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Its 7:42 P M in India and I reached home 15 minutes back. After 3, months I am reaching home at this time. All the last 3 months I was so caught up with my office job. Some days I reached office at 7:30 a m and reached back home at 8:30 p m. Daily 70 kms up and down travel Kottayam-Kochi, Kochi-Kottayam. I finished my new project by 11th June week, then I fell ill. I had severe neck pain and got admitted in Wellcare hospital. It was so bad and I took one week to recover from that, but again I fell ill. Last Saturday night I went out with my husband and kids at 11 p m I had a cold water melon juice with 3 ice cubes in it….then started congestion. I went to the same doctor and he gave some medicine, which made me sleep at the office.



I got few consultation queries, but I did not accept it. I just wanted to be free. I watch “Average Andy” series, few SuperWoman videos, then I was just going through online shopping sites. Next month I will be in the new project and life is going to be busy again.
I booked my tickets for astrology classes on Oct 26. Any one wishes to take 2 weeks long classes in Institute of astrology Bharatiya Vidyabhavan NewDelhi, then you can contact me. My number is 9539205092. There are batches for beginners are experts. I was attending classes for experts, but this time I will attend beginner’s class. I want to be clearer in my basic astrology knowledge.
Please check the link to know the subjects taught in 2016 program







I will be leaving on Oct 25th. I will reach by 10 am in Delhi and simply go out to Janpath or Connaught place. Then I will come back only by November 12th. The classes will start on Oct 26th and end by Nov 6th. On 7th, there will be a cultural event, but I may not attend that as I am going to Jaipur. I will be in Jaipur from 7 to 11. I have a detailed plan for my Jaipur trip. One day I will join Camel Safari to Pushkar desert and will spend 1 or 2 nights in Desert. Then I will come back to Delhi on November 11th. Next day, on 12th I will come back to Kerala. Delhi-Jaipur flight tickets were so cheap, I got it for 1500rs may be I booked it 3 months back.




I haven’t got a travel companion in Jaipur, so, I am little concerned travelling alone to Pushkar, but I hope, my hostel guys will arrange a group and send me with them.



My camera is broken and I must but a new one. I have issues with my eyes, so I can’t use a touch phone, so Camera is the best option for me.



My hair grew below my shoulders and I am planning to cut it and style it on Oct 22. My colleague Pooja got a good hairstyling done from a salon, so I am thinking that I will get it done there only. Then…….I have to buy a hoodie, 3 short dress, and a new trolley too.





I am obviously happy that I am going to meet my friends. I learn a lot from these guys. We have enlightening sessions on various aspects of astrology. They all are very knowledgeable guys. It’s a privilege to be with a spiritual group. Yes, some of them, they enjoy drinks and go to the bar, even I also have gone to bar, but I don’t drink. This year also I hope to go to a Bar with them and see how the crowd behaves. It’s a fun to be in a bar.




In 2015, I took them to Kerala house. One evening we went there and had Kappa and fish curry. They loved it, I am planning to take them this year as well.




Guys, the only thing I am irritated, is when I share someone that I had gone for a trip and stayed away from my family for some days, then sooo many people advise me ” You should have gone with your family” WHAT THE EFF. I really don’t understand why a married woman should always flock with husband kids or relatives. They see it as a sin to travel alone or be away from family…….I never understand why the hell people are so collectively conscious about a woman being a solo traveller.





First of all, me and my husband don’t like to   encroach into each other’s privacy. He has his own karma and its fruits and I have my own. Our only aim together is to bring up our kids in a healthy family atmosphere and so far we have done well. I dunno what will happen in the future. My husband is a jovial and wanderlust person. He likes parties and clubbing and I don’t like parties or mingling with ordinary people. He has 2000 plus friends in FB and very active in whats app and I don’t use both. He is a foodie and enjoys cooking, but I am satisfied with rice porridge and pickle 24*7. I know Bible, Quran, and Vedas, but my husband doesn’t have much idea about all these other than Bible. My husband’s dream is to enjoy the worldly life and my desire to reach moksha. I don’t mind taking up Sanyas for the sake of that, but his desire is to rock and roll. He is an ace guitarist, and like metal, rock and pop, where I love classical music and temple arts. We are not travelling companions, for him what excites him is Goa, Thailand, Singapore and Europe. What my soul yearn is to be in Egypt, Peru, Yuttican, Nepal or Srilanka. He likes only branded objects, but I like street shopping.





Why people are so bothered me going alone. There are people who told me “ At least you should have taken your kids with you” Guys, my kids will never say that their mother is a witch or a bitch. So far I have done justice to the role as mom. What you mean is I should take them for long journeys where I go to meditate. Do you guys go to the solitude and meditate at least for 10 minutes daily? Do you guys work in a domain where you need visions to do the best in your job? All writers need insights, he/she gets that energy from loneliness, it inspires us, and being with people, that creative energy is lost especially when you are a writer from the spiritual domain. I totally get irritated when people intrude into my private life and give all those nonsense inputs about my dressing, my friendships, my lifestyle, Guys pls grow up………we are not the same. I have stopped talking to so many people for this and rebuked many for asking me where am I going, why am I wearing pink and yellow combination, why I eat lunch at 4 p m, why my hair looks very oily today? Don’t you guys have anything other than this? Guys, there are so many things in the world to discuss, you pls try to debate on plastic and bring out a solution, Please discuss global warming and help the government to solve it, or go for a charity program. I literally hate people asking me”Why”.





I think these guys feel that in the solo travel, I may get hooked up with a handsome hunk and spend some romantic moments there. Can be or cannot be. I don’t guarantee anything. No one can block what is written in fate for you as well as for me.  Karmik relationships will come to you and you will have to pay off that debt.  So chill. (Well, my husband reads all my blogs hehe). If that’s not the case, then tell me what’s your fear in me going alone? So, next time please don’t cry when I say, I am going for a solo trip. It’s fun, you should also try to go for such reinventing journeys. I have been travelling alone since 2011…….I haven’t met with any hunks or I don’t even remember any guys who were emitting some signal towards me. This year when I went for Sanskrit classes in Bangalore, I stayed in a mixed dormitory. One Biker was there from Jammu. But he was a gentleman. We both were alone in the night at least for 2 days, but he comes to the room at 1 am and wakes up at next day noon. I was little concerned though, but he was a gem of a person. One doctor was with me in Spice jet flight during one trip from Delhi. The weather was bad and the flight was falling into turbulence area again and again, once the turbulence was severe and he got terrified and held my hands. We can’t blame him, for that right?





My Venus dasa started guy, but I am in love with my Ketu dasa. I realised who am I during my Ketu dasa. People say Ketu screws you up, but yes, it did the same with me, but more and more blessing during Ketu. Guys, you know the first dasa time period belongs to the Dasa lord. When you enter a new dasa, the sub dasa is also ruled by the dasa lord and that will be a tough time period. It’s like a jetlag. You just ended one dasa and entering another dasa. You are moving to a different energy zone, so technically 2 different energies are acting on you. For me, I am detaching myself from the influence of Ketu and getting into the zone of Venus. So, there will be adjustment issues. Well, being an Aries Lagna, Venus rules my Killer houses which are the most inauspicious houses for an Aries lagna. For an Aries Lagna, Venus dasa is fatal if Venus is not placed well. My Venus is not badly placed, so I hope God will bless me.




I am truly under the transaction zone between Ketu and Venus, my health is bad and not worst. I get joint pains, so much of workload. Certain times unhappy and irritated too. This month also my mom asked me to get out from the house. I rejected queries for consultation as I wanted to be peaceful. I got angry and shouted at a woman on the bus, but that was not my fault. My daughter started attending College, she joined for English Literature. I am trying to prepare her for civil services, so that pressure is also there. This Venus-Venus dasa will be hard on me, I am sure, but somehow I have to manage. These days I am getting sound sleep which I was lacking earlier.



Venus is love, money, luxury, and comfort in astrology, so the assumption is that during Venus dasa , our life will be full of Venusian factors. So according to the general assumption, my life for the next 20 years, as Venus dasa is for 20 years, I will rock. No. It is going to bring more pains for me, it can be in the form of health issues, relationships, money shortage, hard work, physical effort, lack of peace, and so many other factors.




Now I am going through this Dasa Sandhi, and I am very thoughtful for various reasons. It’s time for me to depend more on the lord and wait at his doorstep for his blessings. So far his grace was helping, now I have to be more alert as my killer houses are going to be in high activation.





















So, see you guys……….