An Analysis on Solar Eclipse 14th December 2020. In Solidarity with Indian Farmers, Take Down the Farmer’s Bill


On December 14th, a powerful solar eclipse will be impacting the universe. This eclipse is going to be in the sign of Scorpio and the nakshatra of Jyeshta, at about 29 degrees. Multiple planets are getting involved in this eclipse. They are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Ketu. So, the sign and the planets are showing us what we need to be careful about. 



The whole world is still fighting the pandemic and few companies have come out with Vaccines. A few are yet to come out, so, the world still hopes to be in a better stage, but the universe is telling another story. The majority of the population is still inside the houses as the countries still fear the chances of infection. To be frank, so-called Gods of set religions are not giving their ears to the pleas of minimal human beings. That itself shows, God is beyond all kinds of religious setups. Going to temple, church and masjid are impossible these days and all those ritualistic believers are just feeling okay with the present situations. Now they have no problem even if they can’t go for puja, mass, or Namaz. Otherwise, we have seen them fighting for their rights to openly activate the freedom of rituals. 

In Vedic astrology, we can see a lot of information regarding the impact of eclipses in the book named Brihad Samhita, written by Varahamihira. This astronomer cum astrology enthusiast is way more advanced than all the scientists together in NASA. In his classic book Brihad Samhita, he has written so much information based on eclipse, the coloration of solar and lunar discs, sunspots, and how these affect the life of human beings. His one book is valuable that the entire career of all the NASA guys together.

In his book, chapter 5 deals with the details of Eclipses, he has stated that we need to look at all the planets which getting involved in the eclipse to know the real picture. He has stated everything on the base of mundane astrology, in this book. 

For example, in chapter 5 verses 40 says about the eclipse in Scorpio

When the eclipse happens in Scorpio, the people in Udambara, Chola, and Youdheya will be suffering. Soldiers and those who deal with poisoned weapons also will be suffering. 

Udumbara and Youdheya are seen as Punjab region Chola are of course south. Then he mentions soldiers and those who sell poisoned weapons. Poisoned weapons can be seen as bioweapons like Covid.

According to western astrology, the impact of the Eclipse is going to continue for 6 months to 1 year, so there will be a big challenge that will run for the long term. 

Moreover, the Eclipse is going to happen in the nakshatra of Jyeshta, which belongs to Scorpio. This sign indicates turmoil and volatility. 

In the scripture, Chapter 5 , verses 60 and 61, it says about the impact of Mercury and Venus when get involved in the eclipse. 

When Mercury is involved oil and honey will be scarce, princes will suffer. 

When Venus is involved, crops will be impacted adversely and mankind will suffer. 

65 and 66 scriptures say, when Mercury is eclipsed then Men living between Ganges and Jamuna, in the banks of Sarayu and Nepal, banks of Sonne, will suffer along with woman, princes, writers and boys will perish

 If Venus is eclipsed then, Women and ministers will suffer along with the people of Daseraka, kekaya, youdheya, aryavarta, and the Sibees

In scripture 70, Varahamihira says, if the eclipse is occurring in the month of Margasghirsha, the people of Cashmere, Oudh, Pundra, will suffer. Animals will suffer, Men of western countries and somayajees also will suffer, yet, there will be crops and enough rain.

Now the month is Margashirsha and that will end by December 22. 

Even though the eclipse will not be much visible in India, we also will share the impact of this eclipse. 

In India’s chart, the eclipse will be impacting the 7th house of masses, opponents, foreign relations, war and peace, agreements, court, trade, antisocial organizations, and collective consciousness. 

In India’s chart, the current Mahadasa is Moon Saturn, 









  Both the planets are in the 3rd house of instability, issues with neighboring countries, communication with the government, transport, leadership, education, and authors. This is also the house of small groups. Both the planets are aspecting Saturn and Jupiter which is currently in the 9th house. The 9th house indicates mass uprisings, legal issues, the judicial system, religion, diplomats, foreign collaborations, and law. From this placement and transit, we can easily assume that the Government will come up with more restrictions and there will be mass uprisings going to come up. Saturn will be remaining in the sign of Capricorn until then, the situation will be the same. Until Saturn moves out of Capricorn, there will be issues in the country. 

The issues will be harmful to political leaders, ministers, economy; there will be a severe setback for the economy in the year 2021, legal issues, and so many restrictions. CAA, the Uniform civil code, and other restrictive policies are also going to come up again. 

China will not remain silent for the next 16 plus years and we also have to suffer that. The health of Amit Shah is also not going to be fine until 2024. 

We know that Farmers are going to protest on December 14 right on the eclipse day, and that says it all. Maybe some BJP addicted astrologers may say the Current central government has a rosy road ahead, yes, rosy only, but full of thorns too. For BJP and RSS guys, whomever talk against them are anti Indians. When they face criticism, they will bring up Sushant’s murder and how whole Bollywood plotted the murder for the ordinary actor, if that also did not take away the public protest they will bring Kangana to post foolish Tweets and she herself will say she is the hottest target in India. This BJP, RSS activists have weird claims on the bad moves of Modi Sarkar. They have nothing to talk about price hike of fuel, they have nothing to say about economic slow down and Modi’s mismanagement. Where is Ms, Irani, Ms.Sitaraman? I dont know much about BJP , RSS guys in the other states, but Kerlaite BJP , RSS supporters are the most politically uneducated people. Any Modi news comes in the media they will jump out to support Modi with their nonsensical logical comments. They are blind and just one slogan ” Muslims converted Hindus, Christian converted Hindus” They have nothing other than this instead they should have made a long term plan and presented infront of Keralites.


We will see more turbulence in our life and about Covid Vaccine? There is no 100% Medicine for Covid 19.This is my reaction. 


Covid is going to stay here until 2023 on and off, after that it may subside or not. I am not sure as the root of this disease Coronavirus is the part of the genetic pool. It is not going to go away from the system. So, you guys take care of yourself.  According to Varahmihira Farmers will have major share of victory.  According to western astrology, the solar eclipse indicates new beginnings, so, the protest on December 14 2020 will mark the era of setback for BJP  Government. 

Courtesy Mr. Diljeet  Dooshanjh


Eh tan Bhoonda De Khakhar nu Shedh Leya Tu.

Dilli Chalo