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I am an astrologer from India. For an Indian, despite the religion, astrology is not an alien stuff. At least 80% of Indians know what their nakshatra or birth star is. There are so many variations in astrology in the world. Ankara Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Arabic Astrology, Western Astrology, Tropical Astrology and Vedic astrology are few.
I primarily follow Vedic Astrology, and I know Western Astrology as well. Yes, there are so many critics who claim to prove astrology is wrong, but I am happy to say that, they can’t ever prove that astrology is wrong. If you want to be an astrologer then you should have those divine blessings from the Lord despite your religion. Astrology is a code, you should be mentally , spiritually, emotionally and physically grown to handle that secret wisdom, so that you can help mankind in cultivating self-awareness or that highest mode of enlightenment.



There are so many gifted astrologers in India and I am so blessed to learn astrology from such great astrologers in India even though I am a self-learner. As a theologian, I keep a view that astrology is nothing but a tiny part of extraterrestrial wisdom. I don’t mix astrology with any religion too.
The entire world is shifting towards Sidereal or Vedic astrology and within Sidereal astrology, there are many schools like






I have only tested Parashara and it gives me good results, and I have a good amount of idea about Jaimini and Bhrigu schools. But why we mix up systems if we get good results from one school?

A true and righteous astrologer will never misuse this wisdom for their vested interests. He will never take the role of god, by injecting fear in the name of astrology. We live few years on earth. According to almost all religious texts, Lord has fixed the number of years for man as 120. We all know that Earth is not a permanent station. It is just a transit point where Lord tests our faith, dedication, and commitment to him. Some people fails there and some succeed. We are destined to go through sufferings in order to prove our commitment to the Lord. Astrology, if used well, can encourage people to gain confidence and self-awareness so that life on Earth can be more meaningful.

I know so many astrologers in India who proclaims that they run for healthy astrology, but they rarely come out with something positive. They suggest remedies for each and every issue, but who can protect us from what Lord has destined for us? The misuse of astrology happens when these astrologers start behaving like god and trying to trace out every minute detail from astrology chart. Kindly feed your mind that nothing in this world is perfect, so our life too. So try to find happiness from what you have.






















Lord and his wisdom are greater than any astrologer in the world. So, if you are an astrology addict, please realize that astrologer is nothing but another humble human being who can’t do anything against Lord’s will. Any astrologer is helpless if Lord want to hit them with his power.   If you trust the Lord fully, then you don’t need astrology. Your faith is enough. Yes, we fall at times in our life, then a righteous and god-fearing astrologer can make you understand what your destiny is. Let it be in your career, job, marital life, or any phase of life when you stand clueless. Nothing more than that. Any prediction can go wrong if Lord is against that. So, kindly don’t follow this branch blindly. It can harm your psyche.

I, an astrologer, want to be empathetic and admit that I may not be the world’s best astrologer, but I can help you when you stand clueless with my limited wisdom provided by my Lord. I practice and study astrology daily and try to improve my  astrological skills.  Remember , planets are another creations of Lord. They are cant be worshiped or feared as some do. If you fear something, that will surely come upon you.