lord……for a sound sleep……

Rigveda :Anuvaka 1:verse 3

Anuvaka 1:verse 3


agnina rayimasnavat posameva dive-dive

yasasam viravattamam


Agnina= by  fire Rayi= rich  navat=freshness  pos=abundance evam=thus dive-dive=daily  yasas=honor vira= heroic vattamam= 



By the help of fire, a man attains wealth, riches and he becomes brave



In this scripture it says, Fire aka agni will bring freshness, richness and heroism into a person. 

I was listening to a critic who says these rishis are just drinking some liquor sitting near the fire and speaking out from the illusion which that liquor brings. 

 A person who tries to understand any ancient text…then he/she should have proper ushapooja and Sandhya vandana. (morning and evening prayers) . What can we expect from people who drunk and live unrighteous and try to understand the verses by those people who were enlightened? 

 Rishi Madhuchanda is praising Agni here, whatever he recites is true. Who can live in a world without fire? 

In my childhood I was so attracted towards the Greek God Prometheus. Who stole fire from Mount Olympus for the humans.  He was eternally punished by Zeus. I still remember how I shed tears for Prometheus while reading about the troubles he took to bring fire and how he went through the punishment. I was so haunted.

 These rishis are obviously glorifying fire, and giving fire a valuable place in their life. Fire is a form of light and shines on the world removing the darkness. Without that our life is lifeless.


Here sage Madhuchanda says, by the help of fire, a man attains wealth and becomes a hero……


I think this is a true statement. Ancient sages tried to see god’s content in all the creations. For them each and everything was the manifestation of the creator. So, they admired it…….


Human of narrow bandwidth intelligence told Rigveda is just some sages asking for wealth. That’s how their mentality is………..they don’t see how the rishis praised every creation of the Lord.


That’s the difference between common man and enlightened rishis.

Rigveda Chapter 1: Anuvaka 1: Verses 1-2



                   Chapter 1

This hymns are recited by Rishi Madhuchanda . Who is this Rishi? This Rishi is the son of one of the most popular rishi in the Vedic times Rishi Vishwamitra whose meditation was disturbed by lady Menka. 



Anuvaka 1


1)Agnim    Ile  purohita  yajnasya  deva m ritvijam

Hotaram Ratna dhatamam


Sage Madhuchanda is praising fire here. He is performing a ritual, where he is calling upon the fire. Rishi says Agni is pure and glowing; fire is a messenger from God.  Here fire is compared to the holder of wealth and fire is praised as a strong force. Of course, the sage is doing a yoga and he needs fire to start the rituals. Fire is a purifier and it is so strong. It is a great force in the universe like air and water. Rishi is worshipping the fire. Of course, they are people who lived closer with nature, so they could enjoy the life in the earth more than we enjoy. How can people live in flats who cook in gas stoves and induction cooker can enjoy the beauty of the burning fire?


Here rishi is requesting the presence of Agni aka fire in the entire yaga process.     

2)agni  purvebhirrsibhiridyo  nutanairuta

   sa devaneha vaksati


In this verse, Rishi Madhuchanda says, rishis in the ancient ages!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing for me I feel Rigveda and other Vedas are written anyway near to 1 lakh years back. (I don’t trust this western run Wikipedia carbon dating results) A rishi who lived in that era says about sages are there who lived much before him! It is quite amazing. They also praised and adored Fire. Agni aka fire is praised by young and old generation.  They believed that fire will go up to the heaven meet the God and brings back his message to the earth.


What a noble and inspired thought. As a monotheist, I just see the respect for the forces of the universe. Here human is competing for each other to pollute the earth and resources; there was a community who worshiped them because they respected the forces. They knew once they get stopped we also will die.


Moonnar Trip Details

I went to Moonnar with my son Cyrus. It was arranged by his school and I went with him taking a break.


Selfie With Son

















A Carroty Treat















Signals from the troubled Universe
















All Jz that Violetta

















Sanqya Yoga : Bhagvat Geeta 2nd Chapter



Now we are starting to analyze the 2nd chapter of Geeta, which is known as Sanqya Yoga

You guys should go back to the palace of King DhritRashtra. Sanjay  Gavalgana, the minister of King is giving a live telecast with his divine power of seeing things which is 80 miles away.


In the 1st chapter, Arjun is sharing his worries and burdens to Lord Krishna.


In the 2nd Chapter Lord Krishna is dealing with Arjun’s worries. Basically it is a counseling session. It’s like one coming to a counselor, and counselor patiently listening to the troubles and giving the best inputs with the focus on what is the best option to take and how to execute those things mentioned in the options.


Chapter 2:1

 sanjaya uvaca

tam tatha krpayavistam


visidantam idam vakyam

uvaca madhusudanah

sañjayaḥ uvāca—Sañjaya said; tam—unto Arjuna; tathā—thus; kṛpayā—by compassion; āviṣṭam—overwhelmed; aśru-pūrṇa—full of tears; ākula—depressed; īkṣaṇam—eyes; viṣīdantam—lamenting; idam—this; vākyam—words; uvāca—said; madhusūdanaḥ—the killer of Madhu.


Here Sanjay is explaining how Arjun is helpless and shaken on the realization that he has to kill his own people. He is standing infront of Lord Krishna helplessly. He needs solution for his troubles.


Chapter 2:2


sri-bhagavan uvaca

kutas tva kasmalam idam

visame samupasthitam

anarya-justam asvargyam

akirti-karam arjuna


 bhagavn uvca—the supreme lord said; kutah —wherefrom; tva —unto you; kasmalam—hesitation ; idam—this pleas; visame—this time of crisis; samupasthitam—came up; anarya—persons   justam— not good for aryans; asvargyam—not heavenly ; akirti—ill fame ; karam—activity ; arjuna—O Arjuna.

 (I am not giving the in depth meaning word by word. I am just giving the content and the message. What’s the point in giving word by word meaning and it is not helping the laymen? For me spirituality should be plain and simple. )

 In the above scripture Lord Krishna is trying to boost Arjun’s morale. He is trying to make Arjun aware of whom he really is? He is asking “from where you get this fear and terror? This is the hour of crisis and what you need is action. Instead you are sitting and crying. Is this suitable to heavenly laws?

I think heavenly laws are about doing Karma, that’s what Lord Krishna is mentioning here. Lord Krishna is telling, a person who knows the value of life should follow the heavenly laws.

This is a kind of spur model counseling.  During my theology life I used to get spur counseling sessions. Frankly speaking I was a headache for my discipler.  She will give me a particular challenge like “prepare a lesson for this week bible talk, find a new indoor game, go and help that lady who is in the hospital’  

Then I used to give 1000 of excuses for not doing that. Then I was called for a spur counseling time with 3, 4 other teachers then they to whack me up with intense scriptures. Who can stand against the powerful word of lord?  Then I used to gnash my teeth and rub my fists suppressing my anger. Finally accepting my galti. Finally they used to ask me, “Do you have any hurt feelings? I nodded my head as a No. But my heart was really burning.

 Teachings are always painful. It is very painful to accept the realities. Truth is always hurting. No one can run away from the reality. Reality and Truth we all try to embrace with pain where as unreal things are easily getting the acceptance.

 Here Lord Krishna is trying to spur the consciousness of Arjun to do his duty. It’s Hard for Arjun , but…….

  Will Lord Krishna be able to control Arjun’s emotions? If yes how he did that?

 The 2nd chapter is full of counseling session, I donno how much I enjoy reading this and I get a great pleasure in translating this for likeminded people….

 I am doing this mainly for my children Valentina and Cyrus as the part of their Veda classes.