“Understand the Strength of Sade Sati”

 Sade Sati or 7.5 Saturn is a most feared phase in anyone who knows astrology. Saturn is ruling the entire 7.5 years, and it is transiting in and around the natal Moon. Even though the Moon is not an enemy to other planets, Saturn sees the Moon as its enemy. Therefore, the horoscope will give complex results when Saturn aspects the Moon or is in conjunction with the Moon. In Vedic theology, Saturn is known as the son of Surya, but Sun and Saturn have a complex relationship. Still, there are so many horoscopes where Sun and Saturn’s conjunction or aspect is not as complex as Saturn Moon placement. 

Saturn is a very dry and distant planet, and it moves very slow. In astrology, it is known as a very pessimistic planet. Meanwhile, we all love Moon, indicating mother, love, comfort, peace, hope and happiness. During the first phase of Sade Sati, Saturn will be in the 12th from the Moon, Saturn will be conjuncting the natal Moon in the second phase, and during the last phase of Sade Sati, Saturn will be in the second from the Moon.


Since Saturn is surrounding the Moon, the mind will always be under stress more than the physical challenges. The Saturnine energy will be suppressing the Moon, and naturally, anyone will feel dull and tired. 

The Moon indicates peace, calmness and happiness, so you may feel that these things are less in your life. 

The above-said things are the one side of Sade Sati. However, Sade Sati has another side of opportunity and progress. 

Firstly, Sade Sati will be heavy only for people immersed in sin and bad karma in the past.

Sade Sati will be bad only if the present mahadasa and antardasa are bad or it is activating the bad houses or ruled by complex planets. 

The Mahadasa is the main transit; the rest of the transits cannot override the results of the Mahadasa. 

Saturn is a very hard planet, and when we read Vedic scriptures, we will come to know that he was a very stubborn and emotionless planet. Like Saturn, the entire Sade Sati can be slow, but this is the best time to do hard things. I have seen many people taking up hard responsibilities during Sade Sati. They get married and get kids; they construct a house because Sade Sati is the time to take up hard tasks. 

For singles, Sade Sati will bring the bright opportunities to get married. For professionals, Sade Sati will bring opportunities to start a career or get career success; for childless couples, this phase will bring kids, and those who want to make a house, will get a house.

The main condition during the Sade Sati is “ NO SIN” Bloody philosophers and Gita addicts will say that the word “Sin” is relative. It is not, as far as I know. So I follow the Biblical points to know what sin and what not is a sin. 

If your Sade Sati is coming up soon, take a pause, look into your past and see what your karma was. If you can correct the bad karma, I am sure your Sade Sati will be the best, provided your mahadasa and antardasa should support you. Still, the universe is bright and sensitive; it will bless every good karma. I have seen that very personally and am damn sure about that. Sade Sati is the time for a reality check. We will see how many opportunities we lost just because of our idiocy. 

We are moving through the linear phase of time towards an unknown destination. You may be a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Parsi, or a rational; astrology doesn’t have a religion. Sade Sati is for you also, and my humble request is not to mix astrology with pooja, gemstones or any devi devtas. Then the weightage of astrology will go in vain. Instead, take it as a practical science which gives the best knowledge about your skills, weakness, timing and destiny; then only you will understand the exact power of astrology. 

If there was no Sade Sati, life would have gone aimless without knowing the power of success. So, yes, you may feel low, but that’s ok.