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When I have a question about my life, I make sure that I discuss that with Bisariyaji. He is an experienced and technically accomplished astrologer with strong predictive instincts. He has been on the teaching faculty of the Institute of Astrology Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi since March 1997. He underwent the two-year astrology program here from 1993 to 1995. Before induction into the faculty in March 1997, he was picked by Mr. K.N. Rao as sectional editor of the bi-monthly magazine, Journal of Astrology During his wide-ranging research under the guidance of Mr. K.N.Rao in 95-97, he wrote detailed astro-sketches on Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India and Ram Krishan Dalmia, a top industrialist of the pre-independence era. These richly detailed works won him instant recognition in the community of astrologers. He also wrote several articles for the Journal and contributed to several group research projects. His book, Indian Marriage in Modern Urban Educated Society, published in October 2008, is regarded as a path-breaking exploration of marital astrology. He has been writing the monthly Newsletter at since 2009. He has contributed many research articles. Presently he is teaching Mundane Astrology because of his deep interest in current affairs and international relations. He teaches other subjects also in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and guides a class of research scholars here every Sunday. He visits Russia, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore every year for astrological teaching.

With a marketing and management background, Besariyaji works for a Fortune 500 Indian Company in a senior position. It was a life-changing transit in October 1992 when destiny drew him towards astrology. He started to read anything and everything of astrology that he could find and hunted for more. He got into the organized sector of astrology in the domain of Mr.K.N.Rao in June 1993 and never looked back. He belongs to a new group of research-oriented and technically qualified astrologer-scholars in the team of Mr. K.N.Rao who have excelled in their professions while pursuing astrology as a passionate interest. He feels there are many unexplored areas in science that can be accessed with the help of our Vedic knowledge but regrets that one lifetime is too short for this cosmic adventure.

Besariyaji believes that one can be blessed with an astrological sense only if it is in one’s destiny. We should respect the verdict of the almighty and handle this divine gift with devotion and commitment of a devotee, he says.






Dr. Neelima Shekhawat


Neelima is my close friend and I am so astonished by her vast knowledge in Vedic astrology. This royal Rajput lady from Jodhpur, Rajasthan started learning astrology under her Jupiter Mahadasa and active as an astrologer for the last 12 years. She gives all the credits to Shree K N Rao for her astrological skills. She has done Ph.D . & post graduation in English, Hindi, Sanskrit, political Science & Education. Currently she is working as Assistant Professor at Jai Narayan Vyaas University, Jodhpur.
She did her Jyotish Maharishi and presently she is researching about the effects of planets in Mrityubhaga.
She is writing astrology scripts for various TV programs and she is samarpit to this Jyotish Sadhna.





Services Offered

  • Prashna (Set of 3 Questions) : 1500 INR
  • Horoscope Analysis: 6000 INR
  • Career Consultation: 3000 INR
  • Marriage Compatibility: 2000 INR
  • Your spiritual path: 1500INR
  • Success in Foreign countries: 1500INR
  • Economic prosperity in your life: 1500INR
  • What is suitable for you? Business or Service: 1500INR
  • Educational Astrology: 2000 INR
  • Love and relationships: 1500INR
  • Compatibility with parents ,spouse, partner and children (Santhaan Sukh): 2000 INR
  • Languages Known

Hindi, English, Rajashthani
















 Maria Popova

russoPopy, my sweet friend from Bulgaria  has an in-depth knowledge in KP System  and she is an expert in Vedic as well as Western astrology. She is a professional psychologist and she dive into the souls of people to drag information from there. A bubbly woman, who likes to enjoy her life and I have full freedom with her. There is not an area in my life where she is not aware about. Very encouraging, practical and lively. Being with her is a fun and at the same time enlightening too.

She is  a Psychology graduate from Sofia university  “ST Kliment Ohridski” and practicing Psychology too.

Degree in Western Astrology from  Moscow Academy of Astrology

She will help you in finding:

      1.      Good and bad days during the year
      2.      Good  directions for your vacation and  places to avoid
      3.      Which  planet is your  guardian angel
      4.      Beneficial directions  for you to place your  working/personal space
      5.      Ideas where  you can get a full rest for your body and soul

Services Offered

      • Ask a question: €45
      • Profound reading of a personal horoscope: direction in life, specific characteristic of personality, some guidance for the future, auspicious periods in life etc : €150
      • Elective astrology (choosing a good time for the  event): €45
      • Synastry (comparing two horoscopes for lovers, marriage partners, working partners): €150
      • Solar chart ( varshaphal)- horoscope for  one year in between two  birthdays: €45
      • Rectification – finding the right time of birth (the gap should not be more than 3-4 hours of the actual event of birth): €70

Languages Known

English, Russian, and Bulgarian






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