New year

2018 is here



I know I am late. Finally, I am here with my youtube channel JustJay








I tried to post a video, but guys I was feeling very bad for my short hair, this time when I went to Delhi, for my astrology classes, I really cut it short. My daughter did not like it and I did not trust her, but when I shot a video and looked at it, I was looking like a thug, a maverick and a nincompoop.

So, I thought it would be ideal for me to wait it grows until my shoulders. You can listen to audio lessons on my channel.



This is about the Red Planet Mars








See guys, for a working woman who has 2 kids, it is not easy to handle a full-time office job, then part-time astrology columnist, then consultations. It drains our energy.  Lekin, God will pull us through this journey.


Like every year, this year also I took few new year resolutions. I am not a person who simply take up such resolutions and forget it after few days.  I have dairy for almost all years of my life and I go back to them and see how much I have progressed in my life.


This year also I bought a new diary and I have written down what I should do in 2018. I do have few plans and already started working on it.

My grandfather had a nature of keeping his day to day life updated, now also we read his old updates and get a lot of information. My husband’s maternal grandfather also had this same habit.

















The year of 2017 was not a great year for me, it had a lot of ups and downs in my life.   I really felt bad when I came out from, but we cant sensationalise astrology or we cant give a virtual orgasm to people through astrology.  Astrology is divine guys, we cant sell it for mean reasons. Our Karma will bite our ass if we do so. Astrology is not everyone’s cup of tea. If anyone of you fee astrology is meaningless, then you should understand that you are not destined to understand this subject.


One good thing about 2017 is that I started writing for Woman’s Era

Weekly Horoscope from 31st December – 6th January



































































I wrote 2018 horoscopes for the Man Magazine. You can find me in Page no 64

The Man Magazine


My children did well in their exams. I had a good travelling time with my Mom( MIL)


I learned a lot of astrology technics and I am sure that, than the previous years I am more equipped in astrology. Inshah Allah, this year also I will be learning more.


Every year is adding more experiences and we are growing to be more mature, more grounded.


I hope my hair will grow fast and I will be able to come in Video………….I am trying many home remedies to make this growth faster.

I am so busy guys….. it’s not easy. One primary goal for this year is to have a sound sleep.


So, Have a Succesful 2018 to all of you………..

I will be back with my Vlogs and Blogs, Becuase certain subjects cant be told through Vlogs.



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